"Do whats right and you'll get the job done." -Commander Spike

Commander Spike was a Jedi Padawan during the Clone wars. He is also a Beta Tester in Clone Wars Adventures. If you see Commander Spike In-game please say


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CWA Achievements:

  • Had Emissary Event come to his "Elite Base" House on June 8 2012. And got a D-OT Code
  • Has Many titles Including "Jedi Ace", "Hero of Umbara", and more.
  • Commander Spike is a Beta Tester and has B3-T4.
  • Has the Rarest Lightsaber in the game "Kyle Katarn's Saber."
  • Has the Rare Spring Fever weapon.
  • Has most of the Trophies in the game Including all of the Starfighter ones.
  • Has a Republic Defender Trophy box, got it by winning a tournament and got 8th place.