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Ben Drago1
Ben Drago Epic
Biographical information

Feluciaplanet Felucia


3,660 BBY



Physical description







167 lb (140 lb before cyber)

Hair color

Dirty blonde

Eye color


Skin color



Left arm, left leg

Blood type

Unstable Zenoxia Acidum



Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era - Legacy Era


Jedi Order, Sith, Republic Army, Rebellion, Echo Squad, Empire, Etc.

Known masters

Uldahem/Baniss Bistray

Known apprentices

Marek Drago, Apprentice Graystun, Thejedicode.

Current Squad

Shadow Hunters

Squad Rank

2 General

Former Squad(s)

Camp Half-Blood, Echo Batallion.

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon trooper

"Aliit ori'shya tal'din"
– Ben Drago - Translation: Family is more then blood
My name is Ben S. Drago, my homeworld is Felucia. I am the Immortalis Victor Tenebrosi Lacerta, leader of Echo Battallion, Bane of interitum et lumen, Darth Inferni, I am not scared of you, or anything you scumbag.
– Ben Drago1, to Lord Karik


I am Ben Drago1 (30,000 BBY)

Extra Information

Nuetral/normal Lightsaber Technique: Combination of Form 2 Makashi, Form 7 Juyo/Vapaad or Form 4 Ataru, Form 3 Soresu, and Form 6 Niman. Sometimes using Tràkata, and/or Sokan.

Dark Side Lightsaber Technique: Sith Form 5 Shien and/or Form 7 Juyo, Form Form 4 Ataru, and slight Form 6 Niman combination. Sometimes using Dun Möch.

Light Side Lighsaber Technique: Combination of Form 6 Niman, Form 3 Soresu, and Form 1 Shii-cho, sometimes using Form 7 Juyo/Vapaad when against stronger enemies.

When creating Calibur MK-2 Ben trained himself with Jar'Kai. He used Tràkata more often when Nuetral/Normal but sometimes uses it in all forms.


Ben Drago was born in 3,660 BBY to Rayanna

A big thanks to my friend Arcode Astrosurfer for helping me get this awesome pic!

Grace (Later changed to Drago) and Jared Drago. He had two siblings named Amber and Marek Drago. He was born last of the three and so the youngest. Ben Drago was born in Felucia and constantly traveling to avoid the sith and jedi. Jared Drago had two brothers, Griff and Zagg. Jared hardly ever saw Griff but talked to Zagg alot until Zagg started following the Phoenix Sith ways. Rayanna had a sister named Jennifer and a brother named Daniel.


Father: Jared Drago

Mother: Rayanna Grace

Brother: Marek Drago

Sister: Amber Drago

Distant Cousin: Alana Grace



Calibur my saber (Blue)Calibur mark II (Red)


Sniping Enemies on Umbara


Echo Squads Shadow Armor


The Sith attacking Felucia


Jared Drago meditating.


Ben Drago1 - Current Name

Dan Brego - Letters rearranged

Naran Tekan - Undercover name

Ben Drago - Original/First name

Spectra Phantomx - Old name

Hero of Geonosis - Title

The Unyielding - Title

Immortalis Victor Tenebrosi Lacerta - "Title"

Darth Inferni - Sith name

The Beginning

Before birth and early years of Ben Drago1

Born in early 30, 000 before the Old Republic era. Ben Drago was born into a very different family. His mother Rayanna Grace (pronounced: RAY-ON-A) and her family were some of the most powerful Jedi at the time making them even more enemies of the Sith but, Jared Drago part of the most powerful family of Sith at the time fell in love with Rayanna and put aside being Sith and jedi enemies and got married. Of course, both their families hated each other and them being married, but tried to put it aside for them.

One day Rayanna and Jared called together a "family meeting" to announce something. She was pregnant with triplets. The families could not have children of a Sith and Jedi family together and so went to war with each other. Rayanna and Jared had to go to a remote planet called Felucia to get away from the war; There they met Leo Arcoy, a native English-speaking Felucian who they befriended. Leo helped keep the two safe while Rayanna was pregnant. Soon Jared’s family finally found the two and invaded Felucia, Leo being the leader of the Felucian army lead the defense brigade protecting Felucia's capital where the two were living. The Felucians were able to fight off the Sith armies but lost countless men. In 30,000 BBY Rayanna gave birth to the triplets, Ben, Marek, and Amber Drago. Amber was their first-born and Ben being the last. The children were beginning to be very talented force users. Ben had been given a special saber named Calibur; it changes blade color to meet the wielders emotion. Amber was very jealous that Ben got it, not her, for she was the oldest and strongest of them, this caused her to get reckless and leave the city to explore. When she was out she saw a Probe droid scouting the area, she recklessly activated her purple Lightsaber and charged it, however and shot a stun shot knocking her out. When Jared found she was missing he left to find her on his favorite speeder. Marek felt a disturbance in a few hours after Jared left. A powerful Jedi arrived. Marek instantly went to wake Ben. He and Ben grabbed their weapons and went to check out the ship that just landed, luckily Leo was out gardening when he saw the children running to the ship, he instantly grabbed his vibroblade and went to stop them. As the ship opened the two children were frozen in fear as a Jedi in full battle armor riding a rancor emerged. Just in time, Leo came and managed to stab his vibro blade into the rancor’s eyes blinding it. Marek then shot it with his arrows as Ben cut its legs. Working together they managed to kill the rancor. When the rancor died the Jedi jumped off and nearly cut Leos arm off. The Jedi then violently attacked Leo finally wounding him. Marek readied his bow and shot an arrow shooting the mask off the Jedi revealing him as Rayanna's father. the jedi then force pushes Marek away knocking him out. Ben alone with his saber, Calibur, attacked the Jedi. Jared then speeds into the area with a knocked out Amber on the back rams into the jedi sending him flying. Jared then gets Leo, Marek, and Ben into the speeder's gunner seats and quickly drives back to their home. Rayanna haven just woke up notices Jared packing while Ben tries to heal Leo and wake up Amber and Marek. She asked Jared what is going on and Jared replies with a quick "We have to leave, NOW". Rayanna now worried starts to help pack up. Just as they get into their ship Jared remembers his speeder and goes back to get it. Waiting there is multiple Probe Droids and the Jedi again. The probe droids attack Jared and he activates his duel red saber and cuts them down. The Jedi then charges at Jared and he jumps over cutting off the Jedi’s left arm and lands on his speeder and drives into the ship. The family says farewell to Felucia and flies off.

Ben Drago1 - Adventures of Hazera

The family traveled to Hazera (pronounced: HAZ-ERR-A) (the native species are the ion species(will write about that)) an ancient long forgotten planet where Sith and Jedi once lived together in harmony, now deserted and war torn. They settled in the only jungle like part in Hazera. Jared and Rayanna now getting old went out looking for a special kind of plant called the Necti plant (pronounced: NECK-TIE) only found on Hazera, leaving Leo to watch Amber, Ben, and Marek. this special plant not only heals almost every wound. But also can cure any disease and even stop aging. When they returned with the plant they discovered their home was being attacked by the Hazera natives (Monstrous cat like beings). Leo had collapsed during the battle and Ben had to protect him. Jared and Rayanna managed to take out the beasts but everyone were severely injured. Jared and Rayanna decided to use the Necti plants to heal them. Sadly those were the only ones they found.

