Curastius in Clone Armor.

Curastius Skywalker was a Jedi Blademaster During the Clone Wars. He lead his squad known as the Eternals. Curastius was a known enemy of Nova Corp as well. Curastius Skywalker is also the brother of Jedi Master Sage Skywalker, father of Kol Kerz-Tak(Burning Greymon) who became the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Poison and Curt himself is the Uncle. He was one of Burning's masters as well substituting for Sage in certain times. When Burning left the Jedi Order and heard that burning became Darth Poison he was greatly saddnened but later on didn't care. Until now, Curastius still hopes to redeem Kol back to the light side of the Force.


Curastius Skywalker lead his own squad to stop Nova Corp and many Sepratist forces. The squad was made up of Jedi, Clones, Arc Troopers (inclueding Griff). Besides Curastius being the leader, His squad had five generals. Two of the generals were in charge when Curastius was not there.

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