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Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Kamino


32 BBY, Kamino

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


CC-1211, nicknamed "Dodge," was a clone marshal commander of the 56th Battalion during the Clone Wars that served under Jedi General Viera Cacete. Early in the war, he was a participant of the battles of Dirahn and Balmorra.


Early life

1211 was cloned with the first batch of clone troopers on Kamino from the DNA of the notorious bounty hunter Jango Fett in 32 BBY. He was exclusively chosen to become a clone commander within the Grand Army of the Republic, and was given special training from birth. As he matured at a quick pace due to the growth acceleration given to every clone - making them prepared for war faster - he learned more combat tactics from the Kaminoan and Mandalorian trainers, who had been called by Jango Fett to aid in the training of clones.

Throughout his time in training on Kamino, 1211 slowly developed a disliking of the Kaminoans, particularly the Prime Minister Lama Su, who saw the clones as his own creations that he could control. While there were some Kaminoans that expressed more love toward the clones, 1211 was never comfortable near any of them.

By the time 1211 had completed his training and was made a full clone commander, he began to oversee the training of other clone squads. In all the time that he did this, he admired a group of clones consisting of clones 21766672876498897922, and 4892. Several of them were specialized as particular ranks, 6672 being a medic, 8764 a heavy weapons specialist, and 7922 specialized in reconnaissance. Just prior to the deployment of the two hundred thousand clone troopers, 1211 requested that this unit be transferred to his battalion, the 56th. His request was accepted, and they immediately prepared to deploy on the world of Geonosis.

The Clone Wars

Battle of Geonosis

The first assignment of the 56th Battalion was to rescue the group of Jedi in the Pentranaki arena and assault the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the desert planet Geonosis. The 56th itself would not be among the group of clones that were being sent to the arena, and instead they were heading straight to the front lines of battle. The 56th was given an Acclamator-class assault ship just prior to the battle, which they took to Geonosis. In the middle of deployment, 1211 received information that the Jedi had been rescued, and they were now headed to the desert itself.

The battle began with the Republic forces gaining the upper hand, as no one had expected the clone army to arrive at that moment; even few of the Jedi knew about their existence. At the beginning of the encounter, the 56th was joined by Jedi Master Saesee Tiin, and throughout the battle 1211 looked up to the Jedi as a true leader. At some point during the battle, the 56th was ambushed by a swarm of Geonosian warriors, one of which landed on top of 1211, causing his helmet to fall off. The Geonosian attempted to stab 1211's head with its spear, however he had barely dodged it - a scar was left along his left temple. Tiin took out the Geonosian, and 1211 thanked his general.

After a while, the battle was won by the Republic. The 56th, along with several other clone units, were sent to Coruscant, the Republic's capital, however it was there that 1211 was recalled to Kamino. He left the 56th on Coruscant and traveled to the ocean world to participate in the ARC Training Program.

ARC program

1211 participated in the ARC program on Kamino, and not long after his arrival began training alongside several other clone officers under the vigilant eye of Captain ARC-77, nicknamed "Fordo." They underwent a series of intense training exercises, including simulations and tests, and learned what made them different from one another. Throughout the program, 1211 met many other clone officers, and grew especially close to CC-1322. By the end of the first week of the ARC program, 1211 and 1322 both became early graduates. 1211 had earned the nickname "Dodge" from Captain Fordo, for his quick movement in dodging blaster bolts during the simulations. After saying farewell to 1322, now known as "Trigg," Dodge took his leave for Coruscant, to rejoin the 56th.

Mission to Dirahn

The 56th Battalion's first official assignment, aside from Geonosis, was on a planet known as Dirahn, where they would assault a Separatist base. In a quick ambush, the 56th easily gained an advantage in the battle, and soon took control of the base. Once Republic forces arrived in the planet's orbit, Dirahn became a Republic planet, and the 56th was honored for their victory. After the battle, Dodge took the time to individually train select members of the unit, which then led to the creation of the elite Siege Platoon. He also allowed them to customize their armor.

Just after the mission, they were given their next assignment, on the planet Balmorra. Before they departed Dirahn's orbit, a Nu-class shuttle carrying a Jedi Knight arrived on the Valiance, and Viera Cacete joined the 56th as their Jedi General. At first, Dodge saw Viera as young and naive; however he saw potential in her.

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