"Intelligence isn't respected as much as brawn." - CC-1058, Commander Ramikad Galaxywave.

CC-1058 "Ram"

CC-1058 Ramikad recolor

CC-1058 Alpha

1058 Ramikad recolor

Ramikad's BARC armor

CT-1058 Re-designed

Ramikad Galaxywave

Biographical information

Kaminoplanet Tipoca City, Kamino


Late 32 BBY



Physical description





1.82 meters

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color



Both legs just above the knee



Chronological and political information

Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire


Galactic Republic Republic/Empire


Lieutenant Colonel ("Commander")

Known masters

Jedi Knight Juley Skywalker, Jedi Master Kai Bauer, Jedi General Sarien Primecrater, Raiden Huttbroker, Sergeant Major Stinger Niceshot, Colonel Jamillia Kragdream

Known apprentices

Republic Commando Captain Caper


Cin'ciri (Spouse), Cabur (Biological daughter)

Former Squad(s)

The Last Commandos (21 BBY - 21 BBY), elite clone tactical unit (22 BBY - 21 BBY), The 374th Acklay division (21 BBY - 20 BBY), Wolfpack Unit (22 BBY -21 BBY), CLXXV Regiment (20 BBY - 20 BBY

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithBc icon trooperExileTechnician

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-Ramikad Galaxywave


Ramikad Galaxywave ("Ram" for short) was a clone officer from a Force-sensitive batch. Unlike his brothers, he was neglected by the Kaminoans, who had seemingly forgotten to implant his inhibitor chip and appeared to not take any concern in adding one. Being Force-sensitive, the Jedi and Sith took special interest in him, both of which Ram disliked. Ram was mostly known for his aggressive behavior and strict policies, mostly due to a rough childhood and lack of an inhibitor chip. Despite his mostly "rebellious" behaviors, he proved to be an excellent leader and warrior.

22 BBY

Geonosis: First Wave

Ram's imagination had been fired up with what the planet would look like. His first encounter with the stars had been fascinating but short-lived. To think that after waiting his whole life, he could finally venture out to new worlds and liberate them from tyranny. Not all his brothers seemed to share the same desires though. They seemed to only want to go back to Kamino or settle on one planet when the war was won. Ram didn't think of anything that long-term, and he was glad he didn't at the time. He would regret that later on.

The larty arrived on the hot surface where everyone who had been packed inside began to file out in the frenzy of blaster fire. Ram, like everyone else, was being used on the front lines as infantrymen. The first assault

The Accumulator: Navy's Future

Description: Ramikad welcomes the Cadet Youth Brigade aboard his very own ship, the Accumulator, only to be ambushed by Separatists in deep space.

Only Ramikad's 374th Naval Reserves were excited to hear the news of cadets, who were thrilled to arrive upon their command ship, that would train and become the next generation of orbital warfare. The Cadet Youth Brigade suffered from an attack earlier on the Endurance; the 374th was armed for anything. As the Republic frigate entered view, Ram ordered his troops to be their very best.

"Alright, men," he said,"I want everyone to show these cadets what it means to be in the Republic Navy. Make them want to join. Don't force them." He observed a few troops to see which would be the best to show when the cadets arrived. " I want Wess, Ren, Jor, Kyle, Bren, and Sev to be the ones lined up at the entry. The rest of you, maintain the calm atmosphere that these cadets expect. That includes you too, Wedge and Juley." The two Jedi had been unnoticed for a majority of the briefing, but now they were the center of attention. As the troops were dismissed, Ram caught up with the Jedi. "Here's what's going to happen: you two will act as escorts standing on both sides of me when I greet the cadet unit." Juley rolled her eyes. Ram shot a dirty look at her. He was new to the whole 'respect the superior Jedi' thing. Juley and Wedge were the first Jedi (aside from the ones on Geonosis) that Ramikad ever met: the first he could really reason with, for the most part. Juley was still a Padawan, so the attitude was expected. Wedge was a Knight, and his obedience may be a little too strong for Ram's tastes.

As the ship docked, everything went as planned: the cadets admired the standing troops as they went towards Ram, standing with two Jedi at his side. The children kept moving and smiled at the troops. Some of the men even shot a smile back. It was long before Sergeant Crasher, the same sergeant with the same cadet unit who was on the Endurance during the accident on board, greeted Ram and turned the conversation over to him.

"Welcome aboard the Accumulator," Ram said to them. "I'm Lieutenant Ramikad Galaxywave, this is Wedge and Juley. You'll be pleased to know this isn't a tour, but a chance for you to pursue an opportunity to join one of the Republic's finest. But first, a little question about the place we'll be first going: How fast is the fast-tracking mode of the DBY-827 heavy turbolaser turrets in close range?" Ram was now leading them down the halls towards the gunnery room. The question was still unanswered; the cadets went silent. They seemed to know the specs of the ship, but not the specs of those specs. Finally, a cadet raised his hand and answered.

"Sir, the DBY-827 heavy turbolasers have a three second fast-tracking mode," the cadet said. Ram smiled and asked another question.

"How many intensity settings are on the DBY-827 heavy turbolasers?" The same cadet raised his hand again, but much quicker than before.

"Sir, they have seven different settings, sir," he said. Ram stopped looked back at the cadet.

"What's you're number, cadet?" he asked the child.

"Sir, my designated number is Cadet one zero five nine," he responded. Ram almost thought it too good to be true. Despite that this cadet was highly intelligent on the ship's defensive and offensive weapons, he was also respecting authority. Sergeant Crasher intervened before Ram could continue.

"Sir, he's a new cadet to this unit. His name is Fray," the sergeant said.

"Well, we want to get to our destination sometime today, so let's get moving," Ram said as he lead the way into the gunnery room. He looked at the nervous cadets. "Let's see if you've all improved from the Endurance." He nodded to the clone gunner who was prepared to release the skeet when the first cadet armed the guns. Fray jumped to the controls without hesitation and shot down the skeet as it was launched. He did so at least five times at different distances: increasing them each time. Both Ram and the gunner were amazed by the cadet who proved to be more than ready to join them in the ranks, only lacking age requirements. Ram gave the cadets permission to go to the mess and eat breakfast while he set up the next place for them. As they left, Ram told the gunner how Fray should be "watched closely". However, the rest of the tour had gone without incident.

Coruscant: Force of Power

Ramikad had been having trouble falling asleep. Something was bothering him, but he couldn't figure it out. The Accumulator was drifting in the Core Worlds area on a course to Coruscant. He lay staring at the ceiling from his bunk with his hands on his chest. It wasn't cold, so he left the covers off of him. There was really nothing to do except stare blankly into the void of the metal above him. Perhaps he just needed a walk. Yes, a walk might tire him out. As he left the room, Ram was sure to make certain that no other clone was up and walking around the halls too. He made it about two doors down before being slammed into the wall by an unexpected intruder. The figure wore a black robe, had a mask covering the face, and a red lightsaber against Ram's neck. It was unmistakable as to who this was.

"Hey, Kai," Ram said to the former Jedi who had pinned him with his chest towards the wall. "I've been wondering what you've been up to." The dark Jedi grunted and the mask folded itself back to reveal his face. It was grey from dark side corruption, but Ram was just as easy to make a joke about it as about what had just happened.

"I fled from that corrupt order that you serve," Kai muttered. Ram had freed his left arm and slowly grabbed his pistol; Kai seemed to not have noticed.

"You could've stayed, Kai. Became a member of the council. Lead me and my men to victory. It could have been different," Ram stalled as he got a hold on his blaster. Kai laughed, but as soon as Ram felt the strength to free himself and blast Kai, the dark sider had disappeared. Ram couldn't see or sense him anymore, which had been a relief and pain for him. After Kai had left, Ram heard and felt the ship come out of hyperspace. As the cruiser entered the atmosphere, Ram felt as if he heard faint and eerie whispers, but he couldn't distinguish any words from them. Stepping off the ship, Ram could feel the nice, warm temperature touch his face, the only thing that was exposed to him. He had been instructed to meet at the Jedi Temple entrance, a place few clones have visited so far in the war. Ram saw what appeared to be Generals Kenobi and Plo waiting for him and decided to walk towards them after getting off the docking construct. His arrival was that of stress for he appeared sickly as he took off his helmet; his face was pale, his eyes had bags, and several strands of his hair looked gray. The generals appeared uninterested in his appearance though. Ram quickly snapped to attention and saluted, giving a usual greeting to superiors of stating his rank, number, and then the monotone "reporting as ordered". Instead of doing as Ram anticipated, they greeted him with a nod of their heads.