Ben Drago1 - Battle on Korriban


Me and Revan fighting

The family traveled to Korriban. One day a group of Sith discovered the family and attacked. The family was able to defeat the Sith but were all tired and weak from it. Just as the family were going back to their home the leader of the Sith, a Sith lord, you may know him as Darth Revan. Darth Revan attacked the family when they were off guard stabbing Rayanna in the back. As Rayanna dropped to the ground Jared charged at Revan but he force lightning Jared throwing him to the ground knocking him out. Marek then fired volleys of arrows at Revan when he force pushed them back at Marek trapping and severely wounding him. Amber then charged at Revan able to avoid all but one of Revan's attacks. A saber throw to the heart. Ben now the last one activated Calibur turning bright red (for anger) charged at Revan. He was able to get to Revan where his family had failed because he was disarmed. Ben was able to hurt Revan until Revan force choked him knocking him out. He was then thrown

across the platform smashing into the ground. Revan then started to charge a force repulse. As Revan released the force repulse Rayanna threw a glass tube with a tiny bit of Necti plant to Ben. When Ben woke up his family and Revan were no were to be seen.


Credit to Anakin Ghostfire for helping me with the pics


Ben Drago1 - Journey To Tython

After Ben drago’s parents died he did some work as a bounty hunter on Korriban until he had enough credits to hop a ship off the planet, after travelling around aimlessly he finally lined on a planet called Tython, He was then found by a Jedi Knight named Uldahem’s Bistray fighting flesh raiders to survive, after Uldahem found Ben he took him to the Jedi temple nearby, after Ben was treated for his injuries he was taken to the Jedi council. The Jedi council decided to send Ben into the jedi trials. Ben haven been trained by his parents in the force already went through the trials very fast,, they then decided to make Ben Uldahem’s padawan as he was the one who found him in the first place. Uldahem reluctantly agreed to train Ben.

Ben Drago1 - Return to Korriban

Uldahem and Ben later went to Korriban on an important mission. The Sith and Imperials had set up an ambush and managed to separate the two. Ben was taken to a sith prison where they tried to corrupt and turn Ben, when Uldahem managed to find and free Ben it was already too late. He had been turned to the dark side by the Sith at the prison. Ben attacked Uldahem not remembering anything; Uldahem managed to wound Ben before he escaped, Uldahem then went looking for Ben but couldn’t find him. Ben managed to hide where his family was when they battled darth Revan. Ben saw someone was living there and instantly went to check it out. When he saw who was there his old memories almost came back, sadly they did not; it was his mother Rayanna Drago. It being so long and Rayanna being sick and wounded couldn’t tell it was Ben, her son. And so thought it was another sith trying to finish her off. She grabbed her lightsaber and attacked Ben, who didn’t recognize her either having been corrupted; they battled until Ben did a fatal blow hurting her so bad she nearly died. Rayanna pled for mercy but Ben ignored her. He got ready to make the final blow when Uldahem found them. Sadly before Uldahem could stop Ben, he made the final blow killing Rayanna. When Uldahem got to be he quickly disarmed and tackled Ben trying to make him come to his senses. What Uldahem didn’t realize was a group of sith were approaching. Ben noticed who their leader was. The Sith who attacked him before. Revan himself coming to finish the job. Ben remembering Revan and this place got his memories back, he was filled with anger at Revan and instantly alerted Uldahem then charged into battle. He furiously dueled with Revan wounding him while Uldahem took on the other sith. He managed to defeat all the sith just as Ben kicked Revan to the ground and put his saber to Revan’s neck demanding answers in why Revan is doing this, why he killed his family, but Revan simply laughed pointing at Rayanna’s dead body saying “You say I killed your family when truly you are the murderer…” Ben realizing what he had done, while as a Sith, dropped his guard down letting Revan disarm him, and then Revan escaped before anyone could stop him. Ben dropped to his knees and cried at what he had done. Right then and there he vowed never to use the dark side again in fear he might harm someone else. When Ben and Uldahem returned to the Jedi temple on Tython Ben wanted to say something. “I have done too much. I quit.” Ben simply said. Uldahem and the council shocked at that as Ben put down his saber and left. Ben went to his ship and flew off to not be seen for a while.

The Echo is Born

Ben Drago1 - The Echo is Born PT.1 - 1/5

One day Ben’s ship emerged landing on Coruscant in trooper armor. When he landed he went in search for an old friend. As Ben went to the senate tower to find his “old friend” he drew a lot of attention from others. As Ben approached a senate meeting room a guard tried to stop him as they were in a meeting. Ben used a Jedi mind trick on the guard to get past. 3 senators and two kids stood in the room and stared at Ben as he said “Senator Oraka we have to talk.” The senator nodded and walked over to Ben. They moved away and started talking. “Allcory it‘s time.” Ben said, “Now!? But what about the others?” Senator Allcory Oraka said. Ben quickly replied with “I‘ll handle it. You just get your family ready ASAP and meet me at my ship. Take this in case I‘m not back from getting Jason and something happens.” as he handed him a silver pistol. Allcory nodded and walked back into the meeting saying “I‘m sorry but we must end this discussion early. Kids lets go.” he said looking at the two kids who nodded back and left with Allcory. Ben then left as well and used his personal speeder to travel to the Black Sun district. Loading his rifle he set out to find Jason. As he got near a building a group of gangsters blocked his path. “Get out of my way now.” Ben said trying to walk past them but one pulled out a pistol and told Ben to hand over everything he has. Ben sighed and Bent down confusing the gangsters. Ben then quickly pulled a knife out of his leg armor and knocked the pistol out of the gangsters hand and put they knife to his neck saying “If I was you I‘d slowly back away and never bother me again before I gut you out.” the now scared gangster nodded his head and ran off with the others. Ben sighed again and went into the building. There someone was sitting in the corner defusing a grenade. “Why hello again Jason” which startled him severely dropping the grenade which exploded in smoke. Coughing Jason said “Dang it Ben you mad me drop the grenade!” annoyed. Ben laughed and said “Jason. It‘s time. Operation Echo has begun.” Jason sighed and said “I‘ll pack up and meet you”. Ben nodded and left for his ship. When Ben got to his ship he found Allcory, his kids, Jason, and someone else waiting there. Ben said “Didn‘t I say I‘d handle getting everyone Allcory?” Allcory laughed “Actually he contacted me himself asking about Operation Echo. I simply told him we we‘re putting it in place and we we‘re waiting outside your ship on Coruscant. He did the rest.” The other person laughed and said “For once Oraka here is right.” Allcory sighed in annoyance as everyone got on Ben’s ship.

