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CWA Character Wiki

The wiki about Clone Wars Adventures Characters that anyone can edit
1,593 articles since September 21 2011

Welcome to the CWA Character Wiki!
The Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki is an open wiki mainly aimed towards the CWA Wikian community to share, read, socialise, and learn more about user created fanon stories focusing on characters from SOE's MMO Clone Wars Adventures.

With the many categories to choose from, users can easily and quickly pinpoint many characters that interests their particular likes. There are also many squads from CWA, currently there are over 100 squads on the wiki.

This wiki is devoted to only Clone Wars Adventures Characters and Squads.

April's Featured Character
Luke Docker was a human who served during the Clone War and also fought during the Galactic Civil War. Luke lived a hard life struggling to put his past behind him and over come the loss of many of his friends and loved ones he had spent so much time with.
You can view the stats on the poll here, Stats

In-Game Event!
The CWAC wiki held their second Halloween event on 10/27/13, video recorded by Zeeg Rums.
CWA Character Wiki's 2nd Halloween Celebration Costume Challenge01:14

CWA Character Wiki's 2nd Halloween Celebration Costume Challenge

For information on the event, click here.
For the winner click here.

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