Fury earned his rank commander from being in the death watch, Fury is a clone but 10 years before the beginning of the clone wars he was kidnapped bye Death Watch soldiers who broke into the cloning facility in Kamino, around the ages 12 - 18 Fury proved that he is a good death watch soldier, his father (or atleast the death watch general that raised and named him) was very proud of him , until at the age of 19 a soldier told him why he was with them and not the republic's grand army, he told him he was kidnapped from the cloning facility, Fury was furious he was mad because his father told him that the kaminoans were trying to kill him and he rescued him, Fury began to open fire on all the death watch soldiers , commanders, and generals, his father was shocked to see what he was doing... he said , "No..son im your father you dont need to do this..", his father secretly pressed a button on his arm controls and called more death watch to kill him, Fury blasted of with his rocket jetpack and the death watch flew after him. Now the death watch are out to kill him. Fury escaped and got a starfighter and began to fly to corusant but he ran out of fuel and crash landed on Ryloth instead. At that time there were clones fighting battle droids and a clone general found Fury and pointed his blaster pistol at him, for he thought he was a deserter. The General said , "Freeze Deserter!"

Fury right away replied, "No no stop im not a deserter I was kidnapped at the traning facility bye the Death Watch and was raised bye them!!!" The general turned him in and the kaminoans did find a file that said missing clone. Fury was then sent to talk before the jedi temple. The jedi let him join the republic. Fury didnt need to be trained because he had already been trained for years bye the Death Watch.

Clone General pointing blaster pistol at Fury


Death Watch troops flying after Fury


Fury right away made friends with Waxer, together they fought at the battle for Umbara. When Waxer died Fury bent down and cried. He said , "I wont forget you brother"

Fury almost didnt survive when they were ordered to arrest general krell luckily Fury only sprained his elbow and his leg when he was knocked into big tree.


Biograhpical information

Homeworld: Kamino Born: 50 bby

Physical description

Species: Human (Clone) Gender: Male Height :1.83 meters Mass: 80kg hair color: black eye color: brown

Chronological and political information

Era(s): ■Clone Wars ■Rise of the Empire era ■Last of the Jedi ■Rebellion era

Affiliation: Galactic Republic

            Galactic Army of the Republic
                The Resistance
                The Rebel Alliance
                The New Republic

Allies: Waxer Anakin Skywalker , Ahsoka Tano, Obi-wan Kenobi,Artavious Batiatus, rest of his Clone Brothers

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