Darth Mavis

I always cursed my own life. The anxiety, anger and hatred I couldn't suppress. However, when I stopped to look at the sky... I realized just how small I am. There is an endless world spreading before me -Mavis

Darth Mavis
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Before Birth A prophecy

Mavis's parents were both force users as well as slaves. The queen, owner of mavis's parents was visited by a sith lord one day . The sith priestess once told her that there was a line of descendants not by blood but by power that would soon overthrow the sith and jedi empires and be one with the force. The Sith priestess said it began with a Sith named


alaxia who made this line of power. She later died and as it happened a struggling a acolyte became as strong as a sith inquisitor , and her name was palia. Then Palia realized a way to find the next descant. The power transfer it self slowly to the next descent while the current holder is getting near death. Palia WAs able to track where her power was going and found a zabrak. Wanting to continue life she killed the zabrak child. Yet when she found the next descent her parents were contacted by the sith council


. The pantoran parents killed palia to let their child ure grow. Ure became a powerful dictator. Until she was visited by a child on the street. It was a small red head girl. She was frighten feeling something she had never before. She began to tell the child the story of the prophecy. A riot began and ure was killed. The redhead girl name was Meganna. She was the sith lord who bought the queen's only slave toddler. Meganna decide to see if the child deserves to be in the prophecy. So she decided to raise her as a apprentice and challenge to the death when she became sith.





Meganna trained Mavis mostly in the temples of korriban. She would decipher texts , collect artifacts , fight beast, and run errands for her and other people . Meganna taught her about sith sorcery and how powerful it is and what a great combination the force and lightsabers are. Meganna would lead on to teach her aerial flight to be a terror in the sky . Mavis was getting stronger and wiser everyday from her teachings of the sith. Other students and even the faculty of the sith temple feared her strength. The sith at that time were weak only having a couple around and no actual order. It was especially difficult for the padawan a because there was no force to drive out the tomb beast. It was one of Mavis's greatest task due to the fact she was the few that could. She would kill beast like claw men

a Clawman

, undead constructs that protected tombs and made from sith sorcery, bone eaters that feed on corpses that they usually make

a Bone Eater


A Choker

tooth monkeys oftenly called chokers due to the fact they have teeth on their hands to bled you when they choke you

Tooth Monkey

, and tunnels worms, worms that could tunnel anywhere at highspeds
Tunnel worm

a Tunnel Worm


Voe Slayer


The planet Halowan

Later meganna foresaw a new empire coming so she wanted to get a head start of it . She sent Mavis away to Halowan to slay the Voe. Vows were strange aliens that no longer exist in current society. They could produce electrical charges through their palms ultimately killing someone . Meganna's point of sending Mavis there was to judge her. If she suceeded in killing off the civilization she deserved to live on and aspire a sith lord but if she didn't she would die off the way she deserved and the Voe would do the dirty workfor meganna . So Mavis was provided a stolen ship and flew off armed with only Vibro blades with the hilts wrapped with leather incase of the deadly charge. Mavis arrived by that planet's morning and set up holo-cams for her master to watch. Mavis slayed the Bodak at night without any trouble . Though there was times when she was surrounded they couldn't stand her negatively charged force lightning . When Mavis returned , meganna was most impressed and decided it was time for her to make her lightsaber.

a Voe

Lightsaber construction

Mavis had to work hard to make the perfect lightsaber . She decided to make a doublesided one that could break into two light sabers when needed. Mavis would have to draw the designs herself and even find the metals on the other planets. Mavis then sought out the crystal in the lost temples of the sith in korriban . She researched about sith and knew about a set of twins that fought in the hundred year darkness . She found their tomb and found one of the matching crystals. The other was missing though. She touched the skull of the brother with the missing crystal and saw a holocron just beyond the door . Mavis gathered her strength and blew the wall down with the force only to find a war hydra protecting the holocron containing the crystal. With a fixture of force fighting and Vibro blade slashes she killed off the creature barley surviving . She use the beast's blood to open the holocron and there forged her lightsaber. Her Saber consisted of 4 synthetic sith focusing crystals , red blade color, made out of alloy metal, hilt length is 50.00 centimeters, hilt width 5.00 centimeters .
Mavis's lightsaber

Mavis's lightsaber

The Way of the Sith

Meganna then began to teach mavis more about the force, lightsaber forums, and alchemy. Mavis learned Form I(Shii-Cho), Form II ( makashi), Form III( soresu),Form IV ( ataru),Form V( Shien or Djem So),Form VI( niman), Form VII(juyo),Dun Möch, Jar'Kai, Teräs Käsi. Though she masters in all those forms she specializes in Juyo, Dun Möch, and Jar'Kai. She learned many common but difficult force moves such as Push, Choke, Inertia, Blind, Throw, Lightning , Convection, and Cryokinesis, Drain life, Death field, Mind shard, Memory walk, Hatred, Horror, Crucitorn,Force Storm, Force Maelstrom, Force Cloak, Force Destruction . Though many of these moves are difficult to master today, mavis was one who learned it and mastered it in a couple of months. Alchemy however was more difficult for mavis in her young age. She managed to strength a sith sword to withstand a lightsaber's blow and to never dull, she twisted creatures into a leviathan , and she a tuk'ata. Though Alchemy was a great aid to a sith warrior, it was very difficult to perform and practice. For example, mavis had to slay 50 teeth monkeys with the sith sword before performing the ritual and bathing the sword in a mixture of the choker's blood and shredded skin. Mavis would also pass out from long periods of performing the alchemy arts. Mavis was even able to read meganna's mind, another powerful sith sorceress and learned her fear. She had a fear of a Sith SoulEater Demon, a demon summoned by only the most powerful sith to kill their opponents.
Sith sword

