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Crow Danuvius Shadowhawk

-Supreme Moff-

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Biographical information

Unknown - Destroyed


36,453 BBY - Estimated.


12 BBY - Not Confirmed

Physical description

Human - Believed


Unknown - Believed Male


1.95 Meters

Hair color

White - With White beard.

Eye color

Red - Sometimes Blackened with Dark Side Corruption.

Skin color

Pale - Sometimes Grayish with blackened capillaries and veins with Dark Side Corruption.


Implants to assist him in combat, advanced proccessors to assist with mass co-ordination abilities and strange unexplained 'mounts' on his back - Origin unknown.

Blood type

Not recorded - Believed to be capable of surviving on all known humanoid blood types.



Chronological and political information

Dawn of the Jedi - Old Republic - Clone Wars - Rise of the Empire - Rebellion - New Republic.


Sith Empire (Great Galactic War) - Independant (Clone Wars).


Supreme Moff - Emperor Regent (Sith Empire) - Supreme Moff (Imperial Remnant).

Known masters

Sith Emperor Vitiate, Immortal Emperor Valkorion

Known apprentices

Biological Daughter, Grand Admiral Creatrix Shadowhawk - Adopted Son, Moff Dionyzeus - Grand Moff Odile Vaiken - Lana Beniko.


Grand Admiral Creatrix Shadowhawk - Biological Daughter. Moff Dionyzues - Adopted Son. Iskuras Jen'Siqsa - Brother - Also Emperor's Wrath. Lana Beniko - Adopted Daughter.

Current Squad

The Mandalorian Guild.

Squad Rank

321 Leader (Shadow Squad, Shadow Tech Industreis) General/Acting Leader (Dark Nebula) Commander (Honourary in Nova Corp, Actual in Mandalorian Guild).

Former Squad(s)

Shadow Squad - Nova Corp - Dark Nebula - Shadow Tech Industries.

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileTechnician

"I've served the Empire from the beginning. I've made sacrifices, and i will continue to do so..."

- Crow to Darth Marr.

Crow Shadowhawk was a Human who fought for the Sith Empire during the Great Hyperspace War, The Great Galactic War, and the Galactic Cold War. He was a Slave to the Sith Empire and later a personal slave to the Emperor himself, he also helped the Emperor to rebuild the Empire in a behind-the-scenes sort of role after the Collapse of Naga Sadow's empire and would later become the Right Hand of the Emperor. He does not fight the Republic due to Naga Sadow's insightment of war towards them, but for the Republic's attempted Genocide of his people at the end of The Great Hyperspace War. He appears many times in history but it is only for a breif time, and sometimes he isn't seen for centuries at a time. He also plays a large role on the Galactic Stage during the Clone Wars and later events.


Information concerning Crow's origins is scarce at best, however, some information was recorded in the Jedi Temple Library during the Old Republic, but was destroyed during the sacking of Coruscant and the annihilation of the original Temple. Although no information can be provided by the Jedi, an extensive area of the Imperial Citadel on Dromund Kaas was uncovered during the exploration of Sith Space in 189 BBY by a Jedi and Republic Expedition and uncovered a section of the old Archives containing Information on some of the Imperial Navy's most decorated Officers, there is a single text refering to an Imperial Officer of unidentified rank giving an Imperial General strategic advice during the invasion of Taris. This is however all the information that was recovered. Crow's actual Origins are thought to be traced back to the dawn of Naga Sadow's Sith Empire, prior to the Great Hyperspace War, however this is as far back as records will allow as all records of the Infinite Empire were lost both during it's collapse and with the destruction of the Star Forge, in addition, most of the information of the Sith Archives was partially destroyed on Korriban and almost completely destroyed on Dromund Kaas. Though his planet of birth is lost and forgotten, due to a cataclysmic event in it's solar system. It was never discovered by The Republic and so they had no knowledge of it's existence and destruction. Despite this, Crow has previously stated that he once travelled on a Tho Yor during The First Migration in 36,453 BBY.

Crow was enslaved when he was a young boy and was put to work on Korriban repairing construction machines, droids, weapons and armour, he was treated atrociously by many Sith under Sadow, though there was one Sith who treated him slightly more respectfully than the others. Darth Vitiate was a wise and powerful Sith Lord who had chosen to remain Neutral during the Kaggath between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh. He also noticed Crow's aptitude for many different things, Crow was a Master Technician, Weapon-smith, Armourer, and had a Library of knowledge he could call upon. This made him an immense help to a Sith Lord who knew about it, but as Vitiate noticed, no others seemed know about his abilities, so taking the initiative he requested Crow be assigned to him as his personal slave.

Following the great Hyperspace War and the defeat of Naga Sadow's Empire, Vitiate knew that it was only a matter of time before The Republic traced the hyperspace signatures of Sadow's fleet back to Korriban and the remaining Sith People. So he mobilized whoever would follow him and put them onto the ships he could find and left, Crow loyally followed him, giving advice and insight into how many could be aboard which ship and what the capabilities of each ship were. And so the greatest Exodus in Sith History began, and for 20 years they wandered at Sub-light speeds throughout the galaxy, eventually arriving at Dromund Kaas. During the Exodus, he had matured into a strong and incredibly intelligent young man and befriended many Sith who had previously mistreated him, as well as a young and promising pilot, Odile Vaiken.

Once the Sith Colony had been established and the last of the ships dismantled for resources and technology, Vitiate Declared himself Sith Emperor and set his people to the task of rebuilding their glorious Empire. While Odile formed the Imperial Training Legion and The Emperor rebuilt and reformed the Sith Order, Crow began assigning the remaining Population to food production and distribution, construction and maintenance, and mining. He later helped Vaiken establish the New Imperial Military and helped him design some of the new classes of Starships of The Imperial Fleet. When Odile was killed during a field Test of one of the Prototypes for the Early Harrower Design, Crow was hit hard by it, as Odile was one of his closest friends and had previously been a student of his for many things. However, the death of the First Grand Moff of the New Empire did not hinder the rest of the Empire in rebuilding.

Following Odile's death, The Emperor requested that Crow be placed in command of the New Military and Fleet Construction efforts, and as the Emperor's closest and most trusted advisor, the Emperor promised Crow a gift, which he would bestow upon him later. For the next decade, Crow slowly rebuild the Imperial Fleet ahead of schedule and to reward this, The Emperor gave him his 'gift' ahead of time, Crow was finally going Home. Concurrently to this, the Dark Council had been slowly building their power, power which had become disproportionate to their positions, and the Emperor decided they needed to be disciplined, and to send a message to all other Councils after them. To do this, he arranged for all 12 of them to meet on a back-water planet of little interest, on the far edge of the Unknown Regions.

As it was a Full meeting of both the entirity of the Dark Council and the Emperor, some of the most heavily armoured and armed Starships in their fleet were in orbit, along-side a newly recovered Sith Artefact Weapon, The Dark Reaper. As the meeting began it was relatively uneventful, filled with subjects concerning the well-being of the Empire's Citizens, the progress they were making in rebuilding the Empire, and the general affairs of the Empire itself. This is when the Emperor confronted them about their activities behind closed doors, their slow consolidation and grow of power, power which they might be able to use against the Emperor, it was at this moment that the Emperor suddenly froze, shuddered and turned into a droid. He had projected his image onto a droid from high orbit, on one of the Dreadnaughts and had stopped the broadcast.