"We've been notified that you are Force sensitive," Kenobi stated. His words hit Ram and added to his illness by making him queasy. The last people he wanted to know of this was the Jedi.

"Our librarian wants to see you in the Temple Archives," Plo said. "We won't delay you any further." Ram nodded.

"Thank you, sirs."

Madam Jocasta was almost exactly like what Ram envisioned her to be: old, wrinkly, smiling politely. Ram had decided to leave his helmet on; the stress had been pointed out on his way here and he didn't want to stray from whatever the librarian had to say to him. She greeted him with a softened voice that soothed Ram and eased his tension.

"You must be the clone of interest," she said to him. Ram only nodded, knowing he was losing his voice. "Then you will be more curious about what we found than anyone here." She began leading him to a desk where the monitor displayed heavily dated information. Thousands of years ago. He began reading the information as she left him to sit in the desk chair. According to the data, Ram had been included as a descendant of a Republic trooper during the Old Republic. That surprised him just as much as when he discovered that his ancestor was the offspring of a powerful line of Force users, Jedi and Sith and some even neither. From the hours of reading, Ram was able to understand that even though he was a clone, he was an experiment with preserved DNA from a woman (his ancestor) frozen in ice. He was ashamed to think he was little more than a weapon, but also felt praised to be able to possibly master what his ancestors had centuries ago.

21 BBY

Tatooine: Void

Description: The 374th must liberate the desert world of Tatooine by reaching the Separatist headquarters in Anchorhead while freeing several cities along the way.

Tatooine was just emptiness, desert, nothing. Why anyone settled or even why the Separatists wanted this planet was too much to wonder about while the convoy marched through the canyons in Jundland. Ram never really liked planets that had only one climate or terrain, so this mission was just boredom and unnecessary to him. As the AT-TE's marched along the narrow walk path, Ram spotted several enemy AAT's taking aim on the first transport.

Republic Jundland convoy

The 374th marches their artillery and infantry on a narrow ledge in the canyons of the Jundland Wastes.

"Get the squad ready, sergeant!" Ram called to his second-in-command. The trooper acknowledged and almost instantly, several AT-RT's were unloaded from the second AT-TE. Ram climbed on board one and lead the small group of ARF troopers past the larger walkers and out into the Dune Sea. The crew made short work of the enemy tanks, destroying each of them with ease. However, the tanks managed to block their path for the convoy by hitting a few loose rocks and preventing the larger transports from climbing over. They were unable to shoot the landslide without damaging their own walker. The rock slide had happened too close to the first one and the last was damaged to where it would only move forward or not at all. The walkers were stuck, but Ram's small ARF trooper unit wasn't, which gave the lieutenant a brilliant plan. Well, not really brilliant, but more of an excuse to lift random things with the raise of his arms. He reached out with his palms facing away from him, and shut his eyes - his helmet still on the AT-RT. The focus was lost almost instantly from his impatience, but a new idea came through: if he were to remove a rock from the bottom of the pile, the landslide would fall into the canyon. Without having to look like and embarrassment, Ram set down a small and nearly nonlethal detonator and watched the boulders disappear into the darkness of the canyon. As Ram smiled at his small achievement, the sergeant came back to his side.

"Sir," he said,"I've dispatched two scouts to each of the cities."

"Good work," Ram replied. "Let's get these walkers to Mos Espa. Move out!" The walkers obeyed without hesitation and the long crossing from Jundland to Mos Espa through the Dune Sea began. Ram rode his small AR-RT in the intense heat across the desert sand. Using the macrobinoculars from the pack on the walker, he tried to spot any hostiles in need of destruction. The dune was making him ambitious for a fight. The trip would take approximately three days at minimum, but if any problems came up, that time could easily triple. The only thing that could keep him sane was a conversation with the troops, his troops. The 374th was the only battalion deployed on this mission, equipped with only their walkers, three Acclamators, three Republic medical frigates, and his own Republic frigate with the same blue color as his armor.

"Sergeant," Ram began,"what do you think of this war?" The sergeant took a long time to come up with a response, but he said one nonetheless.

"Personally, sir, I don't like being used to fight someone else's war. I never asked for any of this," he said. Ram stopped his walker suddenly, but not of retaliation. He waited for the sergeant's AT-TE to catch up. The clone sergeant was sitting next to the heavy cannon on top, looking towards the horizon. Ram finally was able to speak to him without the use of helmet comms. He took off his helmet and rested it behind him in the small walker's tiny storage area.

"Trust me, I know how you feel..." Ram said to the clone. The sergeant looked down at him in question.

Republic Dune Sea convoy

The 374th advances towards Mos Espa, where it will liberate each city as it moves towards the Separatist capital in Anchorhead.

"I was used, as well as many others, in a fight between Pantora and Talz. I was one of those few to survive the initial attack. Me and some others held the line and awaited our deaths. All because of some ambitious chairman. He was one of the casualties, thankfully..." Ram trailed off, realizing the sergeant didn't want to hear the story. Ram sighed as the convoy slowed. Power was another issue he didn't consider. The walkers could use up their "infinite" power supply and have to wait another day-and-a-half for it to recharge. As Ram predicted, the vehicles died after the first thirty or so hours of leaving Jundland. For another thirty-six hours, the men would camp in the void of the dunes. The only worry that Ram had was that they would lose their sense of direction.

The trail was nearing its end. The cities Ram thought they would liberate had been destroyed entirely. The last haven on his group's list seemed to be Mos Espa. Their initial goal was to enter Anchorhead and wipe out the droids there. But it seemed that their opponent had expected their move and fled before they could arrive. However, Ram's forces had been thinned out by wildlife, intense heat, sandstorms, and Tusken Raiders. The choice made by Ram's superiors was to recall all forces and let another unit take their place. With his ambition destroyed and his grief arisen, Ram accepted to the evacuation. As the larties arrived, Ram thought of who would be willing to spend their time here. When the new units appeared, he was certain they could do a better job than he.

Coruscant: New Management

Description: The 374th is placed under the command of a new Jedi, but Ramikad, not trusting the Council's decision, chooses to continue defying their orders as well as his new Commander's.

Ramikad had been instructed to speak with the Jedi Council via holocommunications. He wasn't sure what the deal was. If he was in trouble and was to discuss punishment, why not do it in person? As the terminal powered up, Ram stood at attention as the view of several familiar Jedi came to view. He knew that his holo was in the center of the room in proportion to where everyone else was located.

"Captain," Mace Windu said,"we have been discussing the reasoning as to why you are the one leader of your unit."

"General, I have my ways to deal effective combat tactics," Ramikad said to the Jedi. "I'm afraid that a Jedi of any sort would disturb this organization I've managed to create." Ram saw Kenobi look towards Shaak Ti and then back at him. Ram frowned once the Jedi Master looked back at him.

"We still have our concerns, Captain," Windu continued. "After our consideration, we've decided that you will be managed by a Jedi Padawan from here on." Ram suddenly froze and stood blankly at the Council before him. He was furious by this news. No Jedi had the resolve and effectiveness as he.

"But sir!" Ramikad said blindly. "My unit is more effective than anyone else. If our system is destroyed, it would ruin our successes. Please just let-"

"The order still stands, Captain," Windu interrupted. Ramikad was embarrassed now. He hung his head in shame before everyone.

"Yes, General..." he said sadly. The communication was done and the Council was dismissed. Ramikad had received new orders to meet his new commander at the Temple. Whoever this Jedi was, he wouldn't agree with anything they had to say.

As he arrived at the rendezvous point, he saw General Skywalker speaking to a young Togruta. Could Skywalker be his new leader? If so, Ram would be more than pleased; he and Skywalker shared many opinions about the Jedi ways and even battle strategies. To his dismay, he saw the general look towards him and leave the young girl alone. Oh great, Ramikad thought. This girl would be leading his battalion? He approached wearily and cautiously. Without saluting, he said "Commander, it's... good to meet you." The Togruta smiled at him, with her arms still crossed in front of her chest.

"Ramikad, isn't it?" she said to him. Ram nodded and held his arms behind his back as if he were in binders.

"You can call me Ram if you'd like ma'am," he suggested.

"I'm Ahsoka Tano, and I supposed I'm to lead you and your troops from here on," the Padawan said.

"Strange," Ram said,"I've never heard of you until now. Ahsoka unfolded her arms and put them on her hips.