The Sith Sword Mavis's enhanced

The Past

Mavis began to Question meganna and her teachings. She always heard meganna brag about the sith power and how the sith ruled this and that. Yet there was few sith alive and they were either crazy or not very strong. She wondered if meganna and the rest of the current sith killed off the more powerful sith to live on. She also wondered who her parents were and what her origins were. She knew she wasn't a pure sith baby that was in a basket floating down a river of blood. In the korriban catacombs there was a whole section that meganna cut off from mavis exploring. One day when mavis was sent to retrieve a hidden holocron she sneaked through the fallen roof of the broken down ceiling the blocked the entrance of the wing she couldn't go into it she find more female sorcerer's grave and at the very end of the grave she found alaxia's grave along with a desk and datapads. There was text's all around alaxia's grave along with boxes full of datapads, ancient heirlooms, old weapons, artifacts, and spellbooks filled with the sith secret powers. She checked the console that was implanted in the desk and went through the files. She read about alaxia's line of power , her teachings and power, her travels with ajunta pall, how she made a line of power, and who the next receiver of that line of power would be. She saw that she was the major target of who the next one would be from sith seeing it in visions, oracles scrying it, and shamans around the world calling it out of luck. In that same file she found out who her parents were and were able to access the holonet records only to find out they died. One file contained a blood sample of hers and meganna and how they found traces of them matching, even though she wasn't related to meganna. Mavis thought it was because she was in the line of power and she was next. She returned and knew meganna was trying to sense what else she did , but mavis's mind was more powerful then meganna's would ever be

Felucia's Gift

Meganna sent Mavis off to felucia to deal with a race called the Haji. The Haji are often called dwarves because they basically are the spinning image of many planet's version of a dwarf.

a male and female hajian.

Though hajians dislike that reference that is what they are known as and seen for. The Haji are usually colonists and are sent to build civilizations all over the galaxy. Their main empire on coruscant sent a group over to felucia for agriculture. Recently their government on felucia building blew up declining them leaders, high authority, and arsenal. Unlike like the voe though the Haji would be armed with their body like the voe and with weapons. So Meganna had mavis fix two old battle droids , and mavis got creative and had the droids fix the other droids and those droids fix the other droids while she collected vibroblades for them.
War droid

One of the many War Droids that mavis fixed

She then programmed them with years of fighting styles. She and her droid sentries left in three ships compacted until they couldn't fit any more of the droids. She landed n felucia and instead of waiting she immediately attacked the Haji with her droids. The Haji could only arm themselves with energy hammers, plasma crossbows, vibro swords, and hand blasters. The Haji put up a good fight against mavis and her army , but were conquered. Mavis killed more then half the civilization and when they tried to escape shot down their ships. Only a couple really lived when they attempted to escape. While Mavis's droids fixed up the other ships that weren't blown to pieces or were collecting resources to take home to korriban she explored the force sensing something in the woods of it. They were advanced life forms that were force sensitive so it couldn't just be a random beast , but another practitioner of the force. They were stronger in the force though then both her and her master. They also had different auras of the force then her and her master had, they had light in their soul instead of darkness. Mavis thought it could be jedi trying to hunt her and her master down. She readied her lightsaber for anything that could or would occur. Then in the forest she found 6 godly looking beings in a circle. She tried to read their minds or shard them , but they were too stronger and advance. The beings were meditating around a blue colored fire. Then they all stood up , still with their eyes closed and in a depp meditation. they let their arms and heads hang. Mavis took their opportunity and activated her saberstaff and jump about to pounce on one of the males , but the male awoken and drew his sword and block the saber hit. Mavis rebounded off the sword and jump backed as all the members of the circle awoken and armed themselves. Mavis looked back at the man's sword and her lightsaber didn't even leave a mark on the green glowing blade! Infact all of them armed themselves with blades expect one male who armed himself with a bow and electrical arrows even though he had twin blades that glowed blue. She could sense the force in all of them and their weapons.



