Biographical information



32 BBY, Kamino


19 BBY, Coruscant

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color

Black; Blonde (bleached)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


"The responsibility for leading the battalion is hard, and I have great responsibility in leading my battalion, and leading the Grand Army of the Republic,"

-Shadowknight on early 19 BBY-

CL-2266 nicknamed "Shadowknight" was the name of an ARF Trooper lieutenant during the Clone Wars. The ARF Trooper was experienced in skills. He wore red ARF Trooper armor with a pauldron and kama. He wore red painted boots and gloves. He sometimes uses a DC-15 blaster rifle, and sometimes or usually a DC-15A blaster.

It had all started on the watery world of Kamino when CT-2266 was born from the clone trooper DNA of Jango Fett. He had trained not so well, and well. Then he had went all the way from Geonosis, to Mimban, to an attack onboard the Starboarder. He had then had a promotion to become 'Lieutenant' Shadowknight during the Clone Wars with the following trip to Coruscant, where he met his old ex-friend Phase the Alpha ARC Trooper. He had soon once again boarded the Starboarder and set off for Tatooine, where he had a recon mission with Gamea Squad, the squadron which he worked with, and YoYo Squadron, which was lead by Phase himself. They weren't getting along until a giant lava pit appeared, and nearly killed Shadowknight and Phase, until Shadowknight soon had the guts to save his 'brother.' They had gotten along, and finished the mission together.

A matter of time was when they traveled to Geonosis a second time, but for a third battle, and had to infiltrate a Separatist facility, and they had succeeded. Then they were put on Starboarder for a little while until their next mission, and YoYo Squad visited along with Jedi General Jalar, who happened to be an in-disguise Sith Lord. After that Shadowknight was promoted to Alpha-ARC Trooper for bravery against the Sith Lord.



"The training isn't that bad, but the food's delightful," -Shadowknight

"I know right," -Clone cadet

CT-2266 was born from the DNA of the bounty hunter Jango Fett.

Jango Fett

Jango Fett, the one that was cloned to make clone troopers of the Republic.

Jango Fett wore Mandalorian armor, that was colors blue and white. He had used pistols as weapons of choice. CT-2266 had started training from birth, every time in the morning, afternoon, and evening he ate food. If only he had a real life, not being stuck in the clone trooper barracks. It was a matter of years when he started actual training courses. It was a real life, just...just not quite good enough. He wanted real war, real fighting, real serving in the Republic Army. If only that was his life. Only a few months later after he started the courses he joined a squad of clone troopers. This squad was known as Gamea Squad. They liked to play games often, and the game would be courses. The courses got harder and harder each time they completed one. It was only a matter of time they started the Citadel Challenge, the most challenging and advanced course ever made on Kamino's Tipoca City. If only they started something easier and...not challenging or so advanced.

The Citadel Course

The Test

"The Citadel of the best," -BuckleUp

"I don't like it, your best," -Shadowknight talking to Gamea Squad before their challenge It was 23 BBY. Shadowknight and the rest of Gamea Squad started their test of the Citadel Challenge. They didn't like was scary for them. Had they felt ready, were they faking it? Was it a surprise for the other clones? They thought not, but they didn't know why. They were only two squads away from the current squad training on the course. They fought bravely against the computer controlled droids. They had made it look so easy. But even though they hadn't gone into it completely yet, it wasn't easy. They just weren't complaining and worried, and Gamea Squad was. As soon as that squad finished, another went in. As soon as they finished, Gamea Squad went. It was only the next day that the clones that accomplished this course would join the army in a graduation. It didn't take long for this squad to finish. The previous squad accomplished the course simply with quick moves. But then when the squad that just finished, out of the doors came only one clone. The others were being carried on stretches. That squad had lost. They were also sent down to maintenance. The previous day, Gamea Squad didn't do so, so well on their practice run. They fought the whole time, and soon they had to shut down the course, good thing is no one was hurt. The battlefield was insane, large. The famous Dodge Squad lead by the soon-to-be Clone Commander Boomdodger finished the course only a year ago. They focused on their war lessons. Gamea Squad didn't. That's why they had double shifts. Soon it was triple shifts. Their final lesson was just a week ago. The course was as hard as a battlefield. But that was pretty much the point. But the question is, why were they trying to just random fire, and run around? That wasn't like a clone. A clone wouldn't do that in battle. It was only a matter of time that the speakers spit out the sound of saying, 'the course has come to a stop.' The clones of Gamea Squad went uh-oh.

