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Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY


15 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 Meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire


Galactic Republic

  • Grand Army of the Republic
    • 30th Assault Battalion

Senior Clone Commander

"One day, this war will end. People will go back to their lives, but for my brothers and I; what life will we have other than this?"
– CC-1322

CC-1322, nicknamed "Trigg", was a veteran senior clone commander of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars and commanding officer of the highly acclaimed 30th Assault Battalion. A tough and resilient clone, Trigg fought valiantly in the Battle of Geonosis, thereby earning him his officer rank for the remainder of the war. He was hand picked by Training Sergeant Kal Skirata to train an experimental unit designed for specialized assaults and elite operations. The commander was given directive over a candidate special operations unit within the battalion, known as Company Havoc Company, under the leadership of Jedi Master Veru Darr and Padawan Kareel Jacius Kareel. He was one of the first one hundred clones to train in the ARC Program afterwards, overseen by Alpha-17. He graduated alongside CT-7567, known as "Rex", and the two would continue an ongoing rivalry to the end of the war. Other officers he would come to know well included Clone Commanders Bly, Bacara, Neyo, and CC-7878. Alpha nicknamed him "Trigg" upon his early graduation.

Trigg's first real battle came shortly after his training, during the Invasion of Poluros and the subsequent Battle of Tyos. Trigg and the 30th Assault Legion worked alongside the 88th Reconnaissance Corp, their closest brothers in GAR, as well as the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion throughout many of his early battles. He would also perform many special missions alongside Jacius and the two developed a strong bond of brotherhood.

He came to rely heavily on his brothers in Foxpack, comprised of the most elite clone troopers in the battalion. The troopers he became inseparable from included CT-8880, [[1]], [[2]], and [[3]]. During the middle of the war, the team followed Jacius into battle with admiration and respect among each other, including the general himself. However, during the violent and bloody Invasion of Ilum, Jaran was captured by the Dark Jedi Oran Teithis. The ordeal affected Trigg and his men greatly.

Trigg moved heaven and earth to rescue Jacius on Dromund Kaas , stopping Oran and Count Dooku with assistance from Republic forces. Trigg was then put on a leave of absence, along with his general, to recoup from his wounds sustained in the fighting. Within that time, Trigg was offered to join the Advanced Recon Commandos, but turned down the promotion in order to continue leading his men.

The war only became harder, as Trigg and the 30th participated in the Battle of Ioltia, Invasion of Shili, and the Battle of Kuat. Following the startling news of the ARC Trooper Fives attempting an assassination on the Chancellor and the aftermath. Alpha-13's warning towards Trigg prompted the commander to investigate Rex's private assumptions and recollection of Fives' beliefs—of chips being implanted within clone's brains—and removed his own.

With the war coming to a close, the 30th Assault Battalion was called to Dantooine to fight a sect of Separatists who had been cut off from the Confederacy forces in the Outer Rim. Trigg led his men under the supervision of Jaran in various search and destroy operations. Trigg was contacted by Chancellor Palpatine shortly before the close of the operation, under orders to execute the Order 66 directive. Jacius fled at Trigg's behest after a grueling fight, resulting in the latter's arrest by his own men.

Taken to Coruscant for court marshaling, Trigg was imprisoned and later interrogated, quite severely, by both Commanders Bacara and Neyo. Failing to help his brothers see reason after the murders of their own generals, Trigg narrowly slipped away from captivity in an unprecedented attack from Jedi captives sent for execution. Fleeing to Mandalore as a last resort, Trigg took upon a new name and lived in exile as a mercenary. It wasn't until nearly ten years later that he ran into Jacius on Nar Shadaa, prompting him to live in exile on Mandalore with the rest of GAR deserters and Jedi survivors.


"He's tougher than the others. He's gruff and humorless."

"Sounds like ARC trooper material."

"No, he hates ARCs. He absolutely hates them."

-Training Sergeants Walon Vau and Kal Skirata discuss CC-1322 as a cadet-

Early Life (32 BBY - 22 BBY)



CC-1322 as a cadet, learning to be an effective commander.

CC-1322 was one of the first clones to be produced during the Invasion of Naboo, at the request of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. Grown in the second generation of clones, 1322 had the luxury of being one of the few thousand clones that were trained over a period of ten years before the Battle of Geonosis. He was placed into a select group of clones who would grow to be future commanders of the Grand Army of Republic, all bent on learning how to command their troops effectively.

After one year, 1322 was then transferred into a squad as its sergeant. For the next months, he operated a training team dedicated to performing one hundred percent in all their exercises and drills to test 1322's commanding ability. All across Kamino, 1322's squad became famous for being the best at everything, from demolitions to assaults and many other tests. It was at this time that 1322's squad earned the name "Fox squad" for their cunning and deadliness in every area of training. 1322 became a sort of "celebrity" among his brothers, due to his inherit abilities as a commander. He had earned the eye of the Kaminoans, and the Training Sergeant named Kal Skirata.

1322 was confronted by Skirata after a public training drill mid-term final in his last year of training with Fox Squad. The sergeant, unaffected by the mass of other clones watching, asked 1322 if he wished to join the Advanced Recon Commandos. Trigg, who had noticed Null-11 "Ordo" was present, kindly declined. He stated that his duty was to lead men and risk his life for their safety, not operate as special forces soldier. Skirata admired his devotion to the troopers, as well as Ordo (who would later ask Alpha-17 to send him through the ARC Training Program).

For the next six years, 1322 would continue to train to be a competent commander with Fox squad behind him. After graduating with perfect scores troopers CT-8880, CT-0432, and CT-4678 accompanied 1322 in Fox Squad, pursuing their own unique talents. A year before the war would began, 1322 was taken to the Kaminoans for a special use. At the behest of all the Training Sergeants on Kamino, 1322 was to be placed as the active commander of an experimental battalion of clone troopers from the most elite areas of GAR, all composed into one fighting force. Still operating as any regular clone battalion, this one would be dedicated to armored assaults and invasion, something most legions of the GAR were not completely built for. 1322 accepted, and Fox squad (now joined by CT-8595 "Kords", CT-7777 "Nex", CT-1281 "Vegire", CT-3343 "Bett", CT-4562 "Bett", and CT-9810 "Kimbo) was placed into the newly christened 30th Assault Legion.

CT-8880, 0423, and 4678 were given the nicknames "Jaing", "Flade", and "Shad" respectively.

The Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)


"What I think about the Clone Wars isn't my place to say. What I will do about it, is another thing entirely."

-Trigg voicing his opinion of the Clone Wars to Jedi Knight Callista Konshi-

In 22 BBY, word reached Kamino that Jedi had been captured by Separatist forces on Geonosis, and all the clones were put on alert. 1322 and Fox squad immediately gathered up the 30th Assault Legion, as per procedure, to be ready for possible deployment. It wasn't until Jedi Grand Master Yoda arrived that the go ahead was issued, and the clones began to ready for war.

1322 and his men boarded one of the various Acclamator-class cruisers that would land the clones onto the surface and went over various training manuals and routines before the fighting began. As the cruiser entered the atmoshpere, 1322 assured his men that this battle would not be like the simulations they had before. It was the real deal. Admiral Keeler, the man in charge of the 30th's cruiser, informed 1322 that before deployment they would be introduced to the Jedi Generals assigned to them for the rest of war. 1322 was reluctant to face a Jedi, hearing that they were very compassionate and merciful beings. He didn't see how the Separatist would show mercy in battle, and thus assumed they shouldn't do the same. However, never seeing how a Jedi could fight firsthand, 1322 was anxious to see one.

Before long, the cruiser joined a mass of others above Geonosis, carrying 190,000 clones from various parts of GAR, to deploy onto the surface and begin the Clone Wars. 1322 was brought to the bridge where he was met by the Kiffar Jedi Knight Callista Konshi and her Jedi Padawan, Jacius Railus. At first impressions, he had respect for General Callista and the way she projected calm authority. On the other hand, 1322 had an immediate liking to Jacius, who's battle-eagerness could rival 1322's. He was glad to see he had something in common with at least one Jedi. Under Callista's orders, 1322 rallied his men in the hanger bay to commence deployment.

The 30th Assault Legion advances against the droid forces.

Donning the yellow marked commander's armor, 1322 and the 30th deployed with their generals on the outskirts of the Geonosian Arena to rendezvous with the main attack force. No casualties were sustained upon landing at Point Alpha, but immediately after opening the gunship doors, the 30th was greeted with its first barrage of blaster fire in the war. 1322, keeping his calm, effectively ordered his men to combat the Separatist forces advancing upon their position. Knowing they had the element of surprise, Trigg and his men followed Jacius as they power-rolled through the droids.

