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Early life

The mysterious Jedi

Born on Ord Mantell Celrek Bactalighter was a force sensitive human child. After government officials took him away to coruscant he found a republic cruiser taking everyone to Ord Mantell. While half-way through the journey they were trying to refuel at Iceberg-3. All of a sudden they realized that the seppratist blockade was still up! The cruiser sent out fighters to help destroy the blockade but there was too much fire-power. Celrek tried to help by going into a fighter and launching his attack. He charged straight up to the command ship and destroyed the bridge, he had done it! After refueling the cruiser came to Ord Mantell in the blink of an eye. Celrek had went to his family's house to see if they were still there. When he got there Celrek found and old vibro-sword and a lightsaber. Celrek's parents and brother were all dead! All of a sudden a jedi steped up and said," I'm so sorry I tried to stop him but he was too powerful." Celrek said,"Who are you and what are you doing in my family's house?" The strange jedi said,"I travked a sith to your house but he had the information that only your family knew so he killed them." Celrek was shocked, he said,"I want to join the Jedi and kill the sith who killed my family!" The Jedi said,"As you wish"...



Lightsaber file in Jedi Temple Archives

Temple Life
Picture 4

Celrek' s lightsaber First version ( Later modified)

Getting a lightsaber would be easy Celrek just took the one on the floor and later mad some adjustments. The Jedi took him to coruscant again and this time to the Jedi Temple. Once there Celrek rested up for his first Jedi master. Meanwhile the Jedi counsel were furios with the jedi who brought him here. The Jedi's name was Kyp Durron he was
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Celrek's later version lightsaber ( From Umbara )

now not allowed to see the boy ever again but since the order sensed great power in him they kept him. Celrek was to be assigned to Jedi master Ce ce Denowai. After finding out he was going to be apprentice of the most powerful female Jedi ever Celrek decided he would like to. When Celrek first meet her he was surprised she looked like a Sith but since he was stuck with her Celrek decided to work with her. 3 months later Ce ce attacked the Jedi Temple, but she was caught. Celrek was granted rank of Jedi Knight for stopping her. When Celrek interrogated Ci ci he found out that she was the sith who killed his family. In a minute Ci ci was dead.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Clone Wars

Life after that was less fun , until the Clone Wars began. Celrek began to go through giant wars like,
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Celrek on his first cruiser.

Clones marching

Celrek's first legion

battle of Orto Plutonia, Felucian Advance , and most famously the battle of Umbara. Celrek then had been granted the permission of getting a full-scale legion of men. His new legion distrusted him for being a traiter but then they realized he was just as good as any other Jedi. Soon after Celrek had found out that his men in the past distrusted him he warned them that if anyone disobeyed an order or even questioned if it were his they would be court marshalled . The next battle had come they had went to Vanqor to destroy General Grievous and his army. The battle had begun two hours later though the republic had eliminated the Separatist army.


The final destination
Clone atrt
Img 1661 star-wars-clone-wars-adventures-mission-on-iceberg-three-trailer-hd
After their win on Vanqor the clones had some time to relax, but all of a sudden hyena bombers attacked a tenth o
Ord mantell

Ord Mantell landing Zone

f the legion died but they evacuated in time. Celrek had decided to go back to iceberg three to search for Grievous. Celrek found him once again he broke through the iceberg three blockade and this time landed on the surface ready for battle. The legion attacked Grievous' s army while Celrek got back at the General. General Grievous had fled battle but half the clones had died. Celrek had lost two legions now he would NEVER get a third. Then he went to his home on Ord Mantell and decided to resume Jedi duty later. He Went to leant and unfortunatly he had and attack from some old ship repairsmen and was just barely able to escape by making a force explosion.

General Grieveous on his ship preparing to self destruct it with Celrek on it.


After a few months Celrek met a human named Kaja. After a month they married at his house. Celrek was almost found by the Jedi so they went to Umbara. There was an old air base that they lived in but later clones attacked and had destroyed the roof of Kaja' s room. When Celrek got back from patroling the boarders he tried to lift the debris away but when he found Kaja' s body she was dead.Celrek had from then on decided to only stay a Jedi master and Jedi Counsel member for the rest of his life...



After being rejoining the jedi order jedi general Celrek Bactalighter went on a new mission... COMING SOON


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_____________________________________________________________________________________________Where Celrek is now

Celrek is currently living on corusaunt and is making many trips to umbara to help finish the war.

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