Ben Drago1 - The Echo is Born PT.2 - 2/5

As everyone got on bens ship he decided to recruit the sun twins next. They were very good snipers and would be very valuable to have. Ben set course for Nar Shaddaa where they worked as assassins. Before they landed Ben went to his ship’s cargo hold where his astromech was, it used to belong to his mother Rayanna, J4-3D immediately drove over to Ben and it brought out a holocom which activated showing the sun twins and 2 others fighting.” Ben! We noticed you were near Nar shad--AH! GET BACK!” one of the sun twins said as a vicious anooba jumped at him. “Are you ok!?” I said worriedly. The twin replied “Not really. Jack and Van came to Nar Shaddaa to see us, but when they got here this group of mercenaries attacked us! We’re barely hhhholding OUT!” suddenly the hologram disappeared as another anooba jumped at them. Ben quickly ran to the bridge and said "stay on the ship, I found the others!" As he ran out of his ship, he activated Calibur and then ran to where his map said the holotransmission came from. When got there he saw them fighting off a bunch of anoobas and 3 mercenaries. Ben quickly force jumped to one stabbing his lightsaber into the mercenary, he then threw his

Landing on Nar Shaddaa

lightsaber at another then force pushed the last one into a wall knocking him out. Ben grabbed his lightsaber back and cut down the last few anoobas, he then announced “Everyone get to my ship in hangar 16. Allcory, Jason, and OX are in my ship waiting. Operation echo is in place.” everyone nodded and ran off. Ben went to go back but noticed something moving. He figured it was another anooba or mercenary and activated Calibur, someone then jumped out in war torn armour and 2 pistols and aimed them at bens head then said “Ben, Is that you!?“ Ben paused for a second recognising his voice and replied with “Malcolm? Is that you!? I haven’t seen you since the Hutt Cartel tried to kill us!” “Yeah good times. So what brings you here?” Malcolm asked. “Operation Echo is in progress. We’d be honoured if you’d join us. We could use a guy like you”. “Aww and leave this wonderful place? SIGN ME UP NOW!” Malcolm said laughing as he and Ben left for bens ship.

Ben Drago1 - The Echo is Born PT.3 - 3/5

As Ben and Malcolm got to bens ship, Ben saw something interesting, yet annoying. "BEENN! Sup brah?" Jelk said running over to Ben. "Jelk. Hello, good to see you." Ben said annoyed. "Heard yah doin' op echo! Figured yad Need ah espic bro ham like mah!" Jelk said smiling like a psychopath. "Well we do need an engineer... You are pretty good at building...and destroying... things." Ben replied with a sigh. "Sign mah up brah lez do dis!" he said running insanely to bens ship. Ben sighed and asked "Is there a mute button or at least a translator for that dude? Sounds like he was raised by gungans!" Malcolm nearly busted a gut laughing and was able to make out "Haha dude try living with him!" Ben replied with a quick "I'd have to cut my ears off..." which made Malcolm laugh even more. When they got on bens ship they saw no one but Jelk standing there dumb founded. "Yo brahs why'd yah go!?" he said looking around. Malcolm dropped to the ground laughing so hard he was turning pink which confused Jelk. They set off for Ryloth where Ben had an old base they could use. When they arrived he alerted everyone to pack up and be ready. Ben grabbed his rifle and went out of the ship. There he saw a huge mountain with a metal like door nearby. He walked over to there and entered in a passcode which unlocked the door and put up an invisible force field around the mountain. He went in to see everything looked right and ready. When he walked in a droid appeared from stealth and aimed a sniper rifle at bens face. "Still testing me eh 58?" ben said as the assassin droid lowered his weapon. "Agreement: I was programmed to make sure you stay ready for battle 24/7!" the droid replied as the rest of echo squad came in. "Crew meet HK-58. 58 meet the trainees of operation Echo..." Ben said then leaned in to whisper, "I expect you can train them for combat?" "Statement: Training Protocols activated. Get to work maggots I have to train you for battle ASAP!" 58 replied. Ben laughed and walked off to get everything ready. He walked into a hangar room that had ships as big as a star destroyer. Ben turned to go up the stairs to find someone standing there trying to pull apart a protocol droid. The droid announced "Oh master your back! Help me!” The person looked up then ran from Ben. Ben readied his rifle and ran after the person. The person ran up to the emergency pistol and pulled it out aiming at Ben. Ben realised something and lowered his weapon "Wait a second, Hal? I thought you would have given up looking after this place centuries ago!" Ben said shocked. Hal replied "Ben? I thought you died after you disappeared for a couple years." Ben laughed and asked, "You really think I would just go down like that?” Hal laughed and replied, "Haha I'd hope not. Well I better go around for the daily maintenance check. Good to know you're still alive!” He started to leave when Ben stopped him and said "Operation Echo is in place. We could use a good medic like you." Hal pondered the thought and replied "Hmm... Yeah, could be fun!" smiling he then walked off. Ben then checked the defenses and noticed a certain someone was on Corellia. He decided he should go check it out. As he went to leave Allcory and 58 stopped him. "Where you going in such a hurry?" Allcory asked. Ben replied with "Someone is on Corellia... Someone I used to know...” 58 said "Announcement: You’re not leaving me back around here with Hal, I'm coming with you Master. Been here for 6 years with no company, but Hal and that blasted protocol droid of yours." Allcory continued "And I'm coming with you also. It would be nice to see my home planet Corellia again." "If fathers going were coming also!" his son said. Ben said alright and they went to the hangar.