Second Chances

"General Ti, we ask for permission to take the course again," -BuckleUp

"Yeah, General Ti," -Shadowknight


Shadowknight (left) and BuckleUp (right) ask Shaak Ti (far right) to try the course again.

Gamea Squad failed. High above their objective, the Citadel, was a viewing balcony. On the balcony was Clone Commander Colt, Jedi General Shaak Ti, and Boomdodger, the rookie clone trooper with special gear which was amazing at training clones, and a guard at Kamino for the next year. He had been a guard for one year. He was chosen for this job only for a few months. They had been talking about how Gamea Squad fought the droids. They had failed this challenge. They were going down to maintenance. What had gone wrong? They weren't going to maintenance yet. But tomorrow they would, unless they could...somehow manage to do it again.

That evening troopers Shadowknight and BuckleUp, another member of Gamea Squad went to see General Ti. They had asked her for another attempt to do this very challenge they struggle at. Shaak Ti did not have a response, but instead she finally spoke, 'I will allow you and Gamea Squad to take the test one more time tomorrow before the graduation.' The clones thanked her in relief. They then had walked out of the room of the viewing balcony, for Ti was watching cadets train. But tomorrow...tomorrow Gamea Squad had something new to say.

The Real Thing

"Now guys, remember follow orders, do your best, it's die or not," -Shadowknight to Gamea Squad

That next morning, a few hours before the graduation, Gamea Squad gathered up inside the clone trooper barracks inside their red clone cadet training armor. It was only minutes later they stepped onto the lift, as the other cadets still in training watched. The lift lifted them to the large hangar, where the Citadel Course was built. At an instant Gamea Squad made their pose, and charged into the battlefield, together. They took cover, as they blasted the towers behind them, and in front of them. Only then, Shadowknight's built in comm in his helmet spoke to life. The orders were clear, take the outpost in V-formation. The squadron of clones had done as told, a V-formation straight as ever. They charged to the base of the Citadel. Only then droids couldn't fire, and one tried to, but the blast hit the balcony, and bounced back up destroying the droid. Another though took it's place. Then Gamea Squad pulled out the cables from their packs that BuckleUp and another member, Don had. The cables could easily attach to their DC-15 and DC-15A blasters and blaster rifles. At an instant they were passed out and then went up the wall. The droids had no way to shoot them because they were to fast going up. They got up to steps at the top, or at least the base of them, and climbed up them. At the top was the green flag! They had done it. They were officially clone troopers. And the graduation was only an hour away. Gamea Squad had gone to it after they were cheered on. They had left Kamino on board the Starboarder. They knew that they weren't going to see Kamino anytime soon, maybe never. But they'd remember their days on their homeworld of Kamino.

First Battle of Geonosis

"The war has begun, let us begin with our war," -Shadowknight to Gamea Squad

It was one year later. Shadowknight had been on the Starboarder a long time. He and Gamea Squad was put there until the war started. It was time when the time had come. Geonosis was a hot and desert like planet filled with rocks of red sand. As the gunships passed by the arena more gunships flew out of it. Shadowknight was on one of the lead gunships, passing the arena. Only if Gamea Squad went into real battle. That "dream" had come true. The gunship he was riding in flew down to the planet surface, and they filled their blasters with lots of ammo. They charged into battle with other clones and Jedi. They had seen the Lucrehulk-class Core Ships and attacked it. The SPHAs attacked it, and destroyed it.

Soon the battle end was near, and a command gunship had landed in front of Gamea Squad. Inside was Gamea Squad's main creator, who wasn't exactly a member, and he told the squadron that he received orders from Jedi General Hiu-Oo Yuish that Gamea Squad had to return to the arena and help the famous Delta Squad, a squadron of the famous clone commandos. The members were Boss, Scorch, Fixer, and Sev. Not only that, but Delta Squad had done most of the arena. They had already slain Sun Fac, a Geonosian lieutenant.

Delta Squad

"Hi, I'm Sev, that's Boss, Scorch, Fixer. Together we are Delta Squad," -Commando Sev, introducing Delta Squad

The Gamea Squad arrived at the arena on board an empty gunship. Delta Squad was waiting, while blasting droids and Geonosians. They had powerful weapons, and got into cover, and the gunship landed in front of the droids' path. Half of Gamea Squad came out one side, blasting droids while the other half went to meet the famous Delta Squad. They were both greeted by both squads. The arena wasn't packed, at least ten Geonosians and thirty droids. It wasn't a big deal, so they started firing. It was just simple, just until a Confedaracy leader had attacked them. His name was Sio-Duk, a Geonosian who was mad with skill.