"Padawans don't usually get recognition," she stated. She looked the clone dead in the eye and made him feel as if he wanted his helmet on. Her face was angry and Ram could feel that radiate from her. He was already not getting along well with his new commander and they hadn't even retrieved their first mission orders yet. Granted, they weren't going to get orders until a week of recollection had passed. This gave Ram ample time to execute a new plan. He wanted to go AWOL.

"He did what?" Anakin asked his young apprentice. Ahsoka had lost control of Ramiakd the second they went back to their separate quarters. Somehow, Ram managed to escape to the lower levels of Coruscant. His armor still had a tracer on it, so there was no need to send a large number of troops to arrest him.

Ahsoka's search

Ahsoka searches the poverty-filled levels of Coruscant to find her missing clone officer.

"I'll bring him back, Master," Tano said to the General. Anakin frowned, but was clearly thinking of something.

"Alright," the Jedi Knight said,"but make sure that you're the only one after him."

"I will," Tano replied. The holo faded away and Ahsoka began to stroll over to the one sector where Ram's tracer was located. She tracked him to an area where no one could survive their whole life. No one sane that is.

"Ram? Ram. Where are you?" Ahsoka called out. Ram was close by from the looks of the tracer. Even so, she felt that Ram's presence was just behind her, instead of where the tracer was. As she neared the pinpointed location, Ahsoka saw a strange-looking device lying on the ground in front of her. It was flashing as she got closer. Ram knew she was tracking him then. She reached out into the Force to find him, but she felt nothing. It was as if he had been wiped from existence entirely. Suddenly, she heard a blaster fire from behind her. She swiftly avoided the blast by maneuvering out of the way using Force acrobatics. She reached for her lightsabers, but was surprised to find that they had fallen in her jump. She began to reach for them, but was stopped by the blue laser bolts firing upon her. There was no way to physically grab them from where she was, so she chose to use the Force and move them her way. It was still no use when Ram's blast knocked them from her Force grip. Maybe reasoning was still an option. When Ahsoka stood from behind her cover, the firing stopped. Confused the Jedi tried reaching out again through the Force after she picked up her sabers.

"Ram," she called out again,"it's okay. Please just let us talk about this." To her surprise, she heard the sound of boots hit the ground behind her. As she turned, she saw Ram with his blaster aimed at her.

"Ram! Wait!" Ahsoka said, holding her arms out as means of surrender. She dropped her sabers on the ground to show that she wouldn't harm him. Ram started to lower his pistol.

"Why are you following me?" Ram demanded. Ahsoka lowered her arms and looked at the clone. His armor was closely related to the 501st armor she had been so used to seeing.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked. "Why don't you want me to lead your unit?" Ram lowered his blaster and sat down on the nearest crate. He sighed.

"The truth is, I don't want anyone but me leading my boys out there," he explained. "I feel that a Jedi would screw things up. You guys don't know military procedures if it hit you across the head. I hust want to be alone now..." Ahsoka took seat beside him. She put her hand on his shoulder and spoke softly.

"I may not be the war-hero you want me to be, but that's why we're a team," the Jedi explained. "I don't know military procedures, but I do know how to lead. You only need guidance from me. If anything, I should be the one receiving orders from you." Ram smiled and picked up his gear. As he stood, he held out his hand to help pull the commander up on her feet. She declined and stood on her own. They left the lower levels together and arrived back at the Temple before the storms came in.

The Council had assembled ever so quickly and quietly. The topic was the discussion of Ramikad's loyalty after he chose to defy the entire Republic and go AWOL. This was usually dealt with by Republic Command, but since Ram was Force-sensitive, that made the ordeal a Jedi affair. For the occasion, Shaak Ti, overseer of clone cadet training, had made the visit to Coruscant. However, few Jedi were able to officially attend without being scattered on distant worlds. The only ones able to be there in person included Kenobi, Tinn, Yoda, Windu, Shaak Ti, and Plo Koon. It had already started storming during the night with the occasional flashes of lightning disrupting the conversation.

"We all knew Ram was... unstable, but if he left in favor of the Separatists, there could be no telling as to what would happen," Mundi stated.

"His background seems to start after the battle of Geonosis," Obi-wan said, stroking his beard.

"To look into this matter, not direct are the answers," Yoda said. "In him... anger we may sense."

"If he is considered hazardous to the safety of Padawan Tano," Windu began,"then we must assume that he will continue to act like this until the change is restored." The council paused for a moment to allow the thunder to pass through. The light flickered as a sign that power loss was near. The holograms flashed and became distorted for a short while as the council collected itself.

"Another option, there may be," Yoda said. Shaak Ti looked towards the Grand Master in shock.

"Are you suggesting that a Jedi Master should guide them?" she asked. Yoda just let a slight smile answer for him. He looked to Shaak Ti and pointed his cane at her. She looked at him, still in disarray. Then, she understood; she would help keep Ahsoka and Ram from defying each other and the Jedi.

"I actually don't have a problem with this," Ramikad told Padawan Tano, who was outraged that not even the council trusted their judgments or trusts. She was appalled after hearing that Ram agreed with them. Ram, usually despised the Jedi, but knowing that his actions lead to him being overseen by a Jedi Master, he felt rather proud of himself. When finding out that Shaak Ti would be governing them, his hopes diminished. He disapproved of her teachings on how Jedi and clones have similarities, even more so than Tano.

"I can't believe you'd side with them," Ahsoka was saying as they began for their departure to Kamino. It occurred to Ram that she had never seen his home planet before.

"You've not been to Kamino have you?" he asked her. Ahsoka was still angered by the look on her face, but she was able to calm down to make a tranquil reply.

"No, I haven't," she sighed. Ram noticed that she was still angered over what had been a chance for her to prove herself. She was still clearly annoyed by it. He let out a deep sigh.

"I know how you feel," he said as they boarded the shuttle. "Right now, you feel just as I had felt when you were assigned to overview me." He took off his helmet and sat it beside him as he sat down. "It's going to be good to come back home."

"If it's anything like what I've heard, I'll stay in here," Ahsoka said crossing her arms and looking away from the clone. Ram sighed again as Shaak Ti entered. Ahsoka suddenly sat up straight and stopped crossing her arms. Ram snapped to attention and saluted as the general approached.

"General!" he said. "We're ready for departure!" Shaak Ti ascended up the ramp and sat next to Ahsoka, who was still angered, despite that the news was given hours ago. The pilots' voices broke the short silence after the hatch had closed.

"We are clear for departure," one said. "Fasten your restraints, please, as we exit the atmosphere." And with that, the shuttle began its journey to the flooded world of Kamino.

Kamino water training

Ramikad and Ahsoka prepare to train troops in underwater tactics.

Kamino: Priority

Description: Ahsoka Tano and Ramikad decide to help relieve Shaak Ti of her stress from overseeing the clone cadets on Kamino by teaching a group of clones something that niether of them has done before: underwater training.

Coming soon.

Umbara: Bunker Busters

Description: The Separatist blockade has been destroyed, but the 374th must defend the sky from any ambush while Ramikad and his newly assembled team infiltrate several Umbaran bunkers to relay data to the 212th and 501st battalions.

374th recovery

374th troops attempt to recover after the destruction of the Resilience. The surviving starfighter squadrons are now on their own.

Coming soon.

Carlac: Negotiations

Description: The 374th has won the sky battle of Carlac, but they have only made things more difficult when realizing the Separatist ship carries vital data to he Republic. Retrieving it will not be easy with the terrorist group known as Death Watch and the surviving droids both causing severe Republic casualties.

The cold shroud had bothered the men for several days now. Carlac was now housing a crashed Separatist frigate carrying certain information that High Command wanted for some purpose. Ramikad, still trying to keep his men in tact from a previous attack, had been debating on whether they should focus all efforts on the ship, or divide their forces to assist the villagers. Clearly, the Jedi would have chosen the latter, but Wolffe and most of the 104th suggested to divert all resources to the Separatist ship. Word had it that there were still droids functioning around the cruiser. Among them was a MagnaGuard wielding the definitive electrostaff. Ramikad volunteered himself and his surviving men to assist in any way. As he explained the mission to his troops, the clone officer was interrupted by Juley, who was still garbed in her winter coat and boots.

"You're all allowed to fall-out now," Ram said to the troops, who had been standing at attention for a longer time than Ram thought. "What is it, General?" the officer asked. Juley had been shivering the entire time on the planet. Ram never understood why since it wasn't as cold as Orto Plutonia or even Hoth.