Ben Drago1 - The Echo is Born PT.4 - 4/5

As we walked into the hangar and Allcory immediately said "Holy... What did you break into a ship factory and steal all their ships!?" I thought for a second and replied "Yeah something like that." which made Allcory give me a confused look. We walked into a Corellian luxury transporter and I went to sit down to drive and Allcory stopped me saying "Ohhh I know how you drive. I'd rather jump into a Sarlaac pit then let you drive... I'm driving". I stared at him and said "Don't know if it's an insult or free ride..." Allcory laughed and sat down and started the ship. I walked to the chef area and saw 58 trying to talk to a microwave. "Yo 58 you know that's a microwave... That cooks food..." I said confusedly to him. He turned to me and said "Replyment: Yes! And a very good conversationalist!" erm... I'm not gonna ask. I turned and walked into the bedroom where I saw Allcory’s children asleep. I sat down just inside the door and watched them... I felt tired and decided to close my eyes. Next thing I remember is waking up to being stared at by Allcory’s kids. The older girl said, "He’s awake now finally.” ”Huh? What happened, how long was I out...?” I asked looking around half asleep. "About 2 minutes. We were awake when you sat down and you fell asleep blocking the door." she replied. "Oh sorry...” I said getting up and moving out of the way. "Thank you!" the younger boy said running off quickly. "You know... You look a lot like your mother..." I said to the girl. She replied, "I get that a lot - she died when I was 3”. "I heard she passed away but... Oh... I'm sorry" I said and she replied "It's alright. At least I have my father.”. “And for that you’re lucky... When I was a kid my family was attacked. My father was killed and everyone was split up... I still haven't met anyone fully yet." I said remembering the battle on Korriban. "What about your mother?" she asked. "She survived but... I... I don't want to say what happened..." I replied and she nodded in understanding. "Hey, your father never did tell me your na--" I started to say when she said "Katrina.” Allcory then walked into the room and said "We're here. Let's get going." and left going out of the ship. I walked out to see Allcory with his hand on his lightsaber and 58 with his rifle aimed at 6 guards and a dude in all black armor. "What’s going on?" I said as I pulled out Calibur and got in a defensive stance. Katrina came out and looked shocked as she saw the guards and black armored person. "Katrina, get back!" Allcory said defensively. "I'll protect her." I said stand in front of her with Caliburs blade getting wider to block attacks easier. The 6 guards all raised they're rifles and started firing. I blocked any attacked that got near and slowly got Katrina inside. "But what about my father?" Katrina said worriedly. "I’m going out to help. Stay here. Imagine this as a warzone and you are trying to get your ally to safety. Right now your ally is your brother. Go." I said as I rushed out to fight. When I got out I saw 2 guards down and the black armored man had a double bladed lightsaber and was fighting Allcory. I activated Caliburs double bladed saber mode and force jumped to the black armored man attacking him. I kicked off his mask to see he was a... Sith pureblood? He then force pushed me back as Allcory hit him on the head with the hilt of his lightsaber. The pureblood then kicked Allcory and Force jumped onto a speeder and drove away as 58 shot the last guard. "... I wonder who that guy was..." I said panting as I looked at the dead guards. Allcory replied "Don’t know... But anyways you should go. I'll drive the ship over to the safer area over there." as he pointed to the place. I nodded and ran off with 58. As we approached the place Allcory was landing at we were shot at. I grabbed calibur and blocked the shots and noticed it was 3 Battle Droids. I reflected shots back at them all getting them "The heck was up with those droids..." I whispered to 58 to which he replied "Judgement: I do not know nor care as they are obsolete to me.” I chuckled and kept going. When we got to the place I saw everyone running. I immediately ran faster to check it out. I notices smoke coming from a hangar and went to check it out. I noticed the ship looked a lot like our ship… I gasped as I saw Allcory’s body there. "No No NO!" I screamed as I ripped away the wreckage of the crash to see his body lying there fatally injured. "No don't die on me... Wait... The kids!? Where are the kids!?" I said worriedly as I looked around franticly. "They....they' protect them... Ben..." he managed to get out weakly before he closed his eyes. "Don’t die on me now man... No! We can get you to a medica--..." I stopped as I saw his chest stop moving. I leaned down over his body as tears ran down my face. "I will protect your kids... You won't die in vain... I will find who did this... I will..." I whispered quietly as I cried... 58 walked over to me with his kids. "Father!" Katrina yelled as she ran to his body. “Daddy!" Allcory’s younger boy yelled as he also ran over. "Kids. Do you remember how you crashed?" I said faintly still at his body and trying to figure out who could of done this. "All I remember is hearing an explosion then father yelling. I do not know but something happened and I did like father could - I shielded Zane and I, but I don't know how." Katrina said whipping away tears. I picked up Allcory’s body slowly and muttered, "I will find out who did this, and I will kill him!"

Ben Drago1 - The Echo is Born PT.5 5/5 - CS

Beginning of the Clone Wars

Ben Drago1 - Geonosis Troubles - CS

CS = Coming Soon...Accidental Delete

The Meeting

Ben Drago1 - Love & Hate

Well this is delightful, I'm hiding in a corner to avoid these knives flying at me, I should probably catch up, I'm here because the Jedi sent me on a negotiation mission to talk with General Grievous,
seriously, and looking back it was a dumb idea. After getting there I wasn’t greeted by General Grievous, but by a crazy...psychopath assassin, just my luck. "Would you stop throwing knives at me!" I said. "Sure, if you let me get a hit in, you won't have any more worries!" the assassin replied. "Sounds like a wonderful deal." I said sarcastically. I rolled to the side grabbing a metal plate using it like a shield to block the incoming knives. I jumped onto the table skidding across it activating Calibur and tackling the assassin knocking the helmet off. What the... "I’m gonna guess you'll kill me now." SHE the assassin said. "I don't kill for blood." I replied noticing my lightsaber was at her throat. "Bad choice." she said kicking me over and disarming me then holding me down. "Ahh I always make bad choices, luckily sometimes others do to." I said smiling as I pulled Calibur back to my hand then kicked the assassin off and leaping up. The assassin quickly pulled out a pistol and aimed it at my head before I could react "Any last words?" she asked me. "Yes, don't move." I replied the second a stun shot hit her in the shoulder knocking her down. "You okay sir?" Echo 6 asked me aiming at the assassin. "Yeah, I just a few cuts." I replied. As Echo 6 readied his rifle to fire a deadlier shot, the assassin pleaded "Please, don't kill me, I just did it for the money to survive." “Hmmph, Echo 6, halt fire," I stated starting to leave. "Wait... the separatists are doubtful to let me live if I return without you dead..." the assassin stated causing me to stop. I sighed and replied "We can help you not die, but try to kill me or my men again, I won't show mercy." I said going back and helping her up. "What’s your name anyways, assassin doesn't fit unless you’re killing me." I said half joking. "Annabeth Fate, don't you dare call me Anna." Annabeth stated. "Alright then, Anna." I said smirking as I walked off. Walking down the hallway a few Battle Droids tried to stop me, bad mistake; I quickly jumped over them; while in midair I slashed them in half, and walked away calmly. When I got back to the ships hangar I saw none other than General Grievous. Great, I turned around to face Annabeth. "You, stay here, I don't want you interfering." I stated pulling out Calibur and charging towards Grievous. "Boo" I said kicking him in the back. "Agh, you Jedi scum." I heard him mumble turning around for a wide slash at me. ”I’m not a Jedi, get your facts right.” I quickly leaped over it then was surprised by his arm breaking in half and hitting me in the face. I fell to the ground as Malcolm charged Grievous. Grievous quickly grabbed Malcolm looking ready to kill him. Before I could even get up Grievous was hit in the head by a throwing knife. Grievous grunted then looked away giving me an opening to charge him, I slashed one of his arms off and he dropped Malcolm. "Gah, You foolish Jedi." Grievous said with quick reflexes stabbed my in the shoulder, before he could do major damage Annabeth charged him shooting repetitively at Grievous. Grievous let out a angered grunt and let out a wild wide slash with his lightsabers making everyone get back, Grievous then ran off to a ship nearby; all of Echo Squad and Annabeth began firing at Grievous and his star fighter, but did little to no damage, sighed checking to make sure no one was fatally wounded. "We should get off; I doubt this ship will be stable much longer." I said walking to my ship, and everyone followed.