Morrow, Juya, Retals

(That wasn't very nice, I'm Nak) said the man who she tried to strike. Mavis watched them for awhile wondering why they weren't going in to attack her. She deactivate her lightsaber and put it on her hip, as she did the strange people put away their glowing weapons. (what are you and why didn't you try to kill me ) Mavis asked

( We are the prayers, the holders and warriors of light, unlike the sin we don't always believe in violence )said a female with short white hair and silver robes. ( Sit child of the force and we will educate you ) said a man similar looking to nak but with red robes. Mavis joined the prayers as she sat with them around the blue fire. (I am Versa, that is tills, morrow, juya, and retals. We are the Prayers. Speakers of the lightside of the force. Commonly seen as jedi since we practice the lightside moves and arm ourselves with force forged blades with colors that match their colors of lightsabers. We've come to you today to tell you there is another way. You've been lead that the sith is right , but so are the jedi we ask that you know your options and leave meganna , if you wait you will meet our disciple and help save the cursed future for we know there is still a silver , a crack of light that shines in you) Versa the short white haired woman in silver robes explained (are there more of you? ) mavis asked considering of following their information.

(Yes, There is our counterpart the sin and he the balance of our scales, our short time is us we must go ) Nak said as he stood up and reached into his satchel and threw componets into the fire making it glow green. Mavis stood up and shouted at them to comeback. (( Well now that freakshow time is over its my turn)) said a woman similar to the prayers ,but she had a aura similar to herself and meganna and with more sith robes. (( Im guessing your the sin )) mavis said . (( indeed I am Yella the sin, to repsent the dark side)) yella wsaid as she walked around the fire , she through in some compoenets and the fire turned red and then gray and then blue as a it exploded and a figure arose from it. (( Let me tell you two thins , first this oldie will never get a disciple because no one believes in both paths , and second your born to be sith, why do you think you have so much power? Why do you think alaxia's line of power chose you? Take the crystal and swallow it, by doing this you will declare your independence from the light side and join the darkside completely, if you leave it the darkside will shun you)) yella explained as she took the saberstaff from her back, activated it but then broke it in half over her knee deactivating and took a crystal sticking out from one of the sides and threw it to mavis. She then blew away the illusion of the man with balance and put the fire out with her foot and walked away disappearing into the forest. Mavis decided to join the darkside completely and swallowed the crystal and headed back to the forces.
Bad eladrin

Yella the sin


The man that represent the disciple ( force user) who will master both paths and bring balance to the universe

Trial one

Meganna finally decided it was time for mavis to do her trials and become sith. Due to the hard times and struggling number of sith, meganna was not going to allow the trials be short nor easy. She said there would be 10 trials all difficult. She would test all fields of the sith. For the first trial , mavis would have to slay a gang called Sfas. Sfas was made up of sith that should of been killed off for the failures but survived. since the they have mixed their force abilities and assassin abilities to become great warriors. They have a large army of gangsters on coruscant. By slaying them she would end the Sfas gang and do both the republic and the sith a great favor. Though mavis was concerned with the number of sith left she was not going to allow weak sith live and represent .Mavis didn't know about the gang leaders so she snuck into alaxia's layer to find out more. There was 10 members total. One more dangerous then the next

top row : Rac ( in the red), Yale( orange skin).middle row: sark( green skin) galen( the human ) layla ( female with long hair and horns).bottom row : hesla( one with weird helmet ) and yuron ( the fat man with the cane)

There was still 3 members the data bank didn't have and she was curious. Mavis headed out to coruscant the next morning to hunt down her enemy. She sneaked through the security as a priestess disliking technology . Then she ran into the streets to find her opponent. She asked around to try to find some answers. One stranger said they hide in the pipes of the city and there was a entrance to them in the library. So Mavis hide in a closet in the library until they closed. When she got out she ran toward the entrance and there infront of the bookcase door that lead to the pipes was one of the members. Mavis recognized her as Layla. " I might have left the sith order but the Force never left me " layla said as she stood up. " I suggest you surrender before I slice you up in a thousand pieces.". Layla then attacked mavis with great force but instead of a melee weapon she used the force to fling books at mavis with high speed. Mavis activated her lightsaber and sliced the books inhalf and dodged them. She ran from that section and looked for a hiding place or a back up plan , but layla continued to fling the books at high-speed.

Layla guarding the entrance to the Sfas hideout

The fight went on like this for a while, mavis just bouncing off bookcases and walls while slicing books in half, and layla having her hand outstretched

Yale's alchemy

lettings the books fly off the shelf trying to pierce through mavis. Mavis came up with a idea and disabled her lightsaber and stood waiting for layla to send her next wave of deadly books . Layla stood there with books hanging in her grip of the force as she laughed. " I would reactive that lightsaber while you still can" layla said as she gave a big whirl before sending five large books at mavis. Mavis used force maelstrom as a lightning shield even though lightning tendrils shocked them away and hit layla sending her back against a bookcase. Then before layla could react she was force upward by mavis and mavis sent her straight for herelf and mavis reactivated her lightsaber and stabbed layla as she froze infront of her. Mavis wouldn't celebrate yet for layla was only one and she had nine more to go .

Graffti art of Yuron

She escaped the library through the bookcase door and began traveling through the sewers disgusted. She then saw something swimming in the water and as it erupted from it , mavis immediately activated her lightsaber and cut the creature's upper torso as it flung behind her in pain. " I guess im not what I was" the creature said as 4 tendrils splashed around him and turned around.


