Hello Comrades, I am Counselor Dobrashin


I was born on Taris in the wake of the Sith destruction. My family and I lived simple lives farming; my father raised simian tach, creating Tarisian ale from their head glands and grew kelp out on Taris’s vast ocean beds. We were poor but still, we were happy, that is until one night, during the kelp harvest, my parents were ambushed by Rakghouls, I never saw them again. Being orphaned on a dying planet should have been a death sentence for a young boy, but luckily a tribe of Cathar settlers took me in and taught me their ways. The Cathar taught me how to use a blaster and how to move though the under city with ease. When the Sith returned to do battle with our war torn world again, my Cathar brothers allied with the Republic, so I joined the fight as well. During the war a Republic Commander took notice of me, he put me in command of several guerilla units formed by alien refugees from the Under City. Many soldiers under my command lost their lives, none of my soldiers had combat experience, most having been simple farmers, miners, and some even criminals before the war, but despite suffering large casualties my units were still able to push the Empire back. After six years of fighting we had finally achieved victory and I was asked to join the Republic Command as a Counselor. I didn’t agree at first, not sure if I could abandon by wounded home world and Cathar brothers. But after deep thought, I realized the only way I could help my planet and people was to defend it with a blaster. So I became a true Comrade of the Republic and became a Counselor.

I am here to help out all the recruits! So if you ever have questions or concerns please let me know so I can help you achieve both Victory and Honor.

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