Never The Same

Ben Drago1 - Never The Same PT.1 - The Crash - 1/2

Stuck in a ship about to crash into Kamino... No way to get help... Well that's what's going on right now Heh. "...Told you it was a trap..." I mumbled as I tried breaking the door open blocking our way out. "Oh now it's my fault?" Annabeth replied sharpening her weapons. "Nooo, wait. Hand me something I could cut with." I said as she handed me a knife. I spinned it like a saw to cut a chain. When it finally cut through a link, the small metal pillar came swinging down and smashing into the door - breaking it open. "Well that went better than expected!” I said as I threw her knife back and walked out. I was then confronted by two panicked battle droids who instantly started firing at me. I ducked under one of their shots by sliding across the floor on my knees. I then tackled and disarmed one of the droids and began firing upon them both as I went to a nearby elevator. “Yeah I know an elevator when you’re crashing, but do you see stairs around here?” I thought to myself. I hit the control panel making the elevators doors open and whoooaaa.... Ok then this will be fun "Looks like we gotta climb down," I said turning around to see Annabeth grabbing the other droid’s blaster and walking over. “Wonderful, you go first." she said nudging me forward a bit. "Hey! Whoa, what are you trying to do? Kill me again?" I said grabbing out a hook and wire I constructed. "Hope this doesn't fall apart!" I said as I began hooking it to whatever I could. I held tightly onto it as I slowly started down the elevator shaft.  Annabeth closely followed my lead and started coming down the wire. When I looked up to see how she was coming along my face grew pale… "ELEVATOR!" I screamed as I pointed up to the elevator rushing down at high speed. "NO!" I yelled grabbing Annabeth and just fell down the wire. I kept close to the wall on my left side... and that was my mistake. The elevator rushing down faster than we could fall I had a stupid idea... "Keep going... I'm gonna do something stupid!" I yelled as I grabbed onto a metal bar and held there as the elevator got closer... and, closer... NOW! I grabbed the elevators bottom and tried to slow it. My fatal move, this. I noticed even with slowing I was still gaining on Annabeth. I decided to do another stupid but brave thing, Holding onto the elevator with my right hand. I tried grabbing the wall with my left. What I did not notice is the fact there was a large... bump, coming up. I kept holding slowing it more and more until the bump. First I tripped losing my footing and then let go... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" I SCREAMED as my left arm and leg were crushed with the elevator and the wall. All I remember before I blacked out was Annabeth pulling me out of the stopped elevator.

Ben Drago1 - Never The Same PT.2 - The Fix - 2/2

"Uuhgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh what in the blazes happened..." I said slowly getting up then remembering the ship…my arm, my leg… where is Annabeth. I looked at my arm and leg still there and looking fine. I finally looked at where I was some strange pitch white room with medical supplies everywhere... "Annabeth... Ugghhh...” I mumbled trying to stand but having trouble doing. I looked around for any signs of where I am or where Annabeth went. "Hmm looking for someone? How is your arm, leg, hmm?" I heard someone say which made me jump and look around... "Uhhh, yes, fine, fine… My vision is blurry... who are you?" I said stumbling around trying to find the person. "Hmm side effect of the surgery I'm afraid. You probly will have that for at least 2 hours give or take a day." the person said again. "Surgery, what...?" I said as someone grabbed my shoulder keeping me stable. "Mm. Careful my master doesn't want you harmed! And of course your robotics... Do you have amnesia?" oh no it was true... "You mean... The ship.... Oh no... Where am I? What happened? Where is Annabeth?" I said sitting down so I don't fall. "Yes it was real, Medical office, zee ship crashed. Had master not saved you, you would have died. And the girl you call Annabeth is outside. She is very worried. I shall let her know you luckily survived, Mhmm, and before I leave. Master wanted you to know. You'll meet him soon!" the 'doctor' said... Probly walking off but darned if I know with this blurry vision... "Ben!" someone else said. I replied with "Uhhh wha? Blurry vision here I can't see a thing...” "SUP BRAH!" NO JELK WHILE BASICALLY BLIND? NO! "Jelk... Hey..." I replied. "COME TAH MAKES SURESES YAH BE FEELIN' ALL GOOD! Nah just joking with you it's Malcolm haha" he said laughing. "Hah thank goodness." I said trying to get up again but dropping. "Agh... Uhhh... Little help here?" I said slowly limping randomly around. "Where is the door...? Ship...?” I mumbled walking into a wall. "Over here. The ship is just outside." Malcolm replied directing me. "Ben! Oh th-- I mean it good you didn't die." I heard Annabeth say. "Uhhh... ok then... what exactly happened...?" I asked holding onto something to stay up "After you... Stopped the elevator the ship crashed. I managed to get us to a safe place until Malcolm and the rest of Echo Squad came too rescue us We then got you too here..." Annabeth replied "Uh I owe you one Malcolm. How did you find us even?" I asked. "We randomly got coordinates and a message saying you were injured" Malcolm replied to me. "Odd... Ahh... Can we get back to the ship...? I don't like being on any planet or place basically blind..." said slowly trying to walk.

Hutt Troubles

Ben Drago1 - The Sands of Silence

"How long will this last..." I asked still basically blind from the... surgery... "Could be a week... or could be a few minutes." Hal, I think, replied. "Great, at least are we almost to Tatooine so I don't have to keep walking into walls?" I asked looking around, I am glad I could at least see things SUPER fuzzy. "We’re just landing now."...whoever said...? "Good. I think I should be able to navigate Tatooine to my hideout alone." I stated slowly getting up and I hope walking into my quarters. I put on a Jedi-ish heavy fabric version of my Harsh Terrain armor. I made sure calibur was on my belt as I walked out sliding the long hood over my face so no gangsters or bounty hunters would recognize me. I walked out of my ship now landed on Tatooine, wonderful place; I headed by knowledge and memory to my old hideout on Tatooine. I saw what I think was fire and walked towards it wondering if there was a Jawa selling something or what. I heard growls as I got near and stopped for a second, oh dang it not a Jawa, I started to back away as I heard a familiar sound of a Tusken Raider, or Sand Person as you may know them, and then instantly pulled out Calibur to narrowly block blaster shots from them. I closed my eyes completely focusing on letting the Force guide me as I reflected and knocked out all the Tusken Raiders. Before I could knock out the last one, I was shot by one in the leg and then hit on the head with a Tusken Pike. I spinned around with my leg out to trip the Tusken but was instead shot in the arm then kicked in the face. "Oww" I mumbled charging at where the hits kept coming from. As I charged towards it, I dropped, I was suddenly pulled to the ground by snare falling flat on my face and then from nowhere shot with a poison knockout dart. Ohhh I feel... I blacked out before I could even finish my thought. I awoke feeling the heat of Tatooine, the feel of the warm sand I was laying on, and... What the... I opened my eyes seeing most of my vision returned, now I wish it didn't, I saw a huge lizard like beast standing right in front of me. I looked around to see I was in a very mountain area of Tatooine, that could come in handy. I realized I was still in my heavy robes and had Calibur; dumb Tusken Raider probably got itself killed by this. I slowly activated Calibur, it turned a bright blue color, I tried to slowly get up when the beast yelled a horrible call, but it let me recognize what I'm about to fight, a famed Krayt Dragon... nasty things, deadly also. I went to watch it to fight when I remembered I am still having problems seeing. I closed my eyes a sidestepped a whip from its tail, I heard the wind rushing against the beast as it went to bite me whole. I used the force to resist it as much as I could, I would have done it not for this, as I was holding its head back, I was shot in the leg, Agh. I staggered down stopping resisting the beast, with instincts I rolled to the side as it crashed into the floor. I opened my eyes to see Tusken Raiders shooting at me and the beast as it swiped them away with its tail immediately, probably wanting to finish me itself, it roared once again when I got up, my plan was to charge it with all my force, which did not work. Because of my limp and injured leg, I was slow enough for it to

