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Rise of the Empire Era

Larcon Legion was a Squad in Sony Online Entertainment's former MMO game Clone Wars Adventures. It was led by Leshaak Larcon. It is well known for their running time on Clone Wars Adventures (2011-2014).

After the sunset of Clone Wars Adventures, Larcon Legion has moved to a variety of games and applications. Larcon Legion now pursues to attract more gamers to their group, expand to different games, and most importantly to have fun! Skype is where the group of eager gamers have stationed themselves. Now, they play Star Wars: The Old Republic, Minecraft, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and other exciting games!


Leshaak Larcon created the Squad called Larcon Legion in September 2011. Ever since September, the legion has experienced growth and development. The first few people to join were Galen Neeligroam, Kyp Durk, Sara Joe, Andrew Butlerz, Rex Gwieldfighters, and many others! Larcon Legion was a very successful and large Squad on Clone Wars Adventures.

Weekly Events

Every weekend, Leshaak would host an event. The most common event were OPS, where the legion would form a massive strike team to attack CIS targets on various combat zones! The legion would always be in the center of attention considering how large their strike force was!

Another event that was hosted often was boxing games. The winner(s) of the boxing games received a variety of prizes. They also received high recognition for their success in the competition or event.

Housing inspections and trivia contests were common too. The winners of those events received very special prizes. Station Cash, Jedi Membership, and gear codes were some of the prizes.

Holiday events were present, too. For example, on Halloween, the members would make their own unique costume which would be judged. The winner would receive a variety of prizes. On Life Day, the legion would equip their festive gear and head out to combat zones to defeat the CIS!

Weekly Meetings

Every Saturday at noon central/standard time, a meeting would be held. From there, Leshaak would discuss matters happening inside or outside of the legion. The meeting would be held at the Larcon Legion base on Iceberg Three titled Elegant Squad Base. Originally the base was built and designed to General Kyp Durk, but it was handed over to Leshaak Larcon.

The most popular topic of the meetings were the promotions. Everyone was eager to see what rank someone would earn. Commanders were always neck and neck to get the General position. To earn the highest rank, you would have to possess character traits such as respect, courage, and responsibility. The Commander had to show respect for authority and try to keep other members from arguing. The Generals would observe and tell Leshaak who was qualified to be a General and who was not.

Following the meetings, there would be an exciting event! Either Leshaak or the Generals (both sometimes) would host the events. They would vary from week to week. The events would be a perfect celebration for the members who were promoted just minutes prior.

Larcon Legion Today

After Clone Wars Adventure's sunset, Larcon Legion developed ties with many different multi-player games such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Minecraft, and other games!  The Legion also has a number of sponsorships such as NoScope, Cinch Gaming, and Gamers Apparel. The members continue to upload to the YouTube channel! New content is released randomly. When Clone Wars Adventures shut down, many legioners were lost. Nevertheless, many new people have joined the legion since the shut down, expanding the legion's popularity and possibilities. The members who could not stay with the legion will never be forgotten, though. Larcon Legion still flourishes and expands today!

If you wish to join Larcon Legion, message Leshaak or Lan (Sean) Phaseripper on Skype!

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