The Councillors realised they were in serious trouble and that something was about to happen, they rushed out of the old and ruined temple they were in and looked around. The Dark Reaper was still there, it was massive, roughly as long as the Diameter of a Small moon, and arrayed around it was the fleet in orbit. So what was coming? This was when the Dark Reaper awoke from its millennia long slumber, it's 13 Kilometer long barrel had begun to glow purple, it's gigantic power transformers and converters were like miniature stars, glowing a bright and fiery red and a steady stream of solar energy was visibly being sucked into it from the star, which was directly behind it. Crow and the Emperor looked out at it, the Emperor ordered everyone except Crow to leave the room as this was something he only wanted the two of them to see and started focusing on Crow, quietly muttering, seemingly to himself. 

Two minutes later, the giant capacitors of the Dark Reaper were rammed into the end of the Barrel and fired the weapon, a huge stream of Blood red energy erupted from the barrel and was sent into the northern-most continent of the planet. From the surface, the Councillors watched in horror as the beam tore through the atmosphere, creating pressure waves as it did and impacted the planet's surface several thousand kilometers away. Back in Orbit, Crow and the Emperor watched as a huge shock wave was created, small at first, then growing and getting faster and as it went, it left a volcanic wasteland, violent and fiery. The Councillors never saw the shockwave, they were too busy cursing their shuttle pilots for taking their own lives and leaving them there, one minute they were there, the next the entire valley of lush jungle and sprawling temples was turned into a river of molten rock.

As this destruction was taking place, a single tear was slowly rolling down Crow's face, seemingly in time with the shock-wave. This was, afterall, Crow's Home planet, the tear fell from his face on the cold metallic floor when the shockwave passed over the horizon of the planet. This was when the Emperor turned to Crow, still muttering and raised his arms towards Crow, a stream of Lightning erupted from his fingertips and enveloped Crow in them. Then the Beam from the Dark Reaper stopped, and a stream of Purple energy flowed from the planet into the Dark Reaper, The Emperor pointed his left arm at the Weapon and acted as a beacon for the energy it was absorbing and the energy started flowing from the Dark Reaper, through the Emperor and his Force Lightning into Crow.

This lasted five minutes before the Emperor suddenly stopped and allowed Crow to stand, well, get up as much as his strength would allow at this point. And The Emperor told him that the Dark Reaper fed off of the force, and instead of charging it's weapon system, the Emperor transfered the force power it had harvested into Crow, he then went on to explain that this was the Gift he had bestowed upon him, the sacrifice of 12 of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Empire, and the 1.6 Billion people on his home planet for almost everlasting life. At this point, Crow broke down in tears of Sorrow, pain, and joy. His people were gone, his home planet a molten rock, and his mentor and closest friend acting as if it was nothing, but in the back of his mind, he was happy they were gone, they reminded him of what it was like to be a slave, and he was secretly happy that they wouldn't have to face that prospect either. Crow recovered himself, rose to his feet and bowed to the Emperor. Smiling, the Emperor left and Crow looked out at his once beautiful Home, the Bridge crew returned to their stations and the Admiral ordered the fleet to set a course for Dromund Kaas.

Following their Return to Dromund Kaas and the newly built Citadel, The Emperor instructed Crow to gather another 12 Lords to become the new Dark Council and then Elevated him to the Rank of Supreme Moff and made him his Right hand, to act as Emperor when the Emperor is incapacitated as well as to Gather an order of individuals, both Sith and non-force sensitive, to be trained as the eyes and ears of the Emperor, an organisation which would report directly to the Emperor himself and lead by Crow, The Emperor's Hand.

Once the new Dark Council had assembled and The Emperor's Hand was ready to begin assignments, Crow Journeyed to Korriban to have a Sith Artficer dismantle the Darksaber, retrived from the 'Custody' of Shae Viszla, so as to examine and familiarise himself with it's components and especially it's focusing crystal. Crow then left Korriban for Ilum with designs for a 1:1 Replica of the Darksaber and some rough designs for a version which had his own modifications to it. He spent the next month and a half looking for two Dark-Sword shaped crystals and another week constructing, by hand, the necessary parts for the two weapons. By the time he was Finished, he had his own Darksaber, and one of his own design, both with the Black Katana-like Blade of the Original, and both made from the Lightsaber-resistant Metal Phrik.
Phrik Darksaber

Crow's Phrik Darksaber of his own Design.

"I am the living embodiment of Imperial Glory and Supremacy. And i enjoy a student who questions their Teacher. You have a lot of potential, and i can see why Angral has taken an interest in your career...."

-Crow Shadowhawk to Grand Moff Kilran

The Sith Empire

Over the course of the next millennium of secrecy and slow build up of power for the Sith Empire, Crow experimented with a number of Ancient, Lost and newly discovered or proposed technologies. The ones he was most interested in were Turbo-Laser and Ion cannon hybrids, sweeping beam weapons, which utilised Magnetohydrodynamic Explosives condensed into a single continuous beam and used to tear through a ship's hull, and reinforced Shield systems, so he commissioned the Science Bureau to start working on these new ideas. Years later, with the completion and successful testing of all these new technologies he outfitted his new Flagship, a BXS-5 Variant of the Harrower-class Dreadnought design called: 'The Fortress of Elegance', with all of them, as well as reactive Durasteel Armour plating, a Nanotech Controller which controlled a swarm of Nanomachines which could repair vital systems and Hull Damage and, perhaps the most interesting of all, an Artificial Intelligence to run the ship's primary and secondary systems in place of a Crew which was a previous companion of Crow's, SCORPIO, the ship was also outfitted with other such technologies which soon made the Elegance one of the most powerful starships in the Galaxy. Following this, he requisitioned a Fleet of Imperial Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Destroyers, to act as the Honour-guard of the Elegance.

Harrower Dreadnaught - Dark

Crow's modified Flagship, The Fortress of Elegance.

Around the same time the Elegance was designed and it's prototype being constructed, Crow had a group of Imperial Scientists transfer a considerable amount of life support technology and series of growth tanks to an Imperial Destroyer. All items were offically listed as decomissioned and destroyed, however, Crow was secretly using the equipment to grow a sentient being. Using his own cells and rewriting his own genetic Code, he sucessfully created a clone of himself. However, this clone differed from him slightly, it was female, with long flowing Purple hair and blood red eyes and a pale and young complexion. She was physically voluptuous and incredibly attractive. Her age was excellerated to what could be classed as a Human's Mid-20s. This was where the differences ended, she possesed her 'fathers' intelligence, which was considerable, his speech mannerisms and he later taught her everything which he knew, as well as submitting her as his offical Biological Daughter, despite the fact she was a Clone. Later she was admitted into the Imperial Navy and climbed it's Ranks remarkably quickly, and within 6 years, she had made the Rank of Grand Admiral. It was later discovered that she had inherited her father's Dark Side powers, in the form of almost everlasting life, she also kept her remarkable beauty and youth, even at 240 years old (At the time of the Galactic Cold War between the Sith Empire and The Galactic Republic.