"R-Ram..." she shivered. "I-I w-would like to come w-with y-you..." Ram eased the Jedi down onto a crate.

"General," he started,"you're in no condition to come with us. You need to keep yourself warm here, alright?" Juley shivered for a minute before nodding. Her face was now as pale as the snow falling around them. Ram already knew she had hypothermia from the arrival to their base. He had always wondered why the majority of the Republic's bases spread across the galaxy were never covered in the front, or even the back for that matter. Leaving his general behind, Ram walked over to his small unit and motioned for them to mount on the snow camouflaged AT-RT's that were nearly submerged in snow. As they left the base, Ram looked back a Juley, who was being treated by Caper for her sickness. "Stay put, General," Ram whispered to himself as the pit-pat of metallic feet stomped through the snow.

There were only four others accompanying Ramikad as they reached the crashed ship. Without a commander to lead them, the droids were solely focused on the destruction of life. As they arrived, Ram jumped off his vehicle as the dwarf spider droids began to open fire on them. One walker was hit by the blast, and the trooper died with it. Looking back at his remaining men, Ram charged at the droid with his pistols in hands and blasted several shots at the droid's eyes, eventually causing it to collapse and deactivate. Ram kicked it with his foot just to be sure.

"These things aren't to be underestimated," he uttered. The last three soldiers dismounted and grabbed their weapons before coming to his side. Their walkers would be useless since they weren't armed with any weaponry aside from a large light to see through the snow storms. Ram slowly approached the reported position where the MagnaGuard was last seen. It was far more massive than any other MagnaGuard Ram had seen. Certainly, it was larger than the ones he'd seen guarding the shield generator on Ryloth. He motioned for his troops to set up several positions around the droid to surround it. He would charge at it with the darksaber he had brought while the troops blasted it apart. Quickly, he rushed at it once everyone was in position. Ram's saber clashed with the ends of the staff while the troops followed orders and began to fire at the droid. However, Ramikad hadn't expected droid reinforcements to assist the MagnaGuard. The other droids began to shoot down his men as they weren't covered from behind. As the last soldier fell, Ram whipped out his blue lightsaber and cut down the MagnaGuard in blind fury. He did the same to the droids as he furiously attempted to avenge his comrades. After he was done, Ram grabbed the MagnaGuard's electrostaff and raised it in the air, yelling from the top of his lungs. The destroyed battle droids weren't enough to avenge his brothers; he wanted to take on the Death Watch. He had heard of a nearby village being threatened by them, but he knew that it was under control by the amounts of troops and Jedi already sent in there. As he began to walk away from the carnage, Ram heard his holocommunicator buzz. He was hesitant to answer, but he was glad that he even turned it on at all.

"Ram," Caper's figure said,"Juley's gone missing." Ram felt his heart skip a beat.

"What happened? Weren't you watching her?" he asked. Caper had been arguing with another clone, but after, he had chosen to reply.

374th Acklay LAATi

An Acklay Battalion gunship. (The unpainted grey area nose-art reveals the shape of an acklay)

"Yes, but I left her alone to retrieve something to keep her warm. When I came back, she was gone," the captain explained. "I managed to track her though. She's in a cave not far from your position."

"Why in fier'fek's sake is she there?"

"Don't know, but you'd better hurry. Her vitals are deteriorating rapidly." Ram shut off the communicator and began to rush through the accumulating snow. Juley would die if he didn't make it in time. Switching his HUD mode, he was then able to see the Jedi's vitals. As Caper had said, they were dropping at a dangerous rate. Her location was just as Caper had said as well; the large entrance to the cave was intimidating at first.

"Juley?" Ram called out. "General, I'm here." He began to worry as he saw that her vitals showed that she would freeze to death soon. "General, where are you?" he called out again. There was no more than a mere echo of his voice as a reply. He began to slow his pace and study the layout of the cave. Bones were scattered and skeletal remains had been in a position that frightened him. Soon enough, he found the body of what appeared to be a woman in a coat huddled against the corner of the cave. "General!" Ram called out as he sprinted to her side. He examined how bad the frostbite was before pulling out a blanket from his pack. Juley was shivering and couldn't speak to Ram as he tried to help her keep warm. The blanket wasn't working; it would take too long for it to trap what little body heat Juley had. "Fier'fek," Ram swore. "Why did you have to do this, Juley?" Ram thought for a moment about what would happen if he gave Juley his heated armor. It would jeopardize his health and safety, but it could just be enough to be able to move the Jedi out of the cave and back to base. It was certainly much colder inside the caves, so he would try to act fast. After he equipped Juley in his armor, it was clear as to how a mere coat wouldn't save anyone from the cold. His jumpsuit was the only thing covering him, but he had managed to call for assistance from Caper before he escaped the caves with Juley. Dragging the still frozen general, Ramikad trudged through the snow and out past the Separatist ship. He had no time to keep going until he finally succumbed to the cold and fell down; Juley was unconscious from the lack of energy she had. Before Ramikad had time to pass out, he heard the sound of a Republic gunship reach them. The snow kept falling at a faster rate as Caper carried both of them into the LAAT.

Ramikad gasped and leaned forward as he woke up. Looking next to him, he saw Juley and Caper ease him back down in the bed. Caper then returned to monitoring Ram's status. Juley continued to sit beside her clone officer.

"That was some rescue, ner vod," Caper said to his freezing brother. Juley looked towards him as if to tell him enough with the sarcasm.

"You know, you didn't have to sacrifice everything for me," she said. Ram tried sitting up again and pushed the general's arm out of the way to do so.

"Ah, it was nothing," Ram replied. "I mean, you're a general, and I'm only an expendable clone soldier..."

"Don't be so hard on yourself," Juley reassured.

"Why? It's true. I'm of lesser importance than any Jedi here," Ram explained.

"But why did you basically give up your life for me?" Juley asked again.

"It was the right thing for me to do. Sacrifice is a price to pay as a soldier," he said.

"You nearly got yourself killed though," Caper chimed in.

"Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time," Ram responded. He grunted as he got out of the bed. Caper quickly rushed to try and put him back into it, but Ram pushed him away.

"Ram, you're in no condition to be up right now," Caper said. Ram shot a dirty look at him. Caper, intimated by it, slowly backed up with his hands out as if to say he was surrendering.

"Look, we don't have enough medical supplies here to get you back to full fighting condition," Caper said. "But, we did have some supplies before... before they were stolen."

Blizzard defense

Ramikad and his surviving men hold the line against the Ming Po Militia

"By whom, then?" Ram asked. Caper rubbed the back of his neck; he looked nervous.

"Uh, we believe it was Death Watch, but we've received reports of other Mandalorian groups settling here," Caper replied.

"Then I'll go alone," Ram said, limping out of the base. Caper called out at least four times for him to come back, but Ram ignored him as he trudged through the snow to the nearest camp.

* * *

As he arrived, Ram noticed that this camp was decorated with banners of a symbol he had never seen before. It wasn't Death Watch, and it wasn't the mythosaur skull symbol either. The armored men and women all decided to look at him as if they had never seen a clone before. Ram was happy that Caper dressed him in his armor as he walked through the camp and snow. The Mandos were colored in red, but only red. He saw a woman look towards him, her helmet had a teal visor and was completely red in color. She was leaned against the largest tent and soon began to approach him.

"What brings you here to this camp?" she asked. Ram cleared his throat from inside his helmet and built the courage to speak (women made him nervous).

"I'm a clone officer here on business," he said. "I've heard that medical supplies have been stolen by a group of Mandalorians. That wouldn't happen to be you guys, would it?" The woman just stood there and made Ram even more nervous each passing second.

"We've met before. On Coruscant in the Temple," the woman said. "But I don't know anything about stolen medical supplies. You may be looking for those Death Watch creeps." Now it was Ram's turn.

"No, Death Watch are being dealt with by our other battalions. I don't know of any other Mandalorian clans in this region so..." Cin'ciri crossed her arms and leaned forward as she spoke.

"Look, I can point out anyone who's been recently hired, but that's it," she said.

"Don't you have a thing about honor?" Ram asked ever so sarcastically. Cin'ciri groaned.

Cin'ciri's honor

Cin'ciri shows support to the head clansman: her father.

"Ugh, fine. I'll help you take in the supplies and the traitor," she muttered.

"Good girl," Ram joked. "Now, time to ask some more... meaningful questions."

