"When there's a master there is always an apprentice to pass on the teachings"

~Carth Grayhitch~

Carth Grayhitch
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32 BBY



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1.83 Meters

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Galactic Republic (SOF Unit Elite Army)

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Carth Grayhitch's past was unbeleivable when he told the young cadets on Kamino. Carth was a clone from the past who lives till this day Carth Was mostly a stubborn clone when he was made he always wanted to do things his ways, and he never agreed with anyone. It was always rough for him or thats what he said. What Carth use to do when he was made was a pretty bad thing he thought pulling pranks on the Kaminoans would be funny, well the Kaminoans disagreed. He was punished alot of times by cleaning up the Expirements that had Bacta and other chemicals.

Carth's Past

Before the Trade Federation Invaded Naboo a Jedi by the name of Sifo-Dyas ordered for an Army of clones for the Republic. Then a Mandalorian bounty hunter by the name of Jango Fett who was hired by a man named Tyranus, to become the face of the Republic Clones.

Weeks after Jango Fett was tested and then cloned; the Kaminoans wanted to make a prototype batch of clones first. Carth was one of the clones from the first clone batch made, but sense the bacth was just a prototype the clones were expected to have bugs that could cause them to turn to ash or so the Kaminoans said, but as a theory. After the first batch was done each clone was named by Jango him self

Jango named one of them Carth and the others were Dak, Trigger, Trapper, and Jax. These clones were to be tested in training for the future original clones to be ready with out problems. During the Training the Cadets prototypes were put into training simulations, surprisingly Carth was one of the only Cadets to have a gift his abillity was different from the others and he was known to see things before they happend the Kaminoans said its just his instincts acting up suddenly. Jango was starting to get impressed with Carth, so he started training Carth secretly from the Kaminoans cause they asked that he did not interrupt with the Cadets testings. Carth always liked what Jango did as a job he felt like he had a father. Jango wanted Carth to come with him as his son, but Carth wanted to stay with his brothers though, he rejected Jango's offer. Jango was so upset about it that he didn't even say a word when Carth rejected the offer. Carth stayed under his clone code and stayed with the Cadets.


Years after the clones were made the Kaminoans finished the testing with the prototype batch the clone cadets were now older. The Kaminoans also started the production of the real clones. Carth was ready for anything, but he was still not old enough. The other clones were being made for the War so they had growth accelaration which caused them to age faster than from growing naturaly. The Kaminoans were still training the Prototype cadets sense they would one day be in the war fighting. Carth was still getting stronger the other cadets that were not part of the prototype batch thought he was using the force one day cause during a simulation Carth knocked down the target practices with out even touching them or shooting them. The Kaminoans were thinking that Carth actually managed to inherit the power to control mediclorians from Jango somehow. One day after the prototype batch finished a day of training Carth and the others went to sleep at the barracks. The next day Carth woke up the other cadets were gone. Carth shocked from what he saw he ran to the head Kaminoans in charge of the prototype cadets, by the time he made it to the room Jango and the head Kaminoans were inside with four medical pods. For the first time Carth felt he lost a family and Jango was as sad as Carth ever seen him during his time on Kamino, Carth said it was the first time he saw him show an emotion more than a smile.

The Clone Wars begins

Years after Carth's despression of loosing his closest brothers he experienced alot of events on Kamino like Jango asking for a personal Clone of his own he called Boba Fett, his revealing of his gift, his name changing.

When Carth walked by Jango one day he told Carth that he would have been called Boba Fett. Carth with a face full of anger at Jango was all he showed. After Carth experienced the loss of his brothers he decided to get a new title and go by the name of Captain Fordo. When the Clone Wars began the Kaminoans wanted Carth to begin as an ARC trooper because of his talents. Carth took his first job on Geonosis.

Sergeant Brige and Carth's squad getting in the the Tower


Where the beginning of the Clone Wars started, Carth was assigned to take control of the control room which was heavily fortified, when Carth came back from his mission on Geonosis he came back with all of his men. Carth said "When I'm in command i'm not loosing any of my Brothers". From that day forward Carth has not lost not a single Clone under his command. His Casualty records were Zero since the War started he was the first clone to ever have a casualty number that low, not even a Jedi has made it that low before.

