Brelek Kuporr
BrelekKuporr Beskargam Trooper Rhellcyok-250px
Biographical information



75 BBY

Physical description





1.79 Meters


82 Kilos

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire



Clan Prosstang

Known masters

Preniik Su'uleezs (52 BBY)

Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary

"Be good men. Listen to your mother." -- Brelek Kuporr, in 29 BBY, to his sons, Rhanin and Lhonin Kuporr, during a family hunting trip.

"You could have had every Zeltron male on that beach that day! Anytime I see that Ferrigo Prosstang come around, all I can think is...when he's Clan Prosstang chieftain, he's going to call on that arcane Right to Primacy deal." -- Brelek Kuporr in 46 BBY during his wife Anjii Dawal-Kuporr's pregnancy with their second son, moments before she set him straight.

Born near Keldabe, Mandalore to Rholek Kuporr and Amaana Prosstang of the Clan Prosstang at the Prosstang Estate in 75 BBY, Brelek had two older brothers, Dhettos and Tetch, one younger brother Rhoni'il, and two younger sisters, Melaa and Luhaa.

In 52 BBY, he met Anjii Dawal on an business security assignment on Makem Te on behalf of Prosstang Industries. She was wounded by a Swokes Swokes terrorist laser rifle blast, and Brelek escorted her with great care to one of the mission control cruisers for medical treatment. He never left her side, and they fell in love, marrying within three months of meeting each other.

In 51 BBY, the couple would join Ferrigo Prosstang, Preniik Su'uleezs and Melaa Kuporr, Brelek's sister, for a week-long vacation on Zeltros. Brelek and Anjii committed to each other that they were retiring from mercenary or security contract work and began to plan for a family and a life of peaceful farming on Kuporr land.

In 49 BBY, Anjii gave birth to Rhanin Kuporr, and in 45 BBY she gave birth to Lhonin Kuporr.

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