Sio-Duk, the Geonosian lieutenant.

The fight wasn't simple now. So Delta Squad and Gamea Squad had to split. Gamea Squad blasted at droids while Delta Squad tried to get Sio-Duk the Geonosian sergeant, and Confederacy lieutenant. Not only that, the Geonosian wasn't good at flipping and other, only running and dodging. Delta Squad circled around him, or at least three of it. The geonosian jumped over the surrounding, and then landed in front of Scorch who wasn't in the circle. Scorch said something to the Gonosian and blasted him. The Geonosian lie dead on the ground, and Scorch quickly spun around and blasted the final droid, about to blast him.

The battle was finally done once Scorch blasted the final droid. The gunship with the clone trooper who origanlly created Gamea Squad was in it, and was found out to really be a clone advisor, but did come up with the name of Gamea Squad. The two squadrons of clones walked onto the gunship and flew up to the Starboarder. Delta Squad thanked Gamea Squad for their help, and Gamea had thought that Delta would go rough on them, but they stand corrected. Delta Squad was nice...or for now they supposed. The good thing is they all survived, and there were no injuries. Although bad news was that the Clone Wars had only begun. Shadowknight only believed if there was anything that would happen to him, and Gamea Squad.

Battle of Mimban

"'s so familiar from class," -BuckleUp

The world of Mimban, a world of the Expansion Region carried a battle between Republic and Separatist.


The planet of Mimban.

Shadowknight and Gamea Squad were still only clone trooper rookies a few days before the battle, but as they arrived on the world, they were promoted specially. They were made clone ARF Troopers because they were told by their clone advisor to scout in recon while the battle was taking place. The Republic already knew that the Separatist's were planning something since of their sensors.

Recon Mission

"You and Gamea Squad is to do reconnaissance on the Separatist listening post," -Clone Advisor 22-3344

"We'll do as told, advisor. Alright men, let's move out," -Shadowknight

It was near for the real war to begin. The battle had only lasted a few hours. The time for Gamea Squad to

take recon had come. They had ran along the rocky, and small-not very high cliffs to get to the Separatist listening post. The cliff had a good spot of cover if droids spotted them, but luckliy they weren't.

The listening post was just along the cliff's valley. It was a large rounded building with a small pad, it was looking more like the Republic Rishi moon outpost. Gamea Squad spotted a large window at the top of the structure and quietly stepped onto the roof, and stepped over the window. The trooper Gamer had used a special speaker to tell what was going on inside. The Sith Lord Count Dooku was speaking with Nute Gunray, a Neimodian who was mostly just a coward. They were saying, they were planning on using the thought bomb, a powerful weapon that could 'devour' anything.

Now the plan of unleashing the though bomb was insane. The ARF Troopers had to report that right away. Right as Buckle Up had unplugged the special radio, and the ARF Troopers walkded off the glass roof they were attacked by magnaguards. The battle had instantly begun with a magnaguard swinging his staff towards Shadowknight, who dodged it by ducking and while he was ducking quickly grabbed his blaster and blasted the magnaguard in the head, blowing off it's head. Though it still moved. Shadowknight blased it again in the stomach and it died to the ground. Then the two others had attacked the other ARFs. Luckily Gamer had a rocket launcher and blew both the magnaguards to smithereens. Then the ARF Troopers ran back to the main camp, to report to Jedi General Jiuy Miseo.

Escape of the Thought Bomb

They had quickly entered through the Jedi General's tent to reveal the Jedi. They told him about the Separatist plan, and they hacked into the timer of the thought bomb's blow. They had only an hour before it blew, so they had to get off world. The gunships were landed right outside the tent, and every single-surviving Republic trooper got onto a gunship, one-by-one. They had thirty minutes left to spare before the thought bomb had blown. So they had quickly set off, but then Gamer had saw a clone who was left behind, about two kilometers away. He had jumped off the gunship to help the clone. The clone got about one kilometer until Gamer got there. The clone was hurt so Gamer helped him to get to the gunship. They were half a kilometer away, and they only had five minutes. They both had to hurry. Droid gunships were taking off

in the distance. They finally got to the gunship with only two minutes to spare. They had gotten on, and took off. In only a few seconds after rising about fifty feet in the air, the bomb blew, and the gunship flew towards space. The blow was getting closer, and the gunship speeded up. Right when they were getting into it, they escaped it, and flew into space. They flew to the Starboarder and the battle had been done once they had landed.

