Republic Commando Colored by rageli

Commando Calins

Vertigo Squad

Vertigo Squad

Republic Commando Calins = CC-1243

Commando Calins is an commando who fights on Mygeeto and others Tropical Planets.Commando Calins is the Sniper of the Vertigo Squad.The Leader of Vertigo Squad were "Di" the Sniper were Calins , the hacker were Finng , the master of the bombs were TaTri.Vertigo Squad is in 378th Legion , Commander Bacara and general Ki-Adi-Mundi are the leaders of the leaders of the legion , the last battle in Clone Wars era of Calins was on Dathomir , where his squad brothers dies , Calins has been saved by the reinforcement who arrived there fast , after that Order 66 arrives , and Calins left his post on Mygeeto , and he goes on Kamino

Vertigo Squad Second Mission

The second mission of Vertigo Squad after the first battle on Geonosis was to protect an Temple on Nabbo.Vertigo squad is coming with their clasic ship Laat Gunship on Nabbo , the clone troopers needed assist and Vertigo Squad is coming to help them.Vertigo Squad plan to use the Gunship to cover the hurt clone troopers to get in the temple , and then other 3 Gunships need to get there with more troops and medical suplies , Vertigo Team jump off the gunship an get fast on the ground and then the gunship is gona cover them untill the reinforcement is coming , Calins used Sniper riffle to kill the commando droids from the speeder bikes , TaTri used an Bazooka to kill 2 Separatist tanks , finnaly the Reinforcement is coming , and a lot of troopers are getting there , this were an big fight , but finnaly they destroyed all the droids and capture the Separatist Commander , lots of people thanks to Vertigo Squad cause they saved them

Calins's blaster pistol

Dc 15s blaster carbine wip by broodofevil-d4dkjr6

Calin's DC-15s Blaster Carbine

Calins's Equipment

Calins use default Commando equipment with some upgrade: ' E-9s Blaster Pistol , DC-15s Blaster Carbine , DC-17s Blaster'Carbine

Calins Commando Gun

Order 66

I can't accept the idea for Order 66. So i didn't did it , i killed my own brothers to protect the Jedis , Since i will never trait the Republic and join the Empire , me and others troopers made an blockad on Kamino at our home , we need to fight with legion 501th who tryes to kill us and take Jango Fett ADN we were ready for the fight , every one thinked at this thing "How to kill your own brothers?" no one suport that idea... but we need to fight , we need to be free and nothing can stop us.Later 2 days.The spys told us that they come and to be ready to fight with 1000 troopers , when we heard that... We were only 761 troopers , but we have an cruiser at our side , the problem is that they are in the Tatooine system , if we need help we will call them.Later 2 hours.The Enemy is here in the Kamino system and we are ready to fight for the Republic.Here they are , attacking our ships and get on the sourface , our turrents destroyed like 32 ships , we have bases in all parts , they will not invade us so fast.1 hour of war lots of us troopers and their troopers died.They captured 3 bases , but we destroyed like 52 ships and i think they will not get reinforcement to fast.We arested like 54 troopers and the others died , but im sure they are still like 453 troopers , but we are only 412 but this will not stop us , we will fight untill the end , other 12 base aren't captured yet , soon our Cruiser will come in the system and fight with the other 3 cruisers , untill that time we get ready the ships to attack one cruiser of them.Later 30 minutes.This is it , they captured 2 more base , but we still have 10 , now is the time for our cruiser come in the system and attack the cruisers , the ships fly up and attack one Cruiser , our Cruiser comes and attack the other 2 cruisers with all his power and others ships fly up and attack it , in this time happened a lots of things , lots of their troopers died and lots of our to , we were 113 now and i think they were 120.An Cruiser destroyed , 2 more and we have victory :D , we sent 21 of our elite troopers to destroy the second one untill our Cruiser fight with the other one.Later 20 minutes.The second cruiser is ready to be destroyed , but the enemy captured other 4 bases but we were ready for the Victory and then we can capture them back , now we were only 6 bases , an gunship comes on one of our capital base where i am , I see the only one , Commander Appo and other 10 people attacks us , the second cruiser was destroyed and the last one was ready to be destroyed , Appo tryed to capture our base killing 6 of our good mens , but he were the last one and he need to surrender or i can kill him with my commando knife , so he surrender and now the last cruiser was the last thing to the Victory , so we attacked it and after 10 minutes of hell in space , it were destroyed , our cruiser need to get back on Tatooine to get repair , we arrested 71 troopers and Appo , the others died , we were only 78 troopers and we capture back the other bases , finnaly we found anothers troopers who wants to join our rebelion and bounty hunters who wanted to help us , they were : Embo and Sugi.After 10 days we tought they stop to attack us but some of our spys thinked there is an secret plan , they think they are gona send Elite troopers to invade us attack will start after 2 weeks thats what they think , we need to get reinforcement , we were only
Republic Commando by Daennika