Within a few hours, the droid forces (once tens of thousands) were almost completely obliterated. 1322 and Jacius rounded up the men to attack strategic positions and various Trade Federation Core Ships attempting to leave the system. After destroying two, Callista called Jacius back to the Command Center, and the 30th followed in suit. They were debriefed, given a casualty rating, and resupplied to head back into orbit for transportation to Coruscant. Surprisingly, almost no casualties were sustained within the 30th, and Trigg became a well known name among the Jedi and other clone officers. Shortly after they reached orbit around Geonosis, 1322 was sent back to Kamino along with other clone commanders and troopers (including CT-7567) to be trained in the new Advanced Recon Commando Training Program, run by ARC trooper Alpha-17.

Year One (22 BBY - 21 BBY)

ARC Training Program

"One day, Trigg, one of us will come out on top."

"Put your credits where your mouth is, Rex."

-Rex and Trigg competing in front of all the clone commanders in the ARC training program-


CC-8826, nicknamed "Neyo", became Trigg's closest friend for the remainder of the war.

Under the guidance of the ARC-troopers, 1322 and many other clone commanders began intense training to hone their abilities and bring out their own individuality. Where some clones found it much more difficult to find a uniqueness, 1322 openly welcomed individuality. This put him at odds with the Kaminoans, due to the fact that they looked down on his regard for his own rationalizations. Alpha-17 was fond of 1322, claiming that he would have made a decent ARC trooper if he would only accept a promotion. 1322 was confronted by Null-11 shortly before training for a potential spot with the ARC Troopers of Rancor Battalion, but the commander politely declined once again for a second time in his career. 1322 was put through the program alongside now renowned clones like CC-2224, CT-7567, CC-1138, and CC-8826. As the program progressed, 1322 developed a strong friendship 1138 and 8826.

Within a couple of weeks, 1322 had developed a reputation of excellent soldiery. He was tough, and very strict in his battle mindset. Most of the more intense clone commanders appreciated him, whereas the more laid back saw him as a "tad harsh". During battle simulations, 1322 and 7567 would often begin to try and out-do one another, much to the amusement of all the other commanders and ARC troopers watching. They would always end up in a draw in whatever they did. Although 1322 and 7567 would be rivals during the war, both had an appreciation for one another. By the end of the program, 1322 had become one of the best shots in the ARC Training Program, and was known for his quick trigger finger and precision shots. He became best friends with CC-1138 and CC-8826, developing a trio that would go everywhere together. Upon graduation, each commander or captain were given the opportunity to customize their armor according to their designated armies and have a nickname picked out by Alpha-17. CC-2224 was given the name "Cody", CC-1138 was given the name "Bacara", and CC-8826 was named "Neo". At the end of the line, CT-7567 was given the name "Rex". Due to his reputation, CC-1322 was given the nickname "Trigg".

After leaving the program, Trigg customized his armor, taking upon ARC trooper gear which was permitted by troopers in the ARC Training Program. He placed an fold-down rangefinder on his helmet and donned a sun-visor and kama. He painted his armor to resemble the red-designs of the 30th Assault Legion, and put in orders to have the 30th re-outfitted with a new red designed trooper armor. On his chest he placed the number "30" in Aurebesh and would later add kill markings to his helmet as the war progressed. After re-outfitting, Trigg left Kamino to rejoin the 30th Assault Legion on Coruscant.

Invasion of Poluras

"If we had to fight the entire clanker army in a single fight, I wouldn't hesitate to be the first one onto the field."

-Trigg speaking about the Invasion of Poluras-

After returning to the 30th, the Jedi received word that the Republic mineral world of Poluras had been invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As quickly as they could, Jacius, Trigg, and the 30th Assault Legion readied up and boarded the Venator-class Star Destroyer known as the Phoenix, under the command of Admiral Keeler. He was renowned as an effective admiral whose skills where on par with Admiral Yularen, thus earning him a reputation as an expert in space warfare. The Phoenix left orbit from Coruscant along with another cruiser carrying the 88th Recon Corps, which was under the command of Jedi General Cain Dranig and his padawan Sheya Tisa. This would mark the first time that Trigg would work beside his closest fellow commander, otherwise known as Commander Akaan.

Within hours, the cruisers had entered space above Poluras, and the liberation of the system was underway. However, the Separatist had utilized the planets resources to produce a fleet of Munificent-class warships which blockaded the planet. Callista left the Pheonix along with various squadrons of V-19 Torrent starfighters to engage the Confederate fleet. For the first time, Trigg witnessed his first space battle, which he would comment as "a spectacle of disorganized blaster fire and needless chasing". Jacius and Trigg agreed that they weren't cut out for space combat, and stayed aboard the Pheonix to prepare for ground assault. Callista broke through the droid squadrons momentarily, giving the cruiser time to fire upon the center of the Confederate fleet. Within minutes, two of the Munificent warships had been destroyed and flung debris among the remaining vessels. The 88th Recon Corps moved through the torn ships and picked off the fleeing Confederate ships. On cue, Trigg and Jacius loaded into the new HAAT (Heavy Armored Assault Transports) gunships and awaited conformation from Callista to begin deployment.

The HAAT gunships had only been field tested on Kamino, and had not been utilized in the atmospheric pressure of most planets. However, the gunships moved smoothly after deployment, much to Trigg's relief. The 30th had prepared for their first high altitude jump before the gunships exited the Pheonix. Trigg and 30th were to jump from the gunships on top of the Seperatist positions which guarded the outskirts of the Poluras's capital city, Aurekab. Shortly before entering the air space above the designated area, the HAAT's were fired upon. Trigg was satisfied that the HAATs lived up to their name, since no gunship was affected by the artillery fire. Trigg, Jacius, and the rest of the newly named Havoc Company then jumped from the gunships and began the free fall to the ground below.

Rushing with adrenaline, Trigg and his men fired as they dropped, creating a torrent of blaster fire that devastated the droid forces below them. Jacius fell to the ground using his Jedi abilities to cushion his landing, while Trigg and all the troopers used jet-packs to safely land on the ground. Surrounded by droids on all sides, the 30th tore into their enemies with blasters, knives, or anything else they had on hand. Behind them, the 88th Recon Corps had landed their cruiser, and AT-RT walkers piled out and jumped into the fray. 88th troopers came up alongside their 30th brothers to rout the remaining droid forces.

Trigg and Jacius proceeded to set up a base of operations, spearheaded by Generals Cain and Callista. Sheya and Jacius were tasked with preventing any counter-attacks. Trigg ordered his men to set up a line along the hillside where the Seperatists were originally stationed. While AT-TE's prepared to siege the capital, Trigg had Shad and Flade check the area for signs of explosives in case the droids had set up a fail-safe for losing their position. Almost an hour went by without fighting, and in that time, the Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks was called to Poluros to negotiate with the citizens there, who where good friends of the Naboo people. Earning their trusts and support against the Separatists, Jacius, Trigg, and the members of Fox Squad helped provide as much relief effort as they could covertly to the people inside Aurekab. When they spared all they could, Trigg had his men resupply for the coming assault and left towards the makeshift commander center with Akaan to be briefed over the plan of attack.

The mission was to provide a frontal assault of canon fire, provoking the droids into guarding the walls and setting their heavy vehicles in the streets. While the 88th concentrated fire on the city walls, Trigg and Jacius maneuvered a detachment of the 30th to the right flank of droid forces, using cables to scale the undefended wall. As the clones piled over, Trigg and Fox squad followed Jacius into the nearest gatehouse, where they were successfully able to destroy the ray shielded doorway. From the hills beyond, a battalion of 88th AT-RT's emerged and swarmed into the city. Trigg notified General Callista of the development, and in response she and Cain ordered the remaining clones to pile into the city and clear it out of all Separatist forces. Along the way, Trigg and his men rescued civilians who were sent to the main gate for protection. Within an hour, Republic forces had spread throughout the city, destroying the last remnants of the Separatist army. Jacius and Trigg reunited with General Callista, then began to head for the Council Tower (the seat of Poluras's government). Upon entering, Trigg managed to shoot and destroy the leading Tactical Droid of the Separatist forces. He grabbed its head and brought it to Kords to be probed for any valuable Separatist intel. For the next week, Trigg and the 30th stayed on Poluras to re-secure the planet and distribute relief supplies among the Polurians. General Cain and Sheya stayed on Poluras with the 88th to continue relief efforts, while Trigg and the 30th prepared to head back to the Pheonix for their next orders.

Resurgence on Tyos

"Don't give them quarter, gentlemen. They fight like Jedi."

-Trigg, to Havoc Company, on the Rarikii Warriors-

Weeks after the Invasion of Poluras, a transmission was sent to the Jedi Temple from an unknown source in the Outer Rim. The council managed to trace the transmission to Tyos, the homeworld of Jacius. The most disturbing part was that the holo-image in the transmission personally asked for Jacius Railus. Trigg was called to join Callista and Jacius in a briefing at the Temple in the war room. Apparently, the planet's Ademian king claimed that a massive army of droids had invaded Tyos, aiding the planet's native Rarikii warriors, who had always fought against the Kingdom of Ademia. Jacius told the council that he wouldn't have been surprised that the Separatists would make their way to Tyos and back the Rarikii barbarians. To Trigg's suprise, Jacius requested that he be sent with Trigg and the 30th to aid the Ademians. The Council denied his request, stating his emotions would cloud his judgement and his feelings for his people would lead him down a dark path. However, Anakin Skywalker managed to sway the Council into permitting him a chance to save his people, claiming it is what any Jedi should be willing to do. Trigg was looking forward more to the fight ahead than the politics involved, but little did he know that this was the first step towards Jacius's descent to the dark side.