Ramikad wasn't ready for something so abrupt to occur within hours of his arrival. Caper was either really desperate to retrieve Ram or Juley hoped to return the favor. Either way, Ram didn't want to go back. Not even soon. Cin'ciri had asked him to present himself before the head clansman - which could mean acceptance into the aliit for the rest of his short life. Ram couldn't explain the affinity he had for Cin'ciri, but he knew that if they could stay together, it would mean leaving the Republic. Even so, the thought of being hunted down by his own kind seemed horrific at first. The foray wasn't something a Republic unit would do to non-Death Watch or Seppies. When it happened, the head clansman - wishing to be called Buir by all clan members - gave Ram the task to prove his loyalty by getting rid of the invasion force. To Ram's great dismay, the unit's commander was none other than Ahsoka Tano, his former superior. It didn't take long for her to issue the attack before Ram could stop her. The troopers were equipped with flamethrowers, burning the tents and abandoned buildings with ease. Ram called upon three clan members, who complied with his orders, to capture Tano... alive. Using their grappling devices, the three Mandalorians wrapped her arms and waist. The Jedi dropped into the snow after several moments of struggling. Ram quickly whipped out his darksaber and pointed it at her.

"Commander Tano," he began. "I thought we parted ways on Umbara." The Jedi squirmed in the the wrappings. She suddenly looked at up at the fully armored Ram, sporting the Mandalorian armor he personalized.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" she asked him. Ram inched closer, his blade still aimed at the former superior blade master.

"I, am no one you should be concerned with, and your fortunate that I have a heart to capture you alive," the clone said. Ram looked back at the several clones making their run in destroying the village. He gestured for the other Mandalorians to bring her into the tent that the clones - still foraying the base - had missed. As he walked over to the clones, Ram pulled off his helmet and approached the second-in-command: a clone trooper in cold weather gear with dark red stripes.

"Sergeant," Ram said,"We've done enough damage for today. Fall back to base to regroup and celebrate our victory." The trooper nodded and waved his troops away from the flames. The small squad walked off without wondering where the Jedi was. Pitiful, but Ram couldn't blame them. He turned his attention back to the captured prisoner and chose to interrogate her. Cin'ciri had been waiting for him to arrive. She must have not expected to see him without his helmet on. Ahsoka quickly looked at him and soon realized who she was dealing with.

"Ram..." she uttered. Ram strolled his way into the front and stood there watching the trapped Jedi. Ahsoka stared at him for a long while until he spoke.

"You're wondering why I'm defecting? The answer is simple: I found my new home," he told her. "This is where I belong now. Where I can be free from the corruption, war, and droids."

"But what about your relations with your friends? Your allies?" the Jedi asked. Ram stood frozen for a moment, thinking of what would happen if his friends found out. However, only Ahsoka seemed to know of his defection. She was a living witness; one Ram didn't want. He would have to execute her to preserve his identity. He slowly pulled the helmet over his head and began to reach for his saber. Suddenly, Ahsoka activated her's and stood ready to strike at him. Cin'ciri and the other Mando took aim.

"Stand down, vode," Ram ordered as he activated the black blade in his hand. They complied and watched the clone clash sabers with the Jedi. The light nearly blinded Ram for a moment, but he still swung and connected with Tano. A duel in the tent was a disaster waiting to happen. Ram instinctively clashed with Tano's sabers and used his boot to push her out of the tent. As he emerged from the fabric covering, Ram saw the Jedi being assisted by the sergeant that Ram told to fall back. The group arrived with more troops, but held their fire as the sergeant escorted the injured Jedi back to base. Cin'ciri readied a rocket on her wrist, but Ram signaled for her to stand down. The sunrise was blurred by the mist of the snow. The Republic would keep threatening this clan until Ram returned. He wouldn't allow this anymore. He looked over to Cin'ciri and said, "I have to go back..." The Mandalorian looked back at him, but said nothing, even as he began the long journey back to his mental prison.

Coruscant: Trial and errors

Description: Ramikad has been accused by a Jedi Padawan, who claims she attacked him. With no way to clear his name of the lie, he looks to his friends for assistance to stop this traitorous Jedi within the Order and prevent an execution of the Navy's most well-known officer.

Coming soon.

Rhen Varr: Battle of the Harbors

Description: The 374th returns to a world of frostbite and hypothermia as they attempt to find a homing beacon that has been activated after being lost for three decades.

Coming soon.

Arrival on Rhen Varr

The Accumulator arrives on Rhen Varr

Coruscant: Deception

One who has envy towards another will lose who they truely are.
– Captain Caper

Description: Ramikad, Caper, and Juley are ordered to find a suspect who is accused of relaying secret Republic data to the Separatists.

As the three interrogators walked towards the restaurant, Ramikad Galaxywave lifted off his helmet - which he would rarely do in public. "It's kind of nice being able to walk around the city," he began to say to Caper. "Yeah, the lights, the buildings. You don't always get to see this sort of thing in a war," the captain responded. Juley had been behind them the entire trip and was being ignored for what she did. "Caper, you want to grab a bite to eat? It's on me," Ramikad asked. Caper nodded and slid off his helmet as they entered. The group sat down in a booth in the far corner and awaited patiently for waitress droid. They all seemed to notice quickly that the place wasn't busy. In fact, the only people there were the Ithorian bartender, them, a sullestian, two gothals, and a woman with long black hair with red streaks and purple Mandalorian armor. Juley rolled her eyes at the sight of the woman as she scowled,"Ugh. Who would have guessed that the spy was Mandalorian..." Ramikad and Caper ignored her rude comment as the droid set out three plates.

"Excuse me, but we only ordered two plates," Ramikad told the droid. Ignoring him, the droid left and went back to another table.

"Ram, I know I did the wrong thing, but please, can you at least pretend that I exist?" Juley said. Ramikad turned his body away from her. Caper though, wasn't too upset with his Jedi commander since he wasn't greatly effected. "Juley, you have to realize that Ram had something almost as good as what you and Wedge have. But you took that from him. Is he wrong for treating you poorly? Yes. But in all honesty, you probably deserve it." Ramikad had heard enough of his own group and so he stood from the booth and walked over to the Mando girl. Juley watched with curiosity as Caper began to cut and shape a piece of wood with the vibroblade in his glove. Ramikad and the woman appeared to be laughing having fun. "Caper," Juley said to her uninterested captain,"I think Ram is... flirting with her." Caper chuckled. "Ha! And you're jealous!" the captain laughed. Juley looked at him and raised an eyebrow carefully.

"You're mad because he can have a better relationship than you eve could. That's why you ruined it between him and Cin'ciri. I'm sure Wedge would agree with me on this, but don't try to destroy this," he told her.

"Since when did you become an expert on love?"

"And when did you become an expert at ruining it?" Caper looked over to Ramikad who was now returning with a small sheet of flimsi with letters and numbers written in Mandoscript. He sat down and finished what was left on his plate and then waited for Caper to finish his. Juley pushed her plate out as if she were disgusted by it and had her head propped up in her arm on the table. "So what did the spy tell you over there?" Juley asked. For the first time in weeks, Ramikad spoke to her. "None of your concern, di'kut," he said to her. Caper suddenly stopped while he was in the middle of chewing and his eyes widened in surprise. Ramikad had always shown respect to the Chain of Command, but insulting a Jedi general was beyond him. As the table was in complete silence, Caper finally swallowed his portion. After he finished, Ramikad left the table again but this time, he left the restaurant while leaving a handful of credits on the table as he did so.

Beyond his bunk, Ramikad had spotted the shuttle ticket in which he had received from the accused 'spy'. He could feel all of his hate and anger direct towards Juley. She had done the wrong thing and didn't even care. Ramikad soon began to remember of the time when she assembled a team to take down his experimental weapon. That defeat was easily forgotten, but after Juley's actions in ruining a once great relationship, he vowed revenge. The woman he met in the restaurant called herself Aruetyc, which was translated to traitorous. Ramikad would be careful when he rendezvoused with her. Just then, he heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he said. Caper and Wedge entered with annoyed faces.

"What happened back there?" Caper asked.

"Juley has made mistakes before, but why curse? Why treat her like an animal?" Wedge questioned.

