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             "Hold Together my fellow Players for Judgment Day is almost here to Claim us all and in Darkness this Game shall be ever more..."

                                                     -Commander Shox to Memories of CWA


Commander Shox was a Clone Commander, Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian Leader, Pirate and a Gambler In the World of Clone Wars Adventures.
Shox profile

Commander Shox's profile.

He first came to be in The Fall of 2010 and since then has been a reoccuring Character that has not once ever changed his name. Over such a long course of time Commander Shox has met and said farwell to many friends and fellow comrades.

Commander Shox was the Original Leader and Founder of "Wolf Squadron ", Commander Shox also was the shared Leader with "Philippe Fett " of "The Legends " in the world of Clone Wars Adventures. When Commander Shox heard the Game was ending in March 31st 2014 he joined the Squad "Memories of CWA " as a General to the very end of the Game.

The Commander was also a great builder and constructed Lots and Homes such as "Calm Commander's Cantina" "Awsome Commanders Base" and "Ancient Droid Base" His "Wild Forest Fort" used to be quite popular but was overtaken when Commander Shox Decided to Construct his "Majestic Naval Base"
Commander Shox Profile 2

Commander Shox's Top Score at Stunt Gungan.

Commander Shox enjoyed the many mini games on offer but his favourites included "Mini Games" were Republic Deffender, Galactic Forces and his most favourite Card Commander. His favourite Combat zone was also Umbara and ejoyed helping others complete their "Combat" Missions. Commander Shox was also a Stunt Gungan Champion Several Times.

Commander Shox had another profile called "Merek Gunslinger " and a younger Brother who played on a profile called "Jango Pitman "

(Commander Shox also has a YouTube Channel called "Commander Shox") Be sure to check it out!

You could often find the Commander hanging around The Main Hall and Shops areas of the Jedi Temple.

Commander Shox's Life

Kamino Training

Commander Shox Character 60

CC-1995 "Commander Shox" Training on Kamino.

CC-1995 or as he became most commonly known as later "Shox" was Born on Kamino just like any other Clone Unit around 32 BBY. He recieved Arc Trooper training as a part of his programme alongside CC-1993 "Commander Jet" his older brother who was also chosen to be a Clone Commander. CC-1995 just like all other Clone Units endured hard training, he had magnificent Skills and Showed great Potential and inspired his fellow class members including "Commander Calins1Warrior " who in return also Inspired him. CC-1995 once had a training lesson which was overseen by The Clone Host himself "Jango Fett" and what an Honour it was to see him, Jango spoke briefly of times when he faced great perils and when all hope was nearly lost. This inspired CC-1995 and he could tell just by looking at The Infamous Jango Fett that he was one Experinced Warrior, after all Jango was once a Mandalore.

After many Years of hard Training CC-1995 finally came to his final Simulation test where he would finally be given the title of "Commander" CC-1995 was pleased with himself as this was his second time at the test. His older brother CC-1993 later known as "Commander Jet" also earned the title of Commander, The two Commanders were good friends always looking out for each-other when Training. But CC-1993 and CC-1995 were to part ways for good, In Fact they never actually saw eachother again.

The First Battle of Geonosis

CC-1995 " Commander Shox" was one of the many Clone Commanders to arrive in 22 BBY on the Planet of Geonosis. His first battle was nothing like the Simulation back home on Kamino, Death and Destruction ruled the great open desert plains with only the screeching sounds of gun-fire to be heard. The Heat was so Intense compared with Kamino and this was the first time CC-1995 had experinced Space Travel let alone another Planet. CC-1995 couldn't complain much though, he didn't have it as bad as most of the other Clone Forces on the Planet, CC-1995 and his Squad "Wolf Squadron " led by Jedi General Merek otherwise known as "Merek Gunslinger " were to Maintain a previously captured Outpost which was previously overtaken by a Clone Commando Squad. Some of the Squads Troopers Include "Carbon ", Dirk Infrajammer", Olle Primhero", "Galen Primhero", "Raymasirio", "David", "Edison Shadow" and "Tiger Assasain ". CC-1995 governed his Troopers to take up deffensive positions around the Previously Captured Outpost,
Geonosis Trooper

Troopers fighting Against the Geonosians.

He and his Squad were attacked by a small force of Geonosians or as CC-1995 liked to call them "Flying Bugs" they were repelled of by Wolf Squadron and after that one Attack the Outpost was never attacked again. The war on Geonosis was drawing to a close, The Separatists were in a Full Retreat.
Commander Shox Character 112

Commander Shox Phase 1 Armour at The Outpost on Geonosis.

CC-1995 duties however were not over yet, He and his Squadron were to fly to the nearest grounded destroyed Trade Federation Starship to recover the Same Clone Commando Squad that captured the Outpost Wolf Squadron were deffending. The Commandos slowly came out of the red emerging Dust that had been brought up into the hot dry air by the destruction of the Gigantic Trade Federation Ship, to be greeted by CC-1995 and His squadron who were waiting in a Republic Gunship. Out of that destruction CC-1995 and his Men were Surprised to see none of the Commandos hurt at all " Clearly they did their Job well"

Finaly, The battle was over but the Clone War had just begun.