Following the construction of the Fortress of Elegance, Crow began putting together a group of Soldiers which would be used to garrison the Ship as it's on-board defenders. He pulled the troops from the most elite combat units in the Empire and also had newly retired Imperial Agents and Intelligence technicians join as the Squad leaders and Support staff. The end result was possibly the most capable fighting unit in the Empire, Panther Company. Comprised of Six Squads, each assigned to protect a different section of the Elegance when needed and exclusively housed aboard the ship, the lead Squad, Dubbed "Ultima Squad" was tasked with protecting the Bridge, and at times, Crow himself. The Company had a vast array of weaponry available to them and could use a variety of specialised starships, which included modified S-SC4 'Bloodmark' class star-fighters and Modified Imperial Assault Shuttles. All of the ships Crow designed and had constructed were at secret Shipyards at highly classified Locations, one of the facilities also had the honour of constructing The Emperor's Space Station.

Imperial Shipyard

The Shipyard where The Fortress of Elegance and two of the Vendetta-Class Super Star Destroyers were constructed.

Crow had also been asked by the Minister of Intelligence if he would like to help them with some of their operations, Crow agreed and was made an Imperial Cipher Agent, and was quickly deployed in the field, however, intelligence was later disbanded by a group of Manipulative Individuals who called themselves the Star Cabal. After Intelligence was Dissolved, Crow was given 1/3 of the staff at Intelligence HQ, he assigned them to his Flagship and quickly promoted a young Chiss operative who had shown particular interest in his work, the young Chiss was called Dionyzeus, Crow made him an Admiral and gave him the Captaincy of his support fleet. Crow thoroughly enjoyed Dionyzues as he was constantly questioning Crow's decisions. After about a year and a half, Crow Promoted Dionyzeus to Moff and put him in command of the 12th Expeditionary Fleet, which was the Fleet Crow had originally been put in command of, Crow also officially adopted Dionyzues as his son. Crow made the journey to Dromund Kaas and had the Minister of Logistics draw up a table of all the forces Crow had under his command. The list was considerably long and spanned 20% of the entire Imperial military.

After Crow had a record of all his forces, he set about drawing up designs for a new starship and modifying his current Flagship. The modifications included replacing the smaller Turbolaser cannons with larger 4 barreled ones. He had point defense turrets positioned along the primary hull and added 4 Turbo/Ion cannon hybrids (commonly used as the three defense batteries in the Alderaanian Defense system ((SWTOR Alderaan PVP Map)).) He also redesigned and fitted a far more effective and efficient Shielding system which, after extensive testing by the Imperial Science Bureau, were found that the Shields could withstand the heat and pressure of the Convection Zone of a Star.

Dionyzeus 2

Moff Dionyzeus before the collapse of Intelligence.

With Darth Decimus organising the Occupation of Correlia, Crow made the decision to send Moff Dionyzeus to reinforce the fleet above Correlia. Crow also sent the 243rd Korriban Regiment to Reinforce the Imperial Command Center on the Planet. However, the fighting had grown so intense that Crow decided he would go himself, Escorted by the 7th Dark Honour Guard Battalion and a large fleet of Supply Ships, Crow made his way to Correlia, where he would Kill the Green Jedi Council, and become known as the Conqueror of Correlia, to this day, In the ruins of the once great citadel of the Sith Empire, a statue in the Emperor's chambers of Crow still stands.

After the battle of Correlia, Crow drew up plans for a new type of starship, a Super Dreadnought, he dubbed the design 'Vendetta. The Vendetta class Super Dreadnought was apparently too exspensive to mass-produce and the ministry of War claimed that, like the inspirational Super Dreadnought made by the republic, The Star of Corcuscant, it would become too much of a priority target for the Republic. So, in secret and using his own resources, Crow had 6 of them built above a planet in the unknown regions. Crow had them outfitted for different roles and had them put into service as the honour-guard vessels for his flagship, replacing the previous fleet he had requisitioned.

(The Vendetta-Class is inspired by the Executor-Class Star Dreadnought, the Vendetta is roughly 15,300 Kilometers in length and has a similar Dagger-like shape, however is equiped with more weapon batteries which befit that of the Era of Weapons.)

He named his new fleet "Vendetta Squadron". Vendettas one and two were used as fire support ships, they would use their long range broadside cannons to hammer enemy fleets and suppress ground forces with planetary bombardment. Vendetta 3 was used as a supply and medical ship, it could house up to 10,000 men in it's hospitals and still carry around 120,000 tons of equipment, Vendettas four and five were used as drop ships and could carry as much men and equipment as vendetta 3. Vendetta 6 was used as a carrier, it could carry 1,000 landing craft, 2,000 bombers and up to 5,000 starfighters and the pilots and engineers. All six ships had around 100 private hangers for Sith lords and their apprentices, and also had private quarters for all Officers and Sith.

Manipulation and The Sacking of Couruscant

The Sacking of Coruscant was the final and most devastating assault of the Great Galactic war, carried out by the Sith Empire, before the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. Sith and Imperial Diplomats had met on Alderaan with ranking members of the Jedi Council and Republic Senate, future Grand Master Satele Shan was among the Republic delegation. The Sith delegation was lead by Darth Baras and a ranking Admiral of the Imperial Navy as well as an Imperial Intelligence operative posing as a member of the Diplomatic service, there per Crow's orders.

As negotiations on Alderaan were under way, Darth Angral was placed in command of a massive imperial Battle group just outside the Coruscant Solar system, along side Darths Malgus and Lachris and Lords Adraas, Praven, and Javis Koldor and various elite Imperial combat units, as well as an elite group of Intelligence Operatives under the command of Crow Shadowhawk himself. The aim of this battle group was to jump corvettes and heavy frigates on the advance listening posts surrounding the planet to pave the way for the rest of the Armada to jump in and bombard the planet until Fleet commanders were assured to encounter minimum opposition of primary objectives.

The primary objectives were to wipe out any and every Jedi within the Temple, to gain access to the Temple archives and take any and all information which was seen as beneficial to the Empire and then to destroy the temple. To take and hold the main power distribution nodes around the Senate, as well as taking and holding the Senate buildings themselves. Gain access to Republic Military Command and capture any and all Military officials still within the facility. An Elite group of Intelligence Operatives lead by Dr. Eckard Lokin was also tasked with infiltrating a Republic Research facility some 90 kilometers from the Senate and steal all research materials found within.

In the Early hours of the morning on Coruscant, Republic fleet command put out an announcement stating several of their listening posts around the planet had reported unknown vessels approaching at high speed before losing contact with them and placed Defence forces on high alert. 2 hours later the Senate was informed of a massive Imperial Armada appearing above the planet and explosions rocked the senate building, and within minutes all communications were being jammed from orbit. The Imperial Fleet bombarded sections of the planet for several hours and the death toll of both Civilians and Republic Military forces rose steadily. With defence forces in disarray and the majority of the Jedi Council off-world, the Jedi were also in disarray.