"Because she deserved it all. She wants to act like and animal so I'll treat her like one," Ramikad snapped. Caper and Wedge looked at each other and nodded. They turned back to the door and left. After equipping his Mandalorian armor and storing his Republic gear, Ramikad grabbed the ticket and left the barracks for the shuttle pad. He would soon see if what he believed was true: that Aruetyc had shared the same feelings as he did. Although it was easy to slip out of the barracks and lie about going to look around the city, Ramikad had difficulties trying to find the way to the pad. There were dozens of bridges and streets, but only one led to the shuttle. After finally reaching the shuttle, Ramikad spotted her. Aruetyc had her helmet on and she ran up to hug him. Strangely, no one had cared to look. She began to whisper something in his ear. "Once we get aboard, I need you to keep a hold on this datapad," she said as she gave him the device. Ramikad took it and nodded. He was still shy around people, but this had been the first time he had made the first impression. The line began to disappear as he and Aruetyc got on and sat together in a seat.

"Please fasten your restraints as we prepare to exit the atmosphere," the droid pilot said. Everyone acknowledged with the sound of dozens of clicks from the secured harness. Ramikad felt Aruetyc put her hand on his. "Relax, this is the calm part," she assured. Ramikad knew what she really meant: this would be last time in weeks where he could rest. He chose to use it wisely buy dozing off and letting sleep take over.

Kamino: Diseased and Dis-ease

The report

Shaak Ti warns Ram and Caper that Kamino is vulnerable to the Rakghoul Plague.

Taris had been a strange trip down the road of history, but the excitement of seeing a live specimen of a disease that dated back centuries was remarkable. At least it was until someone got bit. Juley, reckless in her nature and ways, was foolish enough to try and tame the creature. Had she known that the animal would cause immediate harm despite her Jedi-awareness, she may have been disease-free. But she hadn't thought. Hadn't consulted with either of her clone troopers and was now being caried on a stretcher into the facility on Kamino. Shaak Ti, still overseeing clone production, greeted them once they delivered Juley to the proper room. As they left, Ram looked back, helmet in his arm, and watched as the infection turned her arm into a pale grey color with purple veins. He shut his eyes in disgust, closed the door behind him, and caught up with Caper and the Jedi.

"Although I value saving lives and protecting them," Shaak Ti began,"I think that you're decision to bring her here may jeopardize the safety of the cadets." Caper, his face unkempt and unshaven, looked towards the Jedi as if he was in pain. Ram, worried that the General was right, began to think of a pandemic where all the future clones would become ravenous, blood-thirsty creatures. He saw what would be the end of Kamino... and the Republic.

"Sir," Caper replied,"with all due respect, she is our friend. Can't we quarantine her or something?"

"Caper, is it?" Shaak Ti asked. Caper nodded slightly. "We don't have the resources to do that. We can try to create an antidote, but in the meantime... Make sure she doesn't escape."

"Will do sir," Ram replied, getting an ugly look from Caper. Ram couldn't care less what Caper thought; the majority needed to be saved regardless of Juley's condition. As the two opened the door, Ram slid back on his helmet and look at Caper. "We're doing the right thing here," the commander said. Caper just frowned until the door finally slid open. The room was dark and neither of them could figure out what was wrong with the lights. After the sound of crunching beneath their feet, it became evident that they weren't the only conscious beings in the room. As they neared the table, Ram activated his helmet lamp and examined the damage: the restraints were cut, but not by an inorganic material, they were clawed off. Caper, now with his helmet on, began to search a corner were some of the computers had been damaged but not destroyed. He proceeded to activate live security footage of the room from all four corners. Ram, now starting to get the feeling of fear after so many moments of confusion, began to make his way to the one that looked like a creature was. He kept the lamp down low until he got within three feet of it, then he pulled out both of his blasters, pointed them at the animal, and shined the lamp directly in the beast's eyes. It was Juley, but her skin was grey, her veins were purple, and her eyes were glowing yellow. She seemed angered by Ram's hostility and let out a loud, high-pitched screech, which sounded like she was being tortured. Ram kept his aim on her, unbroken from his promise: to not let her escape. Juley, still angered at the clone, made a leap onto him, causing Ram to fall on his back while Caper grabbed his DC-15s carbine from the table and fixed its barrel on Juley's head. She screeched again as Caper fired (and missed) five of his blasts as she jumped to the ceiling lights and swung on each of them before Ram finally got a shot into her shoulder, clearly wounding her. Both he and Caper came closer with their blasters drawn, but Juley had already recovered and made a dash to the open door.

"Firefek!" Caper swore as he activated his comlink. Ram already had his on and began to send the alert.

"Containment breach in hall thirty. Issue immediate lock-down," Ram ordered. He and Caper exchanged glances before darting out of the room. Down the hallway, the bright lights turned off and became a dark red, which made the facility even more terrifying to the cadets. A group of them, no more than twelve clone years, stopped when they saw Ram, his vision burred by an unsuspected fog, emerged with Caper in front of the cadets.

"Get moving to your safe room!" Ram called out as he began to pick up his pace. Caper, trailing him, called out to the group,"You won't like it when he finds you injured or worse!" The two clones began to run towards the end of the hall, Ram in the lead, when a loud feminine screech came from one of the rooms next to them. Ram motioned for Caper to draw his blaster and they slowly stepped towards the door. Caper pressed his back to the wall and waited for Ram to open it. As he did, they both entered with their helmet lamps shining on a shivering body. It turned around and Caper took a large step back in surprise. Ram squatted down as he put the blasters back in his holsters and examined the clone cadet's injuries. "He's infected," Ram said to Caper. "We'll seal the door before we leave. When we get an antitoxin, then we let him out."

"Aw, can't we keep him?" Caper joked. Ram punched his shoulder... Hard. It was meant to hurt since Ram cared deeply for the lives of the majority. Especially clones. As the two left, Ram blasted the door controls on both sides to keep the infected clone contained. The diseased clone lashed at the door, clawing at the window. Ram, who was standing directly on the other side of the door, dared to not move. With his helmet on, Ram seemed to look like he could have been frozen in fear or taunting death itself. Caper on the other hand, let out a squeal. A pathetic squeal. As Ram fired a single blast at the door, scaring off the infected trooper, he turned towards Caper.

"Glad to know a child has my back out here," Ram said to him. Caper snorted and followed behind as they began to sprint to the hangar. If Juley got in a ship, there was no telling what would happen. And neither Caper nor Ram wanted these Kamino enforcers to get to Juley before them. The hangar was dark; the blast doors had been closed, a relief for Ram, but it only made the room a perfect place to hide if you were a creature made to live in darkness. The helmet lamps were still on, but Ram's was focused in the direction opposite of Caper's. Unlike his brother, Ram could feel Juley in the Force. She was no longer shy and thoughtful, but now, vicious and furious. Ram looked back at the hallway and heard several boots hit the floor. Juley, or whatever she became, leaped from behind a stack of crates at Ram. The clone dodged the beast and trained his blasters on her until Caper left down the hall to stall the other troopers. Ram attempted to coax Juley to obey him by holstering his pistols and using the Force as his guide. Once he saw Caper leave the hangar, Ram blasted the door's console, preventing the clones from entering. Ram had sealed his fate.

"Juley... easy," Ram had said to her as if he'd been training an akk pup.

Alderaan: Secrecy

Description: Ramikad and Juley attempt to hide a long-kept secret from their friends during a diplomatic mission.

Ramikad felt haunted. He and Juley had been able to keep a secret for so long, but for some reason, today felt as if that secret wouldn't remain hidden. Alderaan was having talk of supporting the Republic war-efforts directly, but formal negotiations were needed for this to be proven. As they entered House Organa, Juley got Ram's attention and gave him a look that she must have felt afraid of the secret coming out as well. She suddenly stopped with Ram and waited until Caper and Wedge were out of hearing distance.

"You're afraid of it too?" Ram asked her. Juley shut her eyes, but nodded silently. Ram lowered his head in shame. Even though Cin'ciri was dead when it happened, he couldn't face the fact that what he did wasn't forgivable.

"We shouldn't keep this any longer," Juley told him. Ram agreed, but the fact that both Caper and Wedge were involved made this terrifying. If they told their friends what happened, not only would their trust leave, but they might turn against them. The secret would just ruin their alliance.

More coming soon.


If you don't like spoilers, ignore this section until this warning is removed.

Juley stood in the hangar and waited for the doors to open. As they parted in vertical ways, she saw the black armored figure stand with a red lightsaber blade extended and a matching red visor. She left her blade deactivated on her belt and began to approach the silhouette, who was making his way towards her, but with the blade still drawn. Her pace seemed faster than his, but that was expected for intimidating figures of the Dark side: to walk slowly towards the target. Juley had heard everything from Wedge and Caper, but she didn't believe what they told her, even if the evidence was clear. The dark armored clone came within striking distance. Ramikad raised his red blade above his shoulders, preparing to strike Juley, but seeming to take his time. As the blade came down, it stopped just centimeters away from her neck. The heat made droplets of sweat from on her skin's surface. Ram was fighting everything in himself: the Dark and Light and his own emotions. There was a complete disarray of all three. Juley took advantage and yanked the saber from Ram, deactivated the blade, and tossed it far enough to where she knew Ram couldn't Force-grip it. She looked at his darkened armor. It had the same pattern and design, but was now black and dark grey.