The First Battle Of Kamino

Wolf Squadron Troopers preparing for Assault

Wolf Squadron Troopers Prepare for The Assault.

After Many wars and fire fights CC-1995 " Commander Shox" and all his other brothers Home Wolrd "Kamino" came under attack by Separatist Reinforcements in 22.5 BBY. CC-1995 and his Wolf Squadron Were quickly Dispatched to aid the Kaminoens and Fellow Clone Troopers deffend the World and it's Cloneing Facilities, CC-1995 along with his troopers and Jedi general "Master Merek" and CC-1995's Most trusted Trooper known as "Carbon" were caught up in many fire fights.

Commander Shox Character 79

Commander Shox in His Common Arc Trooper Phase I Gear Fighting alongside Jedi Master Merek Gunslinger.

CC-1995  and Jedi general Master Merek got split up from the rest of Squad from falling Debreu due to an explosion from above the facility. They were Both Trapped within a small Research Facility and called for back up. They got a response that Gunships were not safe to enter the area, which meant there were Droid Units all about. CC-1995 and Master Merek soon found out for themselves as the Droids were trying to break through Cutting through and destroying the very debeu that trapped them in the first place. Hope was being lost fast.
Commander Shox Character 48

Commander Shox Phase I Without Helmet.

The Debreu soon cleared and as quick as lightspeed Droid Units were entering, CC-1995 and his General were in a full on fire fight with lasers dancing everywhere and to top it all off the droids had the upper hand. but not for long. CC-1995 was a quick thinker and he noticed that the doorway which exploded and cut them off from the rest of the squad was now slowy rising with cold chilling water. He told his Jedi General to get some high ground and then threw a EMP grenade near the Entrance emiting and Sending a wave of Electric energy which was conducted by the water shutting down all in-comming droid units. General Merek was Impressed with CC-1995's quick thinking and from there on CC-1995 came to be known as Shox or "Commander Shox" The two were now safe and waited to be rescued out of the facility to be reunited with the rest of Wolf Squadron.

The Battle of Ryloth

The Clone war had now spread to the planet Ryloth home to the Twi'lek Race bringing with it Death, Destruction and Crys of War. In 22.20 BBY Commander Shox "CC-1995" along with Jedi General Merek and Wolf Squadron were sent to ryloth to aid General and Jedi Master "Obi Wan Kenobi" and The 7th Sky Corps. Commander Shox and his Squadron were stationed a remote small village surrouneded by Woodland commonly known as the "Wild Forest Fort" which would become Wolf Squadron's Head Quarters for some brief time. 

Commander Shox and Wolf Squadron were told not to interact with the local villagers but to just do their jobs and stay on guard as the base was of high importance due to the fact that Supplies were stationed there for The Republics Troops. Commander Shox had some fine men Stationed with him, all of them would talk to the local Villagers and were told of Strange Creatures lurking in the Woods at night. Commander Shox met a local who went by the name of "Rick Clawspeed" who was not a Twi'lek at all but he was human and a construction worker in the local area, Commander Shox and Rick Clawspeed got along well but didn't always agree upon everything but they were good friends. 
Ryloth shox fight 4

Commander Shox and Trooper Carbon Pinned down.

Eventually, The base was attacked By Droid Forces and Commander Shox and his Squad were pushed into a full on fire fight. Commander Shox and his fellow Troopers faught bravely against the opossing forces. Commander Shox admired General Merek's Skills that day it was because of him they all survived. Their losses were great though, they lost many local villagers and some of Shox's own men. "Tiger Assasain" was missing in action and "David" was in fact a traiter to the squad, for it was him who told the Cold Blooded Killer and Separatist leader "Wat Tambor" about the Base.

Commander Shox Character 51

Commander Shox in The Forest outside The "Wild Forest Fort"

David told Commander Shox that he did it because there was more to being a soilder and that you could pick your own life. Commander Shox thought greatly on this. Eventually Jedi Master and General Merek was called back to the High Jedi Council and left taking David with him. Commander Shox and the remaining Men were left to stay and guard behind. Eventually, The Jedi Master and General "Mace Windu" and the 91st Recon Corps arrived and came to aid in the battles ahead. Commander Shox who remained on guard with the rest of his now Broken "Wolf Squadron" saw no more action on Ryloth, and in Shox's spare time would play a game known as "Card Commander" with his Troops and local villagers untill "Olle Primhero" came and told the news that the Separatist Leader "Wat Tombor" had been captured. All around the base The Clones and Villagers were pleased and their hearts filled with great joy and songs could be heard all around. Commander Shox's mission was complete.

The Capture on Mustafar

Commander Shox Character 57

Commander Shox Phase II Without Helmet.

It was now 21 BBY and things started to change, Shox who started off as a Bald Clone now had a head full of hair. "Commander Shox" along with the rest of "Wolf Squadron" were gearing up in their new Phase II Clone Battle Armour. Shox no longer had his old Arc Trooper Gear but was now Clad in a Standard Clone Commander Armour how ever he still had the Arc Trooper Torso. The Troopers actually had the same Helmet has their Commander but still had the same body gear.
Wolf Squadron Troopers Phase II

Some ofWolf Squadron Phase II Troopers and New Troopers.