Capture-Krayt Dragon fighting

Me fighting the Krayt Dragon.

smash me down with its paw. I started to feel exhausted from this, I was helpless as the beast threw me like a rag doll at a mountain, I slowly started to get up when it rammed at where I was, I sidestepped enough to not die... but I didn't move my leg in time. I screamed in pain as it bit down on my right leg then thrashed me around. I stabbed Calibur into its eye making it screech and drop me. I slowly got up, focusing on using my left leg, I threw Calibur at the beasts other eye, if I am blind so are you! I used the force to pull the Krayt's face to the ground, holding it there as I used the force to pull Calibur back to my hand as I crushed it slowly; I limped towards it keeping my hold on it. I got to it, ready to plunge my lightsaber into its head, when its tail tripped me and then it opened its mouth just in time, like a metal trap the beast bit down on me, sinking its teeth into my middle section. I cannot handle this... this is how I die isn’t it? I realized something... I hate to do it, but I must... It seemed to sense the...Dark side... radiating from me. I shocked it with Force lightning making it let me go. I continued to shock it until I started to feel faint again. I went to attack it when it mashed up dust smartly then slid away so I could not see it. I held calibur in a strong Soresu defensive stance ready, starting to feel weaker by the second. It then charged out of no were the second I was able to move Calibur just in time to stab inside its mouth, right where the brain would be... It slowly stopped and I slid out from its mouth as it collapsed. "It’s dead... and I'm dying... wonderful... ugh... day." I mumbled as I lay in a corner bleeding, injured, and exhausted. The heats of Tatooine making me feel worse. I saw a figure approaching me as I passed out.

The Blade

Ben Drago1 - The Blade of Fear

Duck, dodge, sidestep, duck, jump, duck, roll, grab, block, kick, my exact thoughts going through my mind as I battled Alacorvo. I am NOT getting hit by that... horrifying... blade again. Well, I should probly start at the beginning.

As I activated my holocomunicator I saw a young Jedi appear. "Benjamin S. Drago?" the young Jedi questioned. "Yes... That's me, why?" I answered the young Jedi. "I tried contacting the Jedi council but something won't let me. I tried every signal I knew. Only yours worked. Please help me, my master won't stand long!" the young Jedi said looking scared. "Whoa, what?" I asked very confused. The young jedi replied "This... Man... Person... Thing attacked us on Alacorvo. My master told me about you, he's mast--" as the holocall went to static. "Well, that's fun I'm off ALONE to Alacorvo on a rescue mission. Also I’m talking to myself." I said to myself as I walked to the bridge and readied supplies while the ship flew to Alacorvo. I got an odd feeling Alacorvo is not... or more, WILL NOT be good. As I arrived, the ship randomly shook violently causing me to fall over and hit my head, Ahh that hurt. I slowly got up after the ship, uh, probly crashed. I looked around for my backpack and quickly slung it on my back and went out ignoring the fact my head was slightly bleeding and the ship has crashed. I saw many, many domes everywhere. Anywhere not had a lot of dust and trees. I noticed a mountain in the distance and instantly started walking towards it. I had no thought I just felt attracted to the mountain. I heard people yelling at me but it sounded so distant, perhaps I seriously hit my head... perhaps something else, I still don't know. I think hours went by, but I kept walking, maybe a day... A month even but it felt like seconds. I just remember walking forever ignoring everything. When I finally came to my senses I realised it was dark and I was at the mountain. Like instincts I pushed a spot on the mountain which made a wall like area open revealing a hallway. Why do I get the feeling there are traps..? I walked in and instantly got hit with a dart, oh I feel dizzy. I walked farther as spikes and more darts flew at me, which I barely avoided. I finally got to the end when someone tackled me "FOR MASTER ALACORVO!" the person yelled as he pulled out a knife. "Oh heck no." I said pulling out calibur just in time to block the knife. I kicked him off and he pulled out a spear and threw it at me. "Haha, you’re going to use a spear?" I mocked as I caught it in midair. I threw it to the ground and stepped on it when it exploded sending me flying. "DO NOT FIGHT THE MASTER." the person said charging at me again. I pulled out a pocket knife just in time as he got to me, stopping him dead in his tracks then fell to his feet. "Sorry, but don't mess with Ben Drago." I said putting a small medpac by him and walked off. I ended up finding a 3 way hallway. Uhhh I hate these... Pulling out a sniper rifle and fired at each path. The front path disintegrated the shot, the right shot continued down a nearly endless path. Why the left shot ended at a door. Eh left sounds fun. I walked towards it as the way I came in immediately shut. Great, I thought as I activated calibur for light, walking towards my target door I pulled out Calibur MK-2 and cut the door in half. The second I walked into the room I saw a bed and then... "Night, night." I heard as a blunt object hit my head making me pass out. "whos ares yous?" I heard someone say as I came to my senses, "Benjamin S. Drago...and you...?" I mumbled as I noticed I was tied up. "Is ams Alacorvos!" the person said prominently as he came into focus holding a blade... The second I looked at the blade I felt scared like my deepest fear was right there taunting me... I shook my head as I tried to get out. "Dos nots tries Tos breaks frees Dragos!" Alacorvo said. "I'm not... Hey why is your name the name of the planet?" I said trying to buy time while I cut the ropes tying me up. "This planets was nameds afters mes!" he said as he pointed the blade at my throat and I felt even more scared. "Stops stalings yous fools!" he as he moved the blade to stab VERY close to my heart. "AAAAHHHHH" I screamed as I felt blinding pain like nothing I have ever felt before... at least right then I freed myself and kicked him back. Calibur instantly appeared in my hand as I blocked a hit from Alacorvo. "What the heck was that!?" I yelled at him as Calibur MK-2 appeared in my other hand so I could both block and attack. I nearly over powered him when he hit me with his offhand while I was distracted disarming me. Duck, dodge, sidestep, duck, jump, duck, roll, grab, block, kick, I thought as I battled him weaponless. I got a few hits in but couldn't keep this up forever. I kicked his face making him drop his weapon. I instantly grabbed it as I felt power, strength... I felt unbeatable... "What... Who are you? Please don't hurt me!" Alacorvo whimpered. "Lies! Your trying to trick me!" I yelled feeling anger and hatred... "Please! I don't!" Alacorvo begged. "LIAR!" I screamed slashing his head off. I felt like I could do anything...A...ny...thing.