Calins after fighting with his own brothers

315 now but we still need to search more rebel troopers , we think we should use Wookies help for this think they already hate the Empire so they can help us.Next Day. we contacted the wookies and our protocol droid talked to them , they sayd they are gona think about this untill that they will sent us some ammo , food and some new ships.After other 2 days we found others rebels who wants to join us we were 433 now , we getting ready for the battlefield , we need to be prepair in 2 weeks , training the recruiters.Finnaly Appo started to talk and told us plans of the Empire , in this time we heard about an guy named Ren Ion , who saved some jedis from the nightmare , i know him , we fight together against the Separatist in the Clone Wars , he live in system Zeno , a long way untill there but i think i should search him and get help from him , all Zeno planet were in war with the Empire , so i thinked that we should be allies.After another 3 days.Now we are 687 troopers , and the Wookies contact us and they sayd they are gona fight with us against the Empire , Appo told us about an weapon with what they can destroy Kamino , its not end yet , it will be in after 18 years , untill that , lets see if we survive.After 2 days.Our spys told us that they are gona invade the planet soon , so we must get prepair , we prepare our new recruits , we are 753 right now , we still need to search more troopers , Wookies are gona come and assist us with the Cruiser , but they cant help us with the battle on the sourface.Soon i contacted Ren to help us , he sayd he will be here soon with 314 Zenolian troopers.We prepair our guns with a lot of ammo , get ready the Turrents and the ships , and hope that we will win , from the space comes Ren with an Zenolian cruiser and get in the surface , i meet Ren again , i were happy that he escaped from Order 66 nightmare , we talk about our old adventures together , he didn't change , we had an dinner , and hope this will not be our last one.After one day.We are ready , the cruisers need to come in any moment , Ren prepares his ship , he is ready to kill 200 clone traitors:P.And the next moment 4 cruisers come in the system , our spys told us they were 2078... Our ships are ready , Wookies ships are ready to attack the cruisers , and we start , a lots of ships and gun ships comes on ths sourface and attack us , our Turrents kills like 4 ships in 1 minutes , they were many , we attack the gunships , cause we are sure there are a lots of elite troopers ready to attack us , our cruiser come out of space and attack the second Empire Cruiser , Ren destroy 21 ships who trys to attack our cruiser , the Wookie ships destroyed one Empire cruiser , but the problem come , another 2 Empire Cruiser come out of space and attack our cruisers , Ren tryed to cover our Cruisers , they need more help , I wanted to go in space and help Ren , i told some elites pilots to prepare , I get in my ship and we launched the Zenolian Cruiser in space , we attacked the Empire Cruiser with our power , 3 of our bases were captured , but we need to risk , Ren is gona attack the other 2 Empire Cruiser with the Zenolian Cruiser and the elite pilots , im gona help the Wookies , Me and the wookies were ready to destroy the 3rd Empire Cruiser , the second Empire Cruiser explode , we fight a lot , more of our bases were captured , but we sent the Bounty Hunters to recapture them:P.After 10 minutes we destroyed the other 2 Empire Cruisers , now we still need to attack the other 2 Cruisers , we hit them with all our power , our troopers launched the bombs and we destroyed them fast , we still need help on the sourface , there are still a lots of clone traitors , Ren and me went back to the Capital , there were some troopers fighting , the bounty hunters recapture some of the
Republic commando by narratress-d2xz0a5