Along with some new gear, Wolf Squadron had lost some Troops in its time and now some new Shiny's were to Join the Squad. They had nothing but their Numbers although Some of them would later make up names for themselves, such as "Trigger Happy" and "Scratch". The new Troopers were welcomed to the Squad. Commander Shox also got to previously meet the Squad's newest companion a Gnarl called "Catcher" who was Merek's Pet.

Shox with Merek

Commander Shox in his Phase II Armour and General Merek Gunslinger.

Wolf Squadron were given a Mission to capture a Separatist War Leader "Tam Marock" who had gone into hiding from the republic and created a Small Droid Facility on the planet "Mustafar". The reports of this actually came to the Republic Intelligence from the very people who live and work nearby the hiding, Cunning Scum, clearly they didn't want him on the planet and had no love for the Separatists.

Wolf Squadron eventually, Arrived outside the Planet Mustafar. The General "Merek Gunslinger" and Shox himself did not actually go down to the ground. Commander Shox put "Olle Primhero" in charge of the Mission. Olle took the rest of the squad including the new recruits with him and Proved Sucessful, Tam Marock was brought back to the Republic Cruiser and was then taken to Coruscant to serve the rest of his days In Republic Prison for his War Crimes. Shox saw that Merek was Impressed with Olle Primhero's Sucess.

The Battle of Umbara 

Shox on droid ship

Commander Shox & Wolf Squadron Fighting against the Droids in the Hanger.

 After such a long time of fighting in the cold killing Clone Wars The battle of Umbara in 21 BBY would be the last battle for Commander Shox "CC-1995" who were sent to Umbara to Take down a Separatists Cruiser. Wolf Squadron had a lot of different Troopers now most had been killed or missing. He and his Jedi General "Merek" and his Troopers Carbon, Olle Primhero and 

"Galen Primhero" and the rest of his men Landed in two Republic Gunships straight into the hanger of the Separatists Cruiser, They were Immediately met with Gun Fire. Commander Shox had faced against Droid forces before but he had never seen Umbarans and he thought they were a rather strange looking Race and quite stupid, Eventually Wolf Squadron made their way to the Core of this Cruiser and destroyed it leaving only a brief ammount of time to escape. Commander Shox and his squad eventually made their way to their docked Gunships and escaped.

Commander Shox and his squad were called down to the planet to aid Jedi 

Commander Shox Character 53

Commander Shox Meets Captain Rex.

Knight and General "Anakin Skywalker" and the 50st Legion. Shox and his Squadron were to aid The famous Jedi General and take out Umbaran outposts. Commander Shox never really thought to greatly of Anakin Skywalker, He thought the famous Jedi was overated, Stupid and quick to jump into action that may result in death. Shox did however became quick friends with fellow officer Captain Rex "CT-7567" who he had never met before they would talk at times and Captain Rex told Commander Shox of the time he met a farmer on felucia who was once a Clone Trooper who had chosen his own life. Commander Shox thought greatly on this and it reminded him of the time when "David" the Clone who betrayed him and his squad for freedom.

Shox patrols Umbara

Commander Shox Patrolling on Umbara.

Commander Shox begun to think greatly about the words "David" gave him about having a choice in life, He then Then told his most trusted Trooper in Wolf Squadron "Carbon" what David and rex had told him. Carbon did not think greatly of this at first but soon warmed to the idea and the two soon settled on an idea to leave the Clone Army. No Clone could just leave the Clone Army, Shox knew that and was thinking on a plan. Commander Shox finely decided he was going to leave the republic that day and Carbon was going to follow him, The two stole an old rusty cargo ship that had been docked and downed their while the war was ongoing and left the war filled Planet.

Life on Coruscant

Commander Shox "CC-1995" along with "Carbon" eventually came to the planet Coruscant in the year of 21 BBY which would be an ideal 

place for work. The two knew that if they were found they would face Prison or even execution for their war crime, so they came to Coruscant's Under-world. Commander Shox had plans on becomming a Bounty Hunter but needed Money first, Shox got a job in a Local Diner/Cantina called the "Calm Commander's Cantina" Shox working behind the bar for a Dug named "Chuu Twin". Chuu Twin had owned the place for a long time, It belonged to his father and his father's father and so on.
Commander Shox Character 59

Commander Shox Working in The Calm Commander's Cantina.

Commander Shox would often spend his hard earned Republic Credits betting and playing the well known game of "Card Commander" Shox knew the rules very well and had often played the game in his spare time when he was with "Wolf Squadron" The rules of the game were very simple "Red beats Green, Green beats Blue, Bluebeats Red" The game relied on luck and Commander Shox would buy top Cards to play with but this only increased his luck. Shox would often play this game with Coruscant's underworld Big Players, although Commander Shox would win he would also lose too. Shox was no longer a Commander but the locals would call him Commander Shox, and Shox himself took to it as his full name he didn't mind it as long as he would not be called by his Clone Didgits "CC-1995" again.

Eventually Shox got himself enough Republic Credits to quit his Job at the Calm Commander's Cantina. He also won an old "Mandalorian Dungeon Ship" which he called "The Pearl" from a game of Card Commander along with some armour. Commander Shox was to going to have a try and have a shot at being a bounty hunter. Carbon also had the same ambition and the two set out to become bounty hunters.