. Mavis recognized the creature as yale. He took 4 large black swords from his back and his hands wrapping around the hilt until the swords became part of him. Yale began twisting around and swirling spraying water everywhere and his dangerous swords spiing fast toward Mavis. Mavis tried to back up in the mucky water , but she couldn't keep up with Yale speed due to him being a aquatic species. Mavis then activated her lightsaber and hope his alchemy didn't make his sword withstand lightstabd blows. To mavis's luck they blades cut in half and he howled in pain , without hesitation mavis stabbed him, leaving Yale's body in the water. As she continued she finally came to dry land . She traveled through the escape pipe enjoying the graffiti. As she did she heard tapping , Tapping as if like tapping and laughing. She then began to hear weird things. Then on the graffiti she began seeing the same person over and over and over again. It was paintings of yuron with lightning on his body and him shooting lightning and him eating jedi and users their lightsabers as eating utensils. Mavis began sensing a force sensitive person with a sith aura. She hid in the shadows and approached her next target and she guessed perfectly . It was Yuron dancing and laughing around twirling his cane .

Yuron's excitment

" You cant hide forever! Come play with me!" yuron said ending his saying with a big laugh as he grabbed his cane and pointed the end toward mavis and charged his cane with force lightning as the lightning shot in a beam at mavis forcing her to exit the force shadow hide move. She stood up and before she activated her lightsaber yuron sent another blast of lightning sending her back . Yuron laughed at her as she stumbled to get up. His lightning was different then meganna's . It dazed her vision, made a ringing noise in her ear, and it hurt her head. She stumbled upward and activated one side of her lightsaber , but before she could charge at him yuron force lifted her upward and slammed her against the ceiling then the right wall and the left before dropping her. Mavis gasped for air as she dropped her lightsaber during the attack. She attempted to shoot lightning at yuron because she was getting very mad at him now and irritated her which fueled her up. Yuron matched her blue lightning with his own purple. Mavis then twitched his fingers sending a couple streams at yuron making him stumble back. He looked both surprised and worried. Then he got angry and his lightning overpowered mavis's sending her back electrocuted. As she stood up she saw her lightsaber in the shadows . She forced grabbed it and activated both sides this time. She charged at him and this time when yuron tried to shoot her with lightning she blocked with both sides of her saber as she held it outward horizontally and continued to charge at him. Yuron then sent a force wave which did push mavis back temporarily, enough time for him to screw off the end piece of his cane revealing his lightsaber. Mavis and yuron then engaged in a lightsaber duel occasionally both sides sending a bolt of lightning at each other. Then mavis and yuron lightsaber met and stayed there as they pushed at each other trying to get the upper hand. They then both used their free hand to try to force push each other only to match each other's strength again. As they pushed at each other with their lightsabers and the force mavis began getting insanely and overpowered yuron's force push sending him back . Mavis spun as she send her double sided lightsaber twirling at yuron as it hit its target stabbing yuron through his eye. As mavis went over she saw a communicator that sent out a distress call. She stepped on it smashing it and picked up her lightsaber. She didn't know how much time she would have before the next member would come. She needed to somehow kill the next couple members without getting injured as much. As she ran through the graffiti filled pipes the graffiti seem to be moving and coming alive. Mavis knew this must still be the effects of yuron's lightning. She began to hear footsteps. It sounded like a droid's feet but also a animal's. She then saw up head a rotunda that lead to other pipes. She got to the entrance of the rotunda and looked down, at least a 60ft jump, but not enough to stop her. She force jumped down and as she began falling she was 20ft from the bottom as something shot out another pipe and hit her into another. Mavis grunted as her eyes didn't yet adjusted so she blindly force pushed away anything nearby as she reached around for her lightsaber. As she finally regained some vision she was able to stand up with her lightsaber in her hand . As she looked up and heard some laughing. " I guess the sith aren't as good as they once were" said a female voice. Mavis knew there was only two members that were female in the Sfas gang and since she hadn't run into any mobsters she knew this must be helsa. But when the female figure stepped into the light it didn't look like the hesla that she had saw on the file. " if your hesla then you got a extreme makeover you ugly excuse for a sith" mavis commented.
Kyouka fairy tail 403 by sleipneir-d834w0f

Hesla' s current look

" Yes I am the infamous hesla and I beg to differ I look so much sexier then I did before" hesla debated. Mavis activated her lightsabers instead of battling with them double sided she unlocked them and would duel hesla with two sabers. She jumped high and would fall on hesla leaving a X- slash on her torso. Mavis though was too slow and hesla ran up the wall and up to the ceiling as her feet clamped down on it and began running on the ceiling toward mavis with her large golden claws. Mavis leaped and use force rupture as the part of the ceiling that hesla stood on broke mavis tried to swing at her throat, but hesla pushed off her face and landed. Hesla pointed the tips of her right claws straight at her and ran but stop as she slide with her claws erupted sparks on the ground. Hesla slashed mavis's right hip but mavis cut her calves. Hesla raised her right leg and kicked it at mavis's stomach and the hot talons burned mavis it also gave mavis a opportunity to strike hesla. Mavis slashed hesla's handing claws forcing hesla to retract her leg as mavis grabbed her throat and electrocuted her to death.


