Bail Malakath
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59 BBY


20 BBY

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I haven't even started fighting yet.
– Bail Malakath to Darth Massikus shortly before his demise.

Bail Malakath was a Jedi Master during the Clone Wars. Part of a mission gone wrong, he found himself suddenly caught in a dark conspiracy of the Shadow Assassins that threatened to destroy the Galaxy.


Jedi Trials

Bail accompanied Ganner Slarwalker, Tyrral Thraxton, and Yula Ardinn to an ancient temple on Haruun Kal to complete his Jedi Trials alongside them. He was partnered with Yula, who helped him to avoid being eaten by an akk dog before they entered the final chamber, reuniting with Ganner and Tyrral. When they entered, they were met for the first time by Darth Massikus, who observed that "more than one" of the Jedi before him would make suitable hosts. However, before he could attack any of them, Sen Qorbin stepped in and warded the Sith off without any combat.

The Shadow Conflict

Over time, Bail and the rest of the group became close friends and were eventually all promoted to Jedi Masters shortly after the beginning of the Clone Wars. In late 20 BBY, the team was sent to Umbara to sabotage an airfield, and stumbled upon a hidden Sith Temple after completing their mission. They were quickly attacked by Sith including Massikus, Arek Saris, and Varad Zagg, but Ganner sacrificed himself to allow the others to escape.

Their escape was short lived, as Massikus began hunting down the Jedi as they tried to escape, forcing them to crash on Mustafar. The three fought Massikus, now possessing Ganner's body, but he was far more than a match for them, easily killing Tyrral before retreating. Bail and Yula then decided to take a risk and try to escape with Massikus' shuttle, and were nearly there before he caught them. Bail told Yula to go on and fought Massikus briefly, buying Yula time to escape before being dismembered and defeated. Bail very briefly managed to reach out to Ganner before being decapitated.


Bail's sacrifice caused Ganner to resist Massikus' control even more until the Dantooine temple duel, which began a series of events leading to the destruction of the Shadow Assassins, and the saving of countless lives.

Personality and traits

In his younger years, Bail was more reckless than most Jedi, but after his experience with Yula during his Trials, he became more level-headed. He had a pure heart and was willing to die for his friends, never once showing any signs of hesitation.

Powers and abilities

Bail was an average duelist, managing to fight off Darth Massikus just long enough for Yula to escape. Massikus even remarked that he would die more honorably than most Jedi he had faced.


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