Becomming A Bounty Hunter 

With a new ship and perfect armour for the job, Commander Shox Took to Hunting down Posted Bountys, Dead or Alive around the Galaxy. He sometimes often work with "Carbon" who was also now an established bounty hunter in the year of. There was nothing ever too strange or far fetched about Commander Shox's missions.

Commander Shox Character 45

Commander Shox in His Bounty Hunter Armour. He won the Armour in a game of Card Commander.

Commander Shox became friends with Local Doctor by the name of "Slim Peed" a Muttani who specialised in Plastic Surgery. Slim Peed has quite a few enemies and had posted prices on their heads for Commander Shox to Claim. Commander Shox and Slim Peed were good friends but Shox hated the bad putrid stinking odur he would often give off.

Commander Shox Character 46

Commander Shox in His bounty Hunter Gear without His helmet.

One time Commander Shox had to deffend his old Boss "Chuu Twin" from a bounty hunter attack. Chuu Twin had a low Bounty posted upon his head and Instead of claiming it, Shox would help him. The Dug had ot been paying his protection racket money to a local Gang known as the "Watchers" Commander Shox didn't know to much about them only that they were street thugs, he soon however found out their Leader known as "Hillrad" a Rodian who had a price on his own head. Commander Shox hunted down and Killed The Rodian Scum and claimed the Reward of 7000 Republic Credits, Chuu Twin was now a free Dug.

The Planet Mandalore

Commander Shox arrived at Mandalore to Hunt down a bounty he had been tracking on a Cargo Ship from Coruscant. The Bounty's name was "Javies Drort" A Human. Commander Shox landed his old Mandalorian Dungeon Ship "The Pearl" and set off to find him but Shox didn't know he was being watched. Shox soon tracked the scum into an old Speeder, Manufacturing warehouse only to be greeted by the scums bosses, The Death Watch. Commander Shox didn't know much about the Death Watch he had only heard of their name and where they were from and that was it. Commander Shox quickly came into a fire fight with the group and amanged to shoot one of them cold dead before being shot himself in his Left Arm. 

Commander Shox Character 62

Commander Shox in his Red Manadlorian Armour Given By Philippe Mustafar.

Lictor-class Heavy Frigate

Commander Shox's Mandalorian Dungeon Ship "The Pearl"

Shox was not lost that day but was saved by a group of true Mandalorians who blasted the Death watch and Javies Drort. The Mandalorians were Impressed with Commander Shox, their Captain "RocketFett " noted to him that no ordinary bounty hunter could defeat those trained in such an art. They spoke of his old ship and his helmet, But the Commander removed his helmet and showed them his face. To their surprise Shox's face was that of a clones. He told them everything. The Mandalorians were so impressed they Took Commander Shox to see their Leader.

Commander Shox evetnually arrived at an old Docking Bay that was now used as the Home to these True Mandalorians. Shox was then taken to meet their leader. He met a Mandalorian named "Philippe Mustsafar" and he told Shox how impressed he was, He told him the name of the Group was "The Legends" and that they fought against The Death Watch and were also part time Bounty Hunters. Shox was rather impressed himself especially when they offered him a place in their Squad, Shox became a Commander of the Squad and given new Armour. Shox would soon quickly work up through the Ranks.

The Second Battle of Umbara

Commander Shox would soon return back to the very Planet he left The Clone Army on, "Umbara" Commander Shox had proved himself to
Commander Shox Character 63

Commander Shox in his New Mandalorian Armour.

"Philippe Mustafar" many times and was Given new Armour and The Rank of "Leader" In the Year 20 BBY Which he shared with Philippe. But the two along with the Mandalorian Squad "The Legends" were to set out to Umbara to Kill a Space Pirate and Crime Lord named "Captain Dheeb" who was Trandoshan and so was his Gang of Armed Thugs who followed him.

Shox was also Introduced to Philippe's Brother "Charles" who was also a Mandalorian Warrior, the two got along well and became good friends. The Mandalorian Group Landed on the Planet of Umbara and traveled through the Dark Rancor infested Junglle. Eventually Charles noticed a small Compound crawling with trandoshans, Shox and Philippe knew this was Captain Dheeb's Settlement. 

Philippe Fett 5

Philippe Mustafar Facing Captain Dheeb.

The Mandalorian Group open fired upon The Trandosian scum and worked their way through the Compound, they found Captain Dheeb. 

Commander Shox Character 64

Commander Shox in his New Armour on a Speeder Bike in Pursuit of Captain Deeb.

The scum was quick and got onto his "Speeder Bike" and escaped. But Shox was a fast thinker and Stole one of the other parked Speeders and went straight after Dheeb. Fast and Agile Shox Dodged Plants and Objects that blocked his path and he soon came in full range of Dheeb's Speeder and open fired upon him. Dheeb Crashed and a great explosion followed him. Shox checked to see if he was dead. He was.

