Brayden4 miller
Biographical information

Mandaloreplanet Mandalore


55 BBY,Mandalore

Physical description





1,87 meters

Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Mandalorian
    • True Mandalorians
      • Bounty Hunter
Battle Class

Bc icon mercenary


Early Life

While living on Mandalore Brayden encountered many fights and difficulties while he was a child.Most of thoose times he would be somewhere where the Death Watch attack innocent people.One day Death Watch came into his home and killed his mom and dad but they let go of him,his brother Macgrath and theyre sister Daisy.From that day forward Brayden swore that he will join Trua Mandalorians and help then kill Death Watch.One day Jedi came into they're house and took Macgrath to the temple,but Daisy left Brayden and she left Mandalore,she promised Brayden that she'll find him one day and never leave him again.Brayden was left alone for all thoose years.

Joining True Mandalorians

While trying to find people who killed his parents Brayden encountered an group of Death Watch soldiers.Good thing he had the sniper rifle with him.Brayden climbed a tree.He made an clear sho ton theyre leader and he shot him but the others started to chase him.He ran to his speeder.When he climbed on the speeder and ran one of them shot on rocket at his speeder and blew the speeder when the speeder exploded Brayden slamed into an tree.The Death Watch group came to kill him,but in that moment Rage Ordo-second leader in Shadow Mandalorians came with his men and killed the Death Watch.Rage helmed Brayden to come up but he couldn't because his right leg was bleeding badly.Rage helped Brayden to go to the medical base at theyre camp and he offered Brayden to join him.Brayden accepted.From that day forward Brayden was an True Mandalorian.That day Brayden got into True Mandalorians and lost his right leg.Two weeks later Brayden got promoted to rank commander in their squad.

Travel to Naboo

One day Brayden and his best friend Rosie Rene hunted Rancors on Felucia.While running after an Rancor Brayden heard and scream behind the tree.When he ran to see who made that scream he saw an girl being attacked by an Rancor.Rosie and Brayden attacked the rancor and killed him.Brayden helped the girl stand.She told them that her name is Lexi.She is a queen of an big city on Naboo.Brayden and Rosie took her to Naboo.When they landed the ship and group of Bounty Hunters attacked them.Lexi was shot but she managed to fight.When they killed the bounty hunters Lexi gaved them rooms where can they rest till theyre next hunt.Tommorow Brayden left Naboo at 5:00 am.He had to go to Mandalore to be on an squad meeting.

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