When Malgus and Adraas descended upon the Jedi Temple, their mission was not to destroy the temple, but to delay the Temple Defenders long enough for Crow to access the Archives and download as much Data as possible. Crow and his assault team were in constant contact with both the Fleet and Darth Angral, via, then Captain, Rycas Kilran. As the battle was taking place, they encountered the Jedi Librarians, Crow ordered his assault team to push forward towards the main Archives while Crow dealt with the Librarians. Crow holstered his rifle and drew his Darksabers and began dueling the Jedi. During their duel, one of them got a lucky swing through his defence and caught his leg, in retaliation, Crow lept up and spun towards the Jedi cutting them in half at the waist and then again just below their shoulders, and as he recovered his posture from the attack the other Jedi lunged toward him. With almost inhuman speed Crow moved his left hand and Darksaber into a blocking position, and spun again decapitating the Jedi before they could react.

Crow regrouped with his combat team just outside the Holocron room where they then sent a signal to the Fleet detailing that they'd reached the Archives and were begining the Download. Kilran relayed the Information to Angral and then the rest of the Fleet. Darth Angral gave the order for ground teams to begin their assaults and wave upon wave of landing craft descended on the Planet and soon overwhelmed the defence forces around and at the Entrance of the Senate. When Darth Angral arrived outside the Senate the Imperial forces had pinned the republic forces and leadership in the west wing of the building and the Chancellor, a small group of Senators and a group of Republic Special Forces were trapped by Slicer Droids and Elite Imperial Commandos in the Chancellor's office. Angral headed to the Chancellors office and when he got there, pushed past the Droids and tore through the Republic Forces where he then forced the Senators to watch as he executed the Chancellor.

Little known to Angral, the Chancellor had managed to send a message to the Republic Delegation on Alderaan, and in fact the end of the transmission included his Execution by Angral. The leaders of the Republic Delegation confronted Darth Baras and the Imperials who simply denied that anything was happening. They then retired to a breifing room where Baras contacted Angral and demanded to know what was happening while the Intelligence Operative and Admiral contacted the Ministry of War and Intelligence.

Back in the Temple, Malgus engaged in one-on-one Combat with Jedi Master Ven Zallow, leader of the Temple defenders, and Crow was monitoring the download which was almost completed while his assault team guarded the entrances to the Archives. Additionally, with the Senate almost completely under Imperial Control and Imperial Forces laying seige to Republic Military Command, the order was sent out for all Republic Froces to Hold position and stand their ground until either they were killed or the Planet fell to Imperial Control.

Once the Download was complete, Crow and his team headed back to the Processional Way of the Temple's Entrace and from a balcony they could see various Sith and Imperial Forces engaged with Jedi and a small group of Republic soldiers. Crow ordered that they provide support to the Imperial forces and take out any Republic forces who got close to the Imperial Lines. Upon scanning the battlefield, Crow quickly spotted Malgus and Zallow, dueling near a pile of rubble next to the Ship they'd flown in with. Crow watched through his Sniper Rifle Scope as Malgus Killed Zallow and the Jedi were quickly defeated. Later, once the Rest of the Imperial Armada arrived to act as a Blockade Fleet, Crow joined Malgus outside the Temple where they, Lord Adrass, Praven, and a pair of Imperial Operatives burned the body of Malgus' Lover and Slave Eleena Daru, who was killed during the Attack. 

Filled with rage from the death of his Lover, Malgus ordered the fleet to bombard the Temple until it was completely destroyed, after Angral was notified of Malgus' 'request' he approved of it and the temple was obliterated. Crow and his assault squad returned to the Fleet and were later joined by Dr. Lokin and the surviving members of his squad. Lokin had retrieved the designs of several Republic Battleships and several stacks of holorecords detailing experiments on new Blasters and explosives, as well as new shield designs. With their plunder safely aboard an Imperial Battle cruiser and the Planet under Imperial Control, the Galaxy waited...

The Following morning, the sun rose above the horizon to an Imperial Occupation. A concentration of Imperials at the Senate and Main StarPorts, a contingiency force was at the Ruins of the Jedi Temple. Crow, Angral, Malgus, and Captain Kilran were in the Chancellors Office, with Angral slouching back in the Chancellors Chair. Kilran was discussing what the Empire should do about Coruscant's Orbital Defence Satellites and the Orbital Docking Platforms, some of which had Civilian Freighters and a few abandoned Republic Warships docked at them.

Lieutenant Zasha Ranken, acting Captain of Kilran's Warship, suggested that they strip the Republic Warships, access their main computers and take what they need, then use them as 'Fire ships'. Have them act as giant space-mines at gaps in their defensive lines. Have a skeleton crew on each and use them as weapon platforms until the republic got too close then detonate explosives aboard or overload the main reactors and cause a catastrophic explosion and take as many republic ships with them.

Crow and Kilran liked this idea, and while Kilran told Malgus and Angral, Crow contacted the Valour Prevails, the Dreadnought Lokin and the other infiltration team was aboard. The Valour Prevails was already back in Imperial Territory, its Escorts had departed some hours ago to return to nearby engagements and to re-arm and refuel. Their mission was otherwise complete and Crow congratulated them and said that upon delivery of their plunder they were all to go on a 5 day break from active duty.

With Angral and Kilran maintaining some order on Coruscant, Malgus and Crow returned to Orbit, with Malgus in overall command of the Fleet and Crow overlooking the stripping and re-purposing of the Republic warships with Lieutenant Ranken. The Republic was slowly poising to retake their Capitol.

Some hours after the first few Republic ships were re-purposed and moved into position, a small wing of Republic Destroyers entered the system, they were heavily damaged and had apparently not heard the news about the Imperial Attack and Occupation, they were quickly overwhelmed and the remaining few surrendered, their crews being imprisoned on the planet and the ships being re-purposed with the others. Soon enough the rest of the Republic vessels were now giant Space-mines with turrets, with weapon control Teams aboard each and escape ships in the Hangars. The Imperial defence force was ready.

Tythonian/Korribani Invasions and Lana Beniko

Lana Beniko was a female Sith Lord who was the apprentice and personal assistant of Dark Arkous. Her father was also a Sith Lord, one whom Crow had know for many years. Their friendship was that of a battle bond, forged in the fires of War, and when Lana was born, Crow swore to help raise her and protect her. Crow oversaw her education and combat training, she had become a skilled fighter and tactician by age 15 and by the time she was 16 she had her first lightsaber. Many years later, her father died under strange circumstances while both Crow and Lana were off Dromund Kaas, many attended his burial, and it was here that Arkous requested Lana become his apprentice, shortly after this, Crow adopted her and allowed Arkous to continue her training while he was becoming more involved in the Galactic Core.

During the Waning years of the War, Arkous was embarking on an ambitious plan to invade and Occupy Tython, a plan which Crow was so intrigued by that he returned to Imperial Territory to lend Arkous a hand in finalising and implementing his plan, in exchange for, as Crow put it; "The pleasure of finally making a meaningful strike against the Jedi". With Crow and his assets involved, this offensive push was made all the more easy, however, Crow would not be dedicating more than 5% of his total military assets to the campaign, as they were sorely needed elsewhere to hold off, or push back against, the Republic on various fronts.

