A title is something that will be attached to your name to show other players your progress! Titles can be earned through the mini-games by earning the trophy to that specific mini game or by completing the missions. Before you can use a title, you will need to setup your Jedi™ Membership With this guide, you should now know how to earn specific titles. Go have fun!

Title Mini-Game/Mission
Fleet Commander Attack Cruiser™
Sentinel Lightsaber™ Duel (Memory)
Duelist Lightsaber Duel (Accuracy)
Blademaster Lightsaber Duel (10-Key)
Jedi General Republic Defender
Jedi Ace Starfighter™
Champion Racer Speeder Bike™ Racing
Saber Master Saber Strike (Complete all challenges)
Hero of Geonosis Geonosis Saga
Hero of Ryloth Biggest Battles: Ryloth
Hero of Umbara Battle of Umbara
Hero of the 104th Mission on Iceberg Three
Red Leader Starfighter: Tournament play
Field Marshal Republic Defender: Tournament play
Admiral Attack Cruiser: Tournament play
The Unyielding Ancient Sith Academy
The Liberator Carlac Captive Village

Clone Wars Adventures

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