Carth's Missions during the Clone Wars

Carth has really had tough missions, but in the end he always comes back with his whole team.He started his time by training with some of the Arc troopers, but then after his next mission was given. He went to the Jedi temple as fast as he could when he was told he got ready. Carth and his team were sent to acompany an invasion on Munulist a planet being used by the Banking Clan to make droid Factories on the planet. Carth went to his ship to breif the clones. His Jedi helpers were General Obi-wan Kenobi and Commander Anakin Skywalker, Anakin was a very strong Jedi. After being discovered by Yoda on Kamino when he come to take the Army to Geonosis he found Carth and decided to take him to control his gift of the Force. Carth then herd of Anakin Skywalker by the Council. The Council was not sure to make a clone a Jedi, but they thought that a Blaster weilding Force user would help with the War effort. Carth's Training would soon begin one day when the Jedi are ready for him. Anyways, after the departcher from Coruscant Carth was on the Frigate cruiser studying about his mission the Feild and what he is dealing with. Carth then went to his team called Delta Squad who was being accompanied by Clone troopers, but Delta Squad is just an Arc trooper squad. The clone troopers were added to the team to help out with reinforcements or extra infantry for the mission. Carth then went to the Hanger to talk to Commander Skywalker about his past. Coomander Skywalker said " I started here in the middle of a war that was happening on Naboo which I ended by Destroying a droid command ship from the inside, but if it wasn't for a wise Jedi I would not be here right now". Carth smiled, but you could not see him smiling cause he was wearing his helmet. One of the best Pilots in the order of the Jedi was Skywalker, Carth thought he would be especially when he first used his starfighter which is a prototype which was given to him by the Kaminoans as a gift to test. Carth though was ready for anything. Carth second mission after the Battle of Geonosis was to take out a cannon at a tower, which was heavily armed cause of the resistence of droids and tanks in the city. Carth surely knew what to do about those. After the Gunship got the team into the city there was nothing but droid snipers around them. Carth never talked much during missions he just used hand signals, he told the trooper to take out the scanner then notify him where they are hiden. then Carth calls in his second in command to take them out with the rocket launcher. After that the team continues to head towards the cannon.

Saving The Day

After reaching the cannon succesfully Carth took out any of the droid guards protecting it. then prepare to set charges all over the cannon. Carth sensed something was going to happen after the explosion of the cannon that something would take out the main forces on the front. Carth waited on top of the tower while the forces made their way to the City. Carth was then sent to lead his team to take over the control room again, like in Geonosis he was the cause of the battle ending.

Once the cannon was destroyed he herd that some bikers were taking out the main forces on the front. Carth could not do anything so he stayed at his post watching while clones and tanks be destroyed infront of him, so after the destruction of most of the Republic heavy cannons, General Kenobi set out to destroy these bikers on his own. After facing a strong bounty hunter who could not die, even though General Kanobi stuck his lightsaber through his chest. he managed to take him out for a sec.

General Kanobi was surprised of the bounty hunters abillity, but he was dead to his eyes. General Kenobi then mounted on a speeder and rode to the Control room where Carth was waiting for him to pursue the target.

Clone Wars Animated02:40

Clone Wars Animated

Carth taking over the control room

When the control room was captured and the banking clan leader held as prisoner. The Battle was soon to end.Carth really enjoyed this mission especially when he had to save Obi-wan's life.

Carth then returned to the command post at the front and left his second in command to acompany General Kenobi

Never the less Carth still sensed something was wrong like if someone was going to attack the Commander leading the space forces over the planet. Carth thought of it as a vision just trying to confuse him from staying focused on the battle going on down in the planet, yet he still felt like a new enemy was about to rise just not one, but two enemies.

Trouble In The Galaxy

Commander Skywalker's space forces were close to finishing off the enemy up in space, but that all changed when an unidentified starfighter appeared from no where and took out to squadrons of starfighters. Impressed by the pilots abilities, Skywalker pursues this fighter all around space soon he even chased it through the Cities on the planet. Refusing to follow orders Skywalker then followed this rouge fighter out of the Munilist System, and into Yavin 4. After seeing what had just happend, General Kenobi sent a recovery Squad after him, I sent my trusted Sergeant, Seargeant Dash. after the transport had left, Carth was sensing another situation about to happen.

Protecting The Order

After Commander Skywalker had returned on a rouge Starfighter that belonged to the one he had chased, he then came back victorious by defeating the Sith. General Kenobi knew that it was a trap. That exact day Carth was at the forward command post still holding off the remaining droids who have yet to be deactivated, wh

Razor Suadron LAAT dropping Carth's team

en an urgent message was sent to him by General Kenobi. A Group of surviving Jedi pinned down and hunted by a new Separatist leader. Carth then rushed to an LAAT Gunship to get to the landing Frigate on the planet. Carth then loaded his supplies got his Razor Squadron Gunship ready and loaded his men. Today Carth's men would be the first to fight against a new enemy, let's see how well Arc Trooper training is. After arriving over the planet, Carth's team flew into an army of Super Battledroids, luckily they dropped of few charges for a clear escape path. Then Razor Squadron Gunship Elite A-12 dropped off Carth's team inside a ruined Frigate, where they rushed in to save the remaining