Ram and Juley

After months of conflict with each other, Ram and Juley exchange a mutual feeling towards each other.

"Ram," she said. "Please. Come back... For Caper, Wedge... For me..." Ram remained unresponsive. Juley brushed her wrist along the side of the helmet and waited for a response. To her dismay, Ram remained motionless, as still as a droid without power. Juley then shed a tear and wrapped her arms around Ram's body, followed by more tears and some slight muffles of trying not to cry, but still letting out those sounds. She felt the water roll down from her face to his armor and knew that she had lost her friend. After a moment, she felt a warm hand press against her back. Juley looked up and saw that it was Ram who was returning a hug. His armor remained the same dull colors, but his visor was now a light blue. Juley had stopped crying, but she still held on to Ram and he continued to hold her in the dark room.

20 BBY


Cabur 2

Someone had been stealing rations on Carlac, and the main suspects were some of the malnourished troops. Even so, Ram's investigation led him to believe that the Mandalorian inhabitants - the same group which had been here a year or so ago - were to blame. He chose to leave alone (losing Cin'ciri was already bad enough), but he felt that he could reason with them. The village was revived since the last time he had been there, but the people were all the same to him, aside from the new children. Among them, he saw a young teenage girl - roughly 15 or 16 - who seemed to have never been in the clan before. He chose to ask her of the rations, forgetting that this was a mere child.

"I don't know what you're talking about, officer," she said innocently. Ram looked closer at her features: blue eyes, light brown hair beyond the necessary length from under a helmet brushed to one side, and a familiar smirk across her face. Then, he examined her armor: red like everyone else's, old clone trooper shoulder pads, and a similar design to his own on the helmet. She reminded him of Cin'ciri then, but it was unlikely. He began to walk away when he realized that the girl was following him.

"Hey, I already talked to you," Ram said to her. "I'm done speaking, alright?" The girl stood there smiling before wrapping her arms around his waist. Ram was confused by this. "Uhh," he said. The girl was still holding onto him as several other Mandos passed.


Cabur (Ramikad's daughter)

"She said that you'd never be able to see me," the girl said. "She told me that you'd never find out. But you're finally here!" Ram pushed the girl aside and demanded an explanation.

"Look, kid, I'm flattered that you think I'm some 'great guy', but I have no clue what you mean," he said to her.

"She never got to tell you about me," the girl said. "I'm Cin'ciri's daughter." Ram's face was in awe as he looked at her. Did Cin'ciri have a husband before him? No, she would have told him. But how was his daughter already in her teens within three years? The girl, Cabur (Mando for protector), explained that the clone acceleration genes had easily been genetically transferred from him, but received a mutation within birth causing her to age four times as fast as Ram. Later, he would cure his daughter of the quad-growth mutation. But now, she wanted to be with her father for as long as he was alive. He make sure that that would be a long time.
CC-1058 Swordsman

Ramikad was one of the few clones to own a lightsaber and/or a darksaber, let alone even touch one.

19 BBY

Yavin 4: Tainted

To be Force-sensitive was considered to be superior to "gifted". But Ramikad felt this was more of a curse than anything. Both the Jedi and Sith had attempted to convert him to their ways. Neither proved successful, but they had been influential on the clone. The Jedi librarian, Madam Jocasta Nu, had once again met Ram pondering the mysteries of the Force.

"If I may be of some help," she said. "The oldest records of Force rituals date back to the Sith ruins on Yavin four." Ram looked at her as if the suggestion was the equivalent of opening an unsecured airlock. As Ram searched through the records on the monitor in front of him Commander Leer requested the assistance of the librarian. Just as Jocasta had said, Yavin 4 was a shroud of the Dark Side. However reluctant to accept, Ramikad decided that if there was some ritual to rid himself of his Force-sensitivity, he would have to take it.

Yavin wasn't the ideal system to travel to on a "vacation". But Ram was on a mission all on his own without the consent of his superiors. The only people he told were Caper and Juley, who took the liberty of escorting him to the planet. They would wait on the ship while Ram traveled through the ruins. Throughout the ruins, Ram heard the echoes and eerie voices from long dead Sith. Massassi warriors seemed to not pose much of a threat, oddly; they allowed Ram to pass without any confrontation. From the records, Ram was able to trace his short (and unnecessarily added) genetic line to a Sith Lord able to assist in the ritual. Ram found it odd that the ritual required blood-relation with someone, but he found that the Sith, Master Or'trikar, was able to strip Jedi, Sith, and any Force-sensitive being of their power. Ram hadn't considered if this would allow the Sith to return from the grave. As he entered the ruins, he saw a light blue figure, probably a spirit manifested to a visual aspect, standing with his back turned and his face towards a throne, which sat above several dozens of steps. The figure turned to reveal only a cloak with a mask covering his mouth and lower part of his nose. If the Sith was more muscle, he might have been mistaken for Darth Malgus. Then the figure pulled back the hood and warped into a middle-aged woman. Ram stepped back in surprise. Even the voice was feminine.

"It was only a matter of time before I met you," she... or he... whatever "it" was said. It soon warped back into the figure with the mask and with a deep masculine voice added,"You have come to erase what you are." Ram stepped forward with the hilt of his blue lightsaber held in his fist, ready to be activated in a moment's notice. The figure seemed to eye the weapon carefully as it changed again into the woman figure.

"Quit doing that," Ram demanded,"it's... unsettling." The figure took the hint and remained the female form. "How are you even able to do such a... disturbing thing?" Ramikad asked.

"I am Darth Or'trikar," the figure said. "I have taken the power from those opposing me and have been able to gain their power as my own. Their power has since given me the ability to change: form..." The figure soon dissolved into the shape of a creature which Ramikad hadn't been familiar with and then back again. "Shape..." Or'trikar phased into a figure with muscles equal to that of a Republic Commando and back into the female form. "And gender." Or'trikar seemed to not have any need to show Ramikad again, and she turned back to face the steps.

"I was almost powerful enough to over through Valkorion," Or'trikar said gazing to the throne as Ramikad stood beside her... or him, Ramikad still was unsure of what it was.

"I thought the Emperor's throne was on Dromund Kaas," he said. Or'trikar seemed to smile, but not an evil Sith smile: a smile of innocence and remembering. It seemed... happy. Could Sith even feel a happiness that was also innocent? This Sith, or any Sith, couldn't be trusted.

"This room was made to be just like it," Or'trikar replied. "I attempted to overthrow him once on Dromund Kaas, but... I failed. Even with all the power I had gathered, I wasn't strong enough to take Valkorion." She sighed softly. "But you're here for a reason. Explain yourself."

"I came to undergo a ritual. One that only you can help me with," Ram said.

"Ah, the 'cleansing' ritual... And you are of blood relation then."

"Yes, I am."

"Then let's get started..." Or'trikar said in a manner that seemed sinister, but strangely welcoming. What the ritual had composed of was strange to Ramikad, but unfortunately, he had fallen victim to the Sith's tricks. Instead of removing Ram's Force-sensitivity, Or'trikar had taken over Ram's body. His armor began to rot into a dark grey color with the edges having a green glow to them. However, there was part of Ram that just wouldn't be consumed, which was only a third of his body but stayed its regular color.

More coming soon.

Order 66: Un-Civil War

The Cin'ciri

With a customized pattern of blue, the Cin'ciri is a modified Republic frigate able to make long-distance hyperspace jumps without the need to refuel. This ship serves as a multipurpose home-away-from-home for Ramikad and Cabur.

Ramikad's life was dependent on the fact that he would protect others. He never wanted to be something capable of severe damage to the Jedi, even though he heavily disagreed with them. But surviving Outpost 36, liberating Balmorra, Dantooine, and several Outer-Rim worlds, Ramikad felt defeated. By himself, actually. He had sworn to protect others and realized that he couldn't do it alone. Even if he enlisted help from Cabur, Juley, Wedge, and Caper, they wouldn't be able to help the galaxy live on in peace. Ram finally understood why his unit was so important to him: they were everything Ramikad wanted from a battalion. Strong, loyal, and above all else, selfless. The thought of anyone betraying each other from the 374th, was nearly the same as someone murdering their family. However, Ram knew that the 374th wasn't the only clone unit, that was obvious. Ram respected his other brothers, even if they were incapable of being like his men. Unfortunately, Ram soon discovered that the other clones weren't as he always thought they were...

