CPLRusty Layman is a character from Clone Wars Adventures.

CPLRusty Layman
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36 BBY

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1.95 Meters


77.1 Kilograms

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Early Life

Rusty was born in 36 BBY to Sten and Mahlee Layman on the planet of Coruscant, and was taken to the Jedi Temple for training as was his brother, Casey. Rusty grew up in Galactic City. Her mother Mahlee, and her father Sten were the owners of a shop that sold clothing. His father was a Jedi that had fought in wars many years ago, but was now in exile. Master Yoda knew that Sten was a former Jedi, so he contacted they family when Rusty and Casey were born. Even at a very young age, Rusty knew that he wanted to fight for peace with the Jedi.

The Clone Wars

Everyone has their own path, choose it wisely.
– Rusty, to his fellow soldiers and Jedi

The First Battle Of Geonosis

We can do this!
– Rusty, to FieldCommander Racer

The Battle On Naboo

Rusty has been a great asset on securing our planet.
– Senator Padme Amidala, on Rusty's hard work

The Battle Of Umbara

Negotiations On Orto Plutonia

My highest priority is your safety.
– Rusty, to the Senator Jasmine Rosejoy

Rusty and Tyrral Magnadueler accompanied the Senator Jasmine Rosejoy on her peacemaking trip to the planet, in case anything went wrong.  Jasmine was captured by Talz, aided by Mandalorian warriors.  Tyrral followed the Senator in a cruiser, seeing Mandalorian warriors nearby.  He flew low, so that they could not see him, as Rusty took them out on the ground. Tyrral picked Rusty up and headed towards the camp.  Inside the camp, Jasmine was being told to join the Separatists, by her captors, Dante LordSnake and Anni Shadowknight.  Jasmine used the force and hurled a bench at the woman, who was pointing a blaster at her.  Then she ripped her bounds in two, and kicked Dante in the back, sending him to the floor.  Meanwhile, Rusty was moving swiftly, killing Talz and Mandalorian warriors outside of the base.  He met Jasmine coming out of the camp, and took her back to the cruiser, meeting Tyrral on the way.  When the three got back to the location of the cruiser, it was gone!  A few minutes later, two of the Senator's friends, Wullf Hexburst and Jaden Sabor, arrived in the cruiser, as they had taken it to be refueled.  They headed back home, all tired from the fighting that day.

Grand Officer


Rusty, in his new gear shooting down seppies behind a bunker on Ryloth

Rusty received the Grand Officer armor and rifle as a reward for fighting in the Clone Wars along side of the Jedi.



The Galactic Marines

Republic Marine Havoc Squad (UNSCM)

Republic UNSCN Fleet

Republic UNSCNA Airborne Unit

Survivors of the Siege

Strength Of Many

Survivors Reborn


Ranked #33 on Speeder Bike Racing Orto Plutonia - Easy Overdrive Challenge

Ranked #21 on Dark Side Duel Vs. Count Dooku


Trophy Room

Padawan Dormitory

Jedi Living Quarters

Hangar See this page for info on this house.



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