The journey wasn't easy. Going to the Outer Rim would put Trigg and his men in the heart of Separatist territory. For that reason, Callista came along with multiple cruisers to protect from Separatist reinforcements that would attempt to halt any ground assaults. Jacius and the 30th would deploy to the Admerian capital and develop a plan of attack. Callista would lead the squadrons to protect the skies from the Rarikii ships attempting to cross into the Admerian lands. Trigg and his men were ready for a fight, but Trigg hadn't been trained to fight against adelians before.


The capital city of Aemia (the "Glittering City"); seat of power to the King of Ademia.

Upon entering the Tyos system, no Seperatist vessels were present, save a small fleet that had deployed droid forces to the surface. The Pheonix immediately began deployment operations while Trigg and the 30th joined Jacius in the descent to the planet below. Callista joined Admiral Keeler on the bridge to set up a blockade and provide intelliegence as Jacius needed it. Shortly after reaching the sky above the Admerian capital, Trigg and his men became the first clones to look upon Adelian civilization. The city was brilliant, unlike anything Trigg had seen in the holonet or during his flash training on Kamino. It was awe-inspiring, but Trigg regained his composure, as per his reputation and focused towards the coming battle.

The gunships landed in the royal spaceport which was lined with rows of Admerian soldiers. The King, Rexus III, greeted Jacius with open arms like he were a son returning home. Jacius explained to Trigg and his men that the Ademians were his people and they didn't take underestimate honor. Of all the species in the galaxy, Trigg believed that the Adelians were the most decent people to be around. He and Jaing left to speak with the Ademian General Crixus regarding the current security details, while the 30th and the rest of Fox squad were brought to their makeshift barracks. While Jacius went with Rexus to the throne room, Trigg and Crixus went to the war room in the Citadel to discuss what the best plan of attack would be.

Crixus suggested sending their fleets further south to prevent Rarikii transports from attacking the border cities, but Trigg's training as a clone trooper begged to differ. Knowing the Rarikii had more ships than the Ademians, Trigg suggested luring the Rarikii deeper into Ademian territory, causing them to believe the Ademians had no ships to spare. While assaulting Aemia, Trigg and the 30th would use the HAAT's to jump above the Rarikii invaders while the Ademian army pressured them from the middle. General Callista would take the Republic fleet lower into the atmosphere and barrage the enemy position. The plan was risky, but it was the only option that allowed the Ademians a chance. Crixus brought the plan before the King and it was given the go ahead to proceed.

Within days, Rarikii ships were spotted coming into Aemia's airspace. Deploying all their droid forces and Rarikii warriors, the Separatist general revealed himself to be a dark acolyte, no one Trigg had heard or seen in the holonet. Jacius and Crixus joined the Ademian army on the ground, along with troopers from the 30th. Trigg and a select company of his best soldiers stationed themselves within the citadel, ready to lift off and surprise the enemy. However, upon deployment, Jaing picked up an unkown mass of anomalies below the citadel in the sewers under Aemia. Putting the city on alert, Trigg immediately notified Jacius of the predicament. Jacius agreed to stay and combat the forces outside of the city and tasked Trigg with stopping the droid forces coming into the citadel. Trigg and Jacius knew they were sent to kill King Rexus III, so Jacius told Trigg to make sure he was safe. Trigg then notified Callista of the situation, who agreed to arrive as quickly as she could.

Trigg and his men stationed themselves in a reserve service corridor located within the main complex of the citadel. Immediately, commando droids began to pile into the corridor, killing two clones as they fired down the hallway. Trigg and his men opened fire along with the Royal guards, who charged upon the droids. Without much of an effort, Trigg pushed the droids back down the service corridor and had Flade close a blast door to seal them off. Using the immediate emergency chemical fail-safe, Flade burned the commando droids to a crisp in the sealed hallway. Trigg commented on the unorthodoxy of what had transpired, then made his way to the throne room with his men to guard the King. Upon entering, Trigg and his men managed to kill two stragglers who had made their way to the King. Apologizing as best he could, Trigg explained the situation to Rexus III, who in turn commended Trigg and his men for protecting the people inside the city from the droids should the get out of the citadel.

Jacius had called Trigg to inform him that Republic fleet had destroyed Rarikii army and were headed to the citadel to round up any remaining droid forces. The acolyte had fled with the Confederate fleet who when Callista and the other Republic vessels engaged them. Trigg had his men rendezvous at the royal spaceport for departure to the Pheonix while Jacius said his goodbye's to the King. General Crixus commented on Trigg's bravery and honor in battle, stating that he was a good commander and selfless soldier. Trigg thanked him for the compliment, but only did what it was his duty to do. Shortly afterward, Trigg and the 30th piled into the HAAT's and left for the Pheonix. Upon entering, the Republic fleet left for Coruscant, much to Trigg's satisfaction.

Bailing out Organa

"You seem to have your men's complete devotion Trigg. Not many clones earn that kind of respect."

"Respect isn't given, brother. Respect is earned. We of all should know that best."

-Cody and Trigg, about the loyalty of their men during battle-

After Tyos, Jacius was put on a leave of absence. Trigg, who found this depressing, was told by Callista that the Council (as well as herself) could feel an air of anger and pain around Jacius. She assumed it was from his memories of Tyos, but Trigg would not question further, as it was not his place. Upon their return to Coruscant, the Senator Padme Amidala confronted Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi on the news that the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray had brought a Separatist fleet to Alderaan and had kidnapped Senator Bail Organa. As of now, Organa was being held at ransom to the Republic.

The Council decided upon sending the famed Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Callista to retrieve Organa at all costs, lest the Republic be plunged further into an economic crisis. Although, Obi-Wan's reasons for rescuing Organa were not merely to aid the Republic, but to rescue a friend. Trigg didn't understand why the Separatists would attack so close to Coruscant, or any of its most loyal Republic systems. He guessed the Separatists wanted credits to produce more droid armies, but his immediate concern was the job at hand. The 212th Attack Battalion, led by Commander Cody, and the 30th Assault Legion would engage the Trade Federation above Alderaan and rescue him in all haste.

Trigg met Cody aboard Kenobi's cruiser above Coruscant. This had been the first time they had seen each other since the ARC Program. On board, Callista and Trigg met up with Kenobi to discuss the plan of attack. At first, Kenobi expressed his regrets to Jacius's situation and had already condoned Anakin on asking the Council to allow Jacius to do what he did. Callista agreed that Jacius acted dangerously rash, and commented that he and Anakin are alike in many ways. Obi-Wan then proceeded to discuss the battle soon to be, in which Trigg learned that this mission was more personal to Obi-Wan then he had known at first. Trigg told Cody that he worried about Obi-Wan's feelings and how they would affect the mission (having experienced Jacius during such a time), but Cody assured him that Kenobi was not a Jedi that would falter in his feelings quickly. Trigg agreed that Jacius did have a loose control on his feelings, and commented that he doesn't know Jedi well enough yet to judge their standards.

The plan was a simple one, for once. Callista (being the natural ace she was) would engage the droid star-fighters with all of the clone fighters available. The dog fighting would allow Obi-Wan, Cody, and Trigg to get aboard gunships and make their way to the Munificent-class flagship that Gunray was holding Organa hostage on. The clones would equip space gear so they could leap from the gunships and trick the enemy into believing they were still on-board the ships. With the element of surprise, they should be able to reach Organa before anything rash could be done.

The Republic fleet exited hyperspace above Alderaan, where the Separatist fleet was waiting for them. Callista gathered all the clone pilots at their disposal, and they fighting began. A mass of droid and clone fighters clashed in a tangle of blue and red blaster fire. Obi-Wan gave the go ahead for the mission while Trigg and his men piled into one of the gunships with Kenobi, Cody, and a select group of the 212th (including two troopers known as Waxer and Boil) to prepare for boarding. The plan began without a hitch, three gunships were deployed and Trigg patiently waiting as they traveled through space trying to dodge stray blaster fire from the fighters. Halfway to their destination, a gunship was shot and exploded. Many of the 212th troops seemed to falter at the knowledge that they could be next, but Trigg and the troopers of the 30th looked at them with expressionless faces. The 30th had been through worse. Trigg assured all of the men on board that they had nothing to fear but fear itself, and it was their job to rescue Organa. Cody seemed to agree, reinforcing his men's morale. They were now within meters of the flagship.

The continuous barrage of the Republic warships was enough to pound most of the Separatists into submission. Trigg and his men took no unwanted flak from the canons of Gunray's flagship.

Battle of Belarice

"You did well today, Commander. Your sacrifice saved an innocent child from death."

"I was only doing my duty, sir. I'm going to miss the little squirt."

