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Delta company


Admiral Atom, Xeres Gorogdrive, Axe Evans


Founding: 22 BBY

Disbanded: 19 BBY (After Order 66)


Meeting base: Felucia

Prison base: Asteroid base 5423

Main base: Orto Plutonia

Delta Company is a squad named after the famed, Republic Commando squad, "Delta Squad".

Delta Company is a Company within no specific battalion, but is often working with the 501st Legion or 212th Attack Battalion.



  1. Admiral Atom aka "Atom" first in command of the squad.
  2. Xeres Gorogdrive aka "Drive" heavy weapons and second in command.
  3. Axe Evans aka "Axe" recon and third in command.

Officers (Generals)


  • Folr Wolf


  • Aberforth Lestranger
  • Aedo Norgkeeper
  • Alek Blackbreaker
  • Alek Raspwell
  • Anthon Lonespark
  • Arcee Falconspire
  • Borsk Solarfomer
  • Borvo Snowbreaker
  • Bray Battlescanner
  • Bray Huttspore
  • Brian Aryxboiler
  • Champ Shadowtalon
  • Charles Blakester
  • Chernan Moonslider
  • Chodo Fearmight
  • Dash Exodevourer
  • Dash Exospore
  • Galen Crastbreak
  • Gavyn Skyspark
  • Goji Drelchamber
  • Hale Rasproamer
  • Jacen Railslinger
  • Jaing Bothanduster
  • Jeffren Antiswoop
  • Jeffren Spacebeam
    Jetpack Gear

    Delta Company's Jetpack gear

  • Jek Wrixspiral
  • Jessica Layman
  • Joshua Kragrocket
  • Lando Alphasear
  • Lou Swagten
  • Lucien Shadefodder
  • Mal Cloudfighter
  • Moxen Griffen
  • Murdock Clawlight
  • Noa Infrapincer
  • Noah Midslider
  • Rake Sleemobreaker
  • Ranar Duskbore
  • Rann Gurfspore
  • Rohlan Mistflier
  • Rush Rangehunter
  • Scott WILD
  • Spark Shadowbomber
  • Springfield Ace
  • Steven Macinthos
  • Swilla Blazeslide
  • TheoD Jek
  • Tristan Nerfcrystal
  • Vanden Flaresmuggler
  • Varon Alphabot
  • Varon Servoboost
  • Vidar Rancorthrash
  • Volo Fearbolt
  • Wex Suntanker
  • Will Saabacwaker
  • Yusanis Battlemelter
  • Zan Skysting
  • Zane StealtHunter
  • Zurros Transcharge
  • alex carpender
  • captain jaxter
  • captain fireburns
  • chase rocket
  • comander villa
  • devoiddrake destroyer
  • enderdragon monster
  • hacer mecher
  • hando Moonroller
  • noah0830 hutttracker
  • olili Steamark
  • opol jet
  • portal drop
  • rainwalker Railwaker
  • scorp
  • sinsret abster
  • starko slinger
  • supersky shadeside
  • taker121 taker122
  • teddy werdenberg
  • uli baba
  • wilhue crastspark
    Delta Company 2

    Delta Company's Assassin Gear

Squad Rules

"What good is a squad without rules? It's nothing but chaos."
– Admiral Atom
  1. Follow orders.
  2. Be mature, don't run around starting wars with other squads.
  3. Treat other players and your fellow squad mates with respect.
  4. Don't remove other members from the squad to invite someone else.

Next Leader in Delta Company (Closed)

The following players can be voted for to fill in the spot of 4th in command of Delta Company.

Next Leader in Delta Company.

Ben1 Jackson 8

Kane Gortspiral 2

Wes Shiptalon (If he comes back.) 4

Memorable Members

"Once a comrade always a comrade."
– Xeres Gorogdrive

Delta Films

Delta Films is a CWA film group within Delta Company, all of they're CWA films will be posted on Admiral Atom's YouTube Channel. Even with a shut down of CWA, Delta Films will continue.

Past Projects

"Skirmish on Ryloth"

Released: September 8th, 2013 (9/8/13)


Star Wars Skirmish On Ryloth (CWA Film)05:56

Star Wars Skirmish On Ryloth (CWA Film)

4 Movie D

"Ghost Ship"

Released: December 15, 2013 (12/15/13)



Through Atom's time on CWA, he has designed many aircraft for the squads he's been on, and you may notice every two of the ships look similar.

Mark I
Mark I
"I know its not much but it's a template for future ships, it'll have to do for now."
– Admiral Atom

The Mark I ship was a prototype craft designed by Admiral Atom, and used by the "shadow tech marines"

Type: Transport

Attack: Light laser canons, cluster bombs

Defense: A Class deflector shield

Speed: Very slow

Mark II
Mark II

The second craft designed by Admiral Atom, this one featured higher attack all around an upgrade from the prototype.

Type: Transport, Light Combat

Attack: Front facing canon, rear facing Particle Beam Cannon, Ion Repeaters

Defense: B Class Shields

Speed: Moderate

Mark III
Mark III
"This is the beginning of a whole new wave of combat."
– Admiral Atom

The third craft designed by Admiral Atom, this craft was heavily used by the "sadow tech marines" until it was decommissioned.

Type: Assault, transport

Attack: Energized disrupters, heat seeking missiles, Ion Canon

Defense: C class shields

Speed: Fast

Mark IV
Mark IV

The Mark IV was the first ship Atom had modeled after a Republic Gunship, it was used many times by the Sadow Tech Marines, and Delta Company, but later replaced with other ships.

Type: Assault, Transport

Attack: Laser Cannons, Lock-On Missiles, Proton Torpedos

Defense: A Class Shields

Speed: Fast

Mark V
Mark V

The fifth, and second to last craft Atom has designed, this craft was modeled more after a Republic Gunship then his previous ships.

Type: Heavy Assault, transport

Attack: Standard issue canons, Lock-on missiles, Proton Bombs

Defense: B Class shields

Speed: Moderate

Mark VI
Mark VI

The final ship designed by Admiral Atom, and by far his greatest. This ship was directly taken from a Republic Gunship with floodlights, but given many major upgrades, to increase speed, attack, and defense.

Type: Heavy Assault, Transport

Attack: Front Facing Laser Cannons, Rear Facing Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedos, Lock-On Missiles, Proton Bombs

Defense: A Class Shields

Speed: Very Fast

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