After over a month of combat drills, mock battles, and intelligence gathering the operation was finally ready to be executed. Roughly 40 ships from various locations spread across the Galaxy made a co-ordinated Jump to Tython. Using stolen security codes, the first wave jumped in practically directly above the Jedi Academy, over 50 landing assault craft supported by over 150 fighters launched and began their descent to predetermined drop zones around the Valley, Arkous' Flagship began its slow descent into the Atmosphere where it would support the Ground forces. Crow was in his own Fighter, escorting one of the first wings of Landing Craft.

Crow landed with the shuttles and would be utilising a mixture of his Sniper Rifle, Pistol and his Lightsabers. He was also using an experimental form of Jetpack, which used hundreds of small manoeuvring thrusters on mechanically stylised Wings attached to a pair of 'mounts' on his back. The wings allowed him unprecedented agility while in the air and could allow him to hover in place in an incredibly stable manner so as to use his Sniper Rifle effectively, the pack also produced very little noise allowing him to use it without being detected. Instead of wearing his standard Purple Armour and Jacket, he wore black clothing with Light Composite Armour to allow him increased Agility, over this he word a long Black Coat with an asymmetrical button style and a large hood. This coat was specially made from Ultrachrome threading which made it incredibly resistant to Blaster fire, and more importantly, Lightstaber attacks.

While the main force attacked the Republic's defensive fortifications, Crow's team of himself and 24 Elite Commandos would infiltrate the rear area of the Valley to try and gain access to the Academy's main building and use it to draw the republic into the sights of Arkous' Flagship Weaponry. They would be utilising stealth Tactics to sneak past the guards and into the Academy.

The assault team, surprisingly, didn't encounter much resistance on the way, they attributed that to Imperial Reinforcements arriving and denying the Republic the ability to land their own forces on planet. Nonetheless, the team proceeded to practically clear the entire Academy building of every Guard and Jedi within, when they got to the Council Chamber they found a group of Local civilians and a pair of elderly Jedi protecting them. At the sight of the Imperial Invaders and this winged Old Man before them they were understandably terrified.

The Jedi guardians pleaded with Crow to allow the Civilians to leave and to take them as Prisoners. Crow agreed whole-heartedly, which caused some quizzical looks from his soldiers. The Jedi were bound and brought to the balcony, where they could see the fighting in the distance, a handful of Defensive emplacements which were already entrenching themselves were clearly visible on the hills and at the cliffs. The civilians were let out the main entrance, when suddenly, blaster fire erupted from the Academy windows and crenelations, the civilians being cut down in an instant. The Republic defenders looking back were horrified, some 90 of them from different positions began running back to retake the Academy.

Crow summarily executed the two Jedi Prisoners and then turned his attention to the Republic Troopers and Jedi Charging him. He waited a few seconds before transmitting a signal to Arkous. His Harrower's Ventral batteries began firing down at the charging Republic forces, cutting them to ribbons. The survivors took cover behind walls and starting firing back at the Academy. Crow took out a few troopers with some well placed shots, but a pair of Jedi Knights jumped up to the Balcony he was on. He holstered his Sniper Rifle and drew his sabers. His wings rose up and activated, he used them to thrust forward and in the Jedi's shock he immediately killed one by impaling him on his saber. The other swung his saber which Crow blocked with his Left hand, then threw the body of his fallen comrade at him, with the distraction Crow managed to jump over him and then spun around, holding his saber out and cutting the Jedi in half.

Crow made his way back into the Building where his forces would regroup on the upper Walkway in the main entrance hall, they would then seal the upper level's doorways, forcing the Republic to come in the main doors or through side rooms on the lower level, and right into their Crossfire. With the remaining Imperials caught up with the Primary Republic Defences, Crow wouldn't be getting any reinforcements, so he would need to conserve men and ammo.

Suddenly, over 2 dozen Republic Troopers and a dozen Jedi Knights poured through the lower doors to the atrium. Crow and a group of Commandos next to him began suppressing the Jedi, which worked well enough until they started throwing chairs, tables and other random items from around the Atrium. At which point Crow used his wings to jump up and onto the giant floating Holocron and threw a Thermal Detonator behind the Jedi. Fortunately they didn't notice and the explosion took out 4 of them, sending the remaining two flying into the open where they were shot by 7 different Imperial troops.

Crow then flew up and over to the opposing Balcony where he drew his Blaster Pistol and one of his Lightsabers, using his lightsaber to deflect the occasional shot he used his Blaster Pistol to start drawing the fire of some of the Republic soldiers. As they turned to fire back at their new attacker, they were shot in the back by the rest of the Imperials. A few minutes later the battle was over, the Republic troops and Jedi lay in a pile in the middle of the room. Their main objective was complete, so Crow and the Officers headed to the Council Room which was being used as a Command Post, there he used the Holotable to survey the Battlefields and contact Arkous.

Crow informed Arkous that the Primary Objective as achieved, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the Republic Defenders fell. This was where Arkous cut in, he informed Crow that the Republic had used this opportunity to strike at Imperial and Sith Targets...and that they were besieging Korriban. Crow's jaw dropped. With his forces occupied elsewhere, they wouldn't be able to disengage and reinforce the Korribani Defence Forces. Without hesitation, Crow ordered a shuttle to be sent to him, it was then to take him to one of the faster shuttles which was capable of Hyperspace travel and he would take a small group of Elite soldiers to Korriban to marshal the defenders he could find and push the Republic back.

As Crow's Shuttle docked with Arkous' Ship, a team of Elite troops had already gathered in the Ventral Hanger, Crow restocked and repaired his gear, as well as refuelling his Wing-pack. After a few more checks they were ready and departed without a word. The flight to Korriban was tense and felt like it took years. But as they entered the final stretch, Crow briefed the Assault Team. They would land on the far end of the Valley of the Dark lords and make their way through, there was a number of Republic Commando Teams and some Jedi dotted around, but could be easily dispatched with proper stealth. When the far end was cleared, they'd contact the defence teams which were stealthed or using the tombs as cover and rally them to the Shuttle where they'd make a push forward through the Tomb of Ajunta Pall and arrive right outside the front door of the Academy. From there they'd assess the situation further...

Crow and his assault team made their way down a cliff face to the Valley and killed a team of Republic Commandos with synchronised shots. The repeated this process for the other commando teams and picked up several Imperial Defenders before proceeding to the entrance of the Tomb of Ajunta Pall. There they met up with Members of the Korribani Regiments of the Imperial Army, there were also several Members of the Dark Honour Guard, with a large group of Acolytes. Here, Crow marshalled his Troops and formed them into Squads and fire teams. Using these teams he would use them to lure away enemy patrols into ambush points and then capture the officers to gain information.

With key information about the Republic's patrols and defences they would then mount an assault against the Academy and retake it. With the retaking of the only Key Imperial/Sith building on the Planet the Republic would be forced to scatter into the tombs where they could be trapped and easily killed. With final preparations in place and last checks on equipment, they were ready.

