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Grand Army Of The Republic



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41st Elite Ghost Siege Battlion was the finest soldiers in the republic army it was lead by Commander Skirata had orders to protect the icey moon of Orto plutonia to protect the republic outpost it was silent. quiet blizzard out there it was tough weather Commander Skirata lead platoon of fellow clones from the outpost to look for any life signs of separatist activity skirata used his macrobinoculars zoomed in and located a down cis transport skirata then said: alright move it get on the speeders there down transport let go check out. fellow soldier: but sir we dont know what could be in there. Commander Skirata: then i guess where going find out then huh soldier. fellow soldier: sir yes sir! they investgate the cis crash site and down on the ground is bunch of destroyed droids. and a separatist datapad skirata scans it with his long range scanner and finds separatist where travling to a separatist HQ but it dosent say the reason why these droids where destoryed but they proceed on to the cis base and scope it out with macrobinoculars they found hundreds of droid invasion army on at the enemy base. they take cover for now. they take shelter in cave setted up a bed in the cave for the fellow soldiers skirata: we will leave in the morning to get reinforcements and then we will make our assault againsta the droids. soldiers: yes sir! yes sir.

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