Cheese Crush
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40 BBY

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Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War





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Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon trooperExileIcon scoundrelTechnician

Show me a squad that does not fight, and I'll show you a squad that gets destroyed. Show me a squad that fights endlessly, and I'll show you a squad that gets broken up. Show me a squad where you fight, get fair pay and have fun, and I'll show you Squad On Fire.
– Cheese Crush

Cheese Crush was a mercenary during the Clone Wars, and the the leader of Squad On Fire, a  mercenary team. Kardra Xenospawn was his stepsister.

Early Life

Cheese was born in 40 BBY of parents Fenzon and Kaima Crush. Soon after he was born, his mother died.

When Cheese was four, Fenzon became a bounty hunter and started to teach Cheese certain bounty hunter things like how to shoot a gun, how to activate a thermal detonater, etc.

Six years later, when Cheese was ten, he started to do sneaky things like misplace or hide things around the Coruscant underworld. Here is a police log of activity for 30 BBY and 29 BBY:

30 BBY:

Things missing: 26

Unknown inccidents: 2

Terrorist attacks: 0

Criminals or prankers chased by police: 3

29 BBY:

Things missing: 103

Unknown inccidents: 76

Terrorist Attacks: 0

Criminals or prankers chased by police: 89

As you can see, Cheese was always getting into trouble. He made a group of boys just about  his age that did little things, kind of harmless, but when in 28 BBY the prank incident level was at 204, -Cheese's "lucky" number- the police got interested. Once in a while they would spot one of Cheese's prankers and attempt to catch him. (Once in a while it was a girl). But, however, Cheese's pals were a bit fast and always outran them.

When Cheese was 12, he got together his group and started planning a sneak around in the jedi temple. They would disguise themselves as younglings, get info from the council, and ast as messengers who whoever wanted info on the Republic's super secret plans and things.

This plan failed, a jedi instructor noticed they had more "colorful" launguage compared to the other younglings, and with a padawan that trailed their every move, they were soon discovered. It wasn't surprizing that one day a speeder landed in the Coruscant underworld with eight disappointed boys, all had their arms folded across their shoulders.

The boys went back to the rest of their buddies, very mad. Cheese hadn't got a single bit of the information he wanted.


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