" its been quite a while sense someone has challenge us and killed one of us" said a main behind mavis about a couple of yards. He activated a lightsaber in each hand and make a X formation in front of him "however I don't think you can beat me" said the man mavis recognized as galen. Mavis relocked her still activated lightsabers together and engaged in a deathly match against the blade master galen. Mavis struggled to keep up with his expert swordsmanship, but her forums were more advance his. Finally mavis was on knee with her saber pushed upward holding it horizontally and galen's saber on each end. Mavis then looked up in hatred and use force scream to send galen hitting the ceiling. Mavis dropped her lightsaber and charged at galen whiing using the force move convection that heated her fist to a flame as she sent a heat of actual flame at galen setting his ropes and other garments upon fire . Mavis with her fist still heated began to punch galen's torso leaving dents in his armor and brusing his face painfully. " Help me Rac!" galen screamed just as mavis covered his face with her palms and used cryokinesis killing galen. Mavis stood up and grabbed her lightsaber leaving galen's frost shrouded corpse to face the next member rac which she guessed was nearby.


. There she saw him, Rac stood just behind Hesla's body. " I've been looking for you, and now I've found you and know how strong you are, you shall no win" whispered rac. Though rac only whispered it, the words echoed through mavis's mind like yuron's lightning. He had been following her and she didn't sense him? She had defeated half the gang and yet he says he can defeat her? She was furious by the statement and shot her force lightning at him as rac held out his right arm wielding his Khakkhara sending out a force shield protecting him. As mavis finished sending the lightning she used the force to send the her lightsaber toward her as she grabbed it and unlocked it detaching it into two lightsabers as she charged at rac. Rac blocked the mighty blow mavis was about to deliverer with his Khakkhara. Mavis then realized his staff was enhanced with alchemy as glowing red symbols then appeared on it. Rac then pushed mavis back as his body began leaking shadows as copies of him came off him. Then when mavis was confused enough copies came off of the shadowy copies. She charged swinging her sabers at the clones of rac as each one exploded into black clouds. With only three left mavis cornered them against a wall as she prepared to attack. The middle and left one exploded as the right one, the real rac, flew at mavis with his Khakkhara spinning above his head striking mavis in the head. Mavis hit the ground in pain, but she was able to put up a force maelstrom to keep rac at bay. She felt like she was hit be yuron's lightning again but a thousand times harder. She stood up in anger and charged at rac with her lightsabers swing. Instead of him countering with his staff, he moved like a ghost dodging her attacks. Mavis just got more irritated and mad that she couldn't even land a blow him. As she got distracted thinking of something to do her hit her right in the temple with the tip of his staff. Mavis fell back grabbing her temple while screaming in pain. She regained her balance and charged at rac as he shot out his staff again. She leaped and jumped off the staff and slice rac head and when she landed behind him she stabbed her lightsaber backward impaling his torso. " What strength is this?" rac said as he fell dead. Mavis exited the pipe back to the rotunda. She found a pipe that was marked above "throne room" in graffiti. Taking a hunch she headed down that path. As she walked down she found two strangers standing next to each other. One male aquatic species and the other a human male. " Who goes there" said the aquatic species. " Death, now move aside you idiot" mavis exclaimed thinking these were only two gangsters. " You dare make such a statement to two leaders of the Sfas?" said the human as he got angry. Mavis could now sense their force sensitive auras. " who are you" she said stepping back grabbing her lightsaber. " He is sark of green water and I am Ferja of black sky" said the human male who he identified himself as ferja. Mavis could now see the resemblance between sark in the old photo and current but his skin was now red. She killed everyone but sark in the photo so minus terja she would play the guessing game of who the last two members were. Mavis locked her lightsabers together and spun it on her right side. Sark took out a lightsaber and activated it as the lightsaber emitted a purple blade. Ferja created two sphere of shadows in both palms.




Mavis charged at the two failure sith as ferja shot one of the sphere at mavis as it formed into a spear and right behind it was sark charging with lightsaber in hand. Mavis shot force lightning at the spear disengaging it and engaged in a saber fight with sark. Mavis slowly began to get the upper hand with the lightsaber duel with sark yet it was difficult for mavis sense torja continued to send shadow spheres. Mavis tripped sark ,but before he hit the ground she grabbed him and pulled him up to use him as a shield against one of torja's incoming shadow spheres. This caused sark immense pain that forced him to drop to his knees where mavis beheaded him. Torja scooped up his lightsaber and began to duel mavis while sending shadow spheres with his free hand. Mavis shot torja back with a force wave when she had a free moment. She then send a beam of force lightning that was match with torja's force shadow. Mavis's force lightning slowly overpowered his shadows then put him to his knee. Mavis then charged at him still sending the lightning at him as she jumped a meter away activating her lightsaber mid-air slicing while landing torja's upper chest . She deactivated her lightsaber and continued her journey leaving the dead sith. She then saw a large iron door and in front a half human half Shistavanen looking hybrid. " I think this is the wrong shortcut home sweetheart" giggled the hybrid. " Who are you ?" mavis demanded not wanting to waste her time. " Well sense your so needy I'm lupr the assassin of Sfas and the way home is that way" spoke lupr as he pointed toward the way mavis had came.