Calins after the big battle

bases so we still have 7 bases and the Capital , Ren prepare his light sabers and i prepare my gun , and we started to attack them , we fight like 10 minutes , they were many , they wanted to capture the Capital and take Jango ADN , but we stoped them , i realy dont know how many troopers do we are now , i think we were 385 and they were 214 , we cleaned the Capital , and every thing was sure , some troopers died... , but the others 4 bases was still captured by the enemy , I and some elite troopers are gona go and recapture 2 of them and Ren and other Zenolian troopers are gona capture the others 2 , we fight a lot.After 2 hours we captured the other 4 bases back , we were tired , every one were , i thanked to Ren cause he helped us , this were an bigger war , Ren told me that he need to get back on Zeno now , my troopers repair the Zenolian Cruiser.After 20 minutes Ren leaves , i hope i will meet him again in the future.(Calins over and out)

Calins and Sarria

At one point is his life when Calins was 10 years old, at least from how he looked from the speeding bacta tanks and from that he was a clone commando cadet, he was visiting the planets to gather information on some of the tech for ships and other planetary technology, and the species that used them. Calins was now on a trip to the far away planet Zeno to do research there now, and on one day as he was doing some small research a small Zenolian girl walked up to him, she was about the age of a 9 year old girl, and her name was Sarria Ion. Sarria at that time was in her Twi’lek form from being a little shy. Calins during his time on Zeno had a lot of fun and cool adventures with Sarria during the time he could have some fun. About after 2 years had passed Calins had finished his research and had orders to go to report the information back to his commanding officer, as much as he did not want to leave he did but before he did he told Sarria that one day they will see each other again. But a few years passed and the clone wars began, and he was now 21 years old and now a fully trained Clone Commando. During the battle for Kashyyyk, Calins found Sarria knocked out in a highly armored jail cell during a raid his squad was to do to rescue captive troopers and others from the droid army. When Calins found Sarria he at first did not think it was her put he paused for a sec and remembered the times he had with her. He then blasted the lock on the cell and ran to Sarria to see if she was ok, she then woke up and she and the rest of Calins and Sarria troopers then escaped in the night to a clone outpost on the planet. During the time they were together again on Kashyyyk they both began to feel closer together, and after one of the great battles on the planet was over and they took out a droid base they then had to leave the planet to help in other parts but during some times Calins was able to visit Sarria on Zeno. On one visit they secretly married, even though they never that clones were not to get married to keep them focused on their duties for the Republic. Very few know of this other then Sarria and Calins, like Sarria father Ren Ion.

Calins's deth

After the Destroying of the Empire , Calins is 44 years old , now he is going to be an Elite Temple Vanguard with Blams , they are veterans of war now , after others unexpected adventures , Calins and Blams are getting in trobles.Some one pays some bounty hunters to kill them , soon that day comes , Calins is 58 years old , they didn't know what is gona happen , Blams was going to the Prison area cause there happened an bad thing and some of the Prisoners escaped , Blams cover the shock troopers and arrest some of the escaped Prisoners.
Commander calins

