Cuuora Tarin

Cuuora 'Axelle' Tarin

Cuuora Tarin, also known as Axelle, was a Zabrak Jedi Padawan during the Rise of the Empire era.

Early Life

Cuuora was taken to the Jedi Temple when she was 2, and was trained by Yoda until she was 15. She was then assigned to her first Master, and she formed a sort of love/hate relationship with him.

Cuuora Tarin

Biographical information

Birth: 40 BBY Death: 19 BBY

Physical description

Species: Zabrak Gender: Female Hair color: black Eye color: green Skin color: Khaki

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Rise of the Empire Era Affilation: Jedi Order, the Republic

Cuuora duel

Cuuora used a teal Saberstaff during battle.

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