The Mandalorian group had suceeded in the mission and were Pleased with Shox's Work. For Shox the Mission just brought back unwanted memories of being in "Wolf Squadron"

Return to Coruscant 

"Commander Shox" was given an assighment to Eliminate a known "Death Watch" Warrior by the name of "Cleet Cluv" who was hiding within Coruscant. Commander Shox found the scum hiding in an upper city Cantina, Shox quickly blasted him but caught some attention himself, as he was sitting down and took his helmet off to have a well earned drink some "Coruscant Guards" who were Clones Came in. They Noticed that he was clone and thought Shox to be a clone who had left the Army, and they were right. Shox didn't want to kill them and if he did that might have made things worse, Shox ran out of the cantina being followed by the Clone Guards.
Commander Shox Character 66

Commander Shox after Surgery.

Commander Shox Character 67

Commander Shox looking for Death Warrior "Cleet Clov" in a Cantina.

Shox needed a place to quickly lie low for a bit untill the heat had cleared off, So he made his way to Coruscant's under-world. He met with his old Friend "Carbon" and "Chuu Twin" Shox told them about his whole situation. Shox then came up with an idea and went to one of his Clients when he was a bounty hunter. Shox went to meet with "Slim Peed" who was a Doctor "Plastic Surgen" Commander Shox and Carbon both agreed with the Doctor to have a face change.After Surgery Commander Shox and Carbon had to rest for a while.

Once they were done resting they were both shown their new faces in a small mirror. Commander Shox noticed the great change and did not regret under-going the surgery. Shox thought that surely now he would not be mistaken for some Clone, Shox and Carbon both exited the place and Commander Shox then left Coruscant to head back to Mandalore to Philippe and the rest of "The Legends" to report on his mission on Corsccant.

War on Carlac

Commander Shox Character 65

Commander Shox without Helmet "hair Grown longer"

Commander Shox and "Philippe Mustafar" along with their Squad the Legends traced Groups of "Death Watch" to The Planet Carlac. Philippe and the rest of the group had gotten use to Commander Shox's new face, Philippe once thought it was strange for Shox to change considering he looked like and had the exact same face as The Mandlorian Legend "Jango Fett" but he also understood Commander Shox's Reasons. The Legends were to set off to the Planet Carlac, but a scout for the group had told them that The Republic had also gone to Carlac "Apprantly looking for a downed Separatists Cruiser" Shox didn't mind, as long as they kept out of the Republics way.
Commander Shox Character 73

Commander Shox Encounters Villager Elder "Treece Oner"

Slowly, The Legends made their way down to the ground on Shox's Ship "The Pearl" they had to take it easy, they didn't want the Republic to pick up their Signal. Freezing, Tired and stiff the Team of Mandalorians moved out of their ship to try and locate the Death Watch Forces. Commander Shox was first to notice that the downed Separatists Cruiser was near them and quickly the Team incountered a Patrol of "Battle Droids", It had been a while since Shox had experinced combat with these Machines of war.

The Legends eventually made their way to an old Village located not far from the Downed Cruiser, "Arcode Waveblast " a General of The Legends was first to notice that the villagers were scared of The Mandalorians. Commander Shox noticed one of them tremble before him as he tried to speak to them. Eventually the villagers got the idea that they were not there to harm them, and their reason for being so scared were that the Death Watch had taken up residents locally. They told of how the Death Watch would raid the village and take what ever supplies they wanted and even take their women. Philippe told the villagers that we were there to Destroy the Death Watch Clan, One of the villager elders who went by the name of "Treece Oner" agreed to take The Legends to them.

Commander Shox Character 68

Commander Shox slaying Death Watch.

Eventually, Commander Shox along with the Squad had made their way to Death Watch's hideout, an already abandoned village. There was a Camp Fires roaring with Twirling flames and Death Watch on look out. The Death Watch didn't know that The Mandalorian group were there, but knew the republic had entered Carlac and didn't want to be found so easily. Treece Oner had agreed to enter their village to bring them all out to make it more of an easier job to kill them all for The Legends. Commander Shox and his the rest of his Team Slayed all of the death watch as quick as they possibly could, some tried to escape but this only resulted in death. Shox and Philippe Rescued the female captives out of the place.

Just as the Mandalorian group were about to leave they heard marching and quickly hid, A squad of clones were comming their way. Commander Shox noticed a Jedi Amongst them, he looked like "Merek Gunslinger" his former Jedi General in "Wolf Squadron", and it was. Shox didn't notice the Clone troopers but amongst them were in fact "Olle Primhero" and "Galen Primhero" Shox watched as Merek Approached Treece Oner, He asked what had happend. The Villager told him that they had everything under control with the death watch and even told him the location of the downed Separatist Cruiser. Merek and the rest of Wolf Squadron left and after them Shox and The Legends also left. It was time to head off the Cold Chilling Planet.

Leaving The Mandalorians

Commander Shox Character 76

Commander Shox at Mandalorian Meeting.

After Enduring many Tough Fights with the Mandalorian group "The Legends" The Group would soon split apart. There was a Mandalorian Gathering on The Planet Mandalore, with all different True Mandalorian clans, some Commander Shox had never even heard of. One Clan was called "The Mandalorian Guild" Shox met once again fellow Mandalorians "RocketFett" and "Arcode Waveblast", he also met an old timer by the name of "Rage Ordo " the two would often speak and got along rather well, Rage even told Shox about the time he worked alonside Jango Fett many years ago. "Philippe Mustafar " was going to leave "The Legends" and join with the Mandalorian Guild, Shox however did not want to join but he also came to the decisision that he was done working with Mandalorians. Unlike the Clone Army, the mandalorians accepted Shox's choice as he had been a fine ally for them in the past.
Rsge Ordo meets Shox

Shox meets Rage Ordo.

