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Ben Strikeback, Jedi General

  Ben Strikeback was a Jedi legend through the clone wars. He spent most of his time on earth, his planet of origin, undercover working at a boarding school training young cadets.

Bravo Company

Bravo Company was Europe’s elite clone forces. Led by commander codex and Jedi general Ben strikeback. As part of the Great Republic Europe’s union (GREU) bravo company has only suffered one massive devastating loss in its history since the battle of geonosis.

"a battle is not won by the soldiers involved..."

"...but by the determination to continue through the long passage of fighting"

– Ben and Obi-Wan Kenobi talking to Bravo Companys troopers

life on earth

During his time on earth Ben became very secretive of his origins as a Jedi. Although 5 of his friends knew of his powers and soon became his apprentices. He led by example as a british army soldier veteran and RAF veteran. He was a part of many other battles on earth. Including that of “the battle of Ra” which took place at another boarding school named “the Ra boarding academy”

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