Commander Fury is a famous and great Clone trooper and a great leader he is the leader of 145th Scorpion Squadron

Cadet years...Life on Kamino..

As a cadet Fury well his number was CT-62478 he was young and just waiting for an adventure now the Kaminoans thought he might not be able to be a trooper in the republic because he was..a little more indapendant like Jango Fett then the other clones. Some cadets would call Fury stupid or your not worthy to be a clone trooper, one time a cadet named Fox (who would one day become Commander Fox of Corusant Guard) called Fury alot of bad names and other bad things and Fury got mad and lost control and tackled Fox, and cadet CC-3636 (who would one day become Commander Wolffe) yelled at them and said STOP!!! and the commander of there unit came and grabbed them both and said stop fighting! your brothers! and your acting this way! your both in big trouble, and the commander let them go and walked away to think of there punishment, and CC-3636 patted Fury on the back and said, its ok brother dont listen to Fox, and Wollfe and Fury became good friends as they got older and almost ready for there chance to get out of Kamino, some Clone Commanders came to Kamino and talk to them and tell them that they are almost ready to be in the Grand Army of the Republic, Fury more exited then ever was smiling at the Commanders. and the commanders said you seem exited to be in the republic kid, you think you have wat it takes, war is a dangerous thing lots of lives are lost in this war Fury answered back, " Yes sir! i am ready i want to destroy those seppie scum!"

Commander Fury




human (clone)

hair color




eye color



Clone Wars


Grand Army of the Republic


Commander Wolffe, Captain Rex, etc.

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