The beginning.

Cloudcruiser (aka CT-4825)


2BBY, Kamino


68ABY, Cato Neiomdia


Clone (Human)

It is a very stormy night (like ususal) on Kamino. A new rebel in clone armour was then made by DNA of a man known as Davik Cloudcruiser. The clone was known as Cloudcruiser, named after Davik. His life had started on 2BBY, Kamino.


Battle on Yavin.

It was the last LAAT that Kamino had. CT-4825 then took it. He went to Yavin for the battle for the life or fate of the Death Star. CT-4825 had lived for 17 years at Kamino. He was somewhat at the age 19. His DNA sampled human friend (Davik Cloudcruiser) was at the age 36. Once he joined the Rebels, he had been known as RT-4825. (I had been publishing minor edits.) -Davik/Conerh/Cloudcruiser

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