Avatar Kyoshi in a mandalorian death watch outfit with her lightsabers

Avatar Kyoshi was a Female Jedi Grand Master and Avatar hailing from the planet of Shili, serving the Galactic Republic as the Head of the Jedi Council. She is also a Jedi General in the Galactic Republic. She has also mastered all four types of bending: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.


Kyoshi was born on Shili in the Earth Kingdom. She was born an Earthbender. At the age of 2 they knew she was the Avatar and Force Sensitive. So they took her to the Jedi Temple to finish her training as the Avatar and Jedi. She decided to become the Avatar before learning about the Jedi. She easily learned all the elements. She learned both the Spiritual and Physical sides of being the Avatar. After finishing her training at the age of 16 she started training to become a Jedi. She became a padawan to the Jedi Master Shaak Ti.


After becoming the padawan to Jedi Master Shaak Ti they immediatly had to leave to battle on Shili their home planet. Slaves were being taken from their homes and Shaak Ti, Kyoshi, and 10 Clone ARC Troopers had to get them back and arrest the people who took them. Right when they got there all the togrutas were gone. They had no clue where to look to find the Togrutas, but there was a lot of droid parts laying around. So they knew that the Sepratist had taken them. So they went to the nearest Sepratist ship and found all the Togrutas being held captive. Five of the Troopers went to the bridge and got control of it while the other five went to the barracks where the Togrutas were being held. The troopers took them all back to the ship. While doing that Shaak Ti and Kyoshi went to the reactor to blow the ship up. Then came in Grievous who was there knowing that they would come.

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