-Callista, to an injured Trigg, over saving an innocent girl from commando droids-

Shortly before the Battle of Belarice, the 30th would have a new battalion inducted into their ranks, comprising of at least two thousand men. The new troops would be placed into the christened Narglatch Battalion, named after the predatory felines native to the planet Orto Plutonia, and were led under the command of Clone Captain Fiir, a very obedient clone. Havoc Company voiced it's uneasiness with working alongside inexperienced clone troopers, but they knew that shunning their brothers would only result in driving a rift between the two outfits.

The battle began due to constant prodding from the Confederacy of Independent Systems to get Belarice's warriors to join their cause. When the sith acolyte Assaj Ventress heard of their declination, she took it under her care to personally lead a droid force in trying to subjugate the natives for their insolence. Belarice's queen sent word to the Republic to help defend her home and protect its people, stating they didn't have the resources for countering an invasion. The Republic responded with full haste, and the Chancellor sent Trigg and the 30th to assist in the defense.

The 30th deployed quickly with their new battalion behind them. Jacius would assist Havoc Company in holding back the forward assault while Callista would lead Narglatch Battalion in flanking the Separatist landing craft and halt the invasion at it's source. Trigg had his men set up a line of defense outside of a Belarician settlement with the aid of the locals. They expressed their honor to Trigg and his men, being warriors like them. One small girl in particular, named Treia, became fond of Trigg and saw him as a hero. As quickly as they had set up, the droids were on top of them. Havoc Company did what they were trained to do, and aided the Belarice warriors in pushing back the droids. Many natives died in the assault, so Trigg and his men took it upon themselves to charge the droids at the last second and decimated the forces with aid from Jacius. Jacius had ordered Trigg to lead the charge when BX-series Commando droids emerged from the tree-lines beside the settlement to kill the natives. Jacius and Jaing ran to the aid of the people, while Trigg ordered Jep to continue the assault. Trigg ran to follow them when he noticed a droid make its way to Treia and pointed its blaster at her. In desperation, Trigg flung himself onto the girl, protecting her from the blaster. The droid fired, and Trigg was shot in his side. In the nick of time, Jacius beheaded the droid from behind. Jaing grabbed Trigg and took him away from the battle while Jacius picked up the girl into his arms, taking her to safety personally.

By the time the situation had settled down, Lieutinent Jep and Havoc Company were holding their own against the droids while Callista had led Narglatch Battalion in flanking the droids. Cut of from their forces, the droids attacking the settlement were obliterated by Havoc Company, who rendezvoused with Callista and her men at the invasion site. Jaing was now with the group again, while Jacius had stayed behind with a few clones to look after Trigg and protect the natives from another surprise attack should it happen. Captain Fiir took up command of Havoc Company in Trigg's absence and subsequently destroyed the droid forces with ease. Callista engaged Ventress in a short duel, in which the later was overpowered by the experienced Jedi Knight. Ventress fled while the 30th trashed the last of the droids before returning back to the settlement. Jacius informed Callista of what had happened to Trigg, and she immediately went to look after him. Captain Fiir personally accompanied her to see Trigg and he expressed Trigg's unwavering selflessness and courage on the battlefield. He extended his arm and they both grabbed each other's forearm, embracing each other as close brothers.

Before they all left to Coruscant, Jacius brought the little girl to Trigg. She hugged him, in which he responded with a brief comedic imitation of feeling pain (something not many saw him do). While his comrades were shocked at his display of humor, Treia gave him a small doll that many kids had on Belarice. He took it and gave her a hug in return while she cried, patting her head to calm her. He would carry the doll in one of his belt compartments for the remainder of the war as a reminder of her, and even had his armor customized to represent the dolls face on his lower chest-plate.

Retreat from Denvar

Shortly after Belarice, the sandy world of Belarice was laid to siege by Separatist forces. Trigg and the 30th where deployed to aid in the removal of the locals with assistance of the Naboo people, who's system was not so far away. Jedi General Eeth Koth and the members of Horn Company where already in the vicinity, holding off the Separatist fleets as best they could. CC-4142, nicknamed "Lock", actively communicated with Trigg as to the current situation and how much more time they needed. Being an efficient commander, Trigg was able to get the natives off-world. As the last of the transports fell, word came through that Horn Company had been engaged by General Grievous and overtaken. While the 501st and 212th were called to rescue them, Trigg and his men accompanied the natives to a resettlement on Dantooine, as was graciously hosted by Organa to aid the people of Denvar.

Afterwards, Jacius and Callista led the 30th back to Denvar where they were met with troopers of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps and Jedi General Mace Windu. A month long campaign was underway, and the troopers of the 30th quickly destroyed the pockets of droids that scoured the planet looking for refugees. Trigg expressed his dislike for assignments that didn't involve fighting the Separatists in the front lines and mentioned that they would have been better purposed with aiding General Koth and Horn Company. Callista would always respond with the knowledge that Eeth Koth and his men knew that they had to do everything they could to protect the Denvarians, no matter the cost.

Suspects on Umbara

"I never thought I would live to say I hate something more than droids, but I will. I hate bounty hunters more."

"And you wonder why Jedi have so many problems with them, Trigg."

-Trigg and Jacius, after fighting with Cad Bane-

For about two weeks, the Jedi had been pursuing the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who was claimed to have intel valuable to the Jedi Order. Trigg and the other clones of GAR were put on alert for his whereabouts, mostly due to the fact he had assaulted and killed clone troopers, as well as an attempted kidnapping of the Chancellor and other Senators. As much as Trigg disliked bounty hunters, he couldn't help but feel as though him and Cad Bane shared a common connection, since Trigg was really a clone of a bounty hunter. Regardless, Bane was an enemy, and so Trigg selected a few members of the 30th to accompany on a lead that Callista and Jacius had found.

They boarded the Phoenix under the personal command of Jedi General Kit Fisto, who would oversee the mission on the off-chance a Separatist plot was involved. Upon entering the cruiser, Callista, Jacius, and Trigg were told that more information had surfaced. The bounty hunter was being pursued by a mercenary smuggler going under the name of Esvald. There was no picture attached to the profile on Trigg's visor display, so he finding out who he was on Umbara would be given up to chance. The talk of the men right now was not of the mission at hand, but of the fact that rumor had sprung around the Grand Army of the Republic from various Jedi that Jacius was in high recognition of becoming a Jedi Knight. Trigg was in anticipation over the fact his closest friend would become their new General, since Callista would be transferring to other battalions in GAR at the request of the Council. As much as he would miss Callista leading them, he was glad that Jacius would take over the role of leading the 30th.

As the Phoenix arrived above Umbara, Trigg and took the troopers Gear, Temp, and his close brother on Fox Squad, Shad, to accompany him and the Jedi in a LAAT/I gunship to the surface. They were to land at the last known coordinates of the bounty hunter, hoping that he was still there or close by. On their way to the surface below, Callista had informed them that the air was poisonous to the Umbarans and none of them should have trouble with it. Although Trigg was fine with the prospect, Jacius seemed to have difficulty adjusting to the planet's atmospheric pressure because of his species. Trigg guessed the air was different for adelians than humans here. Jacius adjusted in due time, and they had arrived at the landing zone when Shad picked up life forms on his scanner.

When the scan checked out, the team headed out into the jungles to reach the suspects' last known location. Trigg voiced his concern on leaving the clone pilot with the ship, but "Contro" was always a self-reliant clone. Halfway to their destination, blaster fire rang out across the jungle. Callista ignited her violet lightsaber and ran in the direction of the sound with Jacius, Trigg, and the squad close behind. She lept over a rock into a clearing where two humanoids were fighting each other. One was a human male, the other was a Duros.

Gear and Temp opened fire while Trigg suppressed from the tree line. The Duros had knocked out the man and was now wielding a blue lightsaber (taken from the unconscious suspect). Jacius ignited his green lightsaber and engaged the bounty hunter. There was a flash of blue and green as Jacius parried and attacked the criminal. Gear and Temp charged in to hold him down, but the bounty hunter spun around and sliced the two clones across the chest, killing them instantly. Shad, the more skilled of troopers, aimed at Bane's head. He missed his first shots, and the bounty hunter used the hilt of the saber to punch Shad in the helmet, knocking him unconscious. Callista attempted a to charge him, but the Duros kicked her in the stomach and sent her sprawling backwards. Trigg took advantage of his vulnerability and grabbed him from behind. He elbowed the bounty hunter's shoulder blade, causing him to fall to a knee in pain. The Duros, more experienced in martial fighting, grabbed Trigg from behind and threw him onto the ground. Jacius lunged forward and prevented the Duros from attempting an execution, but the bounty hunter stepped backwards to miss the swing. He activated his jet-pack boosters on his boots and began to fly upwards when Jacius spun around and sliced one of the boosters. At this time the other criminal had woken up and was firing shots of at the Duros.