Commander Shox said farewell to the Mandalorians he had come to know and left for the Hanger he had his ship "The Pearl" stored in, Shox would however keep in contact with Philippe Mustafar, RocketFett and even Rage Ordo. Commander Shox didn't really have a plan on where he would head next, he did however wanted to see how his old Clone Comrade and friend "Carbon" was doing. Little did Shox know that Carbon had got himself into a little bit of a sticky situation.

Pirate War On Felucia

Commander Shox Character 74

Commander Shox over-seeing Pirate Settlement.

Commander Shox tried to get a hold of "Carbon" several times, but Carbon would not awsner. Shox knew something would be up as Carbon  would normally respond to Shox's Messages. Eventually Shox arrived on Coruscunt to see his old friend and Boss "Chuu Twin" to see if he knew anything of Carbon's where-abouts. Chhu Twin told Shox that last he heard of Carbon was that he headed for the planet Felucia to track a bounty posted on a feared Pirate Lord's head by the name of "Yorn Nuro" a Twi'lek. Commander Shox had heard of them before, And they were hiding on a farm on the Planet Felucia, So thats where Commander Shox set off to.

Commander Shox left in his Mandalorian Dungeon Ship "The Pearl" straight away. Upon arriving on the Planet he Noticed that the Republic were also there in yet another Struggle Against the Separatist Army, It seemed everywhere Shox went the Clone War would always follow him. Commander Shox set off into the Creature infested Jungle to search for The Pirates Settlement. He would often Stop and ask locals for directions to the settlement, al were eager to tell him for they hated the Pirate Scum.

Commander Shox Character 77

Commander Shox in His New Pirate Gear.

Parched, Tired and Eager Shox made his way to the Pirate settlement. The place was crawling with Pirates, Merenaries and other low life scum, Shox noticed a small patrol comming towards him. The Expeirenced Commander had no trouble taking them out, He also noticed their gear and took some for himself. Shox now Clad in Pirate Gear would surely go unnoticed by the other pirates lurking around the farm settlement, and he was right. Shox noted to himself how dum they all really were, although it was best not to act suspicous. Shox made his way through the Farm.

Carbon 8

Carbon in his Cell.

Commander Shox entered the base of the settlment and made his through, he eventually came across a few guards, only this time they were not so stupid. They asked Shox for some form of ID, Shox pulled out his Blaster Pistol that he had and made his way through down to the "Prison Cells". There Carbon was, just as Shox thought, Captured. Carbon was pleased to see Shox and rather surprised, Shox gave him a weapon and the two escaped. When they both exited the building they were Greeted by Yorn Nuro the pirate lord himself and his huge gang, he was not so happy. Soon War broke out around the farm with Blaster fire everywhere. Shox and Carbon got cover and slowly took out Yorn Nuro's Men. Shox then got up to meet Nuro and Blasted him, Nuro's men that were left ran for it.

Commander Shox Character 14

Commander Shox Encounters Rancor.

Carbon then told Shox about some Loot he had stolen from Yorn Nuro that he was going to take with him after he Killed the Pirate Lord. He told Shox that he had hid the loot in a cave not too far from their position and he was willing to share it with Commander Shox for helping him, The two set out for the cave. Eventually, they came to the Horribile, smelling Cave and found Carbon's loot but both heard a Horid Screech, to their suprise there was Rancor. They Both started blasting at the creature which was brought down shortly. They both took the Loot back to Shox's ship and left the haunting Planet.

The Pirate 

Commander Shox Character 90

Commander Shox "The Pirate"

After Commander Shox's Little ordeal on Felucia rumours started to spread about Commander Shox being a Pirate Lord Killer and about how he took on "Yorn Nuro" and his men and previously before him "Captain Dheeb". People thought that Shox killed them to stop competetion but that was not true. Shox would often wonder how the news was spread, little did he know that it was Yorn Nuro's men who escaped who had spread the news aswell as Mandalorians speaking about Shox's second time on Umbara.

Commander Shox Character 98

Commander Shox Playing Card Commander.

Commander Shox was done with fighting he wanted to enjoy more of a quiet life, although now and then fate would often make Commander Shox fire a Blaster once in a while. Shox loved his Pirate Gear he had, He only needed it as a disquise on Felucia but the look started to grow on him and he would often wear it time to time. Commander Shox with the many credits he had earned took straight back up to gamberling and playing the Game "Card Commander" He would once again join Coruscant's big players aswell as the galaxies and eventually, earn a name for himself "The Pirate" due to his unexpected fashion and appearance it was unlike any others in the galaxy. Shox would even play with friends such as "Carbon" or "Philippe Mustafar" even once with "Vareel Kelvor ".
Commander Shox Character 103

Commander Shox in Alternate Gear After Winning a Game of Card Commander.