The first Battle of Geonosis had been just over two years ago (give or take a week or two). But the feeling of mourning had dispersed near the large stone engraving of all casualties of that day. Everything seemed calm, at peace, tranquil. All except an ominous feeling Ram had been getting for the past few months. Each day, it felt worse and worse, as if he had been ill, but refused to get better. Juley, the only Jedi Ram was acquainted with and hadn't been sent out, chose to help make Ram get better before it got dark on Coruscant. Ramikad still felt sick with sniffles and snot from his nose to his mouth. It was truly disgusting from Juley's perspective. Nevertheless, she had vowed to help him recover by taking him to the streets of Coruscant on a night involving the two, but just as friends... They couldn't afford another slip-up. The air tasted stale and disgustingly rotten as Ram stepped outside. The sun had already begun to set, and Ram took the opportunity to point that out to Juley. He was wrapped in a grey blanket as they left the barracks.

"Alright, ner vod," Ram said,"where are you taking me?" Juley, wearing her newer Jedi robes, just looked at him and smiled politely at the pale face before her. Curiosity wasn't one of Ram's traits, but he was feeling anxious to know where they were going. As the sun finally set and let the dark starry night consume the sky, Ram suddenly felt almost instantly back to his old self, but felt more alert than anything.

"Uh, Ram," Juley said. "Why is the five-oh-first on Coruscant?" Ram shrugged and began to lead the Jedi to the area they had spotted quite a few blue-armored men. As they began to cross the bridge to the other side of the street, Ram felt an instant cold piercing through his chest. He hadn't been stabbed... at least not literally, but he did begin to hear a voice inside his helmet. It was the Chancellor himself. Distracted by the voice and its orders, Ram stood frozen as Juley made it halfway across. "Execute order sixty-six" was all Ramikad needed to hear before seeing a clone take aim at Juley. She was too far for Ram to push out of the way, but the only thing he was able to do was yell,"Ner vod, get down!" Juley looked back at Ram, not knowing what she needed to duck from. Then, the worst happened: the clone took a single shot and hit through Juley's chest. She fell to the ground, unconscious, but Ram believed her tobe dead or near death. That was enough to spark his fury... He noticed another trooper taking aim on the side of the street opposite of the other clone. He was holding a DC-15a, a weapon that Ram was pretty good at using. Rage and revenge blinded Ram to the point where he ran up to the trooper, lifted him off his feet, and dropped him to the streets below. The citizens all screamed when the clone hit the street below with a loud crash. The rifle had been left with Ram up top. He took advantage of it and aimed directly at the trooper across the street, firing a single bolt through the clone's head. Several other clones seemed to have seen the incident and began running towards Ram, but holding their fire. Ramikad, still bent on revenge, blasted a squad of five coming from his left. The squad on his right suffered from a detonator that Ram had handy. The balcony collapsed, but Ram wasn't sure if anyone was hurt or killed below. He didn't care anymore, these clones betrayed him and the Jedi. He quickly scurried over to Juley and put her over his shoulder, carrying her to landing pad 362.


Unlike the other 374th members, Ash's armor was a light grey.

Cabur had her feet raised on top of the disabled console while she sat in her seat - the copilot seat - as she swirled her chair from left to right in bored manner as she looked out the viewport. She was instructed to stay aboard the Cin'ciri while Ram was out. But Ramikad wasn't out, he was coming towards them with a whole platoon of clones in blue and red armor chasing them, blasters raised. Cabur stood from her seat and leaned in to get a slightly closer view. It appeared that Ram was carrying something... Not something. Someone! She appeared to be incapacitated but still alive. Cabur raced down to the landing pad where she grabbed the woman from Ram and lifted her to her feet and led her to the medical bay, where she was put on one of the beds. Ramikad was hammering down the other clones as he entered the corvette. The ramp closed as he was halfway and he soon dashed towards the main console, where he activated the weapon systems. The turrets blasted down and obliterated everything in their path. Those clones stood no chance and clearly didn't live long enough to realize that.

Accumulator docked

The sun sets behind the Accumulator before Order 66 is issued.

"What in fierfek's name is going on, buir?" Cabur demanded. Ramikad was still standing, but was navigating the ship to take off while it destroyed the landing pad and everyone on it.

"Long story short, the clones are betraying the Jedi," Ramikad finally answered. Cabur sat down in her seat and watched the ship enter the docking area for the massive Venators. She soon identified her father's cruiser as they passed by. But they quickly turned around and landed directly in front of the Accumulator. Ram lowered the ramp and wasted no time in getting down to where the 374th troopers were standing. Sergeant Ash, Ramikad's second-in-command, was there to great them along with the bodies of clones in blue and red armor, the same kind that had tried to kill Juley and Ram.

"Sir, our worst fear has come," Ash said. "They've already attacked the Temple and have killed most of the Jedi by now. What do we do?"

"We gotta leave," Ram said, sounding like he was out of breath.

"They've probably got the whole fleet here to make sure no one escapes," said Cabur.

"They won't question us," Ash replied. "The Accumulator and the Cin'ciri are still marked as Republic ships. They'll allow us to leave as long as we're convincing." Ash looked at Ram, but the commander shook his head.

"After how many clones I nearly got caught by, I've probably already got a bounty on me by now," Ramikad informed. Ash crossed his arms, but used his left arm to point at all the dead clones behind him and the two trooper escorts.

"What can I do?" Cabur asked the two men. Ramikad looked away from Ash and towards his daughter.

"Ad'ika," he said,"you'll be flying the Cin'ciri into the Accumulator's docking port underneath it. We don't have time or energy to fly both side-by-side and uh... You can't dock dock right now..." Ram pointed the the Venator that sat in front of them. He was right. The only way for her to dock with it would be to do it while the cruiser was moving. She nodded and accepted the challenge, despite her amateur skills at flying large ships.

To be continued...

10 BBY

The Clone Rebellion

To be added...

Ori'dush and Jate



With technological advances in the cloning process, the Kaminoans created a Force sensitive clone trooper for the use of Order 66. Throughout the Clone Wars, Ramikad Galaxywave (CC-1058), had become skillful in using this power to his own advantage while in combat. Participating in many battles alongside his personal unit, the 374th Naval Reserves, Ramikad wasn't given the praise he believed he should have received. Instead, his victories were rewarded with insults, beatings, and disrespect. Needless to say that his losses were even worse. He would eventually cope with his ignorant brothers and Jedi Generals, creating a bond in which could not be broken and would find his lost daughter who would join him in combat at times. His trust issues, however, would lead to his own demise, leaving his friends and daughter to question why he believed sacrifice was the only way towards victory.



Pending repairs...

Traits and Personalities

  • Unlike many clones, Ramikad often preferred to be called by his number. A way he felt was more formal, but seemed to never really catch on. This is also uniquely printed on his ARC trooper and phase 2 helmets.
  • Originally, Ramikad had developed a special interest in heavy weapons like the Z-6, but through his career, he eventually accepted the DC-17 hold-outs and some rare occasions of using a DC-15s carbine.
  • Despite issues with controlling temper and lust for revenge, Ramikad had been commended for several actions that most Jedi would have thought to be absurd... and gruesome.
  • Regarding the Jedi, Ramikad disapproved of many regulations they had to follow, leading him to leave their order in favor of being beside his brothers on the battlefield.
  • Ramikad is often known as a "patriot". Some clones even wonder whether his patriotism was perhaps excessive.
  • When it came to doing the "right thing", Ramikad wouldn't hesitate to gun down another clone. This shows his undying loyalty to his friends and family.
  • Although Ramikad was extremely selfless, many people questioned why he would always volunteer for the "suicide" missions. Some even believed he wanted to die.
  • While Ramikad Galaxywave is his full name, it was difficult and too tedious to say when referring to him. Instead, he was nicknamed "Ram" both short for Ramikad and for his temper, which was similar to a ram: territorial and aggressive.


  • Juley Skywalker
  • Captain Caper
  • Jamillia Kragdream
  • Sarien Primecrater
  • Kole Magwind
  • Kai Bauer
  • Stinger Niceshot
  • Raiden Huttbroker

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