The Duros's booster exploded outward, causing Jacius to step back in cover. He took the advantage of the event to climb into the criminal's speeder and head into the jungle, leaving the team behind. Trigg had gone to Shad to check his wounds. Shad rubbed his head and exclaimed his disappointment and failing to apprehend the Duros before tending to the bodies of Gear and Temp. Callista and Jacius attended to the other criminal. They had discovered him to be a smuggler named Esvald Magnaside, convicted of stealing a lightsaber from a Jedi on Illum some years back. He was to taken back to Coruscant under arrest, but Callista had agreed that if he would aid them in catching the bounty hunter (now confirmed to be Cad Bane) they would let him off just this once. Trigg expressed his dislike of the deal to Callista, but he believed her judgment was much more sound than anyone else present.

Trigg received a distress call from the gunship, and all of the team immediately ran back to the gunship in fear that Bane had realized their location. Contro had not called in, so Trigg had to assume the worst. Upon reaching the gunship, Bane had killed the pilot and was closing the blast doors to prepare for take off. Trigg and Shad let loose a rain of blaster fire while Jacius used the force to hold the gunship in place. Having the trouble he always did with the Force, Jacius began to loose his grip when he force pushed the gunship into a nearby tree, shattering the hull and sending explosions upward. Callista used her Kiffar abilities to reach the gunship faster than the others while Trigg and Shad followed close behind. He and Shad searched the rubble, looking for Bane, but he was nowhere to be found. While Callista and Jacius spoke with Esvald, Trigg examined the wreckage for any signs of Bane's whereabouts. He found no evidence except a lightsaber on the ground, which he handed over to Jacius. The Jedi agreed to give it to Esvald for safekeeping, and it wasn't long before a shuttle was seen heading towards orbit not far from their position. Shad cursed the fact that Bane got away, and the remaining team headed to the nearest settlement to find a ride back to the Phoenix. Esvald was allowed to go, much to Trigg's displeasure. He and Shad returned to the cruiser and headed back to Coruscant with the rest of the 30th.

Jacius and Callista went to report to the Jedi Council while Trigg and Shad reported to Republic Intelligence. Trigg commented on the oddity of him and Shad bringing information directly to the agency, especially because of his hatred for ARC troopers. All he was told was that ARC Captain Maze requested the information to be sent to Chancellor Palpatine. All Shad was concerned about was hoping to see Trigg get into a fight with an ARC trooper, because he knew Trigg would win. Why their information was to be given to the Chancellor instead of the Jedi, Trigg didn't know. It wasn't his place to ask. Whatever the intentions, the Chancellor probably has a good use for it.

Hostages Above Tatooine

Word had reached the Republic of a Seperatist fleet in orbit above Tatooine, under the command of the droid General Grevious. Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had gone to discover their whereabouts and what purpose they had in the system, but word reached Coruscant that Obi-Wan and Anaking had been captured as hostages. Being the closest legion to Tatooine, it was decided that Trigg and the 30th would accompany Callista and Jacius in rescuing the two Jedi.

They arrived quickly with a decent force of at least three cruisers. Two gunships were deployed, one carrying Jacius and Callista, and the second a strike team of clone troopers from the 88th. At first, all seemed well, until an unknown weapon tore the trooper's gunship apart and sucked them in to a single point in space, until they were completely nothing. Trigg alerted Callista and Jacius from the bridge of the Phoenix before he readied Fox squad to accompany him in one of their HAAT gunships.

By the time they had deployed, Jacius and Callista had reached the bridge of the Separatist cruiser. Jacius informed Trigg that they were close to rescuing Obi-Wan and Anakin and that he should be ready to take them off the ship as soon as possible. Trigg and his men landed in the hanger, destroying the droids there and clearing a path for the captured Jedi to get aboard quickly. Just as suddenly, one of the walls of the cruiser exploded to reveal a gunship. Trigg and his men rushed to aid Jacius and Callista, who had freed Obi-Wan and Anakin from their restraints. A droid named Deck, who had been betrayed by his superior and shot in the head, rose in a ditch effort to kill Callista while her back was turned. Trigg pulled out his DC-17 hand blaster and shot him in the head twice before stomping on his metal cranium, crushing it. Callista thanked Trigg and remarked that Grevious had got away. Jacius added that they ran into complications with an IG-series magnaguard droid named IG-211, who had quite a sense of dark humor. He remarked that he wished he could spin a lighstaber like IG-211 and hoped his abilities gave the droid something to think about.

Trigg didn't care much for Grevious's guards, but Jacius seemed to eagerly await another encounter with him. The droid carnage around Trigg almost caused him to smile, as he knew how much Jacius looked forward to personal fights like this one. After hearing that IG-211 used sabers to fight Jacius and Callista, Trigg agreed it probably was best for him not to come to blows with the droid. Shorlty after recuperating, Trigg and the Jedi left aboard the HAAT gunship and went back to the fleet to be taken back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Invasion of Illum

Almost a year into the war, the Republic and the Separatists were in the heat of battle as thousands of clones and droids stretched across the galaxy, fighting for various worlds. However, Trigg and his men would be directed to Illum, a crystal snow-world where the Jedi Order had sent it's padawan learners to pick their color crystals and create their own lightsabers. Under the leadership of the mysterious acolyte they had met on Poluras and the droid General Grevious, Separatist forces had begun to mine out the caves of Illum for particular crystals to be used in the production of the Confederacy's new SPEC-class battle droids, a more advanced and powerful form of the dangerous commando droids the Republic had faced before.

At first glance, Trigg and the 30th believed this would be a routine invasion, but little did they know this would be perhaps one of their most intense battle during the war, and result in the apparent death of Jacius. The 30th wasn't accustomed to winter warfare, but because of their flash training it was no real concern. Shortly before departure, Trigg was informed that the 88th Recon Corps would be working alongside the 30th. This brought him much needed comfort, due to the fact that Trigg and Akaan had a great track record of victorious battles in the past.

The entirety of the 30th was deployed this time, along with the 88th's entire corps with them. As of late, Jacius's closest friend, Sheya Tisa, was on track to be fledged as a Jedi Knight. Trigg suspected that both would be made Knights after Illum, due to the fact that is was the latest news around both the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic. The 30th was in an uproar of heightened morale because of it. Akaan constantly remarked to Trigg of the fact that their jobs would be much more easier with their Jedi officers and Generals, although both would regret to see Callista and Cain be put on different assignments. The command of the 30th and the 88th would now pass solely to Jacius and Sheya.

The Pheonix and the Breaker came into orbit of Illum to find a total count of at least one hundred thousand droids on the surface, accompanied not only with a fleet of Seperatist vessels, but by the rumored SPEC battle droids. Trigg was corcened, due to the fact that the 30th only numbered at least eight hundred men. However, during the time the 88th spent away after the Battle of Poluras, their numbers now numbered twenty thousand. While this did allow them breathing room, Trigg knew that the SPEC battle droids alone would be enough to inflict devastating casualties on the 88th and the 30th. He had content on the knowledge that General Grevious would underestimate the strength of the 30th and their small numbers, unless he had become intelligent enough to forsee it. The acolyte commander, on the other hand, Trigg knew would not be fooled.

In orbit, Trigg took to prepping his men with the new cold assault gear they would use in battle. A trooper from the 30th Ghost Squad, designated CT-8619 "Jace", was personally transferred by Trigg to join Fox Squad. He was very noble and caring, something not many 30th troopers could proudly admit, and had a knack for selfless behavior. Trigg explained that Jacius had seen his behavior in battle, greatly admired it, and suggested that Trigg bring him to Fox Squad. Trigg took the opportunity to observe him and agreed with Jacius. Jace was headstrong and took a little time to adjust to the members of Fox Squad, but the friendly gestures from Jaing and Flade made him feel like part of the team quicker than Trigg expected. At the time, he didn't know it, but Jace would become the uniting will to fight for the 30th for the remainder of the war.

The 30th gathered in the hanger, and Trigg accompanied Jacius, Sheya, Akaan, and Admiral Keeler at a holotable displaying the Irei Plain, the predicted zone where the Seperatists were holding out. To the far north was a command center and beyond that multiple sites where the droids were bringing crystals out of the caves for the SPEC battle droids. But before they began the battle plan, he watched in great disappointment as the Alpha-class ARC Commander Kane of the 13th Elite Legion approached them. At this point in time, everyone in the hanger knew of Trigg's notorious hate for ARC troopers. Kane was probably one of the more free-thinking of his class, as he constantly disregarded the words of both Jacius and Sheya in efforts to explain his own point of view. While the Jedi didn't completely call him out on his remarks, Trigg managed to boil to a top and the two came to heads. Kane exclaimed that it wasn't wise to challenge an ARC trooper, while Trigg explained that it was just as wise to heed the words of a commander who rejected the ARC trooper status twice. Jacius calmed them before anything bad could happen, but it wasn't hard to tell that Trigg would probably be more of a threat to Kane than he was to Trigg.

The 88th would spearhead the defense of the Republic lines, and their renowned Reek Battalion AT-RT Cavalry force would provide support where needed.