Lupr the hybrid

" Does that mean your one of the leaders" mavis questioned. " indeed I am " said lupr smiling baring his sharp teeth. Mavis activated her lightsaber and charged at lupr. " They've come for us" lupr whispered with a worried face then getting hand of the situation. He used force explosion sending mavis back. Force explosion is a dangerous force move that by focusing the force in a specific area it will erupt and explode. Mavis stood up not knowing what happened charged at lupr as he used force explosion on the ceiling above cracking the ceiling lettings sharp rocks fall on both of them. Lupr was able to dodge the rocks while mavis slashed them in half. Lupr then used convection just like mavis did when she fought galen. Mavis swung her sabers at lupr while dodging the heated fist. Lupr swished his fingers using force explosion around mavis as mavis tried to dodge, but couldn't because she couldn't predict where the attack would come from. Mavis was finally cornered with multiple damages from lupr's explosion. As he was about to use one last force explosion to kill mavis, mavis swung her lightsaber at the last second as lupr that cut his torso deep enough to kill him.


" one more" she thought in her head. She cut opened the door to find the destined member lying on a bone throne in the large room. " How dare you enter the throne room of the king of the Sfas gang you wretch, " said the king as he pressed a button on the console next to him. " if that's suppose to call your little sfas friends I'm afraid all of them are your dead" said mavis in a boring voice. The king looked at mavis with a strange expression on his face.
Mard mad

Devoire's expression after he heard his associates are dead.

" though it is a lost I will kill you and become the most powerful sith, I always knew I was stronger then them, think of it darth devoire, the last of the sfas!" exclaimed devoira." Your bloody mad you crazy old bat, the age of sith out there is somewhat weak but then can annihilate you. I'm just a apprentice here on my trial and I slayed your little gang" mavis commented smiling. " a trial? our deaths are only good for a apprentice's trial?" devoire said as he erupted in force lightning. Devoire activated two double sided lightsaber's in each hand and jumped at mavis as she activated her lightsaber engaging in another lightsaber duel. Though devoire was sloppy he was furious as mavis couldn't even go to a offensive position. " I'll show them! I'll show them all!" devoire screamed as he swerved his blades at mavis . " if you want to kill a jedi youngling I think that would be a good match up , as for right now if your thinking of killing the sith lords they would crush you with their pinkies" joked mavis. Mavis's statement only infuriated devoire more then he already was. Devoire threw both lightsabers at mavis. Mavis used a force shield to defend herself from the spinning lightsabers. While she did she looked for where he was and found him at his throne sending a similar version of torja's version of shadow ball , but devoire's was very different. Devoire's was so fast that mavis didn't have time to deflect it. Also devoire's caused vais major pain in her torso as she could her heart beating slower and her lungs struggling .

Devoire's shadow sphere, or what he calls dark heart.

" my Dark heart will slowly kill you , its one of the most deadly force moves " devoire said as his body started to ooze out black clouds like figures as he smiled. " I don't think you know the force your messing with little girl, know what they call me?" devoire began to walk toward mavis leaving black footprints. " Should I care and what happened to that drama queen I saw a couple of seconds ago?" mavis spoke slowly as she clutched her heart on the ground . " I was a bit freaked out by your rudeness but I'll agree its kinda pathetic the king of death reacts to a small sith apprentice's immaturity" he declared as more and more pillars of black smoke came off his body as if it began to get almost bigger . Mavis looked up at him in disgust as he stood over her. " What the hell are you?" she said looking at him. Devoire just sneered and laughed at mavis's curiosity. " I wasn't as big as a failure as my comrades , unlike them I continued the practices of the sith and even was able to learn self alchemy" devoire informed. Then he disappeared as all that was left was a pillar of black smoke. Mavis saw the source of it rising toward the ceiling until it was there. Then a shot of air blew the smoke away reveling a bat formed version of devoire as the crackling beast flew around the room. " Witness the power of full self inflicted alchemy , rarely any sith can even achieve such perfectness and difficulty. However I , what you and your sith call a failure have learned it at its greatness power" devoire chanted as he landed not to far from mavis. " I hope you know your really annoying" mavis said before she sent beams of force lightning plunging the mutated devoire into his throne.