The Eternal Empire

When the Eternal Empire emerged and lay waste to the Galaxy, they began with the Sith Empire, first attacking one of the Republic's forward outposts and annihilating it and killing all who were present. The Fleet arrived at Korriban next, the two Sons of Emperor Valkorion landed shortly after with their war party. With the Majority of the Dark Council and Crow himself off-world, the task of leading the defence fell to a Twi'lek Sith Lord named Darth Zatcha, she was a powerful Force user and a gifted swordswoman, however, she was subsequently killed by Arcann.

Shortly after they left the planet, the Sith Academy in ruins and two Dark Councillors dead. Crow arrived only hours after the fleet's departure. He walked through the once proud halls of the Academy, the surviving Dark Honour guard gathered in the main hall. He saw the bodies of Darths Rictus and Mortis hanging from ledges by their innards. Crow stared at them for what seemed like an age before slaughtering the remaining Dark Honour Guards for failing to sacrifice themselves to protect their masters. Crow ordered Vendetta Squadron and remaining Imperial Battle groups to evacuate Dromund Kaas and move the Sith People to areas the Eternal Empire was unlikely to search for them.

As the Escorts in orbit left for Dromund Kaas, Crow returned to the Fortress of Elegance and immediately jumped towards the Galactic Core. The Elegance emerged from Hyperspace at the Outer Markers of Courscant's Star lanes. The ship powered towards the planet at maximum speed. Republic Destroyers opened fire but the advanced and extremely powerful Shields of the Elegance brushed them off. Shortly after the destroyers ceased fire and deployed Fighters and Gunships to escort the Elegance into Coruscant's atmosphere. The Elegance decelerated approximately 50 Km from the Senate Tower and Crow launched an Annihilator Starfighter and flew directly to the Tower Gardens, a wing of Republic Fighters flew with him. There, Satele Shan and Theron Shan, as well as several Jedi Knights and Republic Commandos were waiting for him. Satele made no attempt to stop Crow and simply lead him to the Senate's main room, where he addressed them. The meeting was not broadcast and was struck down from the official Meetings Record. They wanted to hurry through it so as not to panic the Citizens of Coruscant with the Looming presence of the recognisable Fortress of Elegance above the City with a Heavy Republic Escort.

Crow Danuvius Shadowhawk

Crow during the Eternal Empire's emergence into Known Space.

The meeting concluded around an hour later, Crow left the Senate Tower in his Fighter and Satele, Theron and a few others followed in a Republic Gunship. After docking, the Elegance came about faster than the Escorts to keep with and jumped to hyperspace within the atmosphere, an incredibly dangerous action which Satele Scowled at Crow for.

The Elegance and its heavy Republic Escort jumped to Ilum and then to an Imperial Outpost within the Unknown Regions where they met up with Darth Marr's Flagship. Crow and Marr had the Republic ships patrol around the border of the Unknown region in order to try and lure this unknown armada out of hiding. Little did they know, they were already setting their own trap.

Crow put all Members of Panther Company into Carbonite and sent the Elegance to Manaan, the Elegance would submerge itself under the water at a secret Facility which Crow had constructed and await further Orders. SCORPIO would monitor the ship and her Crew until contacted by Crow.

With the loss of its most Powerful ship, Marr's fleet was now made up of Marr's Flagship, a pair of Tenebrous Class Destroyers and a Pair of Thranta Class Warships, Crow's X-70B Phantom was also Docked with the ship. HK-51 was accompanying Crow as his Personal Bodyguard...

The Experiments - Section re-write in progress. Standby -  

Criminal Record

This is Crow's Criminal Record according to the Galactic Republic, it is currently held by the Office of the Supreme Chancellor and Leaders of the Republic Navy.

- Destruction of Republic Property - Brought to a total of several Hundered Million Credits worth of Equipment.

- Assassination of 57 Republic Military Officers, including General Garza of the Republic Army.

- Assassination of an estimated 24 members of the Jedi Order, including the Green Council of Corellia.

- The attempted assassination of Supreme Chancellor Dorian Jaramus, who was later assassinated by a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter of unknown identity, presumably under the Orders of Shadowhawk.

- 74 known accounts of Genocide during the Galactic Cold War and the Great Galactic War.

- Over 5,700 known accounts of unprovoked attack on innocent civilian vessels.

- Theft of Republic Military Assets, including the Final Plans of the Star Of Coruscant Dreadnaught. - Shadowhawk is also believed to have been present during the destruction of the Star of Coruscant over Hoth.

The Clone Wars - Section re-writes soon!

During the 2nd battle for Geonosis, Master Ki-adi-Mundi was badly wounded and forced to go back to the Temple after they had taken the Droid Foundry, when they came out of Hyperspace and entered a high orbit above Coruscant, they detected a starship approaching the planet at extremely high speed, but before they could alter course to investigate it had gone. Soon after that, many ships entering Coruscant's upper atmosphere constantly experienced this and the Republic Navy dismissed it as a Technical Glitch.

During a speech the Supreme Chancellor was giving to the Full Senate his main console was alerted to a security breach in his private offices, he signalled to the Captain of the Guard, who had also been alerted to the disturbance, and they quickly made their way over to the offices. Upon arriving, they discovered the room had been upturned, desk draws ripped out and upturned, lamps and paintings smashed and his personal console had been accessed and well over 70% of the data downloaded. The Chancellor had his Personal Access codes change, the room re-secured and the guards outside doubled. No suspects were placed at the scene and the investigation surrounding the incident was closed.

Many months later after Greivous' capture of Jedi Master Koth, a Mysterious ship was terrorising the main Republic supply routes to both the Republic Core worlds and the outer rim outposts, the Jedi and Republic Fleet Command assumed it was General Grevious's Flagship, The Invisible Hand, or one of the decoy ships. A Jedi task force was deployed and returned with nothing to report, and as the Jedi high council was unable to locate or even identify the ship responsible they were forced to dismiss the matter and petitioned the Supreme Chancellor to increase the escorts of supply fleets as well as place Military Intelligence ships with every Fleet in the Navy.

Dealings with the Separatists

Star wars confederacy of independent systems fleet by adamkop-d57xdgd

The Experimental fleet sporting Separatist Colours.

Crow had designed and constructed a small fleet of experimental star ships, their advanced Weapons and Shields had, at first, attracted the attention of the separatists, Crow was greeted by Mar Tuuk who was to oversee a test of the weapons and shields, Mar was delighted at the power of the technology, and had several other Separatists look at them, when Crow told them the price of the fleet, they promptly left and didn't return. Crow then sold some of the technology to Hondo's Pirates and to Jabba the Hutt, and then destroyed the plans and the prototypes.

(**More Information in Shadow Tech Industries**)

Xalandra Nova and Nova Corporation / Dark Nebula

During Crow's exploration of the Coruscant Underworld, he came across a group of people talking about something called Nova Corp and became immediately interested, he followed them to their ship and followed them to Mustafar where he meets one of the most powerful women in the Galaxy, Xalandra Nova (At that time she was Dureena Nova), The High Mistress and founder of Nova Corp, he is instantly star struck and decides to introduce himself. Over the course of the next few months she begins to trust him, by this time Crow has considered her one of his Closest Friends and Allies, however, with a huge and gruesome war on all sides but thanks to Xalandra's extremely high intelligence, Crow's contributions and the forces of Nova Corp, they always won, despite the petty rumours made by their enemies. Nova Corporation was taken from Xalandra by Nova the Hutt and formed Dark Nebula. Crow gained the rank of General in Dark Nebula, replacing Rekoba Hope, and has chosen to remain as long as he has reason to.