Year Two (21 BBY - 20 BBY)

A Lost Brother

"Trigg, we know you and General Railus have a strong friendship, but attachments are what we Jedi learn to let go of. It will cloud your judgement and put your life in danger."

"With all due respect, General Windu, my men and I don't see the general as a leader. He is more than that, he is our brother. We would fight to the death with him and only him. I am no Jedi, but the only thing us clones have are attachments. Clouded or not, the general is our brother, and we will do everything in our power to save him."

-Trigg, to Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi, about rescuing Jacius from Dooku-

For many days after the Battle of Illum, Trigg stood by Jace's bedside. Many of his troops were taken aback by his actions, since he usually didn't devote his time into other things than looking to everyone at once. Flade had told the men on more than one occasion that Trigg was grieving over the fact that Jace would die in his place. He was exactly right, because Trigg didn't want any trooper to have to die in his place. Part of Trigg wanted to blame it on the ARC troopers, mostly due to his distaste for them, but all he cared about now was Jace's recovery.

Trigg made regular visits to the Jedi Temple to confer with the Jedi Generals there, most notably High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Mace Windu. Most of the discussions, in which Callista, Sheya, and Fox Squad also participated in, centered around who they encountered in the caves of Illum and what had happened afterwards. Trigg didn't say much, since Callista and Sheya did most of the talking, but when asked Trigg stated that they were already expected in the caves. He also mentioned seeing the acolyte's face, which had long black hair and deep yellow eyes. Trigg said he believed Jacius spoke the name "Oron" and everything else afterwards involved the acolyte slicing Trigg's helmet and pushing his men back down the tunnel before sealing it shut.

Trigg presented the encoding he received on his Phase I helmet to Windu, who in turn examined it on the holotable present in the war room. He told the group about how Oron was once a padawan of the Jedi Order, but he delved to far into the teachings of the Force, which drove him into darkness. He was exiled from the Jedi Order, and Windu assumed the time he spent afterwards was to collect and learn from dark side artifacts. Obi-Wan suggested the probability of Separatist leader Count Dooku finding Oron in his quest for power and probably recruited him as a Separatist ally.

Stationed on Kamino
Battle of Yelutch
Incident on Teth
Battle of Rhen Var
Aftermath of Rhen Var
Rescue on Dromund Kaas

(To be Completed)

Battle of Tholoth

(To be Completed)

Liberation of Krios

After Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had freed the captive torgtutas from the Zygerrian Slave Empire, the Separatists became desperate to counter their crushing loss at the Republic's hands. An invasion force, led by the Zygerrian General Argus Zharr, threatened to land on the togruta homeworld of Krios to enact revenge for their losses. Argus was one of the Confederacy's more expendable leaders, but his seat in the Separatist Council was a high one, due to his connections with the Zygerrian slaving market and the royalty of his homeworld. With the death of the queen, Argus wanted to personally lead the invasion as vengeance upon the death of his former aunt. As the last living royal family member, Argus promised to bring justice to the Zygerrian people and come back to his planet as a hero.

(To be Completed)

Year Three (20 BBY - 19 BBY)

Second Battle of Honogor

The Second Battle of Honoghr began when the CIS attempted to recover samples of their past experimental bio-weapon, Trihexalphine1138. It had been aboard a Lucrehulk-class Core Ship during a space battle that took place there during the start of the war. The ship had crashed into the planet, and the toxin spilled across the surface, destroying Honogor's ecosystem and forcing the native Noghri to march in a mass exodus to a place where they could survive. Now, the Separatists were seeking to regain samples to produce more that could be used against the Republic's systems.

Trigg didn't participate in the battle at first. Due to the lack nature of the planet's surface, the 30th never left the Phoenix to engage the Separatists. Instead, Callista led her squadron to the surface below where they would attack all the staging areas where droids had been searched for samples of the toxin. For the mission, Trigg and his men had to temporarily switch to a set of armor used to protect against poisonous environments. Called EPD-class clone trooper armor (meaning Environmental Poison Defense). It was very limited in stock, so the 30th would handle the new equipment with care.

Upon the start of the battle, Jacius and Trigg received a distress call from Callista, who had explained that the droid forces were much more organized than they had anticipated. Her squadron had to pull out, only having destroyed most of the staging outposts. Trigg and his men quickly rallied in the hanger bay and deployed in their new environmental suits. The journey to the world below was quick and Trigg made sure to check that his men had all their gear secured. They landed at the last staging base, where droids were trying to load crates of the toxin into shuttles. Trigg and Havoc Company made quick work of the droids before setting charges on the crates. Jacius had Shad and Flade secure the caches in an underground bunker before the group returned back to the gunships. As they flew off, Flade detonated the charges and the base erupted in a torrent of flame. For now, the Separatist's would not be able to use the toxin again.

Callista had nearly pushed back the fleet in orbit around Honoghr. Upon Trigg's arrival, the last of the Separatist vessels had been destroyed. In a last ditch effort, droid starfighters attempted to suicide bomb the Phoenix, but the ships experienced crew managed to shoot down many fighters, limiting the damage sustained to a few areas of the ship. Trigg remarked on the droid cowardice, and the cruiser headed Coruscant for repairs.

Brainwashed Brothers

After their fiasco of a mess of Honogor, the 30th was called to aid in a much different mission than they were used to. The Pheonix made its way into deep space close to an uncharted location. The prospect put Jaing on edge, as he was not comfortable being in situations he didn't have the slightest knowledge of. Upon exiting lightspeed, Jacius and Trigg left the Pheonix to board Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi's cruiser. They were greeting in the hanger by Commander Cody and Obi-Wan, and had a small run in with Anakin Skyalker, who was shortly leaving to aid the 501st elsewhere. Trigg and Cody shook hands, knowing that both were glad to work with each other again. Obi-Wan and Jacius discussed their recollections of the crisis the later endured on Dromund Kaas, but any other discussion was quelled purposefully.

For many hours, Trigg and Cody reminisced their battle stories along with other members from the 212th, but before long Jacius contacted both of them to inform them that more company would be arriving. Within the hour, Trigg received word that the famed troopers of the 615th and their renowned Commander Thorner. Trigg could recall the name from his time in the ARC Program, but had not seen Thorner at all during the war.

The 615th arrived with flare, being well armed and fitted. Trigg had never really had a knack for liking massive reinforcements, but he had never really seen the 615th before. Cody remarked casually on the appearance of his armor and how it was unlike most clones he had seen. Trigg had never seen it, and thus he only remarked that his opinion would be made when he saw it personally. A pilot of the 615th sent word to Obi-Wan's cruiser that Thorner was coming, and Trigg proceeded to await his arrival in the hanger bay.

The gunship touched down and opened its doors to reveal Thorner, painted in blue and green with a helmet that resembled that of the Phase II armor, but its mouth piece was removed in a sense that gave it the appearance of an Airborne trooper helmet. In a lot of ways, Thorner resembled a mix of many clone officers Trigg had met in the past. He removed his helmet as Thorner walked out, saying "Trigg? Its been a long time brother!"

"Likewise Thorner," Trigg replied " However now is not the time for reunions. This way."

Thorner nodded an followed Trigg through various hallways until they made their way the bridge. General Kenobi and Cody were speaking with Jacius. On their way there, Trigg took a glance at Thorner's armor, and remarked "service on Mygeeto has it's perks..."

Thorner chuckled and punched his shoulder playfully. Trigg smiled; something he was still getting used to doing. Thorner looked suprised. "You smile? Since when?"

This time Trigg punched him in the shoulder playfully and they both chuckled. They came up to the holoterminal in front of them. Obi-Wan noticed them arrive and in response directed Cody and Jacius towards them. Trigg and Thorner saluted them. "General," Trigg began "Thorner is here, like you ordered."

"Greetings Thorner," he replied "Its been quite a while, hasn't it?"

"Far too long General," Thorner answered.

The two shook hands, and Cody shuffled a bit where he stood. Obi-Wan motioned over to Cody. Head over to Cody, he will take you through the briefing."

Thorner nodded and made his way to Cody, while Obi-Wan turned to Trigg. It was almost like watching rookies at play, Trigg thought. He nodded as Obi-Wan nodded in turn as a sign of respect. "What are you thoughts on Thorner, commander?"

"Ah, he's a good-hearted one, Thorner. Loyal as a trooper, but he won't hesitate to question you if something seems awry. I can say I've known him vaguely when I was in the program, and he had a rep for doing the right thing, no matter what."

"And you think he's a good choice for this mission."

"With all due respect General, I'm sure you already know that answer to that question."

Obi-Wan chuckled and put a hand on Trigg's shoulder. "Yes, well, you've come to know Jedi better than most Trigg. I wouldn't have picked another commander for this mission except him."

"It was a good choice, general," Trigg said as they both watched Cody and Thorner.

Obi-Wan turned back to Trigg. "I'm sure Cody already briefed you over the mission."

"Yes, sir."