Ben Drago1 - Not Myself - CS

Will take a while as I'm crazy in it LOL...It's hard to write crazy in first person o.o.

Order 66

Ben Drago1 - True Colors - CS

Before knightfall. Re-Writing, old idea scrapped.

Ben Drago1 - Operation Knightfall

"Oww that was so horrible." I said patching up my shoulder. "The heck happened on Felucia? All those clones seemed to turn on us..." I continued. "Not sure... “Malcolm said shrugging. ”Oh well..." I said still wondering about those defectors Clone Troopers As I headed to my quarters. There I noticed my holocom beeping. "Great. What now?" I mumbled sarcastically to myself. I activated it and there appeared a Clone Trooper. "Uh" I blurted out confusedly. "We are requesting all Jedi return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant immediately." the trooper announced and then ended the transmission. "Well ok then..." I said shrugging and going out "Apparently we're being called back to the temple..." I called out and immediately I felt the ship jump to light speed. "We are heading there now Sir." Mark said from the pilot seat. I lay down on my bed sighing, "May as well get some rest..." I said closing my eyes.

"What the taun-taun!" I yelled as I jumped awake too blaster fire and the ship rocking. I immediately jumped up and force pulled calibur to my hand as I ran outside to Echo Squad fighting more clones. I activated Calibur and force leaped too one stabbing him and force pushing another as Hal shot the last one. "What up with all these rogue troopers?" I said looking at the dead troopers. "Sir I think this isn't just SOME of the clones..." Zane said pointing out they're all different ranks and from different teams. "Wonderfuulllll...." I said sarcastically as I ran to the Jedi temple. "Everyone stay here I don't want casualties!" I yelled to everyone as I kept running. When I got there I felt a great dark side presence in the temple. "Sith here?" I said to myself quietly as I went in. I noticed a jedi youngling about to be shot by a clone. "NO!" I yelled as I force leaped to the clone knocking him out. "What’s going on here?" I asked the youngling as I fought more clones off. "I... I don't know. They just came in here led by master Anakin and have been killing everyone... My master died trying to protect me..." he youngling said quietly. "Then I won't let him die in vain. Go. There is a ship nearby with my squad in it. They will protect you." I said handing him a spare lightsaber as he went off. Just then I heard someone call out. Wait... I know that voi... Baniss? I heard him tell me to help the padawans then meet him in the council room "Will do!" I yelled back as I charged off to where they were. I instantly disarmed and knocked out a trooper there. "Please don't hurt us..." one of the padawans said. “I am here to protect you. Stay here and I'll stop any clones." I said nodding in reassurance as I took out another clone. I kept fighting slowly moving along in tell I was at the council room. "We can't leave these Jedi to die" Baniss said "I know but we can't stay either." I answered "Yeah your right we need to leave" Baniss said as we made our way out to a nearby shuttle and took out the clones then got the heck away. On the shuttle I pulled out my holocom and contacted Zane. "Zane, tell everyone to get ready and get off the planet. I'm in a shuttle with a good friend right now and we all need to hide for a while... Something bad is happening..." I said thinking of all those clones killing Jedi. Zane nodded and ended the call. "Well looks like we’re in for a trip... know anywhere we could go...?" I asked Baniss. "Not really..." he replied. "Wait... I have an old place on Tatooine, could you drop me off there?" I asked Baniss. "I guess so." he replied as he set the shuttle to go to Tatooine. I sat back in a chair and sighed. "Nothings ever gonna be the same now..." I whispered to myself as I closed my eyes. "Nothing..." I finished quietly.

Inner Darkness

Ben Drago1 - Return

After dropping me off on Tatooine I decided to hide out this genocide, I doubt it will ever truly end, but I'd rather not be in the first wave of this. I originally thought to go to my hideout, but people might know that place, so I headed to a building. "Utinni! M'um m'aloo eyeta!" the Jawa owner said as soon as I walked in. "Cut it, 'friend'. I'm here to buy a room." I sternly replied sliding a hood over my face so the bounty hunters here couldn't see me. "Yanna kuzu peekay. Ashuna! Ashuna! Bok! Nyeta bom'loo!" the Jawa replied motioning for me to leave. I pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the Jawas head sparking the attention of the people around us and bluntly stated "I want a room, you want to be alive, what's the problem?" grinning slightly under my hood. "UTINNI! Mambay. Sabioto. Nekkel juuvar obwegadada, togo togu, ny shootogawa! Shumeneez un toyneep, bom'loo." the Jawa frantically replied and I lowered my pistol replying "Good choice." the Jawa immediately jumped down and started walking to a room. "Toineepas? Hakisewa?" the Jawa asked before letting me in the room. "A thousand credits, fine, overpriced ra'ti." I mumbled throwing the Jawa some credits then walking into my room. "Not a bad place..." I whispered to myself shutting the door then sitting down on the bed. "I should probably get some sleep..." I thought starting to lay down and close my eyes.

"UTINNI! UTINNI! Umpee, theek! Ashuna eyetas!" I awoke to the Jawa owner yelling. "Empire, haven't heard of them for years..." I mumbled getting up. "Have you seen any suspicious people, perhaps Jedi?" I heard a voice ask. "Ja'bo'ba? Nyeta nyeta nyeta." I heard the Jawa say, sounding nervous. Jedi… oh fun. "We're going to have to search the place" the same voice said, I heard walking towards my door, ah blazes. I quickly managed to jump onto a ceiling plank and swing myself up to hold my place hiding up there. I saw two trooper armored people walked in, looking around. They started to look up, time to run, I thought dropping down from the ceiling onto the ground behind the trooper armored people running as I ran off. I saw the Jawa panicking then mumbling curses at me, "To you also." I mumbled slinging my backpack on my back then hiding at a nearby cantina, ugh I should have known Tatooine wouldn't be a good place. I noticed more trooper armored people in the cantina, ugh oh. I paused stupidly in shock as one looked at me; I realized calibur was still on my belt, aha I’m screwed... I instantly darted off hearing them say something and tell me to stop, heck no! I kept running until I came to a dead end, I probably could have parkoured my way out if they weren't so clo..."AAZZZZ" I blurted out dropping to my knees from a sudden shock. "You have resisted enough, continue resisting and you won't be spared your life." a voice behind me said. "Sorry, I'm not one for going by the rules." I blurted out drop kicking one down then dodging a few blaster shots then grabbing the barrel of the trooper’s rifle spinning it disarming him then flipping it around to shoot him, shocking him. Suddenly then I was hit on the he...he...head...I dropped as the last thoughts and feelings of being handcuffed then hit on the head once more to ensure I did pass out, or to just hurt me.

Inner Darkness PT.1 1/2

"Prepare to shoot, the Emperor himself wants him dead, do not fail." I heard someone bark orders as I finally came to. I looked slightly around to see troopers surrounding me all aiming rifles at me...
execution... fun. I saw a person in high ranking officer gear bark a final order then leave, more troopers guarding the outside.

