Connor Acre
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Rylothplanet Ryloth


40 BBY, Ryloth



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A pirate lives for fortune, a Jedi lives for peace, a Sith lives for power, and I live for a challenge because if life has no challenge it becomes a blurred hallway.'
-Connor Acre

Connor Acre was a Human male Mandalorian warrior and mercenary who lived during the Clone War and the Galactic Civil War.

== Early life


Connor was born on the planet of Ryloth in 40 BBY. His father John Acre Had taught Connor many skills including to hunt and to use technology such as speeders at the age of eight. at the age of nine Connor was playing the back yard of their ranch when he heard speeders approaching. He peered around the corner to find four speeders parked at the entrance. He decided to take a look at the speeders. one had a brown camoflauge same in color to the ground. multiple blaster shots went off inside the house. Fearing the worst he jumped on the speeder and sped off away from the house and hid in bushes. 3 days later Connor would return home but the speeders were gone. Connor Entered the house cautiously. There were no bodies when Connor entered only eeire silence. He entered his parents bedroom looking for a clue anything to indicate that they had survived. A large chest had caught Connor's attention. Connor searched the chest only a black and red armor. he removed this armor and found a holocom. It's recorded message chilled Connor to his bones. A blue man similar to his father appeared on the small disk. "My son if you are hearing this then I am no doubt dead. I thought you should hear the truth. I am a Mandalorian who fought in a conflict known as the Mandalorian Civil War. I used this armor set in the war while I served undered a great leader, Jaster Mereel. I want you to go to the Mandalore system; There you will be safe. When you reach Mandalore search for a man called Narek Ordo. In this chest is enought credits to get you there but becarful there are many who wanted me dead and if they find out you are still alive they will come after you. I wish you the best of luck. Goodbye my son."

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