Clone Commandos


Early life/Training

In 32 BBY RC-2224 was born in a vat on kamino like the rest of his clone brothers. RC-2224 was trained as a republic commando a special group of specialy trained clones who showed more promise to become the republic's elite soldiers. in 28 bby RC-2224 chose the nickname coyle and hence RC-2224 was called coyle for the rest of lis life. Coyle was trained in sharpshooting and demolitions unlike the other squads he could do many of his other squad members jobs including sliceing leading and explosives training. he could use just about any weapon but prefered a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon a weapon whos barrel rotated armed with six barrels this chain gun could create havoc when in the hands of a commando or specifically coyle. like some of the other squads he was trained by mandalorian training sergeant kal skirat

First Battle of Genosis

Years passed by and it seemed that the clone army would never ever see action but finally when jedi obi wan kenobi and his padawan anakin skywalker and senator padme amidala were captured by the confederacy of indipendidnt systems ( C.I.S) and the sepratists the young clones were forced to fight for the republic to rescue them on geonosis. for aclone like coyle this was action this is what they were meant to do. after landing on geonosis many of his squad members were picked off by battle droid snipers and drones he was the only one left of his squad. grabbing a z-6 from a fallen clone trooper the battle droids were no match for a very upset and angry coyle. finally after a long and bloody 4 hours on geonosis gunships landed a very fatigued coyle steped inside one and almost left the planet. after watching out the open door of the gunship a ship went down coyle leaned out the window grabbed a dc-15 from a nearby clone and jumped out the door. there was only one survivor of the crash a very frail jedi padawan named etain ,coyle did not yet realize he had just met his future wife one long hour a gunship landed the battle was over but the war had just begun.

Into the Clone Wars

Three months after geonosis coyle and his newly assigned squad were shipped to ryloth to help get rid of the droid forces that had just landed planet side. his four man commando squad was sent there to train the twi leks in the art of combat and deliver more weapons to the freedom fighters. 2 hard sweaty weeks later of training and fighing the twileks captured lessu with the help of mace windu and the commmandos who sadly didnt make an apperance in the episode but were there. he had joined up with the night hawks squad then left becasue the leader left and joined up with beta squad which he is currently in today.

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