With Rekoba's Departure, Nebula was in dire need of a Replacement General and a new Second in Command. To fill this need, Dahntalon Goldbrek was elevated to Second in Command and Crow and James Loanstar were elevated to General. While they shared a similar rank and role they were given different tasks. Crow was placed in Command of the Military Forces of Nova Corp and Xalandra's personal Guard, whereas James was placed in command of the Underhive dealings and transactions.

In addition to Rekoba's Departure, many of Crow's former colleagues and friends whom he had met in Nebula had also left, he went through a brief period of turmoil about what he should do, leave the squad, or remain with Xalandra and the remaining members. Eventually, Crow decided to remain with the Squad and helped to lead them, along side James, Dahn and Xalandra, back to its former strength and also lead them to defeat The War Eagle (War Pigeon as it was known to most) in a number of skirmishes and large battles.

Flagship Fleet by Shimmering Sword

One of Crow's Fleets during the Nova Wars. This particular fleet was responsible for defending Crow's Flagship while it was at Mustafar.

Crow recently passed his position within Dark Nebula, Acting Leader (While Xalandra was away), to James Loanstar and left the squad. His reasoning for his departure was that he was already running three squads; Dark Nebula, The remnants of Shadow Squad and Shadow Tech Industries, and this was giving him an immense amount of stress, so he only thought it logical to leave the Squad which was causing the most amount of Stress. So he passed on his position and left, although many people believe that he has left Dark Nebula for good, this is in fact wrong, even though he is not officially part of them, he is still providing them with all the support he can give them, as well as Shadow Tech Industries willing to provide equiptment, weapons and armour.

Sharp Fett and Rino Squad

Crow and Sharp met on the battlefield of Ryloth during the Republic's Invasion of the planet. they quickly formed a small alliance and Crow was given some ARF Trooper armour to wear for the main assault of the Separatists main position. Many months after, Crow soon began to think why he was still taking orders from Sharp since Crow had no official rank in the Grand Army of the Republic, but had gone to Kamino after the Ryloth Campaign and trained as an ARC Trooper and had customised his armour in a very unique way, then a misunderstanding involving Sharp and Crow cause them to temporarily split up and loose contact with each other, Crow ordered all communications with Rino Squad to end except for a good friend of Crow's, Captain Fireblast, soon after this they reformed their previous alliance and soon began going on many more campaigns together.

Shadow Tech Industries

Shadow Tech Industries was a weapons and armour manufacturing company founded and owned by Crow, he founded it just before the start of the Clone Wars in secret, and supplied prototype Armour and Weapons to the Republic along with other factions in the Galaxy, which included The Separatists, Pirates and various groups of Bounty Hunters. Before the Battle of Umbara occurred, a Clone Scout wearing Prototype Shadow Tech Armour and using a Prototype Shadow Tech Disruption Blaster Rifle was sent to the planets Surface Via a cloaked escape pod, he was tasked with finding the best possible landing zone for republic forces, he succeeded in his mission but came under heavy fire from B1 and B2 battle droids, he was mortally wounded and removed his armour and buried it, along with his weapon, and set off into the mist carrying a DC-15 blaster pistol and took down as many droids as possible, he managed to destroy 12 B2 battle droids and 34 B1 Battle droids, it took the combined efforts of 4 B3 Commando droids lead by a T-Series Tactical droid to kill him. Crow and the other Head's of Shadow Tech Industries spent 10 minutes mourning the Fallen Trooper and created a series of Hand-held Ion blasters and disrupters in the troopers honour. though the official designation of the trooper was never revealed, they dubbed him "The White Shadow" and built and named a Venator-Class Cruiser after him. Shadow Tech Industries also provided Weapons and Equipment to the Umbarans During the battle for Umbara, the Supply ship in orbit was owned by Shadow Tech and was there under orders from Crow himself.

Commissar Armor - Copy

The Experimental Phase II Clone armor which he stole from a Cloning facility on Kamino.

Crow had also built, or rebuilt, a large number of research facilities around the galaxy, some were built into asteroids, others were built in underground bunkers or Old or out-of-date Starships were retrofitted to take on the purpose of the facility, each facility was dedicated to researching a solution to nearly every problem modern technology faced, one was even dedicated to creating Clones at a much lower cost of Credits and DNA strands. He also has a number of facilities standing by to provide Dark Nebula and it's allies with anything they need.

Shadow Squad and The War in Haven.

During the War in the Temple, or The War in Haven as it is known to those who fought in it, Crow was in command of Shadow Squad, as group of elite Commandos, Bounty Hunters and Force users who were smart enough to agree to work together, They sought out high value targets and installations and destroyed them. During the War in Haven, Shadow Squad was responsible for securing and Holding the War Room and Officer's Club for Dark Nebula, which was at that time still Nova Corp, They were successful however, the War only lasted a Week and they stood down and allowed others to enter the room.

Wings of Iccarus

The Wings of Icarus. This was the Rebuilt memorial version of the Ship, it is currently in orbit over Dromund Kaas.

Though Shadow Squad no longer exists, at least, not the original one, Crow still has the Flagship which they used as a base of operations. This ship was The Wings of Icarus. It was a Ship outfitted with Triple Hulls, Reinforced Shields and had AT-TEs dotted around the Hull, with independent Shields, to provide it with Extra Fire power, these AT-TEs were provided with Stealth generators which allowed them to surprise the enemies they were facing. It was later rebuilt as a memorial to the Squad, but it's size and shape was much different to the original ship.

The Asylum.

A year after the Nova Wars, Crow encountered a place where the people who had been driven insane by the Horrors of the Wars which the Sith Empire had fought in. There were Millions of inmates, Crow attempted to infiltrate the facility to learn more about it and perhaps use it for his own ends, but the Artificial Intelligence which ran the Asylum discovered him and locked him in the deepest and darkest corner of the Asylum.

After several weeks Crow had figured out a way to escape, he used one of his Cybernetic implants which could be used as a Communications device to contact a small fleet of destroyers in the Ryloth system, the fleet used an experimental Drone weapon system named Project Headhunter to attack the Asylum, which was a massive space station on the edge of the unknown regions. With the Asylum's Shields disabled and Shock troopers boarding the station, Crow was rescued, and in a desperate attempt to kill Crow, the Station's Computer system activated a self-destruct and annihilated the station and it's 17 million other inmates. Crow was rescued and on the way to recovery, At the same time one of Crow's Scientific and Research teams had managed to successfully build and Test an Inter-galactic Hyperdrive.

When Crow was well enough, he ordered that half his fleet be out-fitted with these Hyperdrives and he sent them into the Void between Galaxies. When they encountered a new Galaxy, and upon encountering the first habitable planet, they established a colony and began construction on a huge Citadel which they could use as a base and a beach-head to conquer and claim the rest of the new galaxy.


"It is very easy to contemplate one's own demise, yet significantly more difficult to accept it."