Carth engaging Grievous

Jedi Generals. After Reaching the Jedi survivors a new enemy was discovered a Kaleesh warrior also known as General Grievous with Jedi lightsaber techiniques. Carth and his men sorrounded the Kaleesh warrior and fired from all directions using state of the art DC-15 Arc Repulsor Rifles and Rotary Cannons. After Fighting Grievous for a while, the Droid General seemed to be unstopable, so Carth called in Razor Squadron LAAT Elite A-12 to take down Grievous, while the others secured the surviving Jedi. In the end only three Jedi survived: Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. The team then returned to the Frigate to head straight to Corucsant.

Arc Pilot- "Approaching droid perimeter. We are undected"

Carth- "Gun it!'"

Arc Pilot- "Sir!"

~Carth and Arc Pilot~

SOF Unit (Elite Army)

After countless victories, Carth was given permission by the Jedi Council, who persuaded the Chancellor in order of letting Carth become a Clone General. The Republic Clone Troopers were not allowed to have a higher rank then Commander, but sense Carth was at the side of the Jedi he had authority of a Jedi General Rank. Carth was then assigned his own Unit, and only he would be in command of this Unit. The name of this Unit was called the Elite Army an SOF Unit (Special Operation Forces). The Elite Army was made a Secondary army for the Republic, due to it's size of Unity and advance training. The Elite Army was only summoned for back up, never for them selves. Carth had worked hard in making his Army successful it was soon knowned as a Special honor for Future Clone Soldiers to be in the Elite Army.

Elite Army Artillery

The Elite Army was very special in many ways, they had private bases built across the Galaxy at the time of 22 BBY the Elite Army had bases and stations over the entire Galaxy working as Undercover agents, for Intel on CIS movement. The

Clone Assasin

Elite Army weaponry and Armor development came from Carth's designs him self.

Blaze Trooper

Carth made many mods of different Units that were in the Army for example: Sky Troopers, Blaze Troopers, Assasin Clon

Elite Army Attack Cruiser (one of many)

e, Elite Clone Gunner, and Special Ops Clone. Carth also used the designs from his first and only V-wing that was created sense the War began, to make more for the Elite

Sky Trooper

Army, except they were made into Bombers.

In the end Carth then made Cruisers for the Elite Army, way bigger then the Venator Attack Cruisers the Republic used.

All of the elite Army Units were trained extremely, for instance Assasin clones were trained for an immense amount of speed and acrobats. Blaze trooper was trained for strength and Intimidation. Sky Trooper was trained for airborn attacks and better strategies. Also the V-wing the Elite Army's main Fighter class ship. Was made the Elite Army's main ship due to it's speed and size, this ship was originaly Carth's at first then more were made, but not like Carth's which is modified to work for his capability.

Planet Hunt

A few days before Carth went to Kamino, to observe on Elite Army training at the Citadel, Carth was told about CIS infantry increasing in the Mid Rim. Carth started loading up a fleet of Elite Army cruisers to prepare for the Adventure on finding a hidden planet, hoping that it could be used as a Secret Base to ambush CIS forces that enter the Area. The only problem is this system has been hidden for

The Planet Centares

many years and hardly ever seen, Carth studied the planet and where it's previous location was last scene. Carth set out to the Mid Rim sectors in hope of finding the Hidden Mysterious planet of Centares. Carth's fleet of elite Army cruisers have been ordered to cover more ground and to send out Scout fighters. The Centares system was in the Maldrood Sector, where many things have ovvured during the Clone Wars. The Centares System had dissapeared from Navigation devices along time ago after the War that happend in the Maldrood Sector. Carth had come up many CIS Cruisers during the search. The enemy Cruisers had their communications jammed instantly to prevent CIS forces to investigate the Sector as well. Carth had a feeling that the Centares System was hidden for a reason. A while after the Search lead to no where, the Cruisers computers and systems have started to malnfunction the Cruisers then started being caught by an unknown orbit. The Cruisers then started gaining control again after entering a Camoflauged planets atmosphere. The Planet was very forest like, thats when Navi Computers recorded the planet as unknown, but the traits fit the exact ones as the planet of Centares.

Base on the Centares System

Carth had just found the Centares System and had contacted every Cruiser to either report to his location, or to return with the rest of the fleet. After finding the mysterious planet, Carth had sent out scouting Ships and Speeder Squadrons to check the area for any signs of life.

