I Cade Goldenspark had a loving family,warm house,and a ton of pets. Until all of that was taken away from me by the sith. My parents killed, my house burned down, and all but one pet killed. I knew i was force sensitive but what could that change? I had to live on the streets, steal food from shop owners, and then run away. One day a man named Ethan Hatchborer found me stealing and took me under his wing and so began my training of being a jedi. Ethan trained me to be a jedi knight by hard training and practice duels. One day a young boy named Marcus Ring was begging for spare change, when i went up to the boy i immediatly saw something different about him. Turns out Marcus was force sensitive as well as me so he became my padawan and i have trained him to be a jedi knight. One day me, Ethan, and Marcus were fighting off sith when a seperatist ship landed. Out came two sith lords, Kylej30 and Lord Scar. We were surrounded we had no idea what to do, and then scar laughed. He pointed at me and said "I have this one!" He ignited his lightsaber and so did I, then a sizzle of lightsabers filled the air. i knocked scar on his feet and me, Ethan, and Marcus ran to the seperatist ship, threw out the pilot and flew off. I was walking in the jedi temple when i saw the most beautiful most graceful girl in the world, Cassidy Amaro. When i went to talk to her she smiled and said "Hi your Cade Goldenspark right?" All I could do was nod my head yes. We became friends after that and i finally got the courage to ask her out and she said yes. We dated for a long time but broke up after a while and after that everything seemed to go down hill, jedi were killed and some turned to the dark side. we are still fighting this war along with my squad "spirits of the force." We need all of your help to fight this war and we need every jedi we can to stand in the front lines of battle so we can win this war!

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