Devoire's mutated form

Mavis force jumped with both lightsabers activated and swirling , but before she could land devoire fly up and embedded her with great force into the ceiling before letting her drop. Mavis clutched her lower back in pain as she looked at the flying figure. Devoire gave mavis a grim smirk before shooting down into the ground making a crater and rushing toward mavis with his claws ready. Using the only technique that had worked so far she shot some streams of lightning at devoire forcing him to slow down. Mavis then noticed how poorly lite the room was. She thought the lightning blinded him due to his night like form. She then aimed for his eyes and shot out as much lightning as she could. Devoire took the hit directly to his head as he howled in pain clutching his eyes stumbling back. Mavis then charged at devoire one more about to attack him with her lightsabers thought before she could even activate them devoire charged at mavis and head butted her into a wall leaving a crater behind. She began to heat her fist up with the force using convection from her hate of devoire and began furiously punching his face. Devoire endured the first round , yet after her fist heated up he could begin to feel pain. Devoire grabbed mavis by her through and threw her to the wall left oh him. Instead of hitting the ball causing another cater mavis landed on the wall feet first and bounced off throwing herself toward devoire with lightsabers activated. Devoire had no choice but to quickly grab and activate his lightsabers. Devoire's vision might of have been fazed , it didn't stop his crushing strong lightsaber blows he delivered to mavis that she tried to block. Mavis was backed up finally to a wall with her lightsaber disarmed. She charged her arms with all her hatred she could and swung her arms around her head and swung two force lightning waves at devoire. Devoire by the time he noticed them was shocked and fell . Mavis grabbed devoire's lightsabers the slipped from his hands and charged impaling through his chest. She noticed something glowing red inside the book that devoire had held before the match. When she opened it up she realized it had been hollowed out and hid a sith holocron which she learned later contained the talents the Sfas .Mavis had finally completed her first trial.

Second trial

Mavis contacted meganna from coruscant through holo asking for next trial. Instead of going back to korriban she stayed at coruscant. There was a political group called ASO, anti sith order, which asked senators to help their cause of the RASE ( removing all sith evidence , by evidence they meant homeworlds , temples, artifacts , etc)bill. It was made up of three female humans, Assara, Reyla, Turchk.






The order would be celebrating their 30th senator to help them . Mavis organized a way to join them at their banquet and began plotting. She looked into the holocron she found in devoire's book and learned about his alchemy that he used on himself. She learned that if you put your blood with a mixture of other components you could change their body and mind. She decided this is how she was going to remove them .She began to roam the streets with her cloak on looking and stealing components which majority cost over a 100 credits and her disguise a pink dress with a matching headdress. She attend the banquet in a high up glass penthouse at the top of a hotel. There knocked out a waiter carrying 3 cups to give to the members. She cut her wrist emptying equal amounts of blood into each one before mixing the components she prepared in. When she exited the bathroom she kicked a waiter passing by in the heel and shoved the tray into his hands and ordered him to give the drinks to the members. As mavis exited she looked back seeing the females giving a toast before gulping down the entire concoctions she had made. When mavis returned to her ship she began to in a way " pray " as in focus the force on each girl in a time. Mavis fell into a trance focusing as she stayed in the position for three days as each female was effected each day. After the night of the banquet assara left for degobah to meet with representatives from Rodia. As assara flew there she began to itch her knee as unnoticeably a piece of skin came off under it a green skin. Mavis was casting a nature curse on assara. As assara landed she fled into the swamp instead of the nearby meeting place she was itchy all over and as she kept itching she eventually ripped her clothes off itching her entire body as her pale skin fell leaving green scaly trandoshan like skin. Assara howled in pain as she began to transformed into the hideous creature. She began to lose her sanity and memoires . Only five hours later she died froma dagobah python.

Assara's natur curse form

. Reyla unaware of assara's death was on her way to tatooine to meet with a senator from Sluis Van. Mavis was now casting her drain curse which made someone's vital signs drop and become old quickly draining their years. Unlike her companion assara, she wasn't traveling alone and didn't feel the effects of the curse until she reached the planet. When she arrived she felt weak and wary. She sat down for a while trying to relax but couldn't . She ate all the food rations and water supply on the ship. She began to feel tired , thirsty, hungry , she didn't know what was going on. She couldn't remember her origins or what her name was . Her vision became blurred, hearing was weak, muscles worn out from what felt like a 100 years worth of work. She ended up biting the pilot's neck to drink his blood. She successfully torn into skin , but during her blood drinking her teeth turned to dust. she began to walk with the guard's bloody helmet in search of help. Her clothes became torn and old. She aged with each step she took. She kept going until slowly her body was wearing down into dust along with her jewelery. The only thing left was the bloody helmet and her ripped clothes.

Reyla transformation

. Last was Turchk who had already talked to the senators from Falleen on the planet endor. There on endor she was enjoying a midnight walk. Mavis's darkness curse would work perfectly in turchk's condition. As turchk walked she stumbled upon a ewok's trap which droped gorax bones on her . As she screamed she fell into a pond which was pitch black . when she pulled herself out she reached for her head feeling for her headdress only to find horns had sprouted from her head. When she screamed it was supernatural like. Her nose now was as pointed as a dagger. Whiskers sprouted from her chin. Claws ripped through he finger and toe nails. Her fingernails dripping and stained with her own blood.Her hair once beautifully brunette and weaved was now a mess and as black as the night sky . Her golden necklace was nothing but string and bones. Her skin stretched causing her only more pain. Her dress once beautifully woven now was a wreck. Turchk began to think like a animal and ran on all fours .