The Centares System had a perfect terrain for a base to be built. A few hours when all Scout sqadrons reported in, one squadron reported saying there was a City on the planet of Centares, the Scouts did not go inside they were waiting for durther orders. Carth had ordered the Scouts to hold their position and that he would be there. Carth had arrived at the pos
250px-The Flame-1-

Gen'Dai species

ition finding nothing but a City the Capital City Muracie, Carth then went into the city alone with to Commanders. The mysterious planet of Centares has been hidden for a long time, but to hide a Utopia of mostly humans. Carth had just been in the Capital for a while, and already trouble arrived. Captain Larser contacted Carth and said an Army of Warriors were going towards the City. Carth standing at the main entrance was engaged by Gen'Dai warriors an unkillable species who can live as long as they desire, Carth took out his Repulsor Pistol and attacked the Gen'Dai. Carth then contacted the Troops holding the Scout position to come down and protect the City. The Gen'Dai were becoming impossible to beat, unfortunately for the Gen'Dai the Elite Army sent out the Blaze Troopers to the City to hold down the Gen'Dai. At first the Gen'Dai were loosing untill more arrived. Carth had no choice, but to fall back to the Cruisers, and leave the City.

Carth Reborn

Soon after the leaving the planet Centares, Carth had left on a shuttle with a Team of Assasin clones to head for the planet of Tatooine. Once Carth arrived to the planet there was a Gang War going on, Jabba's men against a Group of Weequay Gangsters. The War on Tatooine has been going on for many rotations, Carth then got in the way of the Gang fight to end the War that has been killing many Citezens on Tatooine. Carth had joined with Jabba
Carth New Armor Wiki

Carth's newly designed General Armor

to stop this madness, later after Carth's assasins found the Gangster base, they set out to find the leader of the group. Carth had no idea what he was doing bothering with a War that was not his own. Once Carth arrived at the Camp the leader was a ruthless Bounty Hunter who ambushed Carth's assasins, but had not chance against the Assasins training. The Weequay pirates were out matched and then taking down, but then Tragedy struct on Carth the Bounty Hunter had shot Carth when he was taking out a pirate by a ridge, the Bounty hunter fled, and Carth was gone.

Days after the elite Army have been searching for Carth they have had no luck, they soon reported Carth who was under the name of Captain Fordo at that time as MIA. The Elite Army was close to being under new command, when one day Carth returned. He was at Kamino smiling at his Troops when they found him their, Carth said he planned the his Death to start as a new person in the Republic. Carth was no longer known as Captain Fordo, but as Carth Grayhitch leader of the Elite Army. Carth had designed new armor for him self and soon stopped wearing a helmet even though he made his own. Carth's armor soon became an inspiration to the Kaminoans and then was used as a development for a much better Arc Trooper Armor for the Grand Army of the Republic. Weeks after that the name Fordo was given to a new Arc Trooper Captain and was then said to be the same one who was MIA, but who returned.

Carth's Power

After the return of Carth from a confusion of character the Jedi had kept their promise, and began to teach Carth how to use the force and to control it. The Jedi never promised him to become a Jedi only to teach him to control the Force. Carth had already gotten a lightsaber he contructed, his crystal was special a very light blue kyber crystal. Carths lightsaber suit his personality and was "Perfect!" as Carth said. Carth
Rotated Saber

Carth's Lightsaber

then needed to learn to control his feelings and strech out with the force, to let him reach out to the mind of the mediclorians to influence them to follow his will. Carth meditated constantly at the Jedi Temple and tried to control him self from going mad with power. The Jedi only feared that Training someone under Jedi Arts, but who will not become a Jedi wou;d be Dangerous and un balance the Will of the force.

Carth had dueled many of the Jedi in freindly training exercises, especially the Jedi Council. Carth was becoming closer and closer to the force and being able to control it more and more every day. Soon he would face his true Destiny.

Ambush at the Maldrood Sector

Some time after the Kaminoans issued an order to develop new Clone Armor (Phase II Clone Armor), Carth had decided to return to the Maldrood Sector in hopes of aiden the people of the planet Centares with their Gen'Dai invaders. During the trip to the Maldrood sector the Planet of Centares was already blockaded by CIS ships, Carth's fleet engaged the Blockade with an advantage of out maneuvering the Seperatist Ships with the V-Wing Bombers. Most of the Ships were taken down, except for the Flag Ship leading the fleet. The Commander of the blockade was non-other then the Droid General Grievous. General Grievous was outraged with the loss of most of his ships that he sent in a Drop Ship towards the Elite Army Flag Ship which Carth was on at the time. The Drop Ship had landed on the Hanger and Droids have started to rain all over the Hanger, unfortanately for the droids the Guardian Troops had the Droids out gunned in the hanger. General Grievous had grown furious and decided to go in him self, thinking he had an advantage sense there were no Jedi on the Ship, but General Grievous had no clue that the Elite Army was stronger then the Republics Clone Troopers. Carth had sent everyone out of the Hanger and entered on his own with Grievous. Carth had introduced him self to Grievous, as Grievous engaged thinking Carth was an easy target. Carth had moved faster then the Assasin clones and dodged Grievous's attack.

