Black Sagitter as a padawan.

Black Sagitter was born on the moon Concordia, Mandalore system, from a middle class family. She developed sensitivity to the force when she was already a child, so she was not immediately noticed by the Jedi Order. She started the training alone, with the aim of mastering the power in all its forms, the light and the dark side.

Some time later, Dooku, returning in Concordia to make contact with the Death Watch, found Black Sagitter and decided to take her as his padawan, in order to have someone in his service in the Jedi Order. However, pledged to make his way into politics, he spent only few time training his padawan, often leaving her alone on Concordia; the main thing that he taught her is to hide her inclinations and emotions. Black Sagitter spent some years and became a member of the Death Watch, sharing ideals. Soon, however, she realized that this organization was still immature.

Eventually, Dooku decided to leave the Jedi Order and Black Sagitter was assigned to a new master, Alan Wilder (new character). Black Sagitter was very good at use of non-conventional force, but still needed to learn how to use the lightsaber and to pilot starfighters, and techniques purely Jedi, too.

The Clone Wars is going to start... As previous agreement, Black Sagitter must refer to Dooku how things are going in the Jedi Order. She was also introduced to Palpatine. The latter proposed her a place of importance for future war, which is playing a double game between the Republic and Separatists in order to keep balance in the fate of the war, as long as necessary to destabilize the Republic. Black Sagitter hopes to learn the dark side and to become the apprentice of Palpatine. She doesn't know that he has already pointed his eyes to Anakin...

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