Cody and Thorner returned to the holoterminal, and now Jacius had accompanied them. The 615th was going to be infiltrating a facility with unknown properties, involved with the Separatists for unknown reasons. It was located on a desolate molten rock world, devoid of any lava, that had been untouched by either side of the war because of it was uninhabitable. A company from the 212th had been sent in, but was unsuccessful in providing valuable intel. For three days, no communications could be established. For now, they could only hope that Thorner and the 615th could figure out what was happening in that facility and get back to inform them.

Thorner accompanied his men in the hanger bay and left on a gunship. At the same time, a detachment of the 615th began to deploy with him to the planet below them. Trigg was immediately put on alert by Kenobi, on the chance that something happened to them down there. In response, Trigg notified the rest of the 30th to be ready for a possible deployment.

It must have been hours. Kenobi had agreed to let scouting parties survey the space above the planet, since it was next to impossible to know what long range capabilities the facility had. As quickly as they had sent the 615th, they had disappeared from all radars and communication channels. Trigg tried to use his helmet comms to boost a signal to Thorner, but he could get nothing from it; the same for Cody as well. It wasn't until Trigg was finally convinced that Thorner was dead when a faint signal broke through. It was a barely audible transmission from their Juggernaut tank. Trigg couldn't make out if it was deliberate or not, but one thing was for sure, they were not dead.

Within a matter of minutes, the 30th began deployment under Kenobi's orders. Jacius agreed to stay with Obi-Wan to prevent any possibility for them to be attacked in space, while Trigg and the entirety of Havoc Company boarded their HAAT gunships and flew to the surface below. Trigg had Fox Squad and the rest of the company seal their helmets to keep possible toxicity from the terrain from seeping into them. By the time they had arrived at the designated landing position, they were struck with horror.

Before them, a destroyed Juggernaut was striped and exploding on the terrain. It had belonged to the 615th, and must have been the source of the distress signal. "That cannot be good," Shad exclaimed as he turned to Kimbo, who was using his inherit technology skills to scan the tank.

Trigg immediately had his men search the rubble, where they came across a multitude of dead clones and pilots shot in their seats. Kimbo was able to confirm the signal sourced here, but that gave no present comfort to the current situation. Trigg motioned to some of the 30th troopers on the ground. "Medic's, load as many as you can, injured go first, then we'll see about burying the dead if we can."

Just as they began to go about their procedures, Flade motioned to his commander. "Sir, I think I've found something."

Trigg ran to Flade, who was now looking at cables that had extended down to the ground from the tank. He pointed at the place where they hit the ground, and then followed his arm out to detail footprints leading away from the attack site. "They managed to get away."

Trigg put a hand on Flade's shoulder. "Great work, Flade, notify command if you can."

Trigg immediately called upon Flade, Jaing, Kimbo, Nex, and Shad to move out and follow the pathway, hoping it could lead them to Thorner and his men. The rest of the 30th would attend to the wounded. Where most commanders would have questioned Trigg as to why he would move out with a small team, he knew the response. His squad was no ordinary clone trooper squad.

They retraced the steps until they came to a crater, where the facility had been located in. Trigg cursed as he looked down at it. Flade smiled under his helmet. "They had to make it difficult for us, didn't they."

Jaing hit the back of Flade's helmet. "Shut up, Flade."

Trigg and his men used the acension cables already present from Thorner's men earlier to repell down to the facility below. The met no resistance, and could have easily walked through the front door. No droids were on guard and the facility appeared to be empty. Jaing shook his head. "Shad, you could have just had us walk through the front door, not that air duct."

Shad pointed his DC-15 down the hallway they began to walk down and turned to Jaing. "It's never that easy. Never."

Flade chimed in. "The guy's got a point."

"Men, turn on your floodlights," Trigg said.

All of the troopers turned on the floodlights on their helmets. The hallways were dark and empty as far as they could see. Nobody was here. They made their way into the prison blocks, hoping to find someone there. But to no avail, they could not find Thorner or his men. They were about to give up hope, when Trigg noticed a dark figure, a silhouette of a clone, walking across the far end of the hallway. "Hey! Trooper, over here!"

The trooper turned, but drew his blaster and pointed it down the hall at Trigg. Jaing immediately ran up to Trigg. "Trigg, look out!"

Jaing collided with Trigg, tackling him to the ground and dodging the blaster fire. Fox Squad spread to the opposite walls of the hallway and prepped their blasters. Trigg and Jaing quickly got up and moved up against one of the walls. Trigg drew his DC-17 hand blasters. "The hell was that!"

The trooper called on a comlink, and before long, a mass of 615th troopers had surrounded Trigg and his men on all sides. They could not shoot the clones, for risk of what was happening, and had no choice but to lay down their arms. Kimbo slowly put down his blaster, saying "Something's not right here boss..."

Immediately, fifty or so battle droids emerged along with the looming figure of General Grievous. He was just the same as Trigg remembered him on Illum. Weak in character and tactical prowess, yet powerful and intimidating. He was not an expert strategist, but his skills spoke well enough to equalize the infamy of his command. He coughed and walked up to Trigg and his men, who were now standing together in the center of the hallway surrounded by the clones and droids. "You fools never learn, do you..." he growled.

Trigg and Fox Squad where bound in cuffs and taken off by the droids and clones. Nex, Flade, Shad, and Kimbo were taken somewhere else, while Trigg and Jaing accompanied Grievous to wherever he planned to have them. Four commando droids flanked Jaing and Trigg, and escorted them to a room in another part of the facility. Upon entering, Trigg saw a row of containment fields lined across the semi-circular room. Thorner and the 615th trooper known as Vile where sitting in two of them. The commando droids pushed Trigg and Jaing to the ground, which caused Thorner to stand up in response to seeing a familiar face. The droids removed their helmets and set them on a table where Thorner's and Vile's sat. Grievous shouted at Thorner to sit, but he responded only when an engineer droid triggered a shock that shot through Throner's cell and put him on the ground by force. Trigg and Jaing where then put into cells of their own by Vile and Thorner. Grevious took interest in Trigg, and walked up to him. "For a clone, your smarter than most."

Trigg spat on the ground in front of him and Grievous. He responded by grabbing Trigg's throat and lifting him off his feet, only to throw him multiple feet into his cell. The containment field closes as Trigg tried to run at him. "Stupid clone," Grievous said with a wave of his hand.

The cyborg general left with the commando droids, while a few B1 Battle Droids remained to guard the room Trigg was currently in. Thorner turned to Trigg. "How did you get here?"

Trigg frustratingly turned from the area where Grievous had been and looked at Thorner. "One of your pilots sent a distress call, when we showed up it was too late, until we entered the base and saw one of your men."

"One of my men? Alive,down here?"

"Yes, but he was...different, changed. He fired a blaster bolt at me and we were surrounded by more clones, who were also different. The troopers had veins on their face, and pure white eyes."

Thorun nodded. "I did hear one of the droids speaking about augmentation. It's probably what their studying down here."

"Well its no hope for them now. They seem to have complete obedience to the Separatists."

"Don't give up so easily on your men, Trigg," Thorner exclaimed "there may be a way to reverse this affect on them. We just need patience."

Trigg chuckled. It was as if he was speaking to Jacius. He always got annoyed when Jacius would quote Jedi teachings, because it never solved the present situation immediately. He was about to reply when Grievous entered the room once again. He looked at the clones in a triumphant glare and walked over to the table. "Having fun, clones?"

"Why haven't you augmented us yet, Grievous. Why leave us to wait?"

Trigg figured that he wanted the suffering to drag out as long as possible. Grievous laughed and turned to the four clones."Well, you will forget everything soon, so why don't i tell you?"

He turned to face the clones. "As you could clearly see, your 'brothers' did not enjoy your presence as they once did. You see, I have infected your men with a prototype virus, one that we plan to use in the future. The substance that does this can only be found here, deep within the planets core. We know not how it works, but it clearly does..."

Grievous coughed again."However, we've run into a previous error, the stronger the will power of the host; the more resistance to the virus there is. The first of your clone squads to investigate here was quite easily manipulated by the virus, however, the commander of the squad was not easily controlled. Eventually he broke free from the virus and came so, so very close to getting me. I spotted the rat from the corner of my eye, and removed his pathetic mind from his pitiful body!"

Jaing shook his head in disgust and sorrow. Trigg merely gave Grievous a glare of disgust. "So to prevent this from happening again" Trigg began "you're scanning the brains of the clones with the highest willpower-"

"And killing them off, yes."

In an instant, the containment field around Trigg evaporated, and Grievous's powerful arm extended out and grabbed Trigg by the chin, lifting him up from the ground and holding him their in mid-air. Even off the ground, Grievous was still taller than Trigg." Begin the brain scan," Grievous ordered to a nearby droid.

"Yes general," it answered.

Immediately, blasterfire is heard outside the room. Grievous then drops Trigg where he is and heads to the door. "What's going on," he yelled as he approached the door panel. Suddenly, troopers from the 30th burst through the windows and roofs of the facility. Grievous immediately left the room in search of his shuttle, and saw the corpses of battle droids strewn across the hallways. Ever since Illum, Grievous had always hated the 30th; he hated their effectiveness.

