Brendan Walace (CC-1280), DarkLord Snake, Darth Poison

DarkLord Snake was not always a Sith. When he came to the Jedi Temple, he became a padawan, hoping to become a Jedi Knight and fight along side Jedi Master Plo Koon. That all changed after a couple of weeks of being a Jedi. He felt pain; bad pain when he killed Sith. His master Jedi Knight Sammie Saucy was a powerful Jedi. He killed many Sith Lords and trained Snake.

Becoming a Sith

Few weeks had gone by and Snake didn't like being a Jedi. One day they were under attack by the Sith Empire. A huge black ship called the Sith Empire Attacker came out of the clouds destroying everything in its sight. It sent out about ten mini Sith Starfighters attacking the Jedi Temple. One of the Sith Starfighters landed and opened. Four Sith Lords came out of it. Darth Revan was the first, Darth Malak came second, Darth Malgus third, and Darth Zannah forth. They started killing all the Jedi in sight. Snake ran to take cover and hid behind a broken statue of a Jedi and watched the Sith kill everyone. Snake's master came behind him and told him that it was time to let him go and fight on by himself but that was a grave mistake. Sammie went attacking the Sith Lord Darth Revan, but Revan Force Pushed him into the Temple, fighting him; trying to kill him.

Something inside Snake clicked and changed his life. His eyes glowed blood red; his Lightsaber turned blood Red. That's when he knew he was a Sith. He wanted to be one. He started killing all the Jedi in sight. After all the Jedi were dead except for his master Sammie. Snake had no other choice but to strike him down as well. He stabbed him five times until all the blood was gushing out. He followed Revan and he trained him to become a Sith Lord. After his training was done, Revan wanted to fight Snake to see if he was ready. Snake and Revan dueled and fought for hours and finally Snake cut off Revan's hand knowing he was ready.

Training under Darth Zannah

Few months passed by and Snake became a Dark Lord of the Sith and followed the training by Darth Zannah. She tought Snake everything she knew. Snake wasn't always a nice kid, when he was at the age of 14 his brother died by a Sith Knight. He grew up on Mustafar and lived by the Jedi code, but then followed the Sith Code. He had no parents. He had just his brother. The past kept haunting him, but he just tried to ignore it. But at the age of 45 Snake was still Dark Lord and still followed Zannah. They were under attack by Jedi leading Clone Troopers. Zannah went in first killing the Clones while Snake killed the Jedi that were trying to kill Zannah. Snake always loved Zannah and hoped one day he could be with her for the rest of his life but that all changed when he saw what happened to her in the past. Zannah went through the same thing Snake did, pain suffering as a Jedi.


Snake was always there for Zannah if she needed him. Ond day Snake had a mission on killing Xalandra Nova, but that changed when he saw her. She was very beautiful and he didn't want to kill her. He got to know her for a couple of weeks and asked her to marry him. However she turned him down, but nicely. His heart was broken badly. He wanted to strike her down. But in his attempt, Nova Guards attacked him and put him in jail. For two months he was in that jail cell. Finally he got out and went back to Zannah. He asked her to marry him and as sweet as she was she also turned him down as well. But two weeks later before Snake almost died, he asked Zannah to marry her and she denied

Starting his own company

Few months had gone by and he was still being haunted by his own past. Snake started his own company knows as the Ultimate Sith, where any Sith could join him in building his own Planet known as Xile2. Snake's company got as many as 2,000 Sith members and had been rich for a while until about 1,000 Sith members died by the Jedi. Snake and Zannah were happy together since they got married and since they were rich. Zannah was always on missions with Darth Bane, so Snake went with them and took over thousands of planets across the galaxy.

Death and Birth

Not much later, before the sudden of Snake's death, he was looking for his long lost sister, Satiel. She had been a Sith for many years but Snake didn't know if she was alive or not. His Sith Starfighter landed on the planet Jaina, but right when he got out he was attacked and taken to the Republic Jail. He stayed in it for many years but Zannah tried to help him get out, finnaly after two years he was free but soon after on the planet Xile2 he was attacked along with Zannah. Sadly, Snake was killed. Zannah was heart broken and in tears after Snake had died. They hosted a Funeral for him and many people came. His second brother, Corn687 Ducks was there too. He was just to heart broken and left the funeral. After five years of Snake's death another Dark Lord of the Sith took his place. One very powerful and tough Sith, Mal DarkNova. His story went well. He married a beautiful Twi'lek lady and had two children. He named the first one David Saberstaber and the second one, since he feared nothing and was very powerful as well, DarkLord Snake2.

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