Chuck Noris21 Was A Jedi Alive During The Clone Wars. He Was The Twenty First Clone Of The Jedi Chuck Norris. Because He Was The Clone Of A Jedi, He Was Prone To Seizures And Panic Attacks, Along With The Desease Called Jedi Madness Caused By Over Accelerated Growth. Knowing The Madness Within Chuck Could Not Be Contained For Long Without Training, Jedi Master Dirk Sharphook Took Chuck Under His Wing As A Padawan. Under The Instruction Of Master Sharphook, Chuck Soon Learns To Control His Seizures and Panic Attacks. Soon He Graduated To Jedi Knight And Still Spent Large Amounts Of Time With Master Sharphook, On And Off Mission. Jedi Knight Chuck Noris21 And Master Sharphook Survived The MetaCorp Wars Along With The Nova Shadow Encounter That Left Most Jedi Questioning The Order.   

After A Long Time Battling The Sith, Chuck Noris21 disappeared from existence, and for a long time friends of his considered him dead. but two months before order 66, a man matching Chucks description entered the jedi temple, and confessed that he had killed Chuck Noris21 for having the same face as him. it turned out to be Chuck Noris 22, the deranged clone of the original Chuck Norris. Chuck Noris 22 had been wandering the forests of Felucia and came across Chuck Noris 21. fearing the Jedi was a Demon come to kill him, Chuck Noris 22 took his clone brothers lightsaber and plunged it into the mans heart. he watched him die and laughed considering himself free of the demon. Enraged by the murder, Dirk Sharphook (Chuck Noris 21's former master) ordered the mans execution and watched as the man was injected with a toxin that slowly killed off the nerves leading from the brain to the rest of the body. he then asked to build a monument to his former padawan in the forest of Felucia. they took the monument to the location thought to be where the Twenty First clone was killed, but could find no remains of the body.   

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