What is a Squad?

Squads are groups that Members can create and invite their friends to. You can get your own private chat channel, and promote your friends to different ranks!

How do I make one?

To get started, open your Friends List. You'll see a tab at the top that says "Squads." If you're a Member, click the "Create" button to submit a name. Your name will be reviewed for approval, so in the meantime you'll get a temporary one. If your name is approved, it will change automatically.

How do I invite and promote my friends?

To invite a friend, press the + button at the bottom of a window and enter your friend's name. If your friends are Members, you can promote them by clicking their names in the squad list, then pressing the button with the green arrows on the menu that pops up. If you are unable to invite your friend, or promote your friend it could mean that they are not online. If you are sure that they are online, please double check the spelling of their name.

What if my Membership expires?

If you are a Squad Leader and you lose your Membership, you will still be able to keep your squad and all of your privileges.
If you are an Officer, you will keep your rank and privileges. Squad Leaders can demote non-members, but not promote them back up again.
If you aren't a Member and want to join a Squad, don't worry! Non-Members can join squads created by Members.

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