Turchk"s transformation

She was later hunted down by gorphs visiting from endor's moon. Mavis successfully executed each member of the ASO and completed her second trial.

Third trial

For Mavis's third trial she had to return to Korriban. There Meganna explained her next difficult trial. She would have to slay a force sensitive creature called a slessvard. Slessvards are force sensitive creature who are very deadly. Though they are near extinction their lives are as long as their reigning power. Slessvards are large amphibious creatures and are able to tap into a person's mind to find out their deepest secrets, fears, and pressure points. They can even end up enslaving a person's mind making them their own personal servant. They can travel up to 120 Knots or 138 mph.Rumored that slessvards can even use a form of telepathy to make deals with kings and sith lords. Their mucus is just as deadly as their mind as it can burn skin while it hardens on your skin unless in water. Meganna found a flooded tomb with corpses of treasure hunters covered in slessvard mucus. Mavis prepared herself overnight for the upcoming challenge that she awaited to face off. She went into the tombs through a ancient dried up sewer system. When she arrived in the tombs she found herself in knee-high water. With her lightsaber blade as the only hint of light she ventured through the blood smeared walls . She heared a sudden rush of water behind her. Reacting she turned around and sliced the water behind her, yet nothing was there. She heard something large moving in the water but didn't know which direction. Suddenly from the left side the slassvard bursted through the wall heading butting mavis. Mavis sliced off one of it's head tentacles causing it to wail in pain. Mavis clutched her hears from the drum bursting screech. Before the slassvard swam away she grabbed one of its back tentacles. Mavis held the tentacle tightly as she bobbed up and down in the water from the slassvard's high speed. Mavis was then flung into a large room that held torches on the wall. It was mainly flooded, but had small islands scattered everywhere. Charging are mavis was two humanoids a male and female armed with vibro blades. Mavis immediately activated her lightsaber again and sliced the weapons in half and beheaded both of them. The slassvard surfaced revealing it large hulking body and its bleeding head tentacle.

Slassvard with it's enslaved humanoids burned by its mucus.

Mavis leaped from island to island as the slassvard rushed through the water heading mavis. They both leaped mid air as mavis stabbed her lightsaber through the slassvard's middle eye . The slassvard opened his might mouth spraying a whole beam of his mucus shooting mavis to the south wall embedding her in it as she lost her lightsaber in the process. She slid from the crater she made in the wall onto a island screaming from his mucus. She emerged herself into the nearby stream as the mucus washed away from her body as she swam. She resurfaced onto a island as she saw the slassvard heading her direction for another melee attack. She electrocuted the water sending force lightning all throughout the delta like area. The slassvard halted screeching in pain . Mavis something in the corner of her eye and to her luck it was her lightsaber. She force grabbed and pulled it to her side as she charged at the beast preparing her own melee attacked as he still suffered from the left over force lighting due to the fact he was the only conductor of electricity other then the water. She cut a gash across his belly before lifting it with the force and slamming it against a wall. Disabling her lightsaber and making her way through the collection of islands she heated her fist with convection as she began punching furiously at the slassvard. She then used force blind , a burst of force energy that can overwhelm an enemy's optic nerves and render them momentarily blind, as she force threw the creature again into the opposite wall. She then used force death field, an unstoppable concentration of dark side energy projected from your physical animus in the shape of a sphere . Any living behind entering the field will wither in a dry husk. The slassvard's eyes went blue as ice as it laid dead. Mavis took one of the slassvard's eyes as a trophy. Mavis exited the chamber finishing her third trial.

Trial #4, Path of the Nightsisters

For Mavis's Foruth trial she would have to travel to dathomir and obtain a orb that contains power and secerts of the dark side of the force aswell as nightsister magic. There on dathomir was one of the very first night coven made up by dathomirians and other species both genders. The coven held the orb in their possession and honored it like the winged and fanged god seeing it as a token of them. Mavis traveled there in a bad mood. She just wanted to get in, kill a few people if she has to , get the orb, and go. She landed a couple miles from the coordinates of the temple.


As mavis traveled she sense the force in someone not to far from where she was. She ran toward her new target to see who it was. She force jumped and hid in the trees only to find a elderly male human ( known as sowdno) with his sword deep in the belly of a kodashi viper with green wolf spirit like heads coming out of it and into the gem of the sword. Mavis did not want him to be a problem later so she leaped down with her lightsaber unlocked providing one in each hand as she activated both of them. The man turned around and armed himself with his shield and sword " Who are you and how dare you come on scared ground" said sowdno. As his blade had a green aura around it he sliced the air as the aura transformed into ten wolf spirits head as they roared toward mavis. mavis electrocuted her blades with force lightning as she sliced through the heads as there dispersed. Sowdno charged at mavis preparing to pierce her shoulder with her blade ,but mavis precountered it by attacking his left side slicing his shield in half as she strike from above.

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