Grievous then had learned that Carth was a Jedi, at least thats what he thought. Carth fought Grievous honorably, but Grievous who has never been a fair dueler had sent Magnaguards at Carth while Grievous escaped the Cruiser, and then leading his fleet out of Centares System space. Carth had seen what he could do, and saw the strength he had with in him.

Dalton Grayhitch

Dalton Grayhitch is the clone brother of Carth Grayhitch, they are not exactly brothers born at the same time, but Carth considers him a brother. Carth has always been observing Dalton helping him in any way he could. Carth always wanted Dalton to be at his side during the Clone Wars, so Carth had Dalton join in the Elite Army. Carth knew how to differ favoritism in his men and his brother, so he showed no special treatment to anyone in the Elite Army. Dalton was always a soldier who liked to joke around, and make Battle seem more fun. Dalton never wanted things to go bad, during battle he tried hard to protect the troops of the Republic. Dalton always hated to loose his clone Brothers it was harder for him to loose them, then many of the others who are use to seeing this as daily experience. Carth promised that he will always protect Dalton at any costs. Even though Dalton had no ability to control the force like Carth, he still tried his best to train with a practice sword in order to weild a lightsaber one day.

Secret Weapon

Some time during the beginning of the Clone Wars there was a deadly weapon that caused a fight between a armored Skakoan and the Ruthless Bounty hunter Cad Bane. Carth was sent to the Planet Behpour to find the Weapon, sadly the Weapon was lost when the Droid Facility it was inside was destroyed from an explosion. The Skakoan was attempting to use the Weapon to power up his Facility with a machine capable of destroying a planet, the Skakoan was hired by the CIS to accomplish the destruction of the planet of Naboo.

Carth was positive that the Secret Weapon was destroyed along with the Facility, untill one day a Mandalorian Mercenary came in the Republic Base on Coruscant claiming to have seen the Secret Weapon on Hutta. The Mandalorian was known as Arcode Mereel, a true Warrior of the Mandalorians loyal to Jaster Mereel, he said he had been accepting Bounties to pay off his dues to the rest of his Organazation. Carth never did like Bounty Hunters even though most of his training is from one. Carth had sent out to Hutta in search of the very weapon capable of mass destruction, before the CIS were to get their hands on it again. Carth went to hutta on a small ship the Elite Army use during certain occasions, when they were keeping a low profile of getting noticed. Thats when Carth wore his Under Cover armor, or the armor he uses when he trains with the Jedi. Carth and the Mandalorian Arcode Mereel landed on Hutta and started searching in the shop yards where he last had saw it. Carth wasn't trusting the Mandalorian at first because of the way he thought of things, thinking everything is just a job and that he doesn't matter for the lives of others. Carth and Arcode soon found them selves looking around at the Ship yards looking for the Weapon near any ships that were either leaving or not yet departchered.

After looking around for hours with no progress, Carth was soon thinking of calling a quits on the search, till Arcode yelled "Over there! Look!" Carth then turned around and saw Trandoshan Slavers taking the Weapon on board their ship. Carth jumped out took out his light saber and yelled "Freeze this is the Republic!" The Trandoshan Slavers then took out there weapons and rained a party of blaster bolts on Carth and Arcode. Arcode then jumped up and activated his Jetpack and tackled one of the Slavers, then Carth got up and engaged the others as well. Arcode then shot rocckets from his glove towards a group of the Slavers, while Carth started taking the Weapon with him. Then the Slavers got an advantage over Arcode and shot his Jetpack, the explosion pushed Arcode near an edge close to falling. Carth then dropped the weapon and tried to save Arcode. The Slavers then retreated to their ship and took off, but they were not lost Carth set a tracking device on their hull. Arcode then got up with anger at Carth and sayed "What did you do?!" Carth was confused on what he meant, then Arcode continued "Why did you let them get away with the Weapon!" Carth responded "To save you what else?" Arcode then said "I didn't need any saving". Carth and Arcode then left to the Ship. Carth and Arcode then located the Trandoshan Slavers destination, it was Kashyyyk.

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