Coil Orade was Born in 32 BBY like all clones of his time period and ushered to be a clone commando to serve the

Coil Orade

grand army of the republic. He was adopted by Hydra Orade who was his teacher and instructor at the time. he was trained like most of his kind to be the elite of the elite the best of the best.

Service of the republic and desertation

Coil Orade was sent first into action in geonosis and served the republic in many battles. like Ryloth Umbara and Carlac. he went into battle with the republic an battled evil forces like the war eagle. One day a friend and fellow commando wwas murdered by the republic. Coil had had enough and Went to join his father as a mandalorian warrior.



Coil Orade with his ship the oya manda

Coil orade went into barracks on the area he was stationed on and stole a speeder that was very fast it was a whits Z-74 speeder which he would use for his on land travel. He rode the the nearest spaceport which was half a klick away from base. he was in his mandalorian armor and had armed himself with the generals lightsaber he woul dispose of the jedi weapon much later. he walked to the ship dealer on mustafar and took a look at a bunch of ships but he decided on a prototype war-eagle starfighter manufactured by kuat systems engineering. he then bought it from the dealer for a low price ( partly because the dealer was a clone he sold it to him for a low price). he then took off in his ship wondering why that clone was killed at base.

Being reunited with his father.

coil orade then jumped to the coruscant system. he saw a Y-wing with two men in it. he couldnt rechonize the gunner but that red mandalorian armor that he saw gave it away. Two jedi ships were attacking it. noooooo coil thought and turned his ship around and shot down the two jedi. more clones atatcked he shot them down too then he landed beside them. Hydra Orade asked who are you and i said its me coil ddad have you forgotten about me already. hydra finally remembered him and said oh yeah. i hugged my dad and we all got in m 3 seat fighter. we all headed to carlac and made camp.

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