On board the bridge of Starboarder Jiuy Miseo was watching out the balcony, as Count Dooku was flying away inside his Geonosian fighter. The Jedi had had a vision that Dooku would return one day...and something would happen. Although the Clone Wars only begun.

Attack onboard the Starboarder

"Everyone, the Separatists are attacking! Prepare yourselves for the assault," -Jedi Master Jiuy Miseo

It was only weeks after the Battle on Mimban, and the blow of Dooku's thought bomb. Jedi Master Jiuy Miseo knew Dooku was returning one day, and they'd be ready. It was a few months after the First Battle of Geonosis and Gamea Squad's helping of Delta Squad.

Soon, weeks after the Battle on Mimban a Separatist cruiser engaged the powerful Starboarder. The Jedi Master didn't believe it, a single cruiser attacking a powerful enemy cruiser. It was sudden that a whole fleet of Separatist warships arrived a second after the one ship came. Master Miseo told the troops aboard the ship that Separatists were attacking, and they prepared. Some of them were given special gear to protect them while going to fight in space. The droids soon boarded the ships, using their weapons and the assault attacked.

Out of the hangar came out Y-wings and V-19 Torrent Starfighters. Shadowknight was on board the Starboarder blasting the droids trying to advance towards the barracks. Luckily inside the barracks was an armory, with all sorts of weapons such as DC-15A s and thermal detonators. The droids quickly, and more quickly advanced into the barracks, but were driven back by the clones of the ship, and Gamea Squad.

Inside the hangar, the droids boarded mostly, and that's where Jiuy Miseo was helping his ARC Trooper bodyguards. The droids boarded every second, but were driven back. Soon there were millions of

squadrons all together attacking the hangar bay. The Jedi used his amazing skills to break the droids' formation, and destroy them. The B2-Super battle droids soon entered the hangar floors and the Jedi used the Force to pick up one, and while it fired, he turned the droid so it could shoot the others. Soon lots more came and he and the ARC Troopers escaped the hangar, to Gamea Squad.

Space War

"Gamea Squad, I have a special mission for you. I need y'all to wear space gear, and attack the attack pods on the hull of the hangar," -Jiuy Miseo

"Yes sir, right away sir," -Members of Gamea Squad The Jedi Master told Gamea Squad they had to do something about the attack pods out on the hull of the hangar. So they got on special space gear, and set out.


The Republic Fleet arives and saves the Starboarder.

The vaccum of space was as dreadful as ever. The special ARF Trooper trooper space gear included a turbolaser to fire while blasting droids. Shadowknight and Gamea Squad wore special ARF Trooper space gear, looking more like space trooper gear. The attack pods were all taken out by the turbolasers, but soon even more came. Luckily Gamea Squad moved out of the way, as the pods landed, and broke holes. But the hull had special emergency doors that would close those holes. The turbolasers were soon helpless once they destroyed them all, but one. This one was much, much bigger than all the others. It carried more, and it held the new BX-series commando droids. The BX-series commando droids wouldn't accept mercy of course, they could instantly kill. They started attacking the clones, but the turbolasers instantly killed those droids, but n ot the pod. A droid hit Gamer in the arm, but Shadowknight blocked the next block with his laser, and fired it. It destroyed the commando droid, and then altogether the clones of Gamea Squad fired their turbolasers and destroyed the pod. All it needed was a little more damage.

As the members of Gamea Squad ran to the bridge after taking off their armor, and back into main ARF Trooper armor, a fleet of the Republic arrived, having more ships than the Separatist fleet. The Jedi General Miseo was watching as the Separatist ships fled the battle, and with one being destroyed. He smiled as they jumped to lightspeed, leaving the destroyed ship behind. This battle was won by Republic. The war still wasn't over. It would probably take another few more years.


