Dark Coolboy on mandalorian,hunting a guy named Evan Bane


Dark Coolboy is a mysterious mandalorian bounty hunter who has made himself popular is the outer rim and the unknown sector,and is a dangerous threat for the notorious Zann Consortium and the Hutt Cartel.

Early Life

Dark Coolboy was born on Mandalore,in the 33 bby,His father was a famous bounty hunter for the Republic and his mother was a middle-class merchant.Dark was educated in the finest schools to be found on Mandalore,after graduating from school,His father trained him in fighting,how to shoot with accuracy,and how to fly with a jetpack.Dark grew up to be a fierce warrior.

Bounty Hunting Career

Dark was victorious everywhere in the outer rim and the unknown sector,he hunted down Hutt and Zann Consortium members with style,Zann Consortium tried to hunt him down,but failed.Hutt Cartel tried to capture him by an ambush,they were successful but Dark soon escaped from prison,and blew up the command center and fled back to Mandalore.

The bounty:

Dark's next mission was to capture a jedi named Kraton Korr,and he was being offered 100,000 credits for bringing him back,or killing him on the spot and showing a proof that it's done,Dark set off to Dantoonie,where the rumors says the jedi is hiding there,Dark found him hiding in a village,inside a large cottage,with a band of rebels,he stormed the house and killed all the rebels,or he thought he killed all,he rushed upstairs to find the jedi meditating,dark attacked him in force and killed him,then he brought him back to the hirers and gave them his dead body,Dark then was paid in full,100,000 credits.

Zann Consortium:

Dark was then hired by a mercenary who called himself blaze,the mission was to kill Tyber Zann's son,Zorona Zann,he was told to go to korriban and kill him,so Dark went to korriban and found Zorona smuggling sith artifacts in a ship to hypori,Dark followed him to hypori,there Zorona was landing in a old factory,Dark folloed him and realized that this was a droid factory,then it was certain because there were destroyer droids in and around the place,Dark quickly sneaked past them and he stumbled upon Tyber Zann's palace,Dark all at once realised he was at the consortium's home planet,and he went a little more forward and found Zorona meeting tyber and a group of guards

Personality and Friends

"Catching me is not difficult,but it' impossible!"

_Dark's famous quote,which he uses when confronting his enemies or bounties.

Dark wears Death Watch gear with a modified Sg-12 Blaster rifle,a flamethrower,a backup modified blaster,thermal detonators,detpacks,and time bombs.He flies a prototype Slave II,which is armed with prototype semistic charges twin blaster cannons,and a back turret,also prototype rockets.

Dark don't have friend's for he works for himself,only those who hire him are his friends.

Behind The Scenes

Dark is a character in the popular MMO game:Clone wars adventures.

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