Commander Shox The Pirate and his skills for Card Commander didn't go unnoticed, his name was heard across the galaxy. Two Twins by the Names of "Anakin Xenobomber " and his Brother "Rex Quantumshrieker " set out to Coruscunt to challenge Shox The Pirate at an old game of Card Commander. When they arrived at Shox's new apartment known as "Awsome Commander's Base" they settled that no one would gamble but the game would purely be for fun. This was different For Shox who never really played for "Fun" but accepted their Terms. No one could play against Two other players at once, so Shox would play them one after the other. Shox Played Anakin Xenobomber first followed by Rex Quantumshrieker, Commander Shox beat them both. The Brothers were not disapointed with their Loss but rather admired Shox The So called Pirate's accomplishment. Commander Shox Stayed in touch with the two brothers becomming good friends with them. Shox also became good friends with "Jonas Whipclutcher " another Card Player who was rather good too. For a long while, Life was good to Commander Shox.

Order 66 & The Rise of The Empire

Commander Shox Character 104

Commander Shox In The Calm Commander's Cantina

When Commander Shox heard the news that the Jedi all across the galaxy were now being hunted down by the New Galactic Empire that had now replaced the Old Republic In the year of 19 BBY, He never thought too much of it. Commander Shox never really had much love for the Jedi or the sith, but he did however wonder if his Old Master Jedi Master "Merek Gunslinger" was still alive, truely he was the only Jedi Shox cared about. Its not easy to get into contact with a Jedi when they are all being hunted as most of them will want to go unoticed. 
Merek 24

Shox Speaking with his old Jedi General Merek Gunslinger.

Eventually, just like everyone else news spread all around about the Separatists being destroyed. Shox was in The same Cantina he worked in before the "Calm Commander's Cantina" he was there having a drink with his old Boss "Chuu Twin" and "YinBor Sunsmuggler " who was a good friend of Shox and would often drink with him when he heard the news, He noticed how people didn't really care about the Jedi being hunted down but instead they would focus on rather on the sepratists being destroyed. Some people thought it be great living under an empire. Shox was minding his own business when he noticed a strange figure clad in a brown robe that appeared to be a refugee, Shox was sure he recognised him from somewhere, the stranger apparoached him, It was Merek Gunslinger Shox's former Jedi General back in Wolf Squadron. The Jedi rather being disapointed in Shox for Deserting the Clone Army was rather happy to see him and in
Olle and Galen 2

Commander Olle & Trooper Galen Spot Shox & Merek.

a rush, He needed help getting off the planet fast and how had heard of Shox "The Pirate" and how he often wondered If it was the Same Clone "CC-1995" that he had named Shox. Shox told him of what he had been up to and of Order 66. The Commander told him he had a ship "The Pearl" docked in the nearest hanger and to follow him there.

The former reunited Jedi and His old Clone Commander arrived at the hanger only they were followed, as they were preparing to get aboard the ship Clone Troopers had followed them there. Merek noted to shox how two of them were Trooper "Galen Primhero" (and now)Commander "Olle Primhero" Shox also noted to himself what a strange way to meet once again, this time on an opposing side. after some blaster fire Shox and Merek eventually escaped from the Empire Infested Planet Coruscant.


Commander Shox Character 102

Commander Shox on The Run from The Empire & bounty Hunters.

For some time Commander Shox had been on the run from The Galactic Empire and those Bounty Hunters who knew his face, ever since Shox helped his old Jedi General "Merek Gunslinger" Escape from Coruscant. It was now 17 BBY and SInce then Commander Shox contact allies such as "Carbon" and "Philippe Mustafar" Along his travels of hiding from The Empire he traveled with another Wanted Man by the name of "Dirk Infrajammer" who was a known Computer Slicer and wanted criminal, But Shox did not lose all contact with old Allies. Commander Shox along with Dirk Infrajammer did however end up staying with the two Twin Brothers "Anakin Xenobomber" and "Rex Quantumshrieker" on the planet Maridum. They two just like Shox now hated the Empire and all it stood for, Shox would often point out how he never liked Darth Vader back when he was Jedi all them years ago on Umbara in the Clone Wars.

The Empire had set a Price on Commander Shox's head and they now knew all the information they needed about him, that he was in fact a Clone Deserter. Commander Shox thought that maybe they had found out about his Old Boss "Chuu Twin" and maybe questioned him about him. In fact thats exactly what they did. Bounty Hunters had trouble trying to find Shox 

Commander Shox Character 106

Commander Shox Hides at Anakin and Rex's Mansion on Maridum.

since Shox lived on Maridum he was safe and not found.

After all them many years, Shox noticed that he was getting older and that he knew clones grew twice as fast, He begun getting tired of running and hiding and that maybe he had been forgotten about by the Empire. He wanted to return back to Coruscunt and play Card Commander once again. Foolishly Shox Went back to Coruscunt on his Mandalorian Dunegon Ship "The Pearl" He knew he might be spotted and found out by the empire but he also knew that he would once again be respected down there, he was growing older day by day and did not want to spend the rest of his life in hiding. The former Champion once again played Card Commander with Coruscunts Big Players, It was odd how no bounty hunters would come, maybe they all really did respect him down there.

Commander Shox Character 100

Commander Shox Older faces The Famous Bounty Hunter Boba Fett.

