Darth Devour
Darth Devour


Born: Umbara

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Hair color: Black

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Allegence: sith, himself, his brother

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species: human (part umbaran from his father)

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Gender: male

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Height: 1.93 meters


skin color: white

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era(s): Clone Wars Era Rise of the Empire Era Legacy Era


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 Darth Devour was once a troubled jedi knight named Savage Spikesniper but when he turned to the dark side he got frozen in a tube and woke up in the legacy era , the time when Jacen Solo becomes the sith lord. Savage changed his name to Red Missst during the time when he was a outcast marine fighting the NCIS (New Confederacy of Indapendent Systems), he defeated them and later became a Mandalorian when he was adopted bye Jaws Ordo the father of Andronikos Ordo so then Red became Blade Ordo, but he was removed from the mandalorian guild and he thought he was betrayed so he went hawire attacking some Mandalorians, so after that he once again turned to the dark side and became Darth Devour once again...he wants to kill Jacen Solo and end his leadership Devour is the new Chosen One sence Anakin Skywlaker is dead now. Darth Devour is the true Dark Lord of the Sith and he will show evrybody in the galaxy that and whoever messes with him shall suffer. Darth Devour went to the bar and odered a drink but the bar tender said he didnt give him enough money and devour said : it is now! he stuck his lightsaber right through him .
Sith Lords - Falling Inside The Black03:26

Sith Lords - Falling Inside The Black

Devour has now became a Halo Soldier..just to fool the jedi and make them think he is good but...wat is Devour's secret plan.... Well Devour messed up time itself now he is in the clone wars era once again and he has merried the beutiful Shana Skywalker. Devour has returned to the lightside of the force and has become a jedi again. Devour was later murdered bye a mandalorian. Devour's son is at the time being raised bye Devour's father who adopted him Jaws the mandalorian
Darth Devour stabbs a bar tender

Devour stabbing bar tender


Devour in his Halo suit


Some Saber Staffs Devour built during his plan to trick the jedi (operation halo)

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