Blake Nightwell

Early Life

Blake Nightwell was born on Correllia, in Corellia City. He lived on a farm approximately 20 standard miles from Corellia City, in a small farming community. He portrayed an interest in history at a young age, and learned how to shoot a standard-issue carbine and pistol by age 12. At age 14 he enlisted in the Republic Marines, in a special regiment designed specifically for non clone soldiers.

Military Career

Most of Nightwell's early military life was dull, until he was assigned to spy on a pirate lord by the name of Ree Shaala. Nightwell went rogue for about a month serving under Shaala. Afterwards, the pirate lord disappeared and Blake returned to the Marines. He was yet again assigned as a nonofficial cover operative to apparently leave the Marines and join a company dubbed Nova Corp. He served as a Nova agent for several months, reluctantly serving Xalandra Nova. He then was sent to sabotage a rival squad, and officially left Nova Corp. He organized a unit of elite soldiers, consisting of second-in-command Keneu Deltaweld, represenative Biggs Spacecruiser, and generals Arcel Brightweld and Mason Brighttech. He and his ally organizations officially declared war on Nova Corp after the betrayal and massacre of an ally squad, revealed to be a Nova Corp branch.

Post-war Era

After the Nightwell Empire gained power and ultimately finished the war, he exiled himself for about six months.

He eventually returned, attempting to contact former generals and figures of the former empire. He was able to contact Biggs Spacecruiser and Keneu Deltaweld. He learned from Keneu that NC had divided
Lightsabers project 786

Blake's experimental lightsabers

into three branches. Afterwards, he rejoined the Marines. He mainly travels in his freighter. It's true name is unknown, and it's only known alias is The Revolution. He currently works on many projects, and most of them are stealth-type weapons (Ex: silenced guns, fast-acting poison, active camoflauge). He has created at least 4 lightsabers. He trades his products with guilds and groups of every sort. He is currently a mercenary for hire and uses many of his experiments on missions.


Nightwell Empire

Keneu Deltaweld

Biggs Spacecruiser

Arcel Brightweld

Mason Brighttech

Nova Corp

Xalandra Nova

Other agents

Republic Marines

FieldCommander Racer

Other generals and commanders

Blake's Freighter


Nightwell's ship consists of four main rooms, and a hallway. The rooms are...

Blueprint of Blake Nightwell's freighter

  1. The cockpit -- Consists of control panel, holo-table, galaxy map, computer, and television.
  2. Escape pod -- Holds only a small chair row and rations box
  3. Medical Bay -- Holds bed and medical supplies
  4. Cargo Hold -- Consists of small chair row and many supplies and boxes.


Two pilots, one computer seat, three seats in escape pod, three seats in cargo hold, one bed in medical bay.

~Blake Nightwell


Blake Nightwell's name in Aurebesh

Experiments for Sale


Silenced NA 94 pistol, Silenced NA Type 47 Carbine, NA Active Camo Sniper, NA 87 Grenade Launcher,

NA 70 Frag Grenades.


NA Plasma Stun baton, NA 10-inch butterfly knife, NA N-L Tranq pistol, NA Wrist Blade.

All weapons are trademarks of Nightwell Armory and cannot be produced, copied, or patented by any outside companies. Failure to obey this may result in imprisonment, public humiliation, or death. Contact Blake Nightwell for more information.

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