Bett and Vegire, two troopers from Fox Squad, came through the door and performed vaults over the table and shot the security droids. Bett went to the control panel and deactivated the containment fields. "Bett, Vegire," Jaing exclaimed "boy am I glad to see you."

Bett lifted Jaing from the ground while Vegire helped Trigg up. Trigg and Vegire then went to help Thorner and Vile up from their cells. "Likewise, Jaing," Bett replied.

Trigg turned to Vegire after helping Thorner up. "Vegire, status report?"

"We're doing our best sir," Vegire answered "the droids are dropping like flies, and Grievous slipped away again, however we're having more trouble with the clones. Why are they attacking?"

Thorner looked at Vegire. "Well explain later Vegire. Right now, just get all the troopers to set their blasters to stun."

"They already are, commander, have been since the start. Can't say the same for the other clones. We've already had a few casualties..."

Trigg shook his head. Vile gave Vegire an awry look of shock and anger. "Don't say that word, every again...please."

Thorner turned to him. "Vile, now is not the time, lets move everyone!"

Trigg, Thorner, Vile, and Jaing grabbed their helmets from the table and accompanied Bett and Vegire into the hallway with their recovered weapons. Bett and Vegire went to assist the rest of the 30th with Jaing and Vile, while Trigg and Thorner went to go find a way to reverse the virus. As they went down the corridors, members of the 615th appeared and fired on them. Trigg shot stuns at them and they dropped to the ground, allowing the two commanders to continue down the hallways. Two magna-guards appeared around a corner, and activated their electro staffs. Thorner readied himself. "I've got this, Trigg."

Thorner rushed at the magna-guards, drawing his famous vibrosword and activating it. He dodged to the left, ducked, and stabbed one of the magna-guards in the back. As the droid fell, Thorner grabbed his staff and threw it to Trigg. He caught it, but in the process, the other guard managed to hit Thorner across the head and send him sprawling to the floor. Thorner dropped his sword in the process.

As the guard prepared to bring his staff down of Thorner, Trigg pierced the guard through the chest with the staff he had been handed, and let the droid fall down on it as it fell to the ground. It was slightly morbid, but Trigg cared only that it wouldn't be able to get back up. He helped Thorner up and handed him his vibrosword, and the two made their way down the corridor. They came to a room, full of inactive Super Battle Droids, with three B1 Battle Droids guarding the inside.

Trigg drew his hand blasters and fired a succession of three shots, each finding their mark on the droids, within seconds of entering the room. Thorner turned to Trigg with awe. "Well, know I know why Alpha named you Trigg."

"Yeah, and he named you Thorner because he knew you'd be a pain in Grievous's side. And mine," he said as he laughed and shoved Thorner humorously. Thorner punched his shoulder like he had done before, and the two made their way to the center of the room. They came to a work desk and frantically searched through files strewn all over it, until they found what they though was the anti-virus. Trigg had now taken off his helmet and had sat it on the desk, along with Thorner. "Are you sure that's the one?"

Thorner tossed the vile in his hand. "Time to find out."

Thorner placed the vile into the air duct tank in the room. The anti-virus became airborne in the facility and spread to all areas of the complex. Suddenly, all of the 615th troopers along with Flade, Kimbo, Shad, and Nex dropped unconscious. Trigg, Thorner , and the 30th Assault Legion set charges all around the base, unfortunately not making it to Grievous in time to capture him.

Jaing and Vile managed to establish communications with Obi-Wan, and Cody immediately deployed with members of the 212th to provide reinforcements in the complex. The 615th and the 30th got onto the gunships, and all the troopers left the facility to go back to Kenobi's star destroyer. On the trip back, Trigg and Thorner detonated the explosives and destroyed the facility, along with its research and the virus. They explained the details of the mission to Kenobi and Jacius, dubbing the experiment as a classified file named the "Anti-Clone Virus" and having all connections to it removed. Afterwards, Trigg would accmpany Jacius and the 30th back to Coruscant to await furthur orders, while Thorner saw to the treatment of his troopers who had been infected by the virus. Trigg expressed his deepest gratitude and his thanks, wishing Thorner's men a speedy recovery. Thorner apologized for the men Trigg had lost to the brainwashed 615th and thanked Trigg for his help on the mission. Trigg assured him war affected everyone, and nothing could be done to even protect clones from each other in these times. They both exclaimed that they would enjoy working with each other in the future, as they were now the closest of brothers.

The mission went unrecorded for sake of keeping the details away from both Republic and Separatist parties, lest either use its knowledge for ill purpose. Trigg, Thorner, the 615th and the 30th would not forget what had transpired, nor the increasing dangers that the war put on them.

Battle of Ferinia

The Battle of Ferinia began when the Separatists tried to make a move against the Republic's most valuable income producer. Being one of the worlds that produced the most currency, in the form of large quantities of credit chips, Ferinia was vital to paying for the war effort of whoever had control of it.

(To be Completed)

Battle of Quil'ages

Unknown to him at the time, the Battle of Quil'ages would be the most tragic and intense battle Trigg had ever faced.

(To be Completed)

Second Battle of Dantooine

(To be Completed)

Great Jedi Purge (19 BBY - 0 BBY)

Order 66

In Exile

An Old Friend

The Rebel Alliance

Personality and traits

"You used to be so uptight, Trigg. Exile changed you. Now your a bounty hunter? It's funny how much irony we live through in these times."

"I can say the same about you sir. You used to be laid back, now your just as uptight as I was, back in the day."

-Jacius and Trigg, speaking about each other during the Clone Wars-

Trigg was fearless, gruff, no none-sense, and tough veteran of the Clone Wars. Known for his tough and strict behaviors, he earned a reputation as one of the most efficient clone commanders in Grand Army of the Republic. Trigg was great at thinking on his feet and could command his troops with an expertise that rivaled clone officers. In some instances, Trigg was credited with commanding better than a handful of Jedi that the clones claimed to work with. Although Trigg had knowledge of the reputation he had made for himself, he didn't feel any pride in it. All he cared about was finishing the mission to the letter and making sure his men were prepared to fight. Members of other clone legions, like the 501st, accused Trigg of being too tough on his troops. Trigg's men in the 30th Assault Legion stated that no other clone in the entire Republic would ever be as effective as Trigg when commanding their legion. Being the commander of such a legion as this, Trigg found that toughness was a necessity.

He had a close working relationship with Jacius, whom he almost never left the side of in battle. Jaing, Shad, and Flade accompanied almost everywhere, and Trigg would come to rely on them the most in personal dilemmas. Jacius taught Trigg how to let loose ever so often and ease the burden of war on the grizzled commander. As the war progressed, Trigg eased up on is men more and more. He never slacked in his duties, however, and maintained his battle-hardened personality. When Trigg rescued Jacius from Dromund Kaas, he found that their roles had seemed to switch, Jacius being more and more tough in his battle-mindset. His close friendship with Jacius would alter his thinking process (which he knew was programmed as part of his clone genes) during the Order 66 directive.

Trigg looked like any other clone, except for the personal touches he added to his hair. He was irritated with the thought of long hair obstructing his view during battle. He encouraged his troops to express individuality, but cautioned at the dangers of having hair obstructing their view in the middle of battle. Trigg didn't really like the black hair he and his brothers were born with, so he died it to a more maroon, brown like hue as a cadet. He had his head shaved close to the skin, giving him an almost caeser, buzzcut-like haircut. As he grew older, the color of his eyes changed from a light amber-like brown into a much darker hue. He grew out a beard and mustache, which he kept regularly trimmed to keep a "manly" appearance. His troopers claimed he did because it made him look much for gruff and grizzled.

One of Trigg's most famous conflicts was that of his hatred for ARC Troopers. He loathed the thought of clones who had the necessary skills to win a battle being special agents for the Republic Intelligence agency. He had declined an invitation to join the ARC troopers twice because the duty to his men was most important. During the Battle of Illum, in which the Alpha-class ARC trooper Kane accompanied the 30th and the 88th on their mission to apprehend Oron Teithis, Trigg clashed on more than one occasion on how best to proceed the mission. While Jacius did not completely voice his like or dislike of ARC troopers, it wasn't hard to notice Trigg's. He stated that their free-thinking behavior gets in the way of a solid plan, or more importantly, that they could put the lives of their men in danger. The only ARC trooper Trigg ever grew close to was Jace, whom of which showed him the things that made an ARC trooper noble.


Phase I

Phase II

Skills and abilities


The Clone Wars: Suspects on Umbara

The Clone Wars: Brainwashed Brothers

The Clone Wars: Aftershocks

The Clone Wars: Bonds of Brotherhood

The Clone Wars: Ghosts

Behind the scenes

  • "Trigg" was originally named "Trigger", as to reference his keen ability as an expert quick draw and trigger finger.
  • Trigg is the Clone Wars Adventures character "Commander Jac", my very first profile to have ever made on that game. He was originally a "501st" like clone in design, but later switched to red as the game continued on. Many of his troopers and generals were other players as well.

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