Commander Calins

Calins was going to guard 2 Importans senators , but an unexpected thing , Calins get an message from Blams , Blams says is in an big trouble and he needs me to send reinforcement there and to guard the Senators , Calins thinked something bad is gona happen , Calins sents the Reinforcement and when the Senators get in the Chancelor room , he is leaving his post and let others 2 groups of Elite Senate guards to protect the senators , Calins is going to Blams with the Reinforcement , Calins and others 2 groups of Elite Senate Guards are getting there with 3 ships , in that time something happening in that part of city , Calins have an bad felling about this , they are still in the ships and an group of strange guys takes an Rocket launcher and shots Calins's ship , Pilot says "WE ARE GOING DOWN , TAKE COVER " Calins told the others 2 ships to send more reinforcement to Blams , and send 1 group to rescue him and arrest this bad guys , the ship was going down , and it hited an building.After 2 minutes , Calins wakes up and see if the troopers are still alive , 4 of them were still good , but the pilot and other 2 were dead , Calins get out the ship and look around , the bad guys aren't here yet , Police is coming to that place , Calins was alright , in that time Calins still have an bad felling about this , on the another building , an Sniper get ready his gun to kill Calins.Calins see something on the another building , in that time The Sniper shots , Calins see the laser and dodge , Calins jumped down and told the troopers that there is an Sniper on the other building , Calins knows now that some one wants him dead , Troopers are sending some groups there to secure the area , Calins escape again , Calins send an Message to Blams , but Blams dont respond , untill the troopers are going to secure the building and catch the Sniper , Calins is taking an ship and is going to Blams , Calins is getting on the Prison platform , there are some shock troopers who arrested some escaped Prisoners , Calins gets in with 2 group of Shock troopers , he is searching and arrest other Escaped Prisoners , Calins dont find Blams , but Calins find his Elite Senate Guard dead on the ground , he were killed with an strange gun , he send the body to be secured and to find out who captured Blams.After 1 day of searching , they found an strange blood of an Alien specie , they analyze the ADN and the guy who captured Blams is an Mando Rodian named Findo , and he is located on Felucia.Calins is getting ready one mini cruiser and goes to the Felucia system , They are going to the Est part of the planet , and search the secret base of Findo , After 1 hour of searching we found it , we getting there and we getting attacked by 21 Assasin droids , we fight with them , finnaly we killed the last one and we are still 15 , now we are gona enter the base , entering the base there were a lots of traps , but i pass them all , well... we are only 6 now we are getting to the last level and we get in , there were 3 troopers and Blams , Findo wasn't there yet , we helped them to escape , Blams wake up and told us Findo works for an guy from Senate , Blams remember him from the picture but dont knows his name , we are getting out of the base , when we get out of the Base there were 26 Mandos waiting for us , we fight , they were more then us , finnaly we killed 17 and we fight with the others , in the end we were only Me , Blams and one trooper , we killed them all , we send Reinforcement here to destroy this base , we were only 3 and finnaly Findo shows up with another Mando , they attacked us , me and Blams were the last ones , finnaly we killed Findo's guard and we were ready to arrest him or kill him , reinforcement are still on the way , me and Blams are fighting with Findo , in my eyes , Findo shots Blams , Blams falls down and dont answer to me then i started to try to kill Findo , he is an brave Mando and hard to kill , but i was sure im gona kill him , i tought my pistol and shots at his Jetpack , finnaly he was hit and falls down , at the end i was very hurt and i goes to see what happened to Blams , Blams wasn't dead yet , he resisted cause he protected that part with the arm and Findo shoted the arm , then i goes back to Findo , he was realy hurt and ready to die , i pick up the pistol and aim at him , he tells me , well... Calins... you

Commando Calins helmet founded on Felucia after his deth

are an brave Warrior and hard to kill... , i will tell you who... payed me... he was Terous , an senator who hates you and Blams.... , Findo didn't lied , im sure , i saw that in his eyes , then i sent an message to the troopers from Corunscant , to Arrest Terous for paying Bounty Hunters to take me down , the troopers went to him and arrested him , Calins took Blams to the Ship , Calins opened the door and the ship exploded.Thats how the heroes Blams and Calins dies...(Calins Over and Out)

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