"Gamea Squad, I'd like to say something," -Jiey Miseo

"Anything, General Miseo," -BuckleUp

Onboard the Starboarder Shadowknight and Gamea Squad prepared for the landing on Coruscant. Only a thousand kilometers away, Jiuy Miseo walked to Gamea Squad. Gamea Squad were inside the barracks's armory. They were cleaning their armor to make it shining clean once they got to Coruscant. As the Jedi General approached the armory, Shadowknight walked out with Gamea Squad. They had wondered what the general was doing there. They asked and the Jedi told them. Not anymore were they normal ARF Troopers of the 209th Legion, which was the Jedi's battalion, they were now upgraded ARF Troopers, senior ARF Troopers. They now had new red colored ARF Trooper gear, and Shadowknight had a special promotion. The Jedi said he was being promoted to Clone trooper lieutenant. He didn't believe his blasted ears, he could be a real leader now. He now wore red ARF Trooper gear with a pauldron that was part white, and a kama was included. After that the Starboarder arrived at Coruscant.


"The Separatists have been rather successful lately, but we still mostly win ever single battle," -Palpatine

"What do you suspect?" -Senator Oolaf

On Coruscant, the heart of the Republic Army, the Rodian Senator named Oolaf awaited the coming of the Starboarder. Just as soon as it arrived, he welcomed them. The Rodian was a general on Rodia and decided to join the Republic as a senator.

This mission was that Lieutenant Shadowknight and the rest of Gamea Squad were to guard Coruscant while the Jedi and senators had a special meeting held inside the Senate chamber. Only some Jedi, the Jedi on an near Coruscant were to come. Members like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were not to make it since of there many wars.

The halls of the Jedi Temple were beautiful with pillars and statues. A fountain was inside the main hall, along with many entry ways to rooms such as the war room, the training room, and so much more. Gamea Squad was placed near the doorway of the Senate chamber.

An Old Encounter

"Phase, long time no see," -Shadowknight

A09 in his Phase 1 gear.

"Shadowknight! How are you doin'?" -A09 Phase

Phase was a Clone trooper Alpha during the Clone Wars. An alpha who never liked his brother Shadowknight. Just when he noticed Shadowknight the meeting was over. He had walked over to his unlikely brother and then Shadowknight recognized him.

It wasn't long until the meeting was done. Everyone walked out as Phase was carried away in the giant crowd, while making a face at Shadowknight. For a second there he thought they were going to fight. But the thing was even though Phase was an alpha, he was still only a lieutenant as well. They bothed had never liked each other on Kamino, and usually fought, and each day the winner switched to loser. An order of winner-loser-winner. The last fight was when Shadowknight won, and Phase wanted to have 'revenge' on him ever since he joined the army, thinking they'd never see again. Shadowknight knew one day they'd like each other. One day. It wasn't long until the Starboarder took off and with Phase aboard the Doomsday.


'I think it's all just a misunderstanding,' -Shadowknight through his com

'If you say so, I'd doubt it,' -Phase throw his com

The voyage of both the Starboarder and Doomsday was no ordinary voyage. They had been flying towards the planet Tatooine. Shadowknight was on his computer on the wall inside his bed, and had just downloaded a special message. It was sent to the ship Doomsday, there Phase was inside his bed looking at his com. As he waited for a message to return, he finally catched it, 'Yeah thanks, I'd doubt it.' Soon the ships had landed. They landed on Tatooine.


"These merciless sands...just merciless," -Miuy Jiseo {C Tatooine was a desert planet. The battle instantly began once the ships had landed. Clones charged out into the battlefield of sand. It took place in the Sea Dune Sea which held lot sof skeletons. Gamea Squad was soon put in with YoYo Squad, Phase's squad inside a recon mission.

A Second Reconnaisance Mission

"I think of you as a weak knight," -Phase

"No!" -Shadowknight

Gamea Squad walked around the battlefield toward the Separatist base camp. Though Phase and Shadowknight still weren't getting along. They never did. Not even on a recon mission. But what was the reason they never got along? That gave Shadowknight a flashback.

"Hey CT-2266, what's with your knightly way? It makes me ," said Phase digusted at CT-2266. CT-2266 was on Kamino with his shadow way, and knightly way. "I mean what the heck? Shadows also?" CT-2266 got mad. "Who are you calling sick-maker?" CT-2266 got super mad now, "This really isn't the time either. We're eating, of course I don't want to chew with my mouth open." Of course they were eating dinner.

"Then I'll get you after, Sicky," said Phase.

"Phase, one more time and I'll do the same thing you said," CT-2266 said. And the flashback stopped.

