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Danz Gravitydreamer in Glitch City

Danz Gravitydreamer was born on Corucant and had 2 brothers.He made a squad called Majestic Warriors,but it did not succeed.He then made Space Control,a very powerful squad that was allies with police squad,Elite Army,and War Eagle (former ally) He never dueled thinking it was a waste of time.He hated the Nebula and its leader Xalandra Nova.He later discovered his full potential in mastering the arts of the jedi while his brother,Dexter,became a jedi as well.Cosmic on the other hand,did not become a jedi.Instead he became a sith lord.He liked his squad and friends very much.Never not helping them,he was a very kind person......


He grew up with his brothers.He played in the streets of Corucant.He was spotted by Jedi Master Kit Fisto.He and his brothers were taken to the jedi temple They were all force sensetive.They were trained in the arts of the jedi.Dexter and Danz became good jedis.Cosmic left the jedi and joined the sith and learned their ways instead.Danz traveled with jedi alot,but his favorite jedi was the person who found him,Kit Fisto.His childhood was mostly speant training in the jedi order.They became protecters of peace,while their brother became destroyer of peace.

Teenage Years

He keeped trainging to be a jedi master.He went on missions as a padawan to help people across the galaxy.He mostly stayed on Corucant to study and practice.He made sure he completed everything he was asked to.He was persistant and took everything serious.He had duels with his friends.He went on his first mission in space.He commanded his own team of fighters.He completed his task by destroying the main reacter in the sepertist ship.And he did all of this and was only 17 years old.He only failed a few orders but mostly completed them all.


Danz flying to Sepertist fleet

Jedi Mastery and first apprentice

He was now a jedi master.He trained younglings to be great jedi.He was also assigned his first padawan,Hevi Destroyer.He trained Hevi in the jedi ways.He dueled him to see his skills,but Hevi lost quickly.He keeped on trying to train Hevi to be a good dueler,but no luck because Hevi did not train well like Danz did when he was a padawan.Hevi then left the jedi and joined the sith academy,along with Cosmic.Cosmic was now a Mage,which was one step away from dark lord.He then trained Hevi like Danz once did and Hevi became a good sith,but Hevi battled his own master but was beaten badly.He then went back to Danz to train again.Danz accepted him back but told him not to leave the jedi council again and join the sith.He dueled Danz and Danz noticed he got a lot stronger since he last saw him (this probably happened whule training with the sith) Hevi worked his way up to jedi general and was a good protecter of peace.

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