Boba Morak
Biographical information

36 BBY, Concord Dawn

Physical description





1.82 meters

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Chronological and political information

"War is always gonna happen when you least expect it. Sadly, if it calls to the occasion, we must fight, but we are Mandalorians and we fight for what is ours. I hope you understand that Zatar."
-Boba Kriya

Boba Morak was a Zenolain male Mandalorian warrior who fought during the Mandalorian Civil War, as was also the father of the notorious Mandalorian bounty hunter Malek Kriya. Years during the Civil War, in 51 BBY, Boba met a female Zenolian Mandalorian warrior named Elisa Vizsla, whom was held captive by the Death Watch. After saving her from the Death Watch, the two fell in love and married in 51 BBY. A year later, Elisa gave birth to a boy, and the two named him Zatar Morak. The two would train Zatar in the Mandalorian way, and he would eventually become one of the best Mandalorian warriors in the entire Morak Clan by the age of fourteen. The civil war would not keep from being with his son and wife.

Boba's son would eventually become the leader of the Morak Clan, which was a Mandalorian Clan consisting of both Zenolians and Humans, although the human side were all adopted or raised into the clan. Six months after Zatar became head of the clan, they were attacked by the Mandalorian splinter group Death Watch. In the first stages, the Morak Clan were heavily battered by their enemies. Boba would accompany his son in a rescue mission to have his wife Elisa Vizsla, who was held captive by Death Watch soldiers. After managing to kill them of and rescue Elisa, the two would then accompany Zatar in the primary battle against the splinter group. However, the Morak Clan suffered heavy losses, including the Death Watch themselves. In the midst of the battle, the new leader of the Death Watch emerged and fatally shot both Boba and Elisa. In the hands of his son, both Boba and Elisa wished him to not take vengeance until he was ready. Both would die in peace in Zatar's arms as they felt the last drop of his tears. A week later, Zatar was adopted into the Kriya Clan, close friends and allies of the Morak Clan, who would then change his name to Malek Kriya. Boba's son would eventually keep his promise nad would make a legacy of his dead parents. In 21 BBY,Malek and Xasha gave birth to a boy, whom they would name Boba Kriya, in honor of Malek's real father. As for his wife, Malek's mom would be honored through his granddaughter, who was Sintas Kriya. Wanting to honor her grandfather's mom, she would name her daughter Elisa Kriya, who would become Malek's great-granddaughter.


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