Sicky? That was never his name, Phase never even got sick on Kamino. That's when he thought of another flashback. Phase and Shadowknight were fighting, and then Shadowknight though of his name. Shadowknight. The final fight was when the next day Phase left as an alpha, and that's when CT-2266 was now Shadowknight. It had fit him. Then words spilled into his ear, Phase was speaking to him. I thought we'd never meet again, this is too sad.' Shadowknight doubted it. Yeah, too sad.' Phase just made a large frown. I think of you as a weak knight.' A shock filled Shadowknight. If one of his brothers was being mean, he was going to fight for justice. No!' The two clones started to fight each other. Just in the middle of their mission they had done it. Three members of Gamea Squad, and YoYo Squad were each on an AT-RT. They all stepped back as the two clones started fighting. The fight wasn't simple once Shadowknight was down, but quickly got back up, with a kick on Phase's helmet. Then a giant hole broke down, and the two clones started fighting. They fell as Shadowknight grabbed onto a tough stick, and climbed back up. But Phase fell deeper, but grabbed onto a stick, unfortunatly at the bottom of the hole was lava. Help!' Phase called up to Shadowknight, gasping for help. But Shadowknight refused to help. He would've said something like You're nothing to me,' but he wasn't that. Phase, it's your fat I will have to not help you, unless you're sorry.' Phase felt the stick breaking, Okay I'm sorry!' Shadowknight still couldn't trust him, he knew Phase just wanted it to live, and then soon come up, to push Shadowknight in. About everything? Phase nodded just barely, and said, Yes! Yes! I am sorry about everything, I don't know what came to me! I am so sorry!' Shadowknight agreed, but was nearly too late and the stick Phase was on fell. Shadowknight couldn't reach his brother, but then something happened.

Phase screamed his last screams and nearly touched the lava until he felt something. He looked at his waist to see a cable. Shadowknight pulled him up, and hugged him. Phase did the same thing, but didn't through him in. Tears was in his eyes. Then they had continued the mission, working together. As soon as they got to the base, General Grievous had just took off in his cruiser. But they weren't detected, and then they quietly made their way, and set down thermal detonators. They escaped from the base, but some wouldn't be fast enough, so he AT-RTs along with the clones on them had left. The others including Phase and Shadowknight "borrowed" some STAPs. Just as they escaped the base camp blew. They had left without a trace. The battle was won. Most of all, Phase and Shadowknight got together again.

Third Battle of Geonosis

"A factory...I don't believe it," -BuckleUp

Shortly after the Second Battle of Geonosis, Shadowknight had a secondary mission on Geonosis, a war had been continuing there. It was known as the 'Third' Battle of Geonosis. Not only that, a Separatist factory was there, and not known to be by the Republic. Count Dooku also happened to be there, and the Republic has suspected him, but weren't sure.

Soon, after a giant skirmish, and the battle still continued, Gamea Squad was put in a briefing inside Jiey Miseo's tent. He said they had to do a 'third' recon mission and infiltrate the Separatist building with YoYo Squad. They accepted and started the mission.

A Hazardous Facility

"Captain Xploderz?" -Shadowknight

"Go, go!" -Clone Captain Xploderz of the 553rd

Gamea Squad and YoYo Squad made their way through a small hole that they could all fit in, and ended up on a ledge inside the facility. It happened to be a large facility, and as BuckleUp oversaw the working of droids making droids, he heard a "familiar" voice from behind Phase who was standing beside Shadowknight. They all turned to see a commando droid! Not one, but a whole squadron, that the squads couldn't take out. The clones pulled out their cables, and went off the ledge, and down onto the belts of the factory. A clone of Gamea Squad was blasted in the leg, and he fell off. Another clone of Gamea Squad noticed him and when he was closest to the ground, jumped down, rolled over to the injured clone, and helped him. They all jumped onto the belts, and started running, until they all looked down to see a pit filled with lava. Phase looked back up, and behind him to see the commando droids closing in. Of course it was hard for the clones and commando droids to run on the belts, but they still managed. Phase looked back up, to see a droid head being carried by a small crane. He hit his head on it, and fell down. Shadowknight looked back to see him sliding on the belt, and at the end of it was a dead end which lead to the lava pit! Shadowknight turned to go backwards, as the commandoes engaged. He got to Phase, and turned back to see a commando firing. He braced for impact, until Clone Captain Xploderz of the 553rd appeared, who which had medal wrists. He blocked the blasts with them, and turned to Shadowknight and said to get outta there. He got Phase, and caught up with the others who now escaped.

