Strength Of Many
Strength Of Many
"We're no heroes, we're just willing to make a difference."


General Eggs (Formerly)


Formed from

Legislative branch

Council of Generals

Executive Branch

Leader(s) (General Eggs) (Formerly)

Judicial Branch

Council of Generals


May 25, 2013


November 6th, 2013

"We're no heroes, we're just willing to make a difference."
– Squad motto

Strength Of Many, informally known as SOM was created on Saturday May 25, 2013, after Survivors Of The Siege (SOTS) was deleted by SaiTorr Ecwropri (SOTS' leader). It's creation was due to SOTS deletion, and that is why Strength Of Many may be considered the New Survivors Of The Siege. Many former SOTS players have joined Strength Of Many. Presently, the Generals work together as the squad's leaders. SaiTorr Ecwropri (leader of SOTS) serves as a General, among others. General Eggs, the actual leader, never plays CWA anymore. The squad hopes to grow on. For additional information on the squad or individual players or to create an application to join the squad visit the squad website, which is located here. To visit any of the squad members' wiki pages, scroll down and click on the members. And remember... we're no heroes, we're just willing to make a difference. On November 6th, 2013, The Squad was disbanded and reorganized into Survivors Reborn headed by Stunner Dyrion.




Members of SOM

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