Eventually, Commander Shox's name spread amongst the galaxy again, that the Champion was back, Commander Shox's days were now numbered as a champion. Shox bet everything he had in one game and lost it all even his Mandalorian Dungeon Ship. The Commander was now broke. Shox had become a champion to nothing. Shox had a gambling problem which only money could fuel. He even sold his own blaster for Credits, he would often be seen begging for Credits in the district where people would take pity upon him. With what credits he gained he would spend on card commander, when he won big he would foolishly spend his credits on Drink for himself and his new self proclaimed buddies who were looking for a free drink. 

Shox knew he had sunk low and eventually word got out about him to bounty hunters. He had been told a Bounty Hunter was on his way down to claim him, Shox didn't care any more as far as he was concerned, his life was over the day the price had been set upon his head. The Once former hunter had become the hunted. Shox saw a shadowed Figure enter the Doorway of the Card Commander room where he was still sitting there reflecting on himself and begging for small change of credits to fuel his next game. The Shadowed figure begun to speak. Shox looked up. Standing there Clad in Mandalorian Battle Armour from Head to toe was The now Famous Bounty Hunter himself "Boba Fett" He told Shox of how he recently hunted down his Old Jedi General. Shox said nothing, he was amazed at the Bounty Hunter, He had heard many stories and rumours of Jango Fetts Son. Commander Shox felt his time had come, He had nothing to lose. 

Rumours soon spread with truth of how the Famous Card Commander playing Pirate, Mandalorian, bounty Hunter and Clone Commander, Shox was found dead with multiple Toxic Dart Wounds. There was no Funeral, There was no Mooring, For it was only just another death of a Clone...........................................................................................

Fun Facts About Commander Shox

  • Commander Shox Joined The World of CWA back in The Fall of 2010 (Christmas to be Exact)
  • This Page is Based upon my Experince of Clone Wars Adventures
  • I actually Never saw "Commander Carbon"  again towards the end of CWA
  • My first ever profile I made was actually "Merek Gunslinger"
  • When I first ever created Commander Shox He started off as a Bald Clone Trooper
  • Commander Shox's First Gear he used to wear was Indeed Life Day Clone Trooper
  • I started off as a Non Member untill the next month, I got a Month Jedi Membership
  • For 2 Years I would get Jedi Membership on and off all the time 
  • I finally got Life Time Jedi Member ship at The Fall of 2012 (Just before Christmas) For a Bargain as it was Tripple SC Day
  • Commander Shox Finally Won Boba Fett Gear & Hondo Gear at the Fall of 2012 (Just before Christmas) also on tripple SC Day
  • Commander Shox has never truely been a different Alien Race in CWA only Human/Clone
  • I am The Stunt Gungan Champion and have been Several Times
  • My favourtie Gear in The Whole Game is Actually "Arc Trooper Sergeant" Gear From Card Commander ever since I first saw someone wearing it around the Shops Area when I first ever started
  • From Around August/September 2013 Commander Shox Began to Dress like Captain Jack Sparrow, It started when I just wanted to see if I could Create Sparrow using CWA Gear. The Gear Eventually started to just grow on me and I actually ended up wearing it right to the end of CWA March 2014
  • My Favourite Pet is Actually "Gnarls" as I like Dogs/Wolves
  • If I recieved a Random Invite to a Mini Game or Combat Game I would Most likely Accept
  • My Favourite Mount is The "AT-RT Mount" as it was my first
  • My Favourite Lot in CWA that I have built is my "Majestic Naval Base"
  • My Favourite Combat Zone is "Umbara"
  • I never dated anyone on CWA (It was not my style) 
  • I normally only like to wield normal Blue/Green/Red/Purple Light Sabers
  • My Favourite Weapon is The "DC-15" As it was my First ever Weapon
  • My favourite Light Saber is the "Training Lightsaber" (Green)
  • I have never had any true Enemies in the Game
  • My Favourite Mini Game is "Republic Deffender"
  • I Won The Arc Sergeant Gear around January of 2011 and Won the rest around April/May 2011
  • My Favourite Clone Commander in SW is "Commander Gree"
  • My Favourite Star Wars Character is "Darth Vader" in his (Armour)
  • Wolf Squadron's actual Original Leader was Commander Shox. Merek Gunslinger is only The Jedi General/Leader for my Story
  • My Least Favourite Star Wars Character is actually "Anakin Skywalker"
  • My Favourite Star Wars FIlm is "A New Hope"
  • My Favourite Jedi in Star Wars are a 3 way Tie Between "Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan & Yoda"
  • Commander Shox Has a You Tube Profile Called "Commander Shox"
  • My Least Favourite Star Wars Film is Revenge of The Sith(Its not that I don't like it its just my least favourite)
  • My Favourite Bounty Hunter is "Boba Fett"
  • The Squad "The Legends" was ruled by two Leaders "Commander Shox" and "Philippe Mustafar"(Fett)
  • The Strangest People Shox ever met on CWA was two by the names of Xendor Shadwaver & Zeth Misforge who would never speak but laugh and smile all the time aswell as zap me with their Gonk Droids and randomly be at my Lots 
  • Commander Shox is actually a Rocker in Real life
  • Shox's Favourite artists include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, The Doors, Little Richard, The Beach Boys, The Small Faces, Gene Vincent, The Who, Dokken, Van Halen and Electric Light Orchestra
  • My Favourite Colour is Green!

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