A strong, level-headed leader, Darren Nivix's intelligence and military brilliance had granted him the rank of Admiral by the time of the Clone Wars. During the Battle of Asharath, Nivix was believed to be killed in action when enemy forces brought down his flagship, the Constance. However, Nivix survived, and was brought to Coruscant to gain cybernetic enhancements. He would then be recruited into Republic Intelligence as a secret agent, as the Republic took advantage of Nivix being publicly declared dead.

When the Galactic Empire formed, Nivix continued to serve in the new Imperial Intelligence. Nivix would later be transferred to the Naval Intelligence Agency a few years later. By 4 ABY, Darren would be given the rank of Fleet Admiral. He would be present on Akiva during the meeting of the Imperial Future Council, and fought against the New Republic during the Rebellion on Akiva. Upon realizing that he was fighting a losing battle, Darren made the decision to go down with his ship, dying at last.

Flagship down

this is a drawing I did of his ship crashing the second time ha ha lol

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