Beru Akk
Beru Akk
Biographical information

Kashyyykplanet Genovar

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1.9 meters

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


Clan Akk


"If I could meet any woman in the world, I would want to meet my great great grandmother, Beru Akk."
– Jeno Akk

Beru Akk was a young and beautiful female Human who was born on the forest planet of Genovar only a year after the birth of her brother, Guen Akk. Her parents was Vendora Akk and Lema Xandret. While a child, Beru was raised on the forest planet until she was three. Once three she too moved with her brother to Mandalore. At the age nine, she went on to train for the army during the Old Mon Calamari Wars. Unlike her brother who was unlucky, she was promoted to general far faster then Guen himself. She helped lead the attack on many planets including Genovar, Endor, Geonosis, and Mon Calamari's moon. In and out of battle Beru was favored more by her father then her mother who was not so warlike. She was the favorite of her brother and sister because she had personality and was a strong woman and her father admired that. Guen was jealous and secretly ploted to kill her. Though this would never take place and Guen kept his plot a secret. After the death of Vendora Akk, Yen Shoa. Shocked at the fact that her father died she went on an investigation. She later found out that it was Yen Shoa who killed him in the first place. Beru then grew in anger and avenged her father by killing Yen. Now that she realized that Guen was next in line to become Mandalore, she challenged Guen to a duel and the winner would be the next Mandalorian lord. Guen who was always jealous of Beru accepted the challenge and fought her. Unfortunately Guen lost and Beru won the rightful spot as Mandalore. Soon after Guen became a family man, she too did and married Jendo Goen. They had two children together but their names too was lost to history. Beru had a reputation for being a strong and willing woman, who could conquer anything. She would always be remembered as the first and last women to be Mandalore in the Akk clan.

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