The Clone Wars ARC troopers

Daniel Hedrick (center) Zane Bruce (right) Rann Wompband (left)

When i have this game i was having fun and i went in to Umbara fighting droids but a friend was helping and he took me to see Dark Thorn and we was just talking and my friend left and Thorn went to his house and nearly kill me and went crazy so i left and my friend was missing and so year later I met a new friend name castor dartstaff and he train me to be a best clone intill I was promoted General and awhile later i met Marr Atnicruise he train me to be a super dueler and later i met my to brother Zane Bruce and Rann Wompband they were the best team ever they helped me fight the war and kill droids and so the pic the red is me and the blue is Zane and the yellow is Rann we fight droids on Ryloth and we have the best squad named the Revelation Hero and we fight wars but now we are in peace.

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