The gunships were waiting at the top of the facility, where they all got. The battle was soon about done once they left Geonosis, but while Jiey Miseo stayed for something.


"Why have you disobeyed orders?" -General Jalar

"Disobeyed?" -Shadowknight

Shadowknight was onboard the Starboarder. He was roaming the corridors of the ship, until the warning lights blinked green, and there was a sudden voice that was saying a gunship had landed in the hangar, and everyone was to immediatly go there. He had done just as told, and the gunship was landed, and out of it came YoYo Squad with their leader-General Jalar. They told the Starboarder that they were checking it out, before continuing their "maintenance" onboard the Doomsday. The Jedi General told them that he was leading the ship while Jiey Miseo was still on Geonosis for a peculiar reason.

Later, Shadowknight went to the bridge, where Jalar was waiting. Jalar suspected Shadowknight disobeyed his orders to kill the prisoners which were being carried, but that order wasn't even executed at all. Shadowknight soon told Jalar he wasn't an executor, unless it was that essential. Jalar lost his control and started to attack Shadowknight, using the lightsaber he wielded.

The battle was intense, Shadowknight had nothing to do. They fought all the way to the hangar, and there the battle ended. Clones surrounded Jalar, and then a ship appeared-a modified Geonosian fighter. Off the boarding ramp came Jiey Miseo, and he siezed the out-of-control Jedi. Then they put him in a special room, where he was locked up. Then there was a transformation, and Jalar wasn't Jalar. It was a Sith Lord in disguise. That instant he was sent to Coruscant, for court and to be put in prison.

Later that evening, even though they happened to be in space Jiey went up to Shadowknight. He had given him many rewards for his bravery. He then got a dream reward, Shadowknight was promoted to Alpha-ARC Trooper.

Second Battle of Kamino

Kamino, the clone homeworld, and world of the production of clones and the DNA of Jango Fett was

Shadowknight in his Alpha-ARC Trooper gear.

known to be attacked a secondary time. Of course the Republic wouldn't let it happen again after the giant havoc during the previous battle here.

Clone Commander Boomdodger was onboard his cruiser Bravier when he got a message of an attack there. He immediatly went there. But Shadowknight hadn't shown up until the end. He was in his new Alpha-class-ARC Trooper gear. He was now just like Phase-of course he wasn't in the same gear though. He wore red armor with very interesting gear.

It wasn't long until the ship's warning lights blinked red instead of green last time, and they were given a message Kamino was under attack. The other members of Gamea Squad happened to be ARF Troopers still, but with special armor this time. The clone advisor told them to break a hole through the roof of the facility's hangar once the attack began, and attack with all their might. They accepted that mission and took a gunship down.

On the surface the clones battled hard, until a hole was blown through the roof, and using cables, slid down Gamea Squad. They blasted away at the droids, and took them all out, with all the others fleeing from the large fire, and quick fire.

Order 66

On 19 BBY, Shadowknight received a message from Chancellor Palpatine saying 'execute Order 66.' Shadowknight did as told, and told his battalion to destory the Jedi Jiuy Miseo, and did that. The other Jedi were soon killed during the execution, and the Galactic Empire arrived. One more Jedi lived on Coruscant, and accepting his fate he would die, he jumped out from hiding and killed some clones which included Shadownknight, but he was eventually shot down by YoYo Squad member Jank. Phase and Shadowknight were both killed at that same time.

Armor and Equipment

Shadowknight wore rather interesting gear. He wore things such as ARF Trooper, pauldron, kama,


Shadowknight's Alpha-ARC Trooper gear.

rangefinder, and so much more special gear. He had been wearing red cadet training gear on Kamino, and soon normal-old clone trooper 'rookie' gear during the First Battle of Geonosis. He was soon after that before the battle of Mimban promoted to ARF Trooper. There was after that an attack on hid cruiser the Starboarder and soon defeated by him, and then he was promoted to ARF Trooper lieutenant. He had been on Coruscant, guarding during a meeting, and met Phase, an Alpha-ARC Trooper which made him want to be one himself. After the Battle of Tatooine, and an attack on Geonosis, and of course another skirmish on the Starboarder he was finally promoted to Alpha-ARC Trooper with his most wanted dream coming true.

Behind the Scenes

  • Lieutenant Shadowknight was another account that belonged to the same account-owner as Boomdodger's, which is why Boomdodger edits him.


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Clone Wars Adventures Character Wiki

Clone Wars Adventures (First appearance)

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