As I awaited execution, I noticed something after the apparent high officer left, my lightsabers... That gives me an idea. I quickly but subtly flicked my hand to the side mumbling a few words under my breath, a trooper in front of me suddenly stopped and stepped away. The others distracted for a second gave me the opportunity to force pull my lightsabers off the stands to my hands slashing the chains holding me down leaping forward slashing the heads off two troopers. I sent a surge of Force into the ground making all the lights explode making the place completely dark. I one by one took out all but two troopers. As I approached one the other shot at me, I quickly grabbed the trooper near me by the throat using him as a shield to block the shots of the distant trooper, throwing the body aside. As I walked towards the last trooper I felt power...I FEEL power...I without realizing sent a blast of Force lightning at the trooper shocking him to death. I immediately then Force pushed the door forward which alerted the trooper guards, I force chocked them to death then threw their bodies away. I can feel the dark side taking over... But for once.. I was in control. I. Was. In. Control... I started to walk down the hallway, blocking and cutting down everyone in my path. I realized I had no ship "That’s great, hijack time." I muttered to myself slashing the throat of a trooper. I headed to the main core of the ship I am in, as I got to there I was there stopped by two guards in red armor holding double bladed lightsabers. I grinned saying loud enough for them to hear "Finally, a possible challenge!" I charged at them, sliding under to trip them both then began fighting them both at once. I blocked the hit of one then disarmed the other. I stabbed the disarmed one then kicked him off a nearby edge, jumping in front of the remaining guard grinning sinisterly. "Don’t take it personally, but I like to not die." I said confusing the guard as I Force pulled the lightsaber from the last guard forward, igniting it in time to stab the remaining guard. I walked over his body deactivating my lightsabers, putting mark 2 Calibur on my belt as normal, but for a change slinging Calibur on my back. I walked towards the reactor core of the ship; I smiled as I took a deep breath. I let all the darkness within me feed my power, lightning crackling in my palms, I pushed my hands forward letting all the energy out in a powerful push of Force lightning at the reactor causing it to spark significantly and start to explode. I grinned as I stopped then walked away. I walked calmly through panicking troopers and high officers. I overheard the communication on the ship say about engines failing, but I kept walking. I continued walking by until I got to the hangar, where I simply kneeled down and watched as the ship fell towards a red planet.
As the ship got near the planet’s atmosphere I turned around sending one last powerful bolt of Force lightning straight at the ships reactor, then leaped out of the ship as the reactor exploded. “Ahh hot hot hot!” I said as I was falling from hundreds of feet in the air and starting to get hot from falling so fast. I'm starting to approach the ground... I think I'm"fast!" I yelled as I hit the ground, dust exploded where I hit making it impossible to see, when I opened my eyes I realized I hit the ground without too much harm, thank goodness, "Where am I..." I mumbled looking around to see temples and statues everywhere, "Korri-" I started to say but was interrupted by the large ship I was on crashing in front of me, largely broken up from the explosion. "...ban..." I finished calmly.

Inner Darkness PT.2 2/2 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Meeting The Rebellion - CS

The Planet of Death

Dunno titles yet.... But one...

Journal Entry

YUS, that's right, a special Journal entry :D.

Fight or Flight

Ben Drago1 - Return To Alacorvo - CS

Ben Drago1 - Fight or Flight PT.1 1/3 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Fight or Flight PT.2 2/3 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Fight or Flight PT.3 3/3 - CS

Meeting The Lord

Ben Drago1 - A Karik A Day Keeps The Doctor Away - CS

The Death

Ben Drago1 - Battle On Naboo - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.1 1/6 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.2 2/6 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.3 3/6 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.4 4/6 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.5 5/6 - CS

Ben Drago1 - Honour of A Legacy PT.6 6/6 - CS



Calibur, my lightsaber



Calibur, Color-changing lightsaber which changes color depending on the wielder's emotion.

My Switch Fire Sniper Pistol

My Switch Fire F-9 Sniper Pistol

NS-7 Modified Assault Rifle: Modified to shoot faster then regular Rifles, hold more ammunition, switch to a Sniper Rifle, and hold a small knife in the but of the rifle.

My NS-7 Modified Assault Rifle

My modified Rifle

Switch Fire F-9 DS Sniper Pistol: Fires faster then regular pistols, more precision then regular sniper pistols, and switch between Sniper and normal pistol modes.

Sith version of Calibur

Calibur MK-2: Regular lightsaber built by Ben as a offhand, Green when Jedi and Red when Sith.


Calibur MK-2


Sith Calibur: Exactly the same but different hilt, and stays red often.




Droids & Pets

HK-58 shooting
Biographical information

Korribanplanet Korriban


62 BBY



Physical description

Hunter Killer


Male Programming





Eye color




Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire


Drago Family, Echo Squad

Known masters

Ben Drago


Ben Drago1 - Important Characters / Enemies Information - MCS

Ben Drago1 - Pronunciation

Drago - DRA-GO

Karik - CARE-ICK

My pronunciation of Felucia - FELL-OOSH-EE-AH

Allcory Oraka - ALL-CORE-REE OR-RAK-TA

Alacorvo - ALA-CORE-VV-OH

Rayanna Grace - RAY-ON-A GRR-ACE

Jared Drago - JARE-ED (Also JA-RED) DRA-GO

My pronunciation of 58 - FIVE-ATE

Katrina Oraka - CAT-TRINA OR-RAK-TA

Calibur - CALL-I-BRR

My pronunciation of Calibur - CALE-IB-BRR

My pronunciation of Tenebrosi Lacerta -  TEN-I-BROS-I LAA-SIR-TA


Benjamin Drago's legacy (The Drago legacy) continues through his two children. A daughter named Narayana Drago and a son named Alexander Drago.

Ben Drago1 - Personality and Traits - CS

Ben Drago1 - Behind the Scenes - MCS

MCS - More Coming soon

Ben Drago1 has his own emote, (Ben Drago1) .

Calibur, Ben Drago's lightsaber, is a play on Ex-Caliber.

I play SW:TOR and Jason (Jasonx), Allcory, and Jared (Jaredry) are based on some of my characters.

HK-58 & HK-59 are based on HK-51 from SW:TOR.

Geonosis Troubles is Ben's point of view of the Geonosian’s coliseum battle in Attack of the Clones.

Battles Ben Drago1 were present in

The Clone Wars (22 BBY -- 19 BBY)

First Battle of Geonosis

Second Battle of Geonosis

Battle of Mygeeto

Battle of Felucia

Battle of Ryloth

Battle of Orto plutonia

Battle of Naboo

Battle of Mustafar

Battle of Ice Berg 3

Battle of Kamino

Battle of Umbara

Battle of Coruscant


Credit goes to Baniss Bistray for help with some storys, a good example is TEiB PT.5, his words were actually him, another example is Operation Knightfall, as we linked our Order 66 stories.

Wookieepedia -- List of battles and timeline of it.

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Also, please, unless I have made it for you. Please do not take/use my Wanted Posters. They are made only for the people in the Wanted Posters.

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