The Shadow Mandalorians
General information

Pre Mando

Notable members

Mandalore sector

Historical information

20 BBY


19 BBY (Crisis)


19 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era

There are three things we all should remember: never give up in front of a challenge, always eradicate your foes ,and lead your comrades to the victory.
– The Shadow Mandalorians

The Shadow Mandalorians, also known as Mando Werda in Mando'awere a true descendants of the Dha Werda Verda and an organization of the Mandalorians and the Mandalorian Clans - Clan OrdoClan SkirataClan Fett and Clan Kabur.

The Shadow Mandalorians were formed around 32 BBY but it was later fragmented, however, during the Clone Wars, it was restored by the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Rage Ordo who later became an Al'Ori'Ramikade of the Shadow Clan.

Organization and Founding

The Shadow Mandalorians were founded by a Trandoshan who pledged his obedience to the Mandalorians in 32 BBY. Pre Mando organized a powerful Mandalorian coalition and called upon the Mandalorian Clans in order to recruit an ambitious Mandalorians who sought to eradicate the Death Watch.

The Shadow Mandalorians followed the Supercommando Codex and the Resol'nareWhen Rage Ordo became the second leader of the coalition, he created such events as the Great Hunt, one of the most important Mandalorian event.

Ranking Officers

Ranking System

  • Al'Ori'Ramikade — The Shadow Mandalorians Leader
  • Mando'ade — General
  • Mando'ade Al'verde  — Commander
  • Mando'ade Alor'ran  — Captain
  • Mando'ade Tratur Ruus'alor — Staff Sergeant
  • Mando'ade ruus'alor — Sergeant
  • Mando'ade Verd'ika  — Trooper or Recruit


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