Daina was a female Sith skilled in the arts of psycological manipulation through the force. She used her powers for selfish gain before being imprisoned in a crystaline compound by the Jedi and imprisoned within an asteroid near the Volantis system.


Daina was indoctrinated into the Sith Empire in the times of the old Republic. One of the most selfish of them all, she used her gifts in the arts of mind control against other members of the Sith Empire. This eventually lead to her being hunted down by the other members of the Empire. She found refuge in the remote world of Kuros, bending the inhabitants to serve at her whim and psycologically torturing those who resisted into submission.

Her actions eventually gained the attention of the Jedi Order and confronted her at her palace. Being outmatched and her abilities proving useless, she fled and accidentally fell into an unknown liquid which caused her skin to coagulate and render her immobile. The substance couldn't be cut my Lightsabers so the Jedi thought it best to imprison her inside an asteroid large enough to prevent her summoning assistance from any outside source. As the Jedi predicted, through her knowledge of the force she was able to keep herself alive for thousands of years, awaiting her revenge.


3,611 years later, in 33 BBY, the barrier that prevented her having any outside influence was broken by a squadron of clones atempting to construct a larger medical facility to replace  their current medical station. Presented with the chance of revenge, she immediately took control of the clones on board the station.

Although her abilities were severely reduced because of how much effort she had to put into just keeping herself alive. The clones she had control over were reduced to animalistic hunters.

Her death was at the hands of ARC-363 'Mr. Death' who sacrificed himself by ploughing into the asteroid using a docked Medical Frigate with the assistance of CT-4471 'Trekk'.


  • Daina's name is a reference to the first antagonist Isaac Clarke encounters in Dead Space 2.

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