-Crow to Darth Sidious.

After the Colony had been established and had reported back from the new Galaxy he took the remnants of Imperial Intelligence and other high ranking officers, as well as his Adopted Son and Biological Daughter, which had become part of his Powerbase, out of stasis, and sent them to the new Galaxy, which he had named Requiem. After they had arrived, Crow had the rest of his Fleet outfitted with the new Inter-galactic Hyperdrive and he sent them to Requiem. Crow then boarded his personal X-70B Phantom and headed for where he had hidden The Fortress of Elegance.

Crow had hidden the Elegance at the bottom of the Ocean about 150 Kilometres from the Equator on Manaan. To the few who witnessed an ancient ship design drop out of lightspeed in low Orbit and then plough into the Water it would have looks incredibly strange, even stranger to see an even older Harrower-Class Dreadnaught rise out of the water, looking good as new. As the Elegance climbed through the atmosphere, a Republic Patrol ship picked up a massive ship signal which appeared out of nowhere, quite literally. Due to the sleek and angular Hull-plating on the X-70b, it's signature was hidden from scanners, and was specially adapted to be hidden from republic ones. The captain of the ship ordered them to come about and investigate, as they got into viewing range they caught a glimpse of the Elegance before she suddenly jumped to light speed.

An hour after he'd set out, the Elegance ran into a Gravity well, which prevented her from jumping to Hyperspace. As he tried to figure out where it was being produced from he came under attack by a fleet of Ships which appeared to be made of organic matter and sections of other ships, Crow even recognised some. The Ancient, but still highly advanced and powerful, weapons of the Elegance tore the ships to shreds, her Reaper-Class Beam Weapons cutting them in half and then quartering them, but the onslaught was not enough, more and more kept appearing. Crow began tracing the gravity to find the source of the Well. He located it coming from an object roughly one Parsec away.

Crow activated the Engines and headed directly towards the object, ploughing through ships as he went, fortunately, due to the immensely powerful shields of the Elegance, she wouldn't get a scratch. The object was, at first glance, an asteroid, with a large metal tower Protruding from the top, but as he got closer and started to make out more details, the sections which he had mistaken for Rock, we in fact more of the Organic matter the ships were made of. Since more ships had began to show up and his shields began to drop just below 60%, he focused the Beam Weapons and Turbo-Ion Cannon Hybrid Cannons onto the object and fired. The beams diced the station up into chunks and the volleys from the Cannons completely obliterated them.

With the Gravity Well gone, he could jump to light speed, but with some 35 ships with an unknown type of Hyperdrive bombarding his shields, he made a decision. Shortly after, one of the X-70b Phantoms flew out of the underside hanger and began firing it's torpedoes at some of the organic ships, then the guns of the Elegance fell silent, he knew it was a long shot but he had his fingers crossed. After what felt like an age, all of the organic ships turned and began pursuing the Phantom. As the distance between the Elegance and the Ships grew, SCORPIO activated the Hyperdrive and the ship surged into Hyperspace.

The Phantom was agile and capable of dodging the majority of fire from the pursuing ships, but her shields weren't as powerful as the Elegance's, it only took a few direct hits to temporarily disable them, and fewer still to get through her Hull-Plating. After one well-placed hit, the hyperdrive exploded, sending out a massive shock wave, catching all of the pursuers and destroying them, the plan had worked, but at what cost?

Republic Search parties, which had picked up the brief distress call the Organic Station had sent, looked through the wreckage for days, but couldn't find Crow, the only thing which they found was the burnt, half destroyed bow section of an X-70B Phantom, which they believe to be his. After another week, they called off the search and officially announced that he was listed as Dead...

A New Empire, a New Beginning

- To be written.

"You discern a fraction of reality. Beyond these starts exists other Galaxies, other worlds, other beings. I will experience or ignore them as i wish. I will spend eternity becoming everything; a farmer, an artist, a simple man. When the last living thing in the universe finally dies, i will enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to begin again."

-Crow addressing the Heros of the Republic before he left them to die.


Crow Shadowhawk (1)

Crow in his usual uniform just prior to his departure from Dark Nebula. Phrik Darksaber at his belt and wearing his favourite Coat and Hat.

"Walk softly....But carry a Big Gun!

-Crow Shadowhawk to Captain Rex

Crow carried a massive amount of weapons and equipment....most notable of these were an EE-3 blaster rifle and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. He also carried a Shadow Tech blaster rifle and a Mandalorian blaster he took off the body of "The Cold Warrior" on Carlac, even though Crow had designed the Mandalorian's custom Cold-weather armour. He also occasionally wields a War-scythe awarded to him by The Sith Emperor before he disappeared. When he is seen entering battle he wears various different types of armour. Normally while aboard his ship or not in combat he wears a black hat, Correllian-made brown trousers, a Wrooian Nobleman's Cloak and a brown boot on his left foot. He had lost his right leg from the shin down in a space battle during the Clone Wars and stored his severed leg in the Science wing of the Korriban Academy....he still visits, when he has the time. During his time with the Sith Empire, he wore a Purple Imperial Officer's Jacket, Trousers and Boots, Xenotech Bracers and Gloves and a Prototype Variant of the RD-06B Eliminator's Helmet, all were Purple to signify his Role within Imperial Intelligence. He also carried a fabled Sniper Rifle, named after it's Long Rang Capabilities, it was called the 10 Kilometre Killer, he also used an X-52 Wraith Infiltrator and a heavily Modified M-500 Nova Disintegrator. He carried a lightsaber he built while on Korriban which was based off of the Dark Saber and uses similar focusing and colour crystals. Also, when ever he sees someone who bares the Title "Dark Lord" he always feels a great Sadness towards his former Master, The Sith Emperor, as he was the Leader of the Sith Order....and so only he may Bare the title of Dark Lord.

Personal Traits

Crow is an expert strategist and has had centuries devising more strategies and putting them to use in small skirmishes with small pirate fleets and one or two Republic Attack Cruisers. He was once described as "Charismatic" and was many times referred as "an Intellectual Genius" although he never talks of his past or what he has seen of the future. When he was with the Sith Emperor, The Emperor permitted that Crow be given one of the Dark Rituals so as to prolong his life to lengths even Lords of the Sith would deem un-natural, he then lengthened his life even further through the use of Experimental Cybernetics which he has been able to perfect over the course of his long life. He can endure a lot of pain and punishment without surrendering, He may also use the Experimental disguise system being tested by Shadow Tech Industries, this allows him to change his genetic physiology and in turn change his face so that he may disguise himself to blend in with his surroundings and with crowds of people.


Crow Shadowhawk was a Character in popular MMO Clone Wars Adventures and popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Although Crow has had a lot of fun in CWA and made a lot of friends who he will remember for many years, he is thinking about leaving and is already taking time off of the game for personal reasons.

Crow has now rejoined with Xalandra Nova after General Kessler's apparent victory over Dark Nebula (Story will be added soon). The new squad is Nebula Corp and is about to enter an active recruitment stage, however due to the last roster, recruitment will be thorough.

Crow is also a part of the Legends of CWA blog, found on the wiki, however he resents this opinion/theory and rejects it outright.