• Hello this is me cal and i will start editing as much as i can now
  • Age: unknown but says that she will tell in time
  • Looks: green/black hair, bright green eyes, plae skin and is zabrack with the line pattern and dreds (dont judge it is nicer than being bald)
  • Likes: nice people, people that can understand her, dangos, mouchi, pockey, and sushi (these foods are all Jappense (sp?)) and is a MAJOR anime fan so if u know some anime let me know plz. i would love it. :), reading, video games of all sorts, drawing, animals, music and funny things
  • Dislikes: mean people
  • Groups she was with: Dark Female Force, Lion Pride, Heron Vinity (person), a lot of others i cant remember, and my current group, Lords of Alchemy
  • People of intrest in my life: my sister Oria Oka, my current boyfriend ,who i love to no ends, Rycar Hover, an person who i found funny cause of the way she tries to keep her forces together and also was my sisters master, Heron Vinity, her brother Saren Vader, and my friends Addison Spacejammer (note: hit on her and you will die a slow and painful death), and Oliva Cryoflight (note: same as Addie i have know them both for all my life), FireClaw DragonFire (she is never on) and Naruto Might
  • Position: General in my squad, Godess of the sith, Knight 1, Cadet 1, Leader of friend group we all know each other in real life, we all go hunting or mess around.
    • ANIME
  1. [(song by vocaloid)]
  2. [[1]][[2]]
  3. [[3]][[4]]
  4. [Tale]
  5. [than black]
  6. [1]
  7. [2]
